I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 411

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Yggdrasil, a large forest centered around the World Tree.

The carriage moved towards the sacred land, which was like a hometown and a sacred place for the elves. Raniel closed his eyes, listening to the sound of the carriage wheels rolling. What comes to mind is the past.

So, it was back when I had fantasies about elves.

Like most humans, there was a time when Raniel also had a strange admiration for the elf race. Well, it has to be that way. In children’s books, elves are often depicted as symbols of beauty and mysterious fairy-like beings.

Where is that?

The tragic love between a hero and an elf.

There are dozens of fairy tales about the difference in lifespan between long-lived and short-lived species. Raniel, who grew up reading such things, also had fantasies about elves…

“If you think about it, isn’t that all a scam?”

Unfortunately, the illusion did not last long.

Raniel glanced at Cardi with only one eye open. The first elf that Raniel encountered. And, the person who cracked Raniel’s impression of an ‘elf’.

“Just like you.”

“What do you think about me?”

“You taught me that not all elves who live for a long time are elegant and wise adults.”

Rather than living for a long time and becoming an ‘adult’, Raniel had to realize that there were many elves who turned into old people. Because the elf sitting in front of him was that old man.

“What about Remia that I met later…?”

“…I have nothing to say about that child.”

Raniel shook his head with an expression of boredom. Although Remia has evolved somewhat since that day three years ago, she will never forget her terrible first encounter.

Contempt of humanity. Racial discrimination. Elf pride.

How terrible was that trip with that damned ogre? Of course, now that it’s all in the past, it can be packaged as a memory…

「Pity Wizard.」

“Your personality is the same, so isn’t that why you’re still a virgin at that age?”

Raniel looked like he was bitten by a bug.

“No, I can’t do packaging.”

It wasn’t like that.

It is a rather poor memory to be packaged as a memory. Raniel, recalling the past, wrinkled his expression and said, ‘Anyway, Remia, those ten years…’ While muttering, Cardi inadvertently laughed out loud.

“···what? Why are you laughing?”

“It’s okay if you don’t know.”

You don’t call me a nerd anymore, right?

Swallowing those words, Cardi glanced out the window. Scenery passing by quickly. Yggdrasil, where this carriage is currently heading… Strictly speaking, it is not a sacred place for elves. Because the old shrine that is Cardi’s hometown has already been reduced to ashes.

The old sacred place, which had once suffered near annihilation by the Demon King, was completely trampled by the Demon King when Cardi’s journey ended.

A land where people can no longer live.

Abandoning the land, Cardi led the young elves to another place and planted the seeds of the World Tree there.

“It’s been a while.”

I haven’t stopped by since then.

Cardi smiled as she remembered Orvel, whom she taught. On the one hand, I was curious about how big that little guy would have grown.

“Orvel, that kid is the oldest elf…”

Raniel glanced at Cardi, who was muttering, “What the world,” and made a subtle expression. Even elves who have lived for a thousand years are children…

“Hey, Cardi.”


“From your point of view, if you’re not a kid, how old do you have to be?”

The answer to the question came back right away.

“Over 1,438 years old.”

“···How are the numbers so specific?”

Raniel glanced at Cardi with a suspicious look.

“Hey, Cardi, by any chance.”

“Say it.”

“Are you 1,438 years old?”


Okay, then that’s right.

Anyway, I don’t have that much conscience…

“I am 1,437 years old.”

“Hey, you old bastard with no conscience.”


The carriage stopped in front of the entrance to Yggdrasil.

The beginning of a lush forest.

Raniel stretched and took a long breath. A huge forest formed around the World Tree. Ran El swallowed the fresh air and twirled his arms.

“It always looks complicated.”

The Great Forest is a land for elves.

In other words, this means that there is no proper path for visitors from other races. If you move forward by destroying all the vines and trees, you will be able to find a path, but I am not here to go to war with the elves right now…

“The guide will be here soon…”

I had just sent a telegram in advance.

As I waited for a moment at the beginning of the forest, the tree branches stretching towards the sky swayed little by little. Soon, an elf came down from the tree.

“Are you the hero, Rania Van Trias?”

She smiled brightly and bowed her head to Rania.

“I was ordered by Orvel to serve a nobleman. We will guide you. “Let’s go together.”

Instead of trying to guide her like that, she glanced at Cardi, who was standing next to Raniel. Cardi’s face was not visible because she was wearing a robe that was too tight.

“What about the person next to me…?”

Raniel glanced at Cardi.



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People are looking at me like, why are you covering your face? While ignoring those gazes, Cardi spoke to the elf who served as a guide.

“I am a companion.”


“That’s right, a companion. “Let’s just go.”

The elf tilted his head and started walking ahead with a nervous expression. Raniel followed behind her, planting her elbow into Cardi’s side.


“Why are you covering your face?”

“I was wondering how well that kid was doing. “If I show my face first, don’t you think I’ll try to look different from usual?”

Raniel made a subtle expression.

“You have secretly shady hobbies.”

“Are you the only one who can do it?”

“What am I?”

“I heard it from Belnoa. “A great man who hid his identity from the students at the academy.”

“Whoop,” Raniel stomped on Cardi’s foot.

While Cardi flinched and trembled, Raniel walked one step ahead. Cardi muttered to herself as her earlobes turned red.

I see you’re embarrassed.

As I walked along with the guidance, the dense vegetation gradually cleared away and the view began to open. A land bathed in warm sunlight. If you look ahead with an open view, there is a huge tree that seems to reach the sky.

World Tree, Yggdrasil.

It was the home of the elves, a city built around the roots and trunk of the gigantic world tree. It was around this time that Raniel was briefly admiring the scenery that was always overwhelming.

“The King is waiting.”

The elf who guided me here bowed his head and stepped aside. Soon, the sound of loud footsteps rang out. Procession of elves. The elves who had gathered to welcome the guests split to the left and right, and someone walked inside them. The sound of footsteps echoing again and again.

“A distinguished guest has arrived.”

The voice that resonates is pure.

Orvel, the king of the elves, approached Raniel, wearing not flashy, but simple clothes.

“I meet a hero of the world who is a guardian, a wise man, and a guide at the same time. But the most important thing is that he is a close friend of Cardi, the teacher of our elves.”

The person who best fits the word elf.

Raniel is the only elf who did not have to break the illusion, and is the most elf-like elf. Orvel glanced at Raniel with a faint smile.

“I saw the letter. As long as you stay at the World Tree, this child will help you here… If you want anything, you can tell me as much as you want.”

“Thank you for your kindness.”

“Well, it’s a natural thing to do to a close friend of the teacher.”

While we were talking like that, it suddenly occurred to me.

Orvel shifted his gaze to Cardi, who was standing next to Raniel. To be exact, the robe that Cardi is wearing. Or Belle narrowed her eyes, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu in the robe.

“By the way, who is the wizard next to you…?”

“Nice to meet you, Orvel.”

Before Orvel could finish speaking, Cardi opened his mouth. The elves standing next to Orvel widened their eyes at the fact that they dared say the king’s name without an honorific.

“You may have a relationship with the teacher, but isn’t that rude? “The king’s dignity…”

While several elves were raising their voices, Orvel, who was standing in the center, had his eyes trembling. That voice. There is no way I can forget that voice.

“Correction right away… King?”

Orvel took a step forward, blocking the path of the elf standing next to him with his arm. While the elf was looking at Orvel in confusion, Orvel slowly, very slowly, bowed his head in front of the robed wizard.

“I meet the great teacher.”

The elves were shocked for a moment by the fact that the noble king had bowed his head. Soon after, Cardi took off his robe, and the elves could not help but be shocked again.


As soon as he took off his robe, what was revealed was silver hair and golden eyes.

“He has silver hair like the moon in the night sky and golden eyes like a flying dragon.”

An appearance that exactly matched the great elf ancestor that the king had once heard about. And through the king’s actions, the elves realized the identity of the person in front of them.

An elf teacher that I had only heard about through rumors.

Cardi van Armiel is here. While the elves’ pupils were fluttering, Cardi stretched out his hand and tapped Orvel’s shoulder a couple of times.

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Orvel.”

Immediately after, people everywhere said, ‘The lowly Malye meets his great ancestor!’ A voice like this rang out. As he watched the elves bowing their heads one by one, foaming at the mouth, Raniel glanced at Cardi with an expression of boredom.

“···What is all this?”

“I told you so.”

Cardi shrugged.

“He’s famous among these kids.”


Orvel, the king of the elves that Raniel remembers, was a person who truly fit the word king. Although he looked like he was in his 20s, as elves usually do, his aura and elegance were different from other elves.

A noble, noble, and above all elf-like person.

The sight of such a person now bowing his head in front of Cardi, shedding tears and muttering the words “Why did you come now…” was not a sight worth seeing even with empty words.

“Hey, Cardi.”

Raniel pointed to the World Tree with an expression of boredom.

“I’m going to see Kyle and Sarah, so you can talk here. “Looking at it, it doesn’t look like they’re going to let me go.”

“I will do it.”

I thought I would be able to go a little more comfortably if I brought Cardi, but it seems I was mistaken. Ran El sighed and took her steps. The sacred place where the roots of the world tree are located is strictly prohibited from entering by anyone other than the king…

“Meeting a close friend of our great ancestors…!”

As Raniel walked, the elves bowed their heads and split to the left and right. From the moment he accompanied Cardi, Raniel became something more than a VIP. Raniel walked his steps, feeling extremely burdened.

···This is convenient.

If I had come alone, I would have had to go see it with all kinds of elves with me. Eventually, Raniel arrived at the deepest part of the world tree’s roots and let out a long breath.

A tightly closed door.

When you open that door and step inside, there is a fountain of light. A place where large and small clusters of lights twinkle. A place where the vitality prevalent in the great forest gathers. The mana that existed in this space was purer than anything else, and the air was extremely clear.


Looking up, there was blue water flowing from the roots of the World Tree entangled in the ceiling. Blue water flows down the roots and travels around this room in channels. It is truly a stream of water that is the essence of life.

‘Every drop is a top-class potion created by a workshop master-level alchemist…?’

Indeed, it is an environment optimized for treatment.

Raniel smiled and looked away. The center of the room. Two people were lying there as if dead.


Raniel walked without saying a word.

Two people with their eyes closed, immersed in the essence of life. Kyle Torben and Sarah. Raniel stopped right in front of the two and clicked his tongue inadvertently.

“It’s salted. “Mr.

Two people with their hands clasped.

The roots of the World Tree were wrapping around the hands of the two people. The appearance looked like a hero and a saint from a fairy tale, and Raniel had a very sour expression on his face.

I feel somehow left out.

As is the case with people who have lived singlely for a long time, Raniel felt strangely intrigued when he saw the two people, who anyone could tell were lovers. Anyway, about the salting.

However, that too for a while.


Looking at the comfortable expressions of the two people, Raniel sighed. Raniel, who sat down between the two, let out a long, very long breath.

“It’s been a while, Kyle. Sarah.”

You guys are still the same.


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