I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 424

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It took some time for the person who wanted to be young and who was trying to get involved in the romance of young people to calm down. After a long period of time and the wall resounded, the closed door to the office opened.


Rania has a very bitter expression.

And then, standing behind her, Kalt sighed heavily and tapped her shoulder. Kalt watched Rania’s eyes and slowly brought up the topic of conversation.

“I came to share the information I gained from Sword Canyon. I’m going to talk to you, so please stay away for a while. “I know it’s the prime time, but there are older people here…”

A creepy gaze.

At the gaze that was like a dagger flying at his back, Kalt corrected his statement.

“···It’s a place to be with your superiors, isn’t it? Distinguish between time and place.”

After a brief commotion, Kalt started talking.


The center of Galatric, the Tomb of the Sword.

In a place full of broken and cracked things, Raniel and Kalt faced each other. The traces left behind by the King of Demon Beasts.

“Does it look like blood stains?”

“That’s how I see it, too.”

Sword marks everywhere.

There was a blood trace there that appeared to belong to the King of Demon Beasts. As I walked along the blood splattering on the floor, there was the half body of Barta that had fallen off.

The right arm was torn off along with the shoulder.

The right leg was cut off below the knee.

A crude body that was not originally Barta’s own, but was made by clinging together the corpses of demonic beasts. Kalt, who was looking at the flesh scattered on the ground, opened his mouth.

“···It looks like the only thing that was cut off was the leg?”

Right arm on the floor.

Kalt opened his mouth, pointing to the arm.

“In the case of the bridge, the cut surface is clean. “When I saw the traces of the sword on the floor, it was probably like this…”

Kalt swung his sword along the path carved on the ground.

A sword rising diagonally from below, forming a half moon. Just when he thought he had Bartha in front of him, the sword passed right through Bartha’s knee.

“But not the arm. This is the trace of being ripped off. Take a look. “The cutting edge is rough.”

It was just like that.

The right arm appears to have been pulled out along with the shoulder. There were deep fingernail marks on his shoulder.

“He probably ripped it off himself.”

Something that is not your own body. His right arm, which was considered cumbersome, was torn off of his own volition. Kalt continued speaking while looking at the floor.

“If you look at the sword marks left after it was torn off, they are even sharper. It means that it only became sharper after tearing off half of its body…”

Kalt took a step forward. Following the sword marks.

The steps stopped somewhere. A place blocked by the remains of a collapsed canyon. There, the sword mark was broken. But there were no bodies left here.


Kalt looked at the ground in silence.

The sword became sharper, but Varta, whose body had been torn off, would have continued to be pushed back. The sword path carved into the ground is shaking. Barta, who was out of balance, would have chosen. I guess I’ll have to take the plunge.

Barta threw a gambling move.

A trace that looks like it is running and hitting the ground.

The moment Varta, who had been retreating repeatedly, was about to attack, Ganicalt must have swung his sword. like this.

“You collapsed the canyon here. “Like drawing a line.”

Kalt looked up at the pile of rubble.

The two people who climbed the pile of stones saw a trail of blood beyond the pile of rubble. The blood trail continued all the way to the demonic area, and there was no trace of him chasing him.

“I feel like I let go. Ganichaltga.”

“…There will be no mercy to those who run away, right?”

Raniel smoothed his chin.

she knows What Ganicalt desires and respects is will. It is pride as a prosecutor and as a human being. To those who throw away their pride and will and run away, Ganicalt would respond not with a swordsman but with death.

You let that Ganicalt run away?

Raniel frowned. Things would have been much easier if Barta had been finished here. Perhaps the sword of death noticed. The fact that the King of Demon Beasts is not yet complete and that he is still growing.

···So, do you hope for a rematch in an intact state?

Raniel did not know what the sword of death wanted or what the king of demons was thinking. What was certain was that Barta was no longer marked on the map.

‘Out of contract.’

With his own will, Barta ripped off all the half-body that had been reconstructed by the apostate. Is it because of this that the connection with the apostate has been severed and they can no longer be traced? Or is it possible that he died while bleeding and running away?

I couldn’t be sure of anything.

“…That’s annoying.”

Raniel groaned.

What Kalt said a moment ago. The fact is that superhumans are trained in the face of death. Naturally, this fact also applies to the king of demonic beasts, Barta.

A reunion with the sword of death.

Barta survived a battle that would have taken life and death several times. Raniel didn’t want to think about what he would have learned or how much he would have grown in this fight if Barta hadn’t died.


Raniel let out a long breath and ruffled his hair. Ran El, who was sitting down on a pile of stones, rested his chin and continued speaking.

“You said it tore through the beast’s body and jumped out, right?”

“yes. It tore open the jaws of a flying eagle-shaped demon beast and jumped out. “It’s probably close to space transfer…”

“They also used a space-tearing sword.”

Raniel tapped his chin with his finger.

“Let’s go back for now. “We need to come up with a solution.”

* * *

“···That’s it.”

After finishing his story, Kalt let out a short breath.



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After a moment of silence, Lark opened his mouth.

“It means there is a high probability that he survived.”

“I guess so. Given the circumstances, I think he is alive. And you will be stronger than last time.”

“···This may be a guess.”

Lark spoke carefully.

“I have a feeling that the King of Demon Beasts will appear again where Kalt and I are. “He is a disaster and a beast, but he is also a prosecutor who wants a trial.”

A proud prosecutor.

If it’s such a being, it’s probably…

“I think they’re going to target us to end their unfinished duel. “Wherever it is.”

“I don’t want to be obsessed with the King of Demon Beasts.”

Kalt laughed bitterly.

Kalt also agreed to some extent with Rak’s guess.

“Still, it will take some time to recover from the injury. “No matter what, half of his body was blown away.”

Kalt tapped the hilt of his sword.

“You will have to grow a little more in the meantime.”

“That’s right. “At least for the battle to annihilate Alkeia.”

It was Raniel who continued the conversation. Raniel let out a long breath and buried his body in the sofa. Raniel’s eyes cooled down.

“It’s six months from now.”

6 months, half a year.

“In half a year, we will enter Alkeia, deep within the Demonic Realm, just as we sent the documents…”

Raniel looked at Natida and Lark.

The roles of the two people listed in the document. Recalling that, Rak and Natida slowly nodded.

“Your role is important.”

After saying that, Raniel let out a long breath.

Raniel, who was looking at Lark and Natida as if they were saying something, finally opened his mouth.

“I don’t plan on saying anything about dating, just in case. “I’m just saying this just in case.”

Raniel widened his eyes.

“Choose the time and place. Don’t provide unpleasant situations to others. “For example, in a tent…”

“Let’s stop there, senior.”

“No, you should say it.”

“That’s not usually the case. normally.”

While Kalt was barely able to stop Raniel from giving a specific example, Natida, who had been overhearing the story, laughed bitterly.

“I’ll keep that in mind. And thank you.”

Natida bowed her head slightly.

“It’s all thanks to the hero.”

What freed him from the religious order. It was something that protected me when I had nowhere to go. The one that allowed me to meet Lark. In many ways Natida was indebted to Raniel, and she had no intention of leaving it as just a debt.

“I will try to be helpful.”

Natida smiled, and Raniel glanced at Natida with a disapproving expression, then smiled bitterly. Because Natida’s expression looked so happy.

‘I’m not the type of person who usually smiles like that.’

Yes, all you have to do is be happy.

Raniel said with a sigh.

“···okay. “Have a healthy relationship.”

Please don’t salt in front of me.


The 4th branch of the Gray Magic Tower located on the battlefield.

A new manager came to the 4th branch, which Resty often visited and managed. An unknown person who came here after being recommended by the owner of the Gray Magic Tower, Resty Eleanoa, and the warrior Rania Van Trias.

The wizards of the Magic Tower were taken aback by the sudden appearance of the person, but the moment he took off his robe and revealed his name, the wizards had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

“nice to meet. “I am Armiel.”

Armiel. The first gray magic tower lord.

The magic tower master, who was said to have gone missing, appeared in front of his juniors for the first time in hundreds of years. There were some who thought this was a lie, but Cardi proved everything with her performance.

Even though he can no longer use magic, he was once called a great wizard. The magical knowledge that Cardi possesses cannot be compared to the knowledge accumulated by other wizards.

Short conversation and proof. That was enough.

In the first place, thanks to the recommendation of the warrior and the owner of the Gray Magic Tower, his identity was almost guaranteed, so it did not take long for Cardi to take control of the 4 branches of the Gray Magic Tower.

* * *

“You completely took control of the Magic Tower in just ten days?”

“It is thanks to the good education of the magic tower owner of this era. “The Magic Tower should have an atmosphere like this.”

“What kind of atmosphere?”

“The principle of merit supremacy. Everything is based on performance and knowledge. If there is an outstanding person, elevate him or her regardless of status or origin. “Because this is what I emphasized while building the Magic Tower.”

Raniel, who came to the Magic Tower, smiled as he glanced at Cardi, who was sipping tea and conducting research on the top floor.

“The magicians we were affiliated with also moved quickly and understood what was said well. “I’m quite satisfied.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Raniel took out the damaged Holy Grail from his arms.

There were quite a few accidents in recovering it, but Raniel did not mention it at all.

“It has been recovered. A fragment of the Holy Grail.”

The final piece of the plan.

Cardi looked at that and let out a faint smile.


Even while smiling, Cardi moved her hands without stopping for a moment. He drew circuit diagrams and modified them over and over again. No matter where I looked in the laboratory on the top floor, I could only see traces of research.

A messy, messy lab with no space to step into.

But on the contrary, it was a place that felt lively. Looking at the laboratory where Cardi currently resides, Raniel recalled the old store where Cardi originally resided. The store was located in a corner alley, where not a single sunlight penetrated.

There was no life in that store.

A place where those who have already retired from the front line stay.

A place where you slowly die while waiting for someone who may come to visit you at any time. There, Cardi was dying day by day. But, what about now?

“It’s going smoothly, Raniel. It’s just as you said. If we connect this here like this…”

Cardi lives one day at a time.

We are not waiting any longer and are heading forward.

Looking at that scene, Raniel smiled inadvertently.


Raniel smiled as he looked at the ancient wizard who had decided to move on and live once more. He laughed and patted Cardi on the shoulder as she concentrated on her studies.

“I’ll go.”


“Because you and I have a lot to do. “Each of us must do our best in what we do.”

Raniel wrapped himself in a robe.

A robe similar to the one Cardi is wearing now fluttered in the wind. Raniel, dragging his fluttering robe, walked in a different direction from Cardi.

6 months time.

For some, it is a day they have been waiting for for hundreds of years, for others it is a day of revenge, for others it is a day to keep their oath, and for others it is a day to prove themselves to their teacher.

It was approaching slowly but steadily.

That’s how time passes.

Towards the day when the battle to annihilate Alkeia was planned.


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