I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 431

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Black rain fell.

Rain fell from the sky that should have been blocked by the ceiling. The pouring black raindrops hit the floor with a patter.


The rain that had been falling begins to pour down like a shower. Black water droplets splash in all directions. Sludge flowed through the circuit carved into the floor. It flowed and flowed.


Raniel’s expression hardened.

Black rain is a symbol of the devil and a symbol of the shadow, a false god. Why does that rain fall here? What is the apostate trying to do?

Boom, coo goo goo goong.

The walls of the temple rang. The ground shook. The sky rang. In the midst of the sound, everything began to fall apart. Among the collapsing things, Raniel raised his head and looked at the sky.

There, there was the answer.

Clearly, the place where one is stepping is Alkeia, located in the deepest part of the vertical tunnel, at the edge of the abyss. However, when I looked up at the sky, what I saw was a starry night sky. The real sky, not an illusion.

The sky was shaking.

As if it would collapse at any moment.


Raniel lowered his head at the voice he heard.

She lowered her head diagonally and what she was looking at was straight ahead. One side of the disconnected space collapsed and revealed a straight road. The road leading to the center of the temple.

【In my land.】

It wasn’t just Raniel who opened the way.

The same path appeared for Draka, Kelhalm, and Destel. Everyone gathered here looked ahead.

【In my sanctuary, in my workshop, in my womb.】

The center of the temple.

A tower was built there.

【This is Pandemonium, Arkea.】

Not a pantheon, but a hall of ten demons.

Not Pantheon, but Pandemonium.

A huge tower that seems to reach the sky. What makes up the tower is not wood, stone, or anything else. It is not a human corpse, nor is it a demonic corpse.

【It is the tomb of the nameless gods.】

A god who lost his name.

Beneath the tower built from the corpses of the primordial gods, the apostate laughed. It was joyful and wild. The sound of laughter echoes. A pouring black shower. Even in a chaotic situation where voices echo and the sound of rain hits your eardrums…


Everyone heard the same thing.

Everyone looked up at the sky as a strange sound echoed throughout the area. The faces of those who looked up at the sky became stiff. Their eyes trembled.


The sky.

【It’s time to open the sky.】

The sky was opening.


The first saint, Clarence Bel Armias, was betrayed by God. She realized at the last moment. She realizes that the salvation she hopes for cannot be achieved under the stars. She realized that everything she had dedicated her life to achieving was meaningless.

At the last moment, the star turned away from humans.

The star did not answer the saint’s prayer.

At that moment, Gleria felt it. She had to realize.

She was a being connected to the stars, a saint who was closer to the stars than anyone else. Therefore, at the last moment, she realized why the star had turned away from her.

···Stars are beings that create balance.

It is not a perfect being, a beautiful being, a being for human beings, or a being that carries out salvation, as talked about in religious circles. The reality of the star was closer to the scale itself that wizards talk about.

Scales, balance, equality.

A being that maintains the world in a stable balance.

“It was wrong from the beginning.”

Gleria laughed.

“We tried to subdue the shadows by following God’s will, but that wasn’t God’s will from the beginning. “God did not want the subjugation of the shadows.”

Gletus sneered.

“The star just hoped that the force of the shadow would diminish. To be placed on the same level as yourself. “I just wanted to fall into a being that could balance myself.”

Work to level the scale.

That meant ‘removing’ what was on the other side, not completely removing it.

“When it becomes level.”

Gleria was devastated.

“The stars abandoned us.”

Gletus was delighted.

“In the end, I was taken advantage of. My salvation, Ganicalt’s pride, Cardi’s blindness, and Belial’s hope were all taken advantage of by the stars. “We are not saved.”

For eternity. Forever. Endlessly.


Gleria looked up at the sky.

“I still hope for salvation.”

Gletus still did not give up on saving. Even though the method was wrong and twisted, Gleria still hoped for salvation.

Under false beliefs, salvation has lost its value.

The false god deceived everyone.

So what should a betrayed priest do? What should the first saint do? What should the person closest to God become? She had been thinking about the answer for a very long time.

After much thought, she found the answer.

I found the answer in a place where the stars couldn’t reach.



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Alkeia, this land that exists in the deepest part of the world, was a pantheon and tomb of the gods. A place where countless gods fell on the day the heavens opened tens of thousands of years ago. The corpses of those who had once been gods were buried in Alkeia, which proved a fact.

That it is possible to bring down God.

Dropping the false gods.

That only one god can hang above the sky.

She realized the taboo that the ancient dragon wizard had broken in the past. She understood the atrocities committed by one human being. Because she understood, she chose.

“Because I did not forget the promise, oath, and wish of that day.”

She put her hands together as if praying.

Squeak, squeak.

He tilted his palms together and twisted them.

The hand that was perpendicular to the sky suddenly became horizontal. The back of his left hand pointed toward the sky, and the back of his right hand pointed down.

“I hope.”

The saint, Gleria, was betrayed by God.

The madman, Gletus, chose to betray God.

“Open the heavens, let down the false gods.”

The martyr, Gleria, believed in herself.

The apostate, Gletus, longed for the purity of others.

“I will hang my god in the sky.”

Gleria extended her left hand toward the ground.

Gletus extended his right hand toward the sky.

The moment the hands touched her, she opened her eyes. She is no longer mad. She is no longer delighted. She did not separate her personality from herself.

The apostate, Gleria Belle Armias, opened her eyes.

【Get up.】

she shouted.

【Open your eyes, forgotten things.】

The divinity accumulated in Alkeia over the past hundreds of years responded to her voice. The pouring raindrops all stopped. Gleria’s eyes were shining green through the black raindrops that hung in the air above her.

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【You will return to the time when you were most brilliant.】

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Sacred art, rebirth.

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A black inverted cross soared into the sky.

Raindrops began to flow backwards along the inverted cross. Raindrops no longer fall downward. As if providence had been overturned, even the old waste that had accumulated on the ground began to soar into the sky, following the cross.

Black raindrops soar toward the sky.

The earthenware created by humans pointed towards the sky.


As if in contrast, black blood fell to the ground from the eyes and mouths of the forgotten gods. The blood of the gods soaked the ground dark red. The bodies of the forgotten gods began to convulse violently.


In a huge sound.

【■■■■, ■■■■. ■■■■■■■■■■■■.】

【■■. ■■■■. ■■■■. ■■■■■■.】

【■■. ■■■. ■■, ■■■■■.】

【■■. ■■■■. ■■■■. ■■■■■■. ■■■■■■.】

The forgotten gods have opened their eyes.


A black inverted cross soars toward the sky.

The thin pillar of light finally touched the sky. The moment the cross pierced the sky, which was beginning to open with a sound, the crack became even bigger. The sky splits and the outside of the world begins to reveal itself.

“What is this…”

Destel groaned and inadvertently took a step back, but the moment he took a step back, Destel realized. She knew there was something she needed to see first, more than this mythical landscape.


Destel looked at the floor.

Black blood flowing through the furrow. It was blood flowing from the tower in the center of the temple. Where does the blood flow and go?

It is a large tree located in the center of Daegong-dong.

The moment when blood seeped into that giant tree.


A huge figure pressed down on the Daegongdong.

Destel saw in the air that suddenly became heavier. A large tree located in the center of Daegong-dong. The roots of the huge tree that had been burned by the fire began to move.

Right after.

The owner of the cursed land opened his eyes.

* * *

This is the moment when the black blood that flowed from the tower came into contact with the rotten water that had accumulated in the center of the Great Hollow. For a moment, as the rotten water sloshed around, a torrent of water rushed in from the center of the Great Hollow. In an instant, the rising water began to fill the main cavity.

The lake consumed by the curse overflowed.

* * *

A bone modeled after the king of demonic beasts. The black blood that seeps into the bones becomes flesh and muscles. The beast that had acquired a body in an instant slowly stood up. The beast’s eyes glowed blue in the darkness.


The King of Demon Beasts drew his sword.

* * *

Raniel van Trias laughed.

She saw the sun rising in front of her. The black sun that drank blood hung in the sky. In an instant, the air heated up, and a suffocating heat filled the main cavity.

A haze rises. The ground became dry and cracked due to the rushing heat.

The sun rose to illuminate the curse.

Under the rising sun, Raniel looked around. The path to apostasy is blocked by old plagues. The same goes for Destel, Kelhalm, and Draka. In order to reach the Apostate, he had to subdue an ancient scourge.


Raniel took a step forward.

She walked forward looking only ahead.

The smile that was flowing from my mouth is gone everywhere. With a stiff expression on his face, Raniel gave a loud thud and hit the ground.

What she is looking at is the center of the temple.

There is a woman surrounded by forgotten gods. Beneath her woman the forgotten gods knelt before her and bowed her head. As if pledging loyalty to the one who revived him, to the one who would become the only god.

The woman who opened the sky looked at Raniel.

Raniel looked at the apostate.

As the two people’s eyes crossed, the apostate looked at Raniel and smiled. She opened her mouth with a soft smile. The sound that should not have reached her because of her distance echoed in Raniel’s head.

“This is the salvation I sought.”

This is my final stop.

“If you want to prove my salvation wrong.”

If I want to prove that my ways are wrong.

“Come here. “Stand in front of me.”

And prove it.

“Try denying everything about me.”

Gleria van Armias, the apostate, laughed.

“My lovely junior.”

Raniel responded to the laughter, to the benevolent smile, with a sneer. Raniel gently loosened his fingers. Raniel tapped the ground a couple of times with the tip of his military boot and let out a short breath.


Raniel spread his arms wide.

“If you want it that way, you have to show it.”

The hem of the clothes fluttering.

Swinging sleeves.

The muffler around my neck fluttered in the wind.

Mana presses down on the area, saying, “Gooung!”

The circuits engraved on Raniel’s fingers, the back of his hands, his arms, his collarbone, and his entire body burned. A platinum-colored flash shone brightly, and a ring of light appeared in Raniel’s eyes. Raniel walks, dragging a ring of light.


Without even looking at the sky, Raniel walked towards the apostate. He walked and snapped his fingers. As soon as the sound rang out, another sun of similar size appeared in front of the black sun. What rose without warning was the platinum-colored sun.


Raniel snapped his fingers as he continued walking. Once, twice, three times, four times…


Raniel smiled.

The place where the laughter is directed is the woman looking down at herself from the center of the temple. Raniel sneers at her apostate.

“Is that one thing enough?”

Looking at the apostate, Raniel pointed to the sky.

There is only one black sun in the sky.

“I have seven.”

Seven platinum suns surrounding a black sun. Pointing to the sun, Raniel chuckled.

“Go for it, you bitch.”

Raniel waved his arm.

Seven suns have fallen.


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