I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 391

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The madman, Kelhalm.

The superman who had lived for a long time thought.

The past. Brilliant times.

···Someone says that as time passes, memories fade. Time is short. As time goes by, you will shake it all off and stand up. Many people talk about it as if they have experienced it themselves.

However, in the eyes of this wizard who had lived for over a hundred years, it was all just a deception.

Brilliant memories never fade.

Tragedy is also never forgotten. When a truly great tragedy strikes, a person’s time stops in place. Kelhalm’s time is also like that.

Almost 100 years.

It may be a short time for a long-lived species, but it is too long for a single human. During that time, Kelhalm continued to ponder the past. To keep your promise.


Say, Sabak.

My foot stepped on something and it crumbled.

Kelhalm saw the ruins spread out before his eyes. The remains of a burned-out building. A cityscape covered in ashes. It is a city whose original form is no longer recognizable.

“If you go down this alley, there’s a store, Master. It’s a store run by an old couple, so I’m sure it will suit your tastes too, Master? “Master, you have surprisingly rough taste.”

In the ruins, Kelhalm saw the past.

“Master, come quickly.”

“Lunch time is short. Teacher, you can take your time, but I have to go to class right away…”

In an alley covered in ashes and littered with rubble, Kelhalm saw a well-organized sidewalk block. In the remains of a building that looked like it would crumble if he touched it, he saw small flower pots that an old couple had lined up along the wall a long time ago.

“How are you? Are you okay?”

“Look. “I heard it’s delicious.”

In the ruins of the present city, Kelhalm caught a glimpse of his past home. Kelhalm walked on without saying a word.

Academy City, Artia.

It took almost a hundred years to return here. How many engineers worked hard to push the wire all the way here. Was there cooperation from the warrior? Feeling grateful to them, Kelhalm walks.

If you walk and walk again.

“Ah, Master.”

We have already reached the center of the ruins.

The center of the ruins, where traces of destruction remain that cannot be erased even after a hundred years. Standing where he had been on a rampage against reason, Kelhalm let out a long breath.

“···A long time. “Celestia.”

The center of ruins.

There was a stick stuck there. Kelhalm knows that no one is buried beneath the staff. Because Celestia’s body has already crumbled into powder.

I just look at the cane that the child used and think about the past. Kelhalm sat down next to the staff.

There was a lot I wanted to say when I came back here, but when I put Celestia’s staff in front of me, I couldn’t think of anything to say. Should I say that he is keeping his promise? Should I say that I was able to save it this time?

Unable to open his mouth, Kelhalm let out a long breath. She lost most of her emotions and became half-human, but the moment she came here, she felt like she had returned to being human.

It was a time when I was in the thick of sentiment.

I flinch.

Kelhalm frowned. Artia has become a cursed land and no one can set foot on it. In this city that had been reduced to ashes, Kelhalm felt a presence.

There is something.

Kelhalm slowly stood up.


Belnoa and Chloe moved towards the front line that Kelhalm was in charge of. It was to fill the void left by the superhuman, but since this was not the first time something like this had happened, their expressions were not much different from usual.

Originally, warriors were used as special forces, and traveling around the battlefield was their daily routine.

“But what’s going on? “Take all your vacation.”

“They say you’re visiting my hometown.”


Chloe also heard about the story about the madman. A tragedy that occurred in Academy City Artia. Since Artia was recently recaptured, it would probably be natural to stop by there.

“Then join that front line…”

“It is our job to fill the void until Kelhalm returns. “We can also carry out a few operations.”

As we were walking and talking about the future, a driver suddenly joined us from behind.

“Isn’t this your first time going near the 6th Division?”

He was Horon, a middle-aged knight who belonged to the Special Forces and assisted Belnoa and Chloe. As a knight who had been on the battlefield for a long time, Horon had knowledge of where he was currently headed.

“I carried out an operation there about four years ago, and it was no joke. The terrain is terrain, but the level of demonic beasts that appear there is a bit…”

“Yes, Horon?”

“Yes, you probably need to brace yourself.”

While Chloe swallowed dry saliva, Horon laughed bitterly.

“Of course, if the hero and the shadow knight are together, the half-baked demon beasts will be broken up, but you still have to be careful. “Executives appear in that area.”

An executive of the Demon King’s Army.

Although they do not have the strength of a disaster, they have the strength of a superhuman. Those who, after repeated training, broke down the wall and moved forward.

“Dragon slayer, Asterio.”

Horon shook his shoulders as if he didn’t want to even imagine it.

“If you ever encounter one, never approach from the front. The knights, who even received support from high-ranking wizards, erected great shields in layers… but they were all crushed in one blow.”

Belnoa smiled bitterly as he looked at Horon, who was shaking his shoulders as if he had seen the scene himself.

“I’ll take note, Horon. “Do you have any other information about the wire?”

“Why not? “My mouth is already itching.”

This is Horon, who survived on the battlefield for a long time.

Aside from Ilshin’s strength, Horon, who is knowledgeable about information from all over the world, has been a great help to Belnoa and Chloe over the past year. It was the same this time too.

“Due to the nature of the terrain, spells that utilize the environment will be more useful here than wide-area spells. This is also the battlefield where that turbulent Rocks friend went on a rampage. ”

Terrain, matching spells, etc. Chloe suddenly asked a question to Horon, who was providing useful information.

“Does Horon know much about magic?”



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“I just heard a lot.”

Horon laughed bitterly.

“Isn’t knowledge the key to survival on the battlefield? The more you know, the longer you live. This is a story that my old lieutenant emphasized again and again. “Memorize everything you hear.”

So, I know a lot.

Horon mumbled and continued his explanation. Belnoa, who had been walking while listening to the advice, stopped in his tracks. At the same time, Horon and the knights following him also stopped.

“Ah, I came to meet you…”

Horon did not finish speaking.

That’s why he also felt uncomfortable.


Belnoir stretched out his arms without saying a word. The knights standing behind Belnoa slowly placed their hands on their waists.

Immediately after, something flashed on the other side.

As the light flashed, Belnoa’s arm swung. Belnoa grabbed the silver-white arrow fired from the opposite direction with his bare hand.

Squeak, squeak.

As soon as the arrow was caught, the necks of the knights approaching from the opposite direction turned at a strange angle, as if they had nothing to hide anymore. The Demon Lord’s army that was hiding behind them appeared one after another.


It was a tactic of necromancers who manipulated the corpses of dead people to confuse the enemy. Bel Noah tsked, clicked his tongue, and shouted, as he had experienced it a few times.

“Ready for battle.”

Rain of arrows pouring down.

The battle began with the loud noise of swords being pulled out. The two forces clashed in a narrow canyon.


At the same time that Belnoa, who had the role of actual commander, gave an order, the knights slammed the great shields they were carrying on their backs on the floor. The ground shook with a cooing sound, and the spell engraved on the shield was activated.

Guardian barrier.

The knights immediately surround Chloe and become a wall protecting her. As Chloe lowered her staff and chanted, Belle Noah took a step in front of her.

The one at the forefront was Belnoa.

Following him are three knights to assist Belnoa. The moment the shadow behind Belnoa connected with the three knights, Belnoa ran forward.


Running towards the enemy, Belnoa grasped the air with his black carapace-covered fingers. For a moment, there was a squeak, a squeak, and the air flow was distorted.


Belnoa swung his hand in the air.

Immediately after a strange noise that sounded like the air being torn apart or a dragon’s roar echoed, the rain of arrows that filled the sky was swept away by something.

A storm is brewing.

Not only the arrows but also the spells fired by the wizards are overturned by the suddenly overturned air flow. While they are confused when the attack aimed at the enemy returns to the allies, Belnoa approaches the demon king’s army at high speed.

A corpse controlled by the leading necromancers.

The trolls punch as they tear the corpse apart. shoot down As her fist came down, casting a shadow over her head, Belle Noah let out a short breath.


One breath.

For a moment, a shadow waved and covered Belnoa’s body. Covering her entire body was shadow armor. By making a contract directly with the primordial god, Belnoa was able to use the shadows more quickly and at less cost.

This is a skill that once had to be used with the risk of losing one’s reason, but is now a skill that can be used without burden.

Thanks to this, it is a skill that increases proficiency. As soon as he put on the shadow armor, Belnoa accelerated to a skid. When the trolls’ fist struck a hole in the ground, Belnoa was not there.

Shadow stakes.

Belnoa stepped on the ground and jumped and swung his fist above the trolls’ heads. The shadow that burst out from the shadow armor swallowed all five trolls at once. Green blood sprayed out in all directions along with a crunching sound.

With the battle line neutralized in an instant, Belnoa’s gaze turned towards the Demon King’s army. The number was quite large.

It is very deep where the necromancers are. However, there was no need to delve into that place all at once. The Demon King’s army pointed their spears and fired spells at Belnoa, but Belnoa instead ran straight ahead.

Before I knew it, three knights were following behind them.

They split to the left and right to block attacks coming from Belnoa’s side. The movements of the knights reinforced with shadows are fast and precise.

Sigh, sloppily.

The demon king’s blood splashes out in all directions.

With the assistance of the knights, Belnoir races forward looking only at the front. Neither trolls with thick leather nor golems made of magic stones can stop Belnoa.

The moment the troll swings its fist, Belnoa is already on the troll’s shoulder. Kwajik, he rips out the troll’s spine with his bare hands. Even if you revive it with necromancy, it won’t even be able to stand properly if it doesn’t have a spine.


Belnoa leaps after stepping on the shoulder of the falling troll and smashes the core of the charging golem with a shadow dagger. Belnoa is an assassin, a shaman, and a wizard at the same time. The location of the core can be inferred from mana.

Belnoa’s gaze darted past the collapsing golem. The gaze lands on the Demon Lord, who was attaching a harpoon to his device. Belnoa took out a stocked order.


The thorn that shot out with a sound pierced the soldier’s neck. It shatters the barrier of the mage who was injecting mana into the artifact behind the soldier, and even pierces his skull.


With blood pouring out and the Demon King’s army falling one after another, visibility finally opened. There are necromancers there preparing for necromantic magic. They looked at Belnoa with trembling eyes.

Shaman, wizard, warrior there.

Belnoa is a class that compensates for its weaknesses by borrowing other classes. In the eyes of necromancers, Belnoa appears as just another nightmare. They built a wall of corpses layer by layer.

As if telling you not to come closer.

Although he had no intention of granting that wish, Belnoir took a step back. At that moment, the knight who followed Bel Noah, not to the left or right, made a thump and lowered his shield attached to his forearm at an angle.

What unfolds is a small barrier.

Belnoa stepped onto the barrier.

What is engraved on the barrier is a repulsion spell. Burying her feet deep, Belle Noah took advantage of the backlash from the spell to jump into the air. The Demon Lord’s army looks up at Belnoa floating in the sky.


Belnoa’s armor rippled in the air.

The armor is reminiscent of a guardian’s armor and has a noble shape, but its grip is not like that. A shadow wrapped roughly like the claws of an animal.

Kak, kagagagak.

The beast’s grip begins to tear the air.

The dragon’s roar echoed in the demon king’s ears. That cry. A strange sound similar to a dragon’s roar. It is a noise that symbolizes Belnoa, which has become a new nightmare for the demon lords.

···come. Be prepared.

The necromancers surrounded the barrier.

The demon lords put up shields in layers to create a protective barrier. The moment Belnoa swung his hand, a storm fell diagonally from the sky. The wind pressure rushes in, leaving an afterimage of a dragon scratching itself with its claws.


The barrier is torn apart by the storm.

The shield was distorted, and the wrists of the soldiers holding it were twisted. Even the blood and flesh splashed by the huge wind pressure are pushed left and right.


While the cliffs surrounding both sides of the canyon are dyed red, there are necromancers who bravely endure. As they rushed to raise the body, Bel Noah waved his arm. The knights who followed Belnoa wearing shadows jumped into the air, drawn by the shadows.


Instead of falling and attacking, they split to the left and right and look down with their swords stuck in the cliff. The necromancers were momentarily taken aback by that sight.


The necromancers’ gaze was directed straight ahead, not upward.

A platinum-colored flash of light is flashing there. In the distance, the knights holding great shields split to the sides and made their way. There is a girl there with her cane pointed forward.

A staff that shines brightly in platinum color

The mana condensed at the tip swells.

The place where the straight-lined staff points is where the necromancers gather. The necromancers quickly tried to build a wall made of corpses, but Chloe recited a spell first.


It is a high-level spell, but its power is comparable to the highest level. A spell that consumes a huge amount of mana and is difficult to control without assistance.

Chloe completes the spell in an instant.

The necromancers saw.

The circuit unfolding from the tip of the wand filled the canyon in an instant. The circuit glows platinum and gathers into one dot.

A dot that shines platinum-colored.

···When explaining the high-level spell, annihilation, wizards often say this. The effect is ridiculously simple compared to the level of difficulty.

Ultra-high heat rays shot in a straight line.

The reason why such a simple spell is given the name ‘annihilation’ is because it evaporates everything that touches the beam of light.


Soon, a flash of light shot out from the tip of the staff.


The corpses lying in the canyon are burned by the rays fired in a straight line. The blood flowing on the floor evaporates. The rays burn down both the necromancer’s half-completed barrier and the wall of corpses.

Necromancers too.

The reinforcements of the Demon King’s army followed behind them.

It all disappeared as if evaporating. The thinning ray disappeared, leaving an afterimage, but heat remained in the melted ground along the ray’s path.

“Wow, big…”

There was a necromancer who barely escaped the beam’s range, but he had already disappeared from the waist down. Burning from the residual heat of the ground, the necromancer looked ahead with blurred vision.

White hair. Green eyes.

A magic-using hero who has newly appeared on the human side. Her necromancer was the last to recall her calling her by her name.


The necromancer laughed as he pondered the name. Just before his death, the necromancer rolled his eyes and looked up into the sky. He saw that his master was looking down on him.

Chi profit.

At the same time as the necromancer melted.

Someone landed in the canyon, making a huge noise.


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