I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 369

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『Humanity’s territory has expanded again.』

『Reclaim the lost land and history.』

『The front line continues to advance forward.』


『Successful recapture of the ‘magic city of Artia’, which was taken away by the apostate Gletus 120 years ago.』

『The ancient lich Skebal was successfully defeated for the thirteenth time in the following year. Hero, Rania’s ‘Maybe you can build a tower with Skebal’s skull?’ The remark is a hot topic…』

Roselle, who was skimming the newspaper, burst into laughter.

Tilting his coffee cup, Rossell read the newspaper voraciously. A list of loud words and sentences. Although Rossell did not like this kind of embellished writing style, he was an exception, especially when he read the newspaper. To be more precise, when I look at the sentence praising my one and only disciple, this is it.

“It’s still the same, guy.”

What parent wouldn’t be happy to hear a post praising their child? Rosell smiled happily at the name ‘Rania van Trias’ that appeared in any newspaper. Looks like you’re still doing well.

Rossell put down the newspaper with a thud and looked at the window. The long winter is over and spring has arrived. Rossel thought as he glanced at the languid sunlight of a spring day.

This is my third spring without my student.

Three years have passed since the expedition of the warrior Rania Van Trias. In other words, it will be 4 years since the death of the warrior Galahal, and 3 years since the retirement of the warrior Kyle. or······.

“It’s been one year since those kids graduated.”

There are people called the ‘golden generation’ of Aplia Academy. Children who were in charge of a warrior called Aplia’s Nightmare. A year has already passed since the children, who had a rougher school life than anyone else, graduated from Aplia and entered society.

Roselle slightly lifted the newspaper he had covered.

It wasn’t difficult to find articles about those children. Because it was introduced right after Rania’s performance. Looking at the names written in bold letters, Rossell inadvertently exclaimed, “Huh,” in exclamation.

『Shadow Knight, Belnoa Van Dragonic.』

『The hero of the castle, Chloe.』

『Pioneer, Resty Eleanor.』

『Guardian of the North, Lac Van Grace.』

Roselle smiled as he glanced at the feats they each achieved on stage. Children grow quickly. Much more than adults think.


Jingling, the small bell on the tavern door made a cheerful sound. A snowy wind blew into the tavern through the gap in the open door. Although winter is over and spring has come, spring in the north has not yet arrived.


The man who opened the door and came in let out a long breath and pulled back the robe he had been wearing. He blurted out, brushing away the snow from his hair and shoulders.

“Why do you want to meet me in a place like this? “You had a hard time getting through the snow.”

“That’s what you said. “Try to serve me the best liquor in the North.”

The voice came from inside the tavern.

As if the driving snowstorm wasn’t enough, a young man drinking in light clothing waved his glass at a man who had just entered the bar.

“In the North, the alcohol here is the best. First of all, the drink is sweet! It cannot be compared to strong and bitter alcohol. The northern warriors keep offering me terrible alcohol, but I still don’t know what it tastes like…”

“Oh yeah···.”

The young man grinned at the man who had a puzzled expression on his face.

“It’s been a while, Belnoa.”

“okay. long time no see. lakh.”

Guardian of the North, Lac Van Grace.

Shadow Knight, Belnoa Van Dragonic.

“And it’s been a while since Chloe too.”

“how have you been doing? lakh.”

Chloe, who came in after Belnoa, smiled and pulled back the robe she was wearing. Her pure white hair flowed like waves.

“It feels like we haven’t seen each other in a year!”

As if nothing had changed since the graduation ceremony, Chloe strode into the bar with a lively voice. However, the walk did not last long because she was grabbed by the back of the neck by Bel Noah.

“Give me the robe. “Brush your eyes off and go.”

“Oh right.”

With a loud laugh, Chloe took off her robe and handed it to Belnoir. As if she was familiar with this situation, Belle Noah brushed off her robe with her familiar hands and wrapped it around Chloe’s shoulders again. Looking at it from a distance, it looked like a parent taking care of a child.

One year since Aplia’s graduation ceremony.

The three, who reunited after a year, sat at a table and clinked glasses. It was Belnoa who spoke first.

“So you heard the story? “We came here because there was an operation to be carried out in the north…”

“Yes, I heard it from my father. I heard the Demon King’s army’s movements are strange? “They’re trying to achieve something here.”

“Well, not necessarily that.”

Chloe tapped her glass next to the two who were talking.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even seen your face. So I came here to see it! I heard you did something really amazing. lakh.”

Chloe took something out from under her robe. Several years had passed, but her hobbies had not changed, and what she took out was a notebook made with pasted newspaper clippings.

“Look at this. He single-handedly repelled the procession of demonic beasts flocking to the north, and cut off the head of ‘Kephet’, the centurion of the demon king’s army, with a single blow of the axe…”

Chloe continued speaking as she flipped through her notebook.

“The Demon King’s army continues to surge in to penetrate the north, but he never once asks for help from the royal capital and single-handedly blocks the Demon King’s army… This is Rak’s story.”

It did not get the name Guardian of the North for nothing. Lark has defeated the demon lord’s army, which has been constantly surging in, several times over the past year, without causing the slightest damage.

The snowfield that Lark guarded was nothing more than a wide plain, but the northern warriors called it the Wall. A wall that never falls, guarded by strong warriors.

“I heard about you too.”

Lark said, scratching his hair sheepishly.

“A hero who participates in all kinds of operations despite being an apprentice, and a shadow knight who assists such a hero… Isn’t this your story? Warriors often ask me. “Belnoa, the Shadow Knight, how strong is this person?”

Lark let out a laugh and raised his glass towards Belnoir. Belnoir laughed and clinked his glass against Lark’s.

“So I said it. “I’m stronger than you, Belnoa.”

“What is he saying now?”

“Isn’t that right? “I also won the duel for the head position in Aplia.”

“When did you…”

Belnoir never bothered to say that it would be different now. Because it’s not just you that has changed since then. I glanced at Lark’s forearm and saw that it was full of small wounds. It must have been a wound caused by repeated fierce battles with the demon king’s army and blocking the demonic beast.

What Lark lacked was combat experience.



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However, the shortcomings would have been completely made up through practice over the past year. Belnoir clearly remembers the anecdote about Lark that he heard about through rumors on the battlefield. Among the things that happened in the snowy fields protected by Lark, there were many parts that were not revealed to the public.

Of course, it was the same for me too.

“It seems like I’m meeting up with my classmates more often these days. “Lesti also came to the north not long ago.”

Lark muttered as he sipped his drink.

Chloe tilted her head when she heard a familiar name.

“Lesti? “Was Resty here?”

“okay. Did you say they were going to establish a branch of the Gray Magic Tower in the north as well? “I remember she talked to her father for a while.”

Well, I went anyway.

Muttering that, Lark put down his drink. As if this is where the main topic begins.

“Belnoir, did you succeed in ‘that’?”

A question that confuses the object.

But Belnoir knew what Lark was asking. At that question, Bel Noah quietly shook his head.

“No, not yet. “I couldn’t even sense it.”

“is it···.”


“Me too. “I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Lark and Belnoa let out a long sigh.

While Chloe blinked without understanding what was happening, Belnoir tapped the table with his finger.

“The professor said he would find out as we move forward, but he doesn’t seem to respond.”

“I guess there’s still a long way to go. I also feel like something is stuck in my heart like a seed. “There was no sign of it sprouting.”

Three years ago, Rania handed it over to Lark and Belnoa ahead of her departure. Remembering that, the two laughed bitterly. The last assignment the professor left for me was notoriously difficult, Aplia’s Nightmare.

“You remind me of the professor.”

“It’s a coincidence, I was thinking of you too.”

Rania van Trias.

He is truly a teacher who taught me a lot and is now a senior. She had finally succeeded in starting her own path, but they felt that there was a very long way to go.

“It was even featured in today’s newspaper.”

“Because he is someone who contributes every day.”

“Oh, I cut that out too!”

Leaving behind Chloe, who was flipping through her notebook, Belnoir rested his chin and muttered.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, professor.”

“Because he never returned to the capital.”

Her stage is far away.

A place that no one has visited for hundreds of years. Because she was moving toward the deepest part of the demon world. Belnoir and Chloe haven’t reached there yet.

“I miss you, professor. “I have a lot of things I want to brag about.”

Chloe smiled faintly and touched a page of her notebook. It was a page with someone’s signature engraved on it, and if you looked closely, you could see the name ‘Galahal’ written on it.

“It’s going well. “I want to say that I’m working hard to chase after him, but he’s so busy that it’s hard to see his face.”

“Still, aren’t you listening to the news?”

Belnoir muttered as he tipped his drink.

“Chloe, it’s because you don’t know the professor very well, but the professor is secretly a person who is very interested in the public’s reactions.”

“···huh? What are you talking about?”

“I guess he might be collecting newspapers like you.”

“Hey, the professor is not that kind of person.”

Chloe waved her hand, saying that would never happen.

“The professor is a noble person. You don’t even care about other people’s reactions, do you? “He is a person who looks straight ahead.”

“···Well, he is a ‘great’ person.”

Surprisingly, wouldn’t it be possible to hear everything?

Belnoir raised his glass while thinking such nonsense. A loud noise rang out as the glasses clinked together.


The forefront, the center of the demon world.

The knights marched to a place where humanity’s lost history and old civilization remained intact. The remains of ruins and buildings scattered around may contain invaluable historical value, but no one pays attention to that value.

This is just a battlefield.

Whether it was a trace of an ancient civilization or a relic, it was a place that could be used strategically as needed. A knight was walking in the middle of such a battlefield. A knight without armor walks lightly. Even though he was walking in the center of the Demonic Land, I didn’t feel any tension in his steps.

This article is nothing special.

Anyone is like that here.

Because this was none other than the area that ‘she’ was in charge of. Unlike other fronts full of demonic beasts, there was not a single demonic beast here. Even though it is the center of the demonic world, only ash is scattered on the quiet battlefield.


After walking for a while, the driver arrived at his destination.

There, where ash was flying, a woman was sitting on a rock. Her hair swayed in the wind that blew. Her fluttering hair was as gray as the ash dust all around her.

A woman who does not fit in with the scenery at all.

He is a character who does not fit in with the surrounding scenery and is even foreign, but now even his mysterious atmosphere has become a symbol. She was the person in charge of this place and the person who single-handedly protected one front.

“I will report to the hero, Rania Van Trias!”

The strongest warrior. Humanity’s strongest power.

A wise man, a guide, and a person who has joined the ranks of great wizards, following the lineage of the gray wizard.

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“Today’s newspaper!”

The knight shouted in a loud voice at her, who was called by many different names. Only then did the woman sitting on her rock turn her head and look at her knight. The driver took out a newspaper from her arms. This was the knight’s duty.

‘Informing the warrior about the news of the world!’

More precisely, I will collect ‘writings praising the warrior’. That was the mission given to him. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem like the driver’s job, but whatever. He was proud of this in his own way.

As soon as she saw the newspaper, Rania smiled brightly.

It was a smile I had already seen several times, but the driver stiffened for an instant. It was such an attractive smile. The reason he continues this mission may be to see that smile.

“I was waiting.”

Bring it now.

The knight ran towards Rania who was muttering like that.


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