I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 426

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A large-scale operation in which all humanity’s might, led by the hero Rania Van Trias, will be deployed.

Battle of Alkeia.

The goal of this so-named operation is to annihilate everything that exists in Alkeia, the vertical tunnel where apostates reside, and to subdue the apostate who is the owner of that place.

This is humanity’s wish and longing.

How many people have suffered from apostates over the past hundreds of years. How many people’s pride was trampled and their lives insulted. How many people have become part of monsters and lived eternal life without even receiving the rest of death?

Apostate, Gletus.

A heretic who violated heaven’s teachings.

We defeat one of the disasters that have been a nightmare in human history for a long time. This is the first disastrous subjugation battle since the ‘Berta Gorge Annihilation Battle’ in which the Black Dragon and Belial were subjugated.

“Nothing left.”

Traces of disaster, the history of disaster.

“Everything in this land.”

All of that.

“I will drive it out.”

The hero, Rania Van Trias, sends a letter.

She didn’t worry at all about the words she should write in the letter. She didn’t need fancy sentences, morale-boosting phrases, or lengthy rhetoric. She simply inscribed one line of sentence into her letter.


-Rania Van Trias.

* * *

A letter arrived.


When you open the letter, all you see is one short sentence. As always, she doesn’t talk at length. She didn’t write down anything about why she had to rally or what she was doing by rallying.

There’s no need to say it.

There was no need for long words for those who waited for this day and this moment. All you need is a short command to rally. All that is written in the letter is one line of sentence, but what fills the white space of the letter is the reputation of ‘Rania Van Trias’.

She spoke from her own life.

He ordered them to gather under his name.

Kelhalm smiled as he read the letter.

Finally, Kelhalm stopped by his old hometown, Academy City Artia, and made his oath in front of the tombstone. By the time he opened his closed eyes, stood up and started walking, Kelhalm no longer looked back.


gather together

Those who are indebted to her, those who were saved by her, and those who were able to achieve what they wished for thanks to her, countless people gather on the battlefield.


The immortal Cariot heads to the battlefield carrying the sword of the cross. To prove the God he had in his heart and to protect his beliefs, Cariot lifted up the cross.

Kalt, a master of the sword who inherited the title of Sword Saint, heads to the battlefield with the sword left by his teacher on his belt. To repay a favor to his predecessor, to free his teacher whose pride had been tarnished, and to prove the sword path he had walked, he picked up the sharp sword.

The sword spirit Draka heads to the battlefield to put an end to his life. crooked road. A ruined life. Nevertheless, he never denies his life. Even though he is pointed at and criticized, Draka walks towards his destination. To take revenge on the disaster that had taken everything from him, Draka lifted up his broken sword.

The madman Kelhalm heads to the battlefield to keep his promise. It is a hundred years of life resisting the onslaught of madness. During those many years, he never once forgot the promise he had made. In order to keep the promise of that day and to restore the children’s pride that had been tarnished that day, Kelhalm engraved a circuit.

Shrine Remia heads to the battlefield to become proud of herself. Rather than admiring or jealous of those who shine, she pulled the bowstring to shine herself.

The humble Destel heads to the battlefield to have no more regrets. afraid. He is so afraid that even his juniors younger than him cannot run away from the battlefield even now. In order to become a hero at least once and not to regret it, Destel wrapped a star robe around his shoulders.

The superhumans, warriors, and strong men who were responsible for the previous generation gather on the battlefield. They are people who realized something by losing something, and they are seniors who took the lead.

They are here to prove it.

Hoping that their lives were not wrong and that the path they walked had some meaning.


Following in their footsteps are the heroes of this era.

The Gray Witch, Resty Eleanor.

Destroy, Lark Van Grace.

Saint, Natida.

Descendants of Dragons, Belnoa Van Dragonic.

Torrent, Chloe.

These are people who have overcome trials, sometimes with the help of someone else, and sometimes on their own. Those who will lead this era stand by their predecessors. These children have grown and grown and can now stand on the same stage and see the same scenery.


The gaze of those gathered is directed upwards to the podium. Someone was walking towards that place. The sound of footsteps again and again. Gray hair fluttering in the blowing wind.

Rania van Trias.

The hero who gathered them here stood on the podium.


All preparations are complete.

The time for the plan that has been in preparation for several years to come to fruition is just around the corner. I let out a long breath. White steam formed on the exhaled breath.

Falling snowflakes.

Standing at the highest point, I looked down. Those who gather one by one to the front lines. Those who stood on the same battlefield as me and fought back to back. In other words, he was my colleague and a dreamer who dreamed the same dream.

···It took a long time to get to this point.

Disaster was a powerful being, an unreachable being, and an end that could not be seen even if it raised its head. Out of common sense, humanity was unable to inflict even a scratch on the disaster using any weapon.

Therefore, for hundreds of years, disasters were considered the same as disasters. Humanity has become so subservient that we cannot even imagine subduing it. I knelt down and bowed my head before the disaster.

“Berta Canyon annihilation battle.”


“Do you remember the day we cut off the head of the evil dragon that had reigned for hundreds of years?”

There was no need for that anymore.

“The day the hero cut off the black dragon’s head, mankind rejoiced. From that day on, we had one dream. “A dream of defeating all disasters and pointing a sword at the devil’s neck.”

I said.

“Someone said that dream was a pipe dream. He said it was a dream that could not come true. But what about it?”

It is not only special strongmen who have gathered here. There are also knights here who have endured each day despite not having special powers, magical skills, or any star-related blessings.



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“The black dragon died with its head cut off. The apostate hid in his workshop with his heart pierced. Didn’t even the sword of death shed blood? “Wasn’t the Demon King torn apart by the hero’s sword?”

Even if they are not here, there are people who hear my voice from far away. There were people who would read the newspapers that recorded my every word. There were soldiers who would hear my words by telegram.

“Disaster is no longer something we cannot deal with. They are no longer disasters. They also get hurt and bleed just like us. “You may even face death.”

Those who will listen to my voice.

Those who shed their blood for me.

I spoke to those who were watching me.

“Look. We arrived at this place. “Standing with both feet on the ground in the depths of the devil, we are looking at the nest of disaster.”

What my finger points to is the end of the abyss.

This is where Gletus is waiting.

“Look. Am I still a dreamer? Still, am I dreaming the impossible dream? Can we say that the sword of mankind is still immune from disaster?”

“Definitely not.”

“I will prove that it is no longer a dream.”

“Whoop,” I grabbed the hand that was pointing at Alkeia. Starlight leaked out from her clenched fingers.

“There were many deaths to get to this place. It has hundreds of years of history. We must recover their insulted lives, their shattered lives, and their lost history. “That is our role as we walk the blood-stained path…”

The starlight shining brilliantly in platinum color cleared away a handful of the darkness that had fallen on the magic world. The sun did not rise, but there was even more brilliant starlight here.

“It would be my role as a warrior.”

I said, pulling the starlight.

“We will defeat the disaster today.”

Battle of Alkeia.

“I will exterminate everything in Gletus, the apostate. Even all traces of the disaster’s existence will be burned. “It will be a memorial to those who died and humanity’s revenge for the disaster.”

I took a step forward.

A step forward with a thud.

“The battle to annihilate Alkeia will be the first step in ending a war that has lasted for hundreds of years.”

I saw those gathered in my name.

I smiled while making eye contact with them.

“let’s go.”

There was only one place to go.

“To our battlefield.”


The knights cheered under the hero’s speech. The ground shook as they took steps. Although they will not participate in the battle to annihilate Alkeia, they will guard the battlefield until the heroes return.

A hero is not a special and high being.

He is simply someone who represents the voice of humanity.

Under the knights’ salute, the heroes took a step towards the devil’s deepest place. The place where all old junk goes. The heroes move towards Alkeia, a land for those who do not believe.

Sword Saint, Kalt.

Immortality, Cariot.

Sword Demon, Draka.

The madman, Kelhalm.

Superhumans of the old and current generations.

Hero, Destel.

Shrine, Remia.

From the previous generation to the present, warriors and their companions have been on the battlefield for a long time.

Destroy, Lark Van Grace.

Saint, Natida.

Descendants of Dragons, Belnoa Van Dragonic.

Torrent, Chloe.

Ash Witch, Resty Eleanor.

New heroes leading the current era.

Champion, Rania Van Trias.

Gathering them all in one place, humanity’s greatest power is heading towards the abyss. Looking at their backs, the knights bow their heads in respect. I have no doubt in their victory.

···However, what you see is not everything.

In places where the knights’ eyes cannot reach, there is also someone who is with them. Raniel, who was walking at the front, quietly opened his mouth.

“Are you ready?”

Someone answered that voice.

“Of course.”

The person standing next to Rania took off his robe. The disguise came off and what was revealed was gray hair. The elf with dark gray hair, not the usual silver hair, let out a faint laugh.

“I have been waiting for this day, this moment, for hundreds of years. There’s no way you’re not ready.”

A hero that no one remembers.

An ancient hero forgotten by history.

“It is as you said.”

Great Sage, Cardi Van Armiel.

“I will also prove it today.”

The hero of the old generation, who decided to walk again, smiled.

“The dream I had was not just a daydream.”

Standing in the same position as Rania Van Trias, he walked. At the same speed, looking at the same place. Everyone here saw the same place.

The end of the abyss.

Where there is disaster.


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