I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 386

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When it comes to old civilizations, most people think of times from hundreds of years ago at most. The era now called ancient times. A time when the Demon King was born and the first warriors were active.

“But, that’s an illusion.”

The elf who lived in that era opened his mouth.

“Even in the era in which I lived, there existed an era called ‘ancient times.’ “Before I was born, even before the elders of the fairy race who lived for thousands of years were born.”

Cardi van Armiel.

A living witness to history who has lived for over a thousand years, living in an era now called ancient times, said this.

“In my time, the word ‘ancient’ meant tens of thousands of years ago. “A time of confusion when there were no proper laws in this world.”

It is only now that we call it the era of the beginning.

Cardi described that era as ancient.

I asked a question while sipping my tea.

“Does no one remember that era?”

“Probably not. The elves who lived in that era had already returned to their part of the forest long before I was born. “We can only know fragmentarily through the notes written by the first king of the elves.”

Cardi waved a finger in the air.

Cardia has returned a small amount of mana as she is freed from the contract. Fine mana particles fluttered from the fingertips like snowflakes.

“A time when thousands and tens of thousands of gods existed.”

The scattered particles paint a landscape painting.

“The era of the transcendent. “The first king described that era ‘like this.’”

The finished picture looked like a torn sky.

Beyond the mangled sky, hundreds of eyes were looking down at the ground below. Cardi said calmly, pointing to the picture.

“It’s like watching a puppet show.”


“They say that all beings living under the sky and on the ground were nothing more than objects of the transcendental. A useful human being. A talented being. Or a powerful race. “They said they draped a thread over their heads and fought a proxy war.”

I don’t know the details either.

Because it was just written that way in the memoir. Cardi mumbled and let out a short breath.

“The one who ended that era is…”

Cardi let out a short sigh.

“There is only one person who remembers that era. “I don’t know if we should call that a person.”

“I think I know.”

I said.

“The Elder Dragon Wizard, Jormun Van Dragonic.”

Cardi continued.

“okay. An ancient dragon wizard. “It was written in the memoir that the senile lizard ended the era of the transcendentals.”

Once again he waved his finger.

The picture was floating around, and Cardi recreated with his own mana an illustration from a memoir he had once seen.

“It was an era before the unification of the gods, so there would not have been powerful beings like the stars and shadows of today… but they say he defeated tens of thousands of gods with just one person.”

A lot of things fall.

A painting depicting the sky turning upside down.

Pointing to the picture, Cardi added an explanation.

“It was written like this in the memoir.”

The first king of the elves, who witnessed the scene before his eyes, described the miracle as follows:

“The sky has opened.”

* * *

I looked ahead, recalling the conversation I had with Cardi just before going out to war. The location reached as a result of repeated expansion of the front line over the past three years.

“These are all relics of that era…”

What unfolds before your eyes are numerous ruins.

Broken and collapsed pillars of a temple.

An altar where sacrifices would have been made to an unknown god and a stone statue where prayers would have been offered. The shapes and patterns symbolizing God were all different.

‘Some symbolize fire…’

Some depict dense forests, while others depict animals of unknown shapes. I narrowed my eyes as I remembered that these numerous relics were remnants of that era.

‘Then that…’

A devastated demonic landscape.

Walking along the path, the grass crumbling every time I took a step forward, I arrived in front of a ruin. A part of the recently recaptured Demon World. There, I discovered ruins that were a little different from before.

There are no statues in the ruins.

There is no common altar.

There was no sign of anything to worship.

All that was here was a mural.

A half-collapsed and faded mural. The mural depicted a woman stroking the head of a huge dragon. The woman’s black hair flowed like water, resembling the night sky, and the dragon bowed her head in front of her woman.

The appearance of that woman.

I had seen it somewhere.

“Lord of the Shadow Dragon.”

The origin of magic and the god with whom Jormun and Belial made a contract. And recently, the god who signed a contract with a student I taught had that kind of appearance.

···The ancient dragon wizard.

Known as the god of wizards, he made a contract with the shadow dragon lord and made all the gods in the sky fall. And, he once said, he put the stars up in the sky.

You must have done ‘that’ in the process.

“Open the sky, la…”

I muttered with my arms crossed.

As I thought about those words, laughter came out.

“Somehow we all think the same.”



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by the way.

Looking at the mural up close, I stuck my tongue out.

“I guess he was a great god.”

The god of the beginning, the lord of the shadow dragon.

Just by looking at her appearance in this mural, you could see how those who lived in this era viewed her. Looking at the mural, I was briefly amazed.

“It’s majestic.”

Majestic and mysterious. I walked forward, feeling something overwhelming. Well, since he is such a majestic god, the ancient dragon wizard and Belial worship him as a god.

There was a good reason for that.

With that thought in mind, I walked on.


[I always say, I am a much greater being than you think. Just spread your wings once! The giant dragon, capable of covering an entire country with its shadow, made a pleasant ‘purr’ sound at the gesture of my hand!]

“This is exactly the 87th time I’ve heard that story.”

[In that case!]

The god hanging on Belnoa’s shoulder cried.

[It means offering that to this great Me. that!]

Belnoa silently glanced at the object the great god was pointing at while crying. It was a sweet dessert. A dessert that Chloe brought for Belnoa to eat.


Belnoa knew very well how difficult it would be today if he did not make an offering. Belle Noah let out a long sigh and stretched out her hand towards the dessert.

Attunement, specification, offering.

Belnoir, who quickly followed the procedure, snapped his fingers, and the dessert covered in shadow was sucked into the air.

[Very good!]

With one arm wrapped around Belnoir’s neck, she deftly stretched out her free arm and grabbed the dessert that appeared out of thin air. Belnoa’s gaze turned cold as he looked at the shadow dragon lord munching on his dessert.

‘Is this… the god of the beginning?’

It definitely wasn’t like this at first.

Belnoir remembers his first meeting with her as being a little more mysterious and majestic. Where did it all go wrong? Probably, it must have been then.

“What is that?”

“The child eating that looks very happy. “This is the first time in my tens of thousands of years of life that I have seen a child eat food so happily.”

God, who saw Chloe happily pushing dessert into the world, felt a deep interest in the dessert. And without much thought, Belnoir muttered, ‘Would you like to try it?’ and offered a piece of pie…

[As expected, humanity is amazing. Never settle for the present and move forward every day. Evolving forever. Evolve by honing your own skills.]

From then on.

[This small piece of the pie is the product of development. I realize once again the greatness of my humanity.]

God began to demand offerings every time he saw dessert. Whenever she munched on her dessert, she always began praising humans, but there was not even the slightest hint of the majesty of God in her appearance.

‘···Thanks to so many offerings, my offering skills have improved.’

It was a fact that could not be boasted anywhere.

How did you become so good at using magic? Because it was impossible to answer the question, ‘I practiced by offering dessert to God.’


With a long sigh, Belnoir wrapped his robe around his shoulders and went outside the barracks. Starting today, you will have to work hard on the battlefield for a while.

* * *

Shadow Knight, Belnoa Van Dragonic.

Belnoa, who is active on the battlefield as a comrade of the warrior Chloe, has now become more famous than Chloe through several recent operations.

An innate fighting sense and utilization of the surrounding environment.

Belnoa’s practical experience is second to none even among veteran knights. Even if an unexpected situation occurred, Belnoa responded skillfully at any time and minimized the damage. In recognition of his contributions, some knights would say this about Belnoir, who sometimes took on the role of commander in the field.

“He said that when he looked at you, it felt like he was looking at my old self.”

Before it was called Bigul.

The knights said that it was like seeing Destel in his days when he was called the most realistic warrior. Destel smiled as he glanced at Belnoir as if he had heard the rumor.

Destel of servility.

General manager of the Eastern Front.

“Is that what you think too?”

“I’m not sure because I’ve never seen Destel when he was called that.”

“You should have seen it then. At that time, my reputation was ruined. “When he and I were on missions, he was just as good as Kyle.”

It’s all a thing of the past.

Destel muttered and unfolded the map.

“Then let’s get to the point.”

Because they are operated by special forces, Belnoa and Chloe have to move around a lot. The person who coordinated their schedule was Destel.

“I’ve worked hard in the east so far, and I think I’ll go here this time. “It looks like we’re going to lose power here right now.”

On the unfolded map, the situation of the war was briefly displayed by date. Destel said, pointing to one of them.

“Originally, Kelhalm was the battlefield he was in charge of, but he recently left the battlefield for a short time. “He said he would stop by Artia, his hometown.”

A story involving Artia and Kelhalm.

It was a story everyone knew.

Belnoa, solemn, nodded slightly.

“Then take this supply route?”

“It would be better here than there. It would be faster to go here via Hateron Castle. “I heard directly from the person in charge about the operations that needed to be carried out there.”

We talked about the strategy for a while, and when the situation was roughly resolved, Destel started chatting again.

“Chloe, how are things going with that kid?”


Belnoir blinked.

Destel tilted his teacup and smiled.

“Weren’t you two dating?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

“Why not? “There were rumors among the drivers.”

Before the articles, it was a famous story from Aplia Academy. Of course, they deny it, but from a third party’s perspective, they were nothing more or less than lovers.

“Anyway, take good care of it.”

Destel let out a long sigh.

“As you know, he is quite unstable. “I was very influenced by Galahal.”

“···I know.”

“okay. I can at least control it because I have you next to me who can judge the situation quickly. “It’s a bit dangerous.”

Battlefields make people sick.

The higher the ideal, the more.

“…I will take your advice into consideration.”

“okay. Hurry up and go. “There must be a long way to go.”

Destel waved his hand, and Belnoir briefly bowed and walked out of the barracks. As I walked, thinking about the conversation I had with Destel…


Belnoa stopped walking.

Soldiers were gathered in front of the castle gate. Belnoa’s brows narrowed as he looked at the knights cheering and surrounding someone.

-Uh, um, like this?

Because I heard a familiar voice among the knights. As I walked toward the place where the knights were gathered, I saw a knight repeatedly tapping the magic tool in his hand. Every time the magic tool was struck, a short light flashed and a picture was printed.

A magic tool that records the current scene.

Who is setting up a stand and recording with magic tools? Belnoa’s eyes narrowed a little more. There was a girl in various positions in front of the castle gate, and coincidentally, she had pure white hair and green eyes.

“Come on, Chloe! “This kind of attitude too!”

Her name also happened to be Chloe.

Every time the knights made exaggerated postures with comical gestures, laughter erupted from those around them. Chloe was also clumsily imitating that posture, laughing.


“Hey hey hey.”

The knight next to him tapped the side of the most enthusiastic knight. He pointed behind the driver who shouted, “Ah, why?” The direction where Belnoa is standing.


The knight who made eye contact with Belnoa immediately took a breath and stepped aside. Belle Noah sighed and pushed his way through his knights to approach Chloe.

“Uh, Belnoa?”

Chloe, who was in the middle of taking a stance, blinked and looked at Belnoir. He must have twisted his body so much that half of his robe was falling down from his shoulders, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“How many times do I have to tell you to wear your robe properly?”

Belnoir sighed and straightened Chloe’s robe and glared at the gathered knights. The knights flinched at Belnoir’s cold gaze, their shoulders trembled, and they glanced down.

“Well, Bell, Belnoa, how about a photo too?”

In order to overcome the situation, one knight expressed an opinion, and the remaining knights responded in kind. Chloe pulled Belnoir’s wrist as he was about to refuse, asking what kind of picture she was taking.

“Let’s not do that and take a picture together.”

As Chloe, smiling brightly, said that, the knights immediately instructed Belnoir to take a stance. The instructions included telling her to stand behind Chloe and putting her hand on her shoulder.

“Okay then, let’s take a picture!”

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Flashing, the magic tool emitted light.

While taking pictures in an awkward posture, Belnoir pondered what Destel had said. Take good care of me.

‘If only it were easier said than done.’

Belnoir sighed inwardly.


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