I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 470

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The owner of ten thousand demons, the Demon King.

There were signs that the shadow was moving.

Lightning rising from the ground to the sky. Untimely drought. Prophets and astrologers driven by madness. It is nothing short of a sign or a warning. A warning to prepare for the coming disaster.

【The shadow moves. After severing all contracts.】

The voice of the stars echoing in my ears.

Raniel thought as he heard that voice. The star’s voice was helpful this time. Raniel asked the star a question. Can you tell the direction the devil is moving?

The stars showed direction. Raniel turned his gaze in that direction. Turned her head and looked behind her.

There was a path that Raniel had walked until now.

The front line that Raniel has been expanding over the past few years. The path that Raniel took. The star said that the shadow would move against that path. And, the Kingdom of Cartedia also existed in that direction.

···Kingdom of Cartedia, nearby small countries, and large and small cities. Lots and lots of people living there.

The people on the path toward which the shadow is headed are those whom Raniel can never abandon or turn away from. Raniel gritted his teeth. she mumbled nervously, frowning at her.

“That’s what a madman would do.”

It’s really something he would do.

A madman always forces a choice. He mocks humans standing at a crossroads. He laughs and laughs at people who find themselves in a situation where they have to give up no matter which side they choose.


Grinding his teeth, Raniel glared at the chessboard.

I glared at the madman sitting across from the chessboard. The madman is looking at Raniel with her laughter. He shouted, pointing at the chessboard with an exaggerated gesture.

“Did you think you had to kill me first?”

“Did you think that only by defeating me before the Demon Lord could you thwart my plan? How could I not know that fact? “Is it possible that I wasn’t prepared?”

The madman sneered.

“You will have to choose.”

“Are you going to turn your gaze away from the massacre that the shadows are about to commit and run towards me? Do that. “I know that you can do it.”

He raises the corners of his mouth and sneers.

“Or, will you go to stop the Demon Lord even if you know my plan? Are we going to defeat the demon lord at all costs? If you want, do it! You can do it. If you are, you will be able to do it.”

You are fully capable of that.

The madman whispered with laughter.

“But you can’t do that.”

Because you are a warrior, because you want to be the perfect hero, because you want to be a symbol, you can never sacrifice innocent people. I know that you are not a person who can throw everything away for a purpose.

“Choose, Raniel van Trias.”

Whichever you choose, you will lose.

“You will fail.”

Your defeat will soon become my victory.


Raniel lowered his head. He lowered his gaze.

Instead of looking at the other side of the chessboard, I looked at the chessboard. I saw the words she had collected and kept over the years. Knight, rook, bishop, pawn about to be promoted.

Raniel slowly.

Very slowly, I opened my closed eyes.


“Yes, senior.”

Raniel said.

“Rally up.”

“Shoot,” Raniel grabbed all the items.


Garrison, Kateron Castle.

Kateron Castle, which was originally used as a base because it was located close to the front line, was transformed into a place with more diverse functions after repeated expansions of the front line. It serves many other roles, including storage and distribution of supplies sent from the royal capital, and a base for movement.


Because it was located in the center of the battlefield, Kateron was sometimes used as a staging area. A place where all the forces scattered around the world are gathered in one place. Today, the entire power of humanity was gathered in Kateron Castle.


It was the same as during the battle to subdue the apostates, but in front of the two people who were missing, Raniel opened his mouth. With a heavier voice than ever.

“From now on, there will be parts of what I say that you can hear and parts that you can’t hear. You don’t have to try to understand the parts that you can’t hear.”

The only people here are those who have delved into the maxims and restrictions, or those who have a vague understanding of them. Therefore, Raniel omitted the detailed explanation. Raniel immediately opened the map and started talking.

“The temple of shadow beyond Gehete, the edge of the continent, the place where death is silent.”

The end of the world. The edge of the map.

Raniel said, pointing to that place.

“From there, something strange occurred. It means that there were signs that the owner of the place, the Demon King, was about to move. A lightning strike, a drought, the suicide of astrologers, an epidemic of madness.”

Naturally, the behavior of a god who has been hidden for a long time brings numerous signs. Even if it has fallen and is an imperfect being that has even lost its immortality… the shadow freed from all restrictions will reveal itself in its full glory.

The world was creaking, unable to overcome the situation. That was a sign that the devil was on the move.

“The devil is moving.”

According to the original plan, the entity that should have been subjugated last suddenly began to move as if mocking Raniel’s plan.

“I don’t know why. I don’t know the cause. All I can guess is that the first madman induced this situation.”

The first madman who was the next target of subjugation.

The expressions on the faces of those who received the relevant letter hardened. Those raised by Raniel, including Lark, who had experienced battles with madmen, frowned.

“If the devil moves, what direction is it?”

Destel, who had been quietly listening to the story, opened his mouth.

Raniel drew a line along the map. The direction the devil is heading as indicated by the stars. Although it is unknown where the final destination is, there was a home for humanity along the way the Demon King moved.

Destel clicked his tongue and pointed between his eyebrows.



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“That means we have to stop it. Absolutely.”

“···I guess so.”

“Is there a way to stop the devil?”

Raniel nodded.

“We have the means. We have prepared for it.”

“The means are there, but it sounds like they are imperfect.”

Destel narrowed his eyes as he looked at Raniel. Raniel has always been confident and confident in his preparedness. However, he did not feel confident in the current Ran El.

“Because there is a problem.”

Raniel let out a long breath.

Exhaling, she moved her fingers. The place where her finger, which was moving on the map, stopped…

“Gehete, the place where death is silent.”

The area of ​​disaster located right in front of the Temple of Shade.

No one knows who the owner of this place is.


Destel groaned.

Raniel continued, pointing to Gehete.

“Ganikalt, the sword of death, is the sword of the Demon King. It is a sword that protects and suppresses the Demon King, and at the same time, it is a sword that must take the lead if the Demon King moves.”

The moment the Demon Lord moves, Ganicalt also moves.

That meant only one thing.

“Now that the Demon King is preparing to move, if we do not subdue Ganicalt… we will have to deal with both the Demon King and Ganicalt at the same time. That is absolutely impossible.”

Raniel declared.

No matter how much she pours out all the moves she has prepared and all the pieces she has collected… it is impossible to deal with the Demon King and Ganicalt at the same time.

“What we need to aim for is individual destruction. The problem is that we don’t have much time.”

She spread her fingers.

“The time given to us is ten days.”

It was ten days later that the Demon King began to move, breaking all restrictions and coming out of the temple.

“Within the ten-day time limit.”

Raniel tapped the map.

“We must defeat the sword of death and prepare for the coming defeat of the Demon King. There is no other way.”

According to the original plan, after subjugating the madman, preparations should have been made and the battle to subdue Ganicalt and the Demon King should have been fought. But the plan went awry. The table has been turned upside down.


Ayla, who came here despite the royal family’s dissuasion, slowly opened her mouth.

“The moment the demon lord is defeated, the madman’s plan is complete. If that happens… everything will be in vain, right?”

It was the perfect answer.

Not everyone sitting here knows the details of the madman’s plan. However, based on the shared information, everyone understands that if the Demon King is subdued before the first madman, another being similar to the Demon King will appear.

“That’s right.”

Destel ruffled my hair roughly.

“It’s an outsider’s trick, this.”

Whichever one you choose, failure is guaranteed.

In the end, the only choice you can make is the choice of the lesser evil. It was a situation where I had to choose an option to avoid the worst. Sighing and teeth-gnashing sounds came from all over the place.

As for the method, it would be better to go with the madman, and in that case, go with the king, no, it would be better…

Voices came from all over the place.

Each noise filled the conference room. Amidst the noise, Raniel let out a long, very long breath. Soon she banged the back of her hand on the table.


The noise disappeared and there was silence.

In silence, all eyes focused on Raniel. Under the gathered gaze, Raniel opened his mouth.


“Yes, warrior.”

“Has the true identity of the madman been identified?”

“We’ve narrowed it down to two locations, and we’ve sent an exploration team there now. An exploration team made up of Royal Guards…”

Ayla glanced at Resty sitting next to her.

Resty continued Ayla’s words.

“Our Gray Magic Tower’s special forces left for various locations three days ago. The report will come back within today.”

The two each pointed to the end of the map.

One was a place called the Frozen Tower, located at the northern tip of the continent, beyond the Northern Mountains… and the other was an abandoned ruin located in the northwest.

In one of those two places is the true body of the madman.

Raniel grabbed the chess piece placed next to the map. Raniel began arranging the pieces he had grabbed, using the map as a chessboard. In the silence, only the sound of an object being placed on a soft thud resonated.

“There is a way.”

She said.

“It’s not an outsider. The first madman is only wary of me, Stella, and the Watcher. He doesn’t care about the rest of us at all.”

The direction where the madman is presumed to be.

Raniel placed the pieces one by one in that direction. Each time the sound of thump, thud, thud rang out, the number of objects decreased one by one.

“It’s earlier than I thought.”

After arranging the objects, she looked up.

I looked at the people gathered here.

“This is the final chapter.”

Final chapter.

“Those whose names I call will be sent to the battle to subdue madmen, and those whose names are not called will be sent to the battle to subdue the sword of death.”

Raniel van Trias spoke.

“Isla Clen Cartedia.”

Even though he called the queen’s name, no one stopped Raniel. Even here, with the destruction of the world approaching, there was no one who questioned the manners of his subjects.

“Lesti Eleanor.”


“Belnoa Van Dragonic.”




“It’s Natty.”

The more she called the name, the more the faces of those gathered became stiff.


The moment when there were only two people left.

Destel got up from his seat. Destel stood up and approached Raniel. She grabbed her collar as she sat down.


Destel’s eyes widened as he grabbed his collar.

“What are you going to do now?”

All personnel are sent to the battle to subdue the madman. Currently, only Khalt and Rak are left. Are you going to subdue the Sword of Death and the Demon King with just that many people? It was an act of suicide. It was as if he was saying he was going to die.

“I would even commit suicide…”

“Lark Van Grace.”

While being held by Destel by the collar, Raniel spoke calmly. He tilted his head and looked at Lark standing beyond Destel.

“You are on hold. You can participate in the battlefield you want. It doesn’t matter which one.”

After saying that, Raniel grabbed Destel’s wrist and grabbed him by the collar.

“Me and Kalt. In some cases, Rak Van Grace. These three will be deployed in the battle to subdue the Sword of Death.”

And, Raniel continued.

“The one who will be deployed in the battle to subdue the Demon Lord is Rania Van Trias.”

Raniel spoke the last words.

The moment he heard those words, Destel’s expression distorted.

“It’s one person.”


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