I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 496

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The interior of the tower at the end.

The moment I stepped into the tower, the water splashed out. Resty looked down at his feet. Black water was flowing like a river. The water seemed to be flowing from the top floor of the tower.


Resty narrowed his eyes.

The black water was something different from the old water I had encountered so far. It wasn’t soggy, and it didn’t stick around and stick to my feet. It just flows downward.


Against the flowing stream, Resty headed to the top floor of the tower. Every time I climbed a level of the tower, corpses lying around came into view. It was a trace left by the punitive forces that entered the tower one step ahead.

Did he rise upward by defeating the army of madmen?

Resty walked silently, following the traces they left behind. How long did it take to walk like that? Resty suddenly stopped walking. He had no choice but to stop.

“Are you here?”

Because everyone was standing there.

Belnoir let out a long breath and stroked his hair. The corpses of knights were piled up in the main cave. These were death knights that a madman would have summoned.


Belnoir stepped on the struggling knight’s head, smashing it, and looked back at Resty. He didn’t ask long.


“Destel has joined.”

Belnoa nodded and stretched out his arm, pointing to the end of the Great Cavern. There was a door leading into the depths of the tower. The starting point of a flowing stream, the deepest part of the tower guarded by writhing black tentacles.

The punitive force took a deep breath while looking at the tightly closed door. There is the first madman. There was a great evil that they had to deal with.

It was around this time that everyone was gathering their resolve and catching their breath. With a click, water droplets splashed out. Someone had walked between the stopped punitive forces.


Belnoa, who was standing at the forefront, took a step to the side without saying a word. She passed by her Belle Noah and stood at the very front of her line. Everyone looked at her back.

Stella, Ayla Clen Cartedia.

Or, the Queen of Cartedia.

Her platinum-colored hair was tied back in one ponytail, and the hem of her robe with the symbol of the Kingdom of Cartedia was fluttering. She reached her hand to her waist and grabbed a sword. Kaang, she drew her sword.

Of course, she was not a swordsman, and since she was not a swordsman, what she was holding in her hand was not a sword for cutting something. What she pulled out was a symbol.

A sword that has been passed down from the last queen of Arcadia through the founding father of Cartedia to the present. As a child, Ayla did not know the meaning contained in this sword, but now that she has realized her whole truth, she is able to understand the meaning contained in this one sword.

“There is festering poison.”

Ayla walked while holding her sword.

“There is a poison that has been roaming the world for hundreds, thousands, or more years ago. It is a poison that forces choices, tramples pride, crushes beliefs, and treats people as nothing more than their own works of art.”

When she started walking, the black water no longer made a splashing sound. The moment she took her first step, starlight bloomed like a flower at her feet.

“A poison hidden in the deepest places.”

The rising starlight pushed away the black water.

Ayla moved forward, pushing away the black water. The punitive force began to move after her.

“I, and we, stood here to drive away that poison. We reached this point with the help of many people.”

“Until the day Arcadia is called an empire.”

There is a queen who repeated her life over and over again to stop a madman, and even sacrificed her soul in the end.

“However, I hope my sacrifice is not meaningless.”

There is a scribe who devoted his life to carrying on the Queen’s will and ensuring that it continues to future generations.

“At this moment, in this place.”

Ayla raised her sword.

The sword in her hand is a baton for directing the orchestra, and a will inherited from the past. Starlight bloomed along the tip of the raised sword.

“A long-cherished wish will come true.”

She wielded the starlight in full bloom.

The swirling starlight struck the tentacles surrounding the door. The tightly closed door began to open with a loud noise. What you see beyond the open door is a huge space. And what lies at the end is a throne.

Ayla raised the tip of her sword towards the person sitting on the throne.

“The first madman, Acrita Clen Arcadia.”

Akrita smiled as she looked at the sword pointed at her. Holding her chin arrogantly, he snapped his fingers. At that moment, the tower at the end began to shake.


Regardless of the shaking ground, the punitive force entered Daegong-dong. The punitive force was lined up with Ayla at the forefront.

Dragon Shaman, Belnoa Van Dragonic.

Hero, torrent Chloe.

Saint, Natida.

The gray magic tower lord, the witch Resty Eleanoa.

They are talents discovered and cultivated by a single wizard, and they are blades forged to deal with madmen. At the edge of the continent, they drew their weapons.


Ayla struck down the sword she had raised.


Entry is faster than expected.

The madman frowned as he glanced at the punitive force that had entered the Great Hollow. His entry is quick. There didn’t seem to be any serious injuries, and the outside was quickly becoming quiet.

…It wouldn’t have been a force to be defeated that much, right?

Has something variable occurred? However, it has not yet been a variable of much concern. Because this was within the calculation range. The madman thumped and pounded on his throne.


Sitting on the throne, resting his chin, the madman looked at those who had entered the Great Hollow. Among them, what caught the most attention was the sight of the girl in front of her, pointing the tip of her sword at her.

Ayla Clen Cartedia.

Around the time when she hid in the royal castle under the name ‘Izak’, Acrita watched the girl’s childhood. She is a girl who was born with Stella’s talent, but it was judged that she was not a person who would become big because she was dependent on starlight and had a weak nature.

The one who was considered more dangerous was Lruelle, the first princess. She had put herself in her corner, for she thought her character resembled that of the last Queen of Arcadia.



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However, the madman burst out laughing.

‘It’s changed.’

This is not the Ayla Clen Cartedia he knew. She is not a weak girl who was afraid and depended on the stars. What stands there is the ruler of a nation, a person who inherited the will of the past.

It’s not just that girl.

A boy who inherited the legacy of the dragon shaman, a warrior who resembles the disciplined Gletus, a saint who does not believe in the stars, and a magic tower lord who developed the talent of a watcher. Those who have their own firm beliefs and do not lose their starlight even in this darkness.

That meant that they were qualified to deal with external beings, including the shadows.


In other words, that’s all.

Akrita laughed.

Those gathered here now are the blades that Raniel Van Trias forged to fight him. However, in Akrita’s opinion, the blades gathered here were extremely dull.

It just took the shape of a sword.

It is nothing more than a dull blade that has not been sufficiently forged.

Aren’t they really insignificant compared to the sister who bit the back of their neck in the past? Isn’t it a very faint light compared to the first warriors who raced across this continent in the past?

‘Only these things.’

With these miserable things.

‘Are you saying you will deal with me, junior?’

Akrita sneered.

“Is there any way it can happen?”

The madman gestured.

At that moment, the shaking ceiling, walls, and floor of the tower began to collapse. What replaces the collapsed place are rising black tentacles. The dark red tentacles trembled as they engulfed the great cavity.

Squeak, squeak.

The space began to tear apart with a creaking and twisting sound. What pours out from the cracked, open, twisted space is black water. A black fog began to spread over Daegongdong, accompanied by flooding black waves.

And then, coo.

Something huge hit the floor of the main cavity, and the cracked main cavity began to collapse. A collapsing cave, a collapsing tower. The place where the punitive force that fell with the madman arrived was… a huge underground space hidden in the tower at the end.


The smell of blood, the rotten smell of festering things.

The punitive forces that had fallen into the foul-smelling underground space slowly raised their heads. They clearly saw it just before it crashed. Something huge struck the ground, clearing the fog. A huge arm rose from the basement of the tower.

The fog cleared.

The black water was lapping.

Tentacles gathered in one place.

What then appears is a huge creature reminiscent of a black dragon. No, it’s not a living thing. Things that were already dead… made up of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of remains, could not be called living things.


A huge arm made of bones and tentacles, the size of a castle watchtower, slammed down on the ground. Every time the black heart, located between the sternum, beat, black water flooded. Black mist leaked out from the skull’s gaping mouth.

A huge skeleton with the lower half of its body immersed in darkness.

A being made up of things that have already died.

■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■!

The god who was nearing completion roared.

At the same time, the towers embedded in the spine of the imperfect god began to resonate one after another. Along with a tearing scream, the remains’ eyes glowed dark red.

···The wizard who threw everything away to reach the truth finally reached the truth.

The one who swallowed the truth at the end of the magic path.

The ancient lich, Skebal, greeted the punitive force.

“…That’s the plan.”

Raniel finished speaking while changing the bandages and tilted his head. Crack, crack. She said, glancing at Kyle, who was sitting across from her across the roaring fire.

“Do you have anything to ask?”

“No, there isn’t anything in particular. If you think it’s possible and come up with a plan… well, it’s possible.”

Raniel chuckled.

“I didn’t think you were planning on giving in so easily.”

“It’s clear that you’ve prepared a lot of rebuttals to whatever I ask, so what’s the point of asking? It’s not like I’m going to work with you for a day or two.”

Kyle shrugged.

“Still, if there’s one thing that bothers me…”

Kyle said as he polished the blade.

“The first madman.”

“Why a madman?”

“As you said, if the moment the shadow falls here, the madman creates a new demon lord… doesn’t that mean the madman has already finished preparing?”

This is Kyle, who peeked into Cardi’s memories.

Kyle continued, recalling the sight of the first madman devouring the old castle of Arcadia.

“I think there must be a ‘something’ next to the madman that earned the right to reach the sky, even though he just couldn’t become a god.”

“I guess so.”

“···Still, can you be sure?”

Nevertheless, Kyle asked whether he could be sure that the punitive force sent there would win. Raniel burst into laughter at that question.

“I’m sorry, but that’s why I’m sure.”

“···What do you mean?”

“I can be sure because there is a being waiting to become a god and destroy providence. I will be able to win.”

She said, looking at the crackling bonfire.

“The point where the madman’s plan is about to be completed. The moment the balance is broken and the goal is achieved, that is the end of the chessboard.”

“The end of the chessboard?”

“Okay, the end of the chessboard.”

Raniel scribbled his fingers.

Mana formed in the air and took the form of a pawn. Raniel clicked the chess piece made of mana and placed it on the edge of the chessboard created in the air.

“At the end of the chessboard, the pawn gets a chance to advance.”

The phone that got a chance to be promoted.

“Become a queen. A queen in the true sense of the word.”

A pawn placed at the end of a chessboard. Raniel laughed, pointing to the phone changing shape.

“Those children are better suited than me to deal with a madman. Only those children can stand as the antithesis of a madman. So, I believe it.”

Those kids will win.


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