I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 432

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Seven suns fall.

The platinum-colored sun blinked violently, swallowing up the black sun. A series of flashes of light and a storm of intense heat. This is the moment when the seven suns swelled.


A single flash of light struck the entire area.

What you hear right away is a roar that tears your eardrums.


A loud roar accompanied by a strong flash of light.

The roar made by all seven suns exploding cannot be expressed in any onomatopoeia. It’s more like a tinnitus sound like “Beep.”

The first impact swept through the area, followed by the sound of bouncing rubble falling in the aftermath of the explosion.

Boom, boom!

Raniel’s hair shook in the rushing heat. Ran El looked up at the sky while brushing his hair. The black sun, eaten by the seven suns, was floating there.

There is a hole in the sun. Part of the sun has fallen off and the remaining sun no longer forms a complete sphere. It looks closer to a half moon.

Chii Iik.

From the hole, black flames, like blood, poured toward the floor. The sun that had risen in the sky tilted and slowly fell toward the ground.

But, wait a moment.

The sun, which had been falling, stood still as if it had been caught in its place. The pouring flames flowed backwards. For a moment, the sun, which was at a lower altitude than at first, drank its flame and expanded.


Hundreds of seething heat rays were shot towards Raniel. Looking at the rushing bundle of heat rays, Raniel briefly clicked her tongue.

···The year that illuminates the ancient disaster and curse.

Raniel pondered over the memories he saw in the Northern Tower. Cardi said this in her memory: There is no chance of winning as long as the sun is in the sky. It is said that only by dropping the sun and slamming it into the ground can it be completely killed.

And they did.

Cardi and Belial knocked down the sun, and Ganicalt, who received Gleria’s blessing, cut the sun in half with a single sword.

‘Of course, it’s not as majestic as it was back then.’

Unlike the disasters that the first group of warriors had to deal with in the past, the revived disasters are beings that have already faced death once. Although it is said to have been revived with the blood of forgotten gods, there is a scar left by Ganicalt in the center of the sun.

A sword mark that split the sun’s core in half.

Even though it is covered with the blood of the gods and divine power, it will not be able to completely hide the wound. Looking at the rushing heat rays, Raniel lifted his foot. And then, coo.



The ground that touched the military boots shook.

The ground shook and rose. As the terrain of the area changed, the incoming heat rays pierced through the walls made of dirt and stone and headed towards Raniel.

The heat rays are ultimately part of the black sun.

The heat rays bend and bend to track Raniel. Raniel glanced at the heat rays following him and started running, stepping on the raised ground.


Tracking of hundreds of heat rays.

Rushing heat and craze. Raniel ran with his eyes wide open amidst such high heat that it seemed as if all the moisture in his body would evaporate. Crank, the chain around her hand trembled.

Running on the raised ground.

Raniel looked beyond the black sun that rose in front of him. There is an apostate there who is opening the heavens. An inverted cross facing the sky and numerous ancient gods kneeling before her.

That was the enemy Raniel had to deal with.

‘···Reverse Heaven (逆天), and Open Heaven (open Heaven).’

Raniel knows what the apostate wants to do now. The hole in the sky continues to grow in size. When that hole is completely ‘open’, the apostate’s wish will become a reality.

That much had to be prevented.

That’s why Raniel made a choice.


Raniel kicked the ground and jumped up.

A place where the raised land melts and flows down. Raniel reached right in front of the sun and stretched out his arms toward the sun. That’s the moment she squealed and grabbed her hand.


A bundle of chains stretched out and entangled the sun.

The platinum-colored chain does not melt even in the heat of the sun. Raniel jumped towards the sun, pulling on the chain that bound the sun.

‘Even if I risk some injuries.’

Even though his entire body was melting, Raniel reached the core of the sun. Surrounded by black flames, Raniel thrust his hand into the sword mark carved into the sun’s core.

‘It’s going to be a short-term decisive battle.’

What I have to deal with is not a resurrected disaster, but a woman who wants to become a god. Raniel knew that she had not yet finished the battle to annihilate Arkia. Only after completing the war of annihilation will we be able to enter the war of subjugation of apostates.

Still, the fact that it is a battle of speed does not change.

With my hand touching the sword mark engraved on the core.

Raniel cast a spell.


The nameless gods bowed their heads.

Having lost all power, intelligence, and reason, they are just a bundle of power. Gleria squeezed blood from the fallen divinities.

Thud, thud.

Even if they lost everything, they are still gods. Their blood is the ultimate holy relic, and the sacred power accumulated in Alkeia over the past hundreds of years is an inexhaustible spring of water.

By giving everything, Gleria opened the sky.

Gleria smiled as she looked at the sky slowly splitting apart. She was no longer mad. The smile on her lips was close to joy. Because the moment I had longed for was approaching.

We will bring down the false gods and restore the apostate to the purest state of all life on earth.

Under the open sky, all the sins, karma, good deeds, and bad deeds we have committed throughout our lives will be meaningless. The soot and blood will be removed, and only a pure white soul will remain.

‘If that’s the case.’

If everything became pure.

‘Because we will meet again.’

Gleria laughed bitterly.



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‘Because I will be able to stand in front of you without being tainted. Because everyone will return to their most beautiful form.’

That was the salvation Gleria sought.

Everyone escapes from the rules set by the false God and returns to the purest state. Thus becoming free.

Only that leads to salvation…


···Saint Gleria bit her lip.

The apostate, Gleria Bel Armias, felt her heart ache. A scar carved into the heart. The scar carved by a warrior throbbed.

“It’s already too late.”

Apostate, Gleria laughed.

We’ve come too far to go back. He was a madman who had already gone crazy, and he was an apostate who betrayed God. He was a sinner who had committed an irreversible sin.

There is no way I can be forgiven.

You shouldn’t be forgiven either.

The apostate looked ahead. She looked down at the path she was walking on. A road stained black. A road made of corpses. She knows what lies at the end of the road. At her final destination, she realizes that all that awaits her is destruction.

Even though I know that fact.

The apostate took steps towards destruction. Because this was the only path left to me. As he walked like that, the apostate looked back. What you see is the broken, twisted, and extremely ugly path you have walked.

However, if you move your gaze a little further back…

There is a crossroads there.

There is a path you walked before you were broken. There is a brightly shining path that she walked, not as an apostate, but as a saint and a warrior’s companion.

Someone was standing on the road.

The apostate closed his eyes and opened them. She saw reality, not the road. Even in reality, the apostate was looking back, and the place where the black sun rose was where the apostate was looking.

A flash of light.

Seven suns exploded and the world turned white. The sun was still up, but its altitude had already dropped sufficiently. Immediately afterwards, the ground shook, creating a path toward the sun.

Someone ran on that road.

There was a wizard running, dragging brilliant light and ashes. With his gray hair fluttering, the wizard threw himself towards the black sun.

Just for a moment.

Suddenly, something swelled from inside the black sun. The platinum-colored sun is expanding and engulfing the sun’s core. The brilliantly shining sun completely engulfed the black sun.


Black flames tried to escape the platinum-colored sun, but the sun fell down, dragging the flames with it. As the sun sets beyond the horizon, the sun sinks to the ground…


It exploded with a deafening roar.

The sun exploded, turning the horizon platinum. The apostate’s hair swayed in the rushing fever. scorching heat. The horizon sparkles in platinum color. Gleria smiled involuntarily as she looked at the traces left by the sun.

Gleria knows that scene.

I knew the heat the sun created. There’s no way you wouldn’t know. Because that spell was used by none other than that person.


Yes, you were there.


There was a person who looked like that person.


The one who caught me that day.

The person who always held me and supported me. You who look like that person… are trying to catch me again.


The apostate smiled and spread his arms.

“Are you here to stop me, to catch me?”

The sound of steps resounding.

A human walking towards him, dragging ashes.

“I didn’t come to stop you.”

Man answered the question of disaster.

“I came to kill you.”

The Gray Wizard, Raniel Van Trias.

Tearing away the melted and stuck flesh with her fingers and pouring the potion, she walked towards the apostate. Her entire body was covered in soot, but her blue eyes were not stained at all.


The gray wizard stood in front of the apostate.


A warrior stands before disaster.

“I came to prove it.”


“Your journey was not meaningless.”

A junior stood in front of a distant senior.

“Champion, Ganicalt van Galatric. Dragon Shaman, Belial Van Dragonic. Great Sage, Cardi Van Armiel.”


“And you.”

Raniel said calmly.

“Saint, Gleria Bel Armias.”

Looking at the woman who had once given her all for the world, Raniel opened his mouth.

“The choice you made hundreds of years ago, at the end of your journey. your sacrifice. “I came to prove that it was all not meaningless.”

I stand here to stop you from making it all meaningless.


Raniel pointed to the apostate.

“Welcome the person after whom the contract indicates.”

The person who inherited the contract. After the contract. The moment he heard those words, the apostate’s gaze wavered for a moment.

『Next, again next.』

The existence that I prayed for and hoped for.

Later people who will understand their wishes, take over their legacy, and head to places they could not reach. A hero who will overcome all those who have turned into disasters and reach the end.

“As expected, it was you.”

Gleria laughed.

“Okay, prove it.”

She gestured.

The nameless ancient gods reach out to Raniel. It became a wave and hit Raniel. Raniel walked towards the crowd of forgotten gods.

As always, just to prove it.


Roots extending in all directions and roots buried in the ground rose up along with a pile of dirt. The huge root that rose up swept the ground like a whip and struck repeatedly.

Boom, boom.

The ground shook and dust rose.

What can be seen beyond the rising dust is the owner of the roots and the owner of the gigantic presence that fills this great cavity. The dust slowly cleared and it appeared.

The owner of the land with a curse.

The giant tree, Abaddon.

When you look up and look at the huge tree with no end in sight, it feels like you are looking at the World Tree, the sacred place of the elves. However, that giant tree, like the World Tree, was not designed to embrace living creatures, but to surround, confine, and kill them.

Wrapped around the roots were sharp thorny vines.

Roots to suck and exploit the life of the land.

The tree pillar located at the center of the root takes the form of a demonic beast with its mouth wide open.

‘What on earth is that…’

I don’t even know where to start or how to deal with it. This is the moment when Destel’s body stiffens in front of that overwhelming presence.


The roots were sweeping the area, turning the ground upside down, and rushing towards Destel. Because his body was stiff, Destel’s evasion was delayed, and he was about to be swept away by the roots.

With a thud, someone stepped in front of Destel.

Belnoa, wrapped in a storm, swung his arm towards the rushing roots. The moment a root and a storm collide, it is the root that is pushed away. Belle Noah pushed out the roots and looked behind her.


Destel looked at Belnoir.

As I was looking at Belnoa, I heard the sound of footsteps next to me from behind. Looking towards where the sound was coming from, Chloe passed by her and was walking in front of her. Destel’s eyes moved to follow Chloe.

Chloe stood next to Belnoir.

The staff Chloe was holding was shining brightly.

Chloe, Belnoir, and younger juniors looked at them. The two spoke while making eye contact with Destel.


I’m going to catch that.

They were saying that they would deal with that gigantic monster and disaster.


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