I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 440

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The sun that illuminated the curse fell.

The lake consumed by the curse evaporated.

The king of demon beasts has been slaughtered.

Now that the connection with the ancient disasters that he had brought back to life is being lost one by one, what the apostate feels is surprise. Pure admiration. Even if the resurrection was incomplete, she knew that the resurrected disasters were by no means weak.

An ancient disaster.

A huge wall that once blocked his path.

The walls that Cardi, Ganicalt, Belial, and himself had used all their might to overcome. Because the apostate was convinced that the children living today would not be able to overcome that huge wall.

It has to be that way.

These are children living in a false era who have lost their past and forgotten the truth. The apostate was convinced that even after hundreds of years, adding a hundred years to a hundred years, they would not arrive at the truth.

That is why it cannot be overcome.

That’s why you can’t reach it.

Next, then again. Hundreds of years were more than enough for the faith of the saint who cried out like that to be broken. but···.


The apostate looked ahead in silence.

There, looking silently, is the person behind the contract. Retrieving all the past, realizing the truth… there is someone they have been waiting for. A being who shattered her expectations and reached this point.

Raniel van Trias.

A hero of this era, a child who carries on the will of Gray.

“I see.”

The apostate laughed.

Indeed, now I understand.

It seemed like the apostate now knew what that latter-day person was thinking and what that gray child was trying to say.


One day, when the child had not yet realized the whole truth, the child said:

“Of course, I will trample on everything about you. “I prove you wrong by denying everything about you.”

I will trample on everything you have.

I will prove that the salvation you speak of is wrong, and thus that the whole path you have walked is wrong.


A long time ago, that child swore like that, and the apostate responded to that pledge with a sneer. If you can, give it a try. He mocked me by asking, “Do you think such a thing is possible for you who don’t even know the past and who live in a false present?”

But what about now?

“I came to prove it.”

“You were wrong.”

That kid came all the way here.

I came here to realize the whole truth, become a successor to the contract, and deny myself. Even after realizing the whole truth, the apostate could see that the child’s choice had not changed.

Still, that kid wants to trample on him.

They seek to deny the path that the apostate Cletus has walked and the entire life she has lived. And, the denial that the child speaks of cannot be achieved by only one hero.

Those who have been ruined by apostates.

Those who were crushed by the path she walked. Only through them can the life of an apostate be denied.

That’s why that child was brought in.

Those whose lives have already been ruined and whose paths have already been ruined, yet who continue to walk down that path. Those who still haven’t given up on what they want… that child led them to this place.

And those who are guided give answers.

An answer that the apostate could not have imagined.

“This is the answer I gave, apostate.”

A wizard who laughed at the idea that an apostate would become a madman like him remained human until the end. While still human, she denied her apostate’s prophecy and tore down the walls she had erected.

“Look, apostate.”

“Am I still a shabby person?”

A human who has lost everything. A prosecutor whom she laughed at as a miserable person who could not protect anything turned into a ghost and bit the apostate. She messed up the stage she made.

···Those who thought they were nothing.

···Those who thought it would end with nothing.

Those who were crushed in her path and could not even become a small stumbling block. Huin led these people to this point, creating a result that was beyond the apostate’s expectations. She proved it by messing up the stage she made.

That you were wrong.

Your predictions, predictions, and convictions were wrong.

So everything you did was wrong.

“This is the denial you are talking about.”

The apostate laughed.

Surely this is the way to deny an apostate. Definitely, fatally, thoroughly.


But, asks the apostate.

“Do you think everything will turn out that way?”

Do you think everything will work out the way you want?

Gleria knows. The fact that the person in front of her was Armiel, and that he bore a striking resemblance to him. The foolish way of life that puts shackles on oneself while striving for the best is also similar.

Although Gleria loved that foolishness.

At the same time, Gleria knew very well how to defeat such a person.

“So, do you think I’ll leave it alone?”

The apostate’s gaze was directed at the one disaster that still remained. Abaddon, the owner of the cursed land. The scourge has not yet fallen.

Of course, even that disaster will fall someday.

‘It will definitely happen that way.’

Isn’t the child over there the one who carried on Belial’s will? You can take it down. Just as Belial did in the past, that child also created a strong storm and suppressed the disaster.

‘None other than Cardiwa, the child chosen by Belial. ‘It will definitely happen.’



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The apostate trusts the insight of his fellows. They never ignore those who follow their will.

But, but?

The apostate smiled and gestured.

When she gestured, the debris rising into the sky cleared away at once. What can be seen beyond the cleared debris is a girl confronting Abaddon. A girl who resembles the apostate himself.

The apostate laughed, looking at the girl.

···In the past, all gods had a terrible aversion to beings called guides. But among them all, there was only one human who was hated by the gods the most. A person with a nickname called discipline.

Gletus of Discipline.

An entity that serves as the original soul of an apostate.

However, the current apostate was very distant from her. Her broken and twisted apostate no longer resembles her.

But, it’s not the girl over there.

The girl’s soul, which is still pure, exactly matches that of the being called discipline. And, the apostate knows that this existence is a reversal of the gods.

‘The being that the gods feared was the ancient dragon wizard. Guide Jormun Van Dragonic.’


‘The being I hated the most, the person I tried to trample on no matter what I did… was Gletus of Discipline.’

The truth he had in his hands.

Thinking about it, the apostate slowly raised his arms. He stretched out his fingers. He stretched out and pointed to the girl beyond.


She opened her mouth and whispered.

The forgotten gods listened to her whispers. She turned her head in the direction of her hand gesture.

“There is discipline there.”

Discipline. A word you can never forget.

Squeak, squeak.

The forgotten gods respond to that name.

All their heads turned. The eyes of the gods who guarded the apostate’s side turn to Chloe beyond. The moment they looked at that soul, the gods’ eyes shook.

“The discipline you cannot help but hate.”

“Tap,” he said.

“It’s over there.”

The apostate let go of the leash of forgotten gods he had been holding. As if you can do whatever you want. This is the moment when the apostate took control of the forgotten gods.


The earth, the sky, the air, everything shook. Forgotten gods roar. They roared and raced towards where the girl was.


The chains that Raniel had scattered everywhere to hold on to the gods moved to cut off all the gods who were provoked by disgust. From the moment they heard the word discipline, their movements changed.

Boom, boom.

Every time they take a step, a dent is created, the ground shakes, and dust rises. The apostate smiled as he glanced at the sight. He burst out laughing as if he was extremely happy.

“Even like this.”

The apostate looked at Raniel.

The apostate smiled as he looked at her breathing heavily over the corpses of the gods, bathed in the pouring blood of the gods.

“Even like this, can you deny everything about me?”

But you have to deny everything about me.

I can deny just one little thing about you.


The apostate sighed as if he felt sorry.

“Don’t choose a path that is too difficult. It collapses. It’s broken. Don’t rely on others to give you the best you can hope for. “The only thing you can take responsibility for is yourself.”

Gleria looked.

Raniel’s eyes were shaking. Her eyes were not on herself, but on the gods who were racing towards the girl.

“Look at this.”

Pointing to Raniel’s shaking eyes.

The apostate tilted his head with a smile.

“Isn’t it about to collapse already?”

Raniel kicked the ground and rushed forward.

I want to pass by Gleria and reach out to the gods toward Chloe…


Gleria grabbed Raniel’s arm.

“Shall I say that again?”

Gleria whispered in Raniel’s ear.

“You lost, kid.”

Huge fists, feet, and maces fell from the sky. The forgotten gods rushed towards Raniel, who was captured by Gleria.

With a roar.

For the first time, Raniel’s posture collapsed.


There was a patter, and blood splattered out in a long line.

A tree trunk rising from underneath the ground, not in front of the barrier. The one impaled by the stem sticking out from Chloe’s feet was not her.


The one who was pierced by the stem was Destel, who had pushed Chloe away for a split second and changed her position. Despite his groan, Destel struck his great shield with his fist.


As it vibrated, the barrier range of the great shield expanded. The moment the barrier covering the ground cut off the tree trunk, Destel quickly grabbed the tree root that pierced his arm and calf.

“Wow, keup…”

It is a tree root that takes root in the body from the moment it is pierced and grows by absorbing nutrients. Destel did his best to pull out the roots that were difficult to pull out.

The pain of seeing flashes of vision again and again.

In the process of pulling out the roots, Destel’s skin was peeled off in a long way. Blood poured down on the floor. Destel was breathing heavily and threw the pulled out root on the floor.


When you take a deep breath and raise your head, what you see is Chloe looking at you. The moment he met her shaking eyes, Destel forced a smile. But even that smile is weak. The corners of her mouth, distorted by her pain, trembled.

“What are you doing. “Don’t memorize the spell quickly.”

Destel grabbed the great shield again.

Kang, Kaga River! Amid the roar of the root hitting the great shield, Chloe raised her mana again.

‘···It hurts so bad.’

Destel clenched his teeth as he watched the blood pattering and dripping. It is a wound that does not heal easily even with the healing power of the warrior. Is it because the roots that have spread out have opened up a lot of wounds? Well, anyway.


Destel looked ahead in silence.

Belnoa was seen running among the rising roots and approaching the giant tree. When I look back, I see Chloe deploying numerous circuits there.

···None of the two are shaking.

Even in front of such an enemy and in a situation where victory was not certain, the two were not afraid but were looking for a way to victory. To Destel, that sight just feels amazing.

How on earth did you do that?

Destel often felt this way while on the battlefield. From the knights on the battlefield, from those called heroes, or from my colleagues.

‘Aren’t you afraid? ‘Aren’t you afraid of death, of risking your life itself?’

Knights who are willing to sacrifice their lives with a single gesture of their hand. Soldiers crawling into the limbo without a word. Even though they have achieved a lot, they are strong people who are willing to sacrifice their lives as if it was not a waste of money.

…I didn’t understand all of that.

That’s because he was afraid.

I’m scared like crazy. Even now, my heart is beating nonstop. If the tree trunk that had pierced him a moment ago had gone down a little further and pierced his heart, that would have been the end. He would have faced death just like that.

Even if you try to hide that fear, you can’t. Destel saw. His fingers holding his great shield were shaking.

‘···I am so scared.’

Of course, Destel also knows.

It’s not like they aren’t afraid, either. It will be moving forward even though you are afraid. Didn’t even Raniel say that? I’m scared, but I’m overcoming my fear and standing there so I won’t have any regrets.


But at the same time, Destel asks:

How can I move forward like that without shaking?

‘How on earth?’

How can you overcome fear?

‘I don’t know, I…’

Destel did not know. Because I was so afraid of death. Because he hated the battlefield where he had to risk his life. Destel still did not know how to overcome this fear.

Destel is just standing here.

Although he hated this whole situation, he had neither the courage to throw away all responsibility and run away nor the courage to overcome his fear and move forward.

So you must be a coward.

So, it must be called a grovel.


As I was holding on to the shield without even realizing it, I heard a voice from behind me.


A signal that Chloe’s order has been completed.

Destel put down his shield. Along with the great shield that turned into platinum stardust and disappeared, dozens of branches attacked Destel.


The great shield was lifted, and Destel’s shroud fluttered loudly. What the fluttering shrine creates is the most basic star weapon, the star sword.

Bergère of cutting.

Among the heroes that Destel can imitate, he is the strongest. He was a warrior who was called the strongest before the appearance of Kyle Torben. The moment the holy sword he was handling was held in his hand, Destel’s eyes brightened.

···He is a coward and a servile person.

However, the people he can summon are brilliant warriors. When playing them, Destel was able to forget himself. He could have been a warrior.


Destel’s arm moved.

What I am imitating is Berger’s swift sword strike. The shroud was fluttering and Destel’s arms moved quickly. The holy sword cut down all the approaching tree trunks.

This is how the road was created.


Destel swung his sword sharply at the sound of a voice coming from behind him. He leapt to the side, swinging his sword.


With a flash, a huge magic circle appeared in front of Chloe. The concentrated mana began to swirl. Just a fleeting moment. In the blink of an eye, the circuit gathered into a single dot emitted light.




What extends out is a ray of light.

Dozens of rays split from one flash and advanced, burning the roots that had been pushed in. This is the moment when the root that blocked the running Belnoa was shot down.

With a thud, Belnoa kicked off the remains of the root and jumped up. Chloe, seeing that, spun around and twirled her wand.

She tapped the ground with the tip of her spinning staff. A circuit spreading out into the ground. Chloe shouted, standing at the center of the huge circuit.


The ground shook.

Kugugugugung, the rising ground restricted the movement of the trembling giant tree. Belnoa accelerates as he steps on the ground surrounding the giant tree like a prison.

Belnoa drags on through the storm.

Chloe is constantly casting spells.

Looking at that scene, Destel took a step back and swung his sword. He swatted away all the roots targeting Chloe. Destel thought as he flapped his robe. He tried hard to console himself.

…Yes, even if you are a coward, you can do this. At least you don’t live by drinking the blood of your juniors. It’s helping on this battlefield.

That was Destel’s last bastion.

You can’t solve all problems on behalf of your juniors, but at least you fight together with them. The last bastion of not feeling terrible about yourself.

Standing on the bastion, Destel looked ahead.

Belnoir, with Chloe’s support, dragging the storm forward, is truly a hero of reversal. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Destel smiled while looking at Belnoa.

“Okay, give me a shot.”

As is the case with humans who know that they cannot become heroes, Destel also immerses himself in becoming a hero. I hope that shining hero will achieve great feats on my behalf.

This is the moment when Belnoa is swinging his arms, dragging out a storm.

【■■, ■■. ■■■■■■■■■■■■!】

A loud roar shook the sky.

Destel, Chloe, and even Bellenoir looked up at the sky without thinking. The vast night sky was not there. All that caught my eye was a pure white figure.





A giant god leapt up, covering the sky, and intervened in the battlefield. Following the giant gods, gods whose names have been forgotten intervene in the battlefield one after another.


Belnoa, hit by the giant’s kick, flew through the air, coughing up blood. Belle Noah returned to her original position, putting to shame the time she had just risked her life by jumping into the giant tree.


Belnoa fell to the ground with a loud noise.

Destel’s head slowly turned back. There is a hollow ground there. There is a hero who is coughing up blood.

“Bell, Belnoa!”

Chloe’s scream.

The sound of Belnoa coughing up blood.


Destel sighed.

The holy sword that Destel had suddenly let go turned into stardust and returned. The fluttering sincerity calmed down. De Stell turned her head and looked ahead again.

The swaying giant tree, Abaddon.

Nameless titans who intervened in the battlefield.

Destel muttered in vain as he watched them rush to crush this place.

“···It’s a joke, right?”


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