I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 368

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Rania van Trias.

The weight of her name is heavier than you can imagine. She is full of privileges that can be received just by using that name, and even some nobles bow their heads before her name.

That has to be the case.

A member of the Trias family, which was a prestigious family from the beginning and became even more famous by producing gray wizards. In addition, numerous achievements were made while preventing disaster. The title of sage, sage, and guide.

『Hero, Rania Van Trias.』

In addition, he has now even been given the title of warrior. It is unusual for one person to be given this much title, and it is also unusual for one person to achieve this great feat.

In short, this is nonsense.

I made something that didn’t make sense into something that made sense.

That’s what Rania van Trias has always done. When she announced that she would be giving her final lecture at Aplia, her students’ reactions were polarizing.

Warrior, wise man, guide, sage. There are those who can’t sleep at night, excited by the thought of learning from a great wizard with numerous titles.

There are also those who can’t sleep at night, fearful of what Aplia’s nightmare will leave behind.

The reactions may be polar opposites, but they both have something in common: they both had trouble sleeping at night. The former was mostly a freshman, and the latter was a student who learned directly from Aplia’s Nightmare, so there was a difference… but anyway, I went.

Step by step.

A large number of students gathered at her lecture.

Rania Van Trias slowly walked towards the podium as the scale grew and not only all the students but also famous magicians from outside gathered there.

Step by step.

With each step she took, her gray hair fluttered in the wind. She climbed onto the podium with numerous eyes on her body. After giving a glance to those who had gathered to listen to her lecture, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Nice to meet you.”

A short word.

“This is Rania van Trias.”

In the first lecture, I explained in detail that since I was an assistant professor at Aplia Academy, I would be in charge of the basics of mana trading, but there was no need for that now.

Rania van Trias.

Because her name now carries that much weight. Ran el Van Trias had a weight similar to, or even slightly heavier than, her name… so she only put her own name on her lips.

“From now on.”

In the midst of silence, she opened her mouth.

“Let the lecture begin..”

One round of applause.


Like when I took my first class.

Brilliant starlight filled the area.


A lecture that will last several hours.

The beginning was not much different from her first class. She talked about the basics of magic and the three stages of spell manifestation. In other words, she spoke of the starting point of all magic paths.

Perfect foundation.

A complete spell that comes from perfection.

That alone drew admiration, and the freshmen who heard her lecture for the first time looked mesmerized… but she had no intention of stopping there.

“This is the basics.”

she smiled

“After the basics, shouldn’t we use it?”

From that point on, the lectures began to change.

She told a story that no one had ever heard. It is the story of the path that a person named Raniel van Trias has walked, and the path that Rania van Trias will walk in the future.

The basics of spells.

Utilization from the basics.

From utilization and application to transformation.

In transformation, shortening, simplification.

From simplification to the beginning again.

She talked about the magical path she had walked. The path walked by the so-called wise man. Something that has priceless value. What every wizard has coveted at least once, she revealed to everyone without receiving any compensation.

Reporters’ hands became faster.

The magic tool they turned on was busy moving.

But even faster than that, the students’ eyes and fingers moved. It was the difference between those who wanted to record information and those who wanted to learn. Rania smiled softly at the movement and continued her lecture.

She talked about her life.

Her life was melted into the circuits she drew in the air and the magical principles she talked about. She didn’t hide anything and revealed everything she had accumulated.

As if you should try it if you can.

Some stuck out their tongues, some exclaimed in admiration, some muttered that it was the life of a madman, and some despaired, wondering if that was what one had to do to be called a wise man.

‘···I lived a very difficult life.’

Her life is such that even she herself thinks that way. Her life was difficult as she abandoned the easy path and only walked the difficult and rough path. But she gained a lot as well.


End of the road.

A tower built from the end.

“I want to show you this.”

The superman, the one who broke down the wall.

“Magic is gaining the power to twist providence through deals with the stars. In other words, it would be the same as ‘purchasing’ the rights.”

Super computing.

“But, if you peel back the layers… the essence is simpler than you think. Has any of you here studied law? Or has anyone seen the thick book that summarizes the laws of the kingdom?”

She smiled and raised her hand.

“The world is closer to a law book. All kinds of regulations, laws, providences, and taboos that must not be done. It is filled with such things. And the ultimate goal that magic should pursue…”

She waved her finger.

“It would be a matter of correcting the sentences engraved in the world. “Manipulating providence as you please.”



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Mana did not bloom.

No one could feel the flow of mana.

However, the spell was ‘manifested’.

“Like this.”

Kiiing, the space was torn apart with a sound.

A single flash of light stretched from the ground to the sky. The audience’s eyes widened at the flash of light that appeared out of nowhere. There was no one anywhere who could understand what they had just seen.

It has to be that way.

What appears before my eyes is not essentially a spell. This is not the magic they usually use. That thing that appeared without even a moment’s gap existed there as a simple phenomenon, not a miracle.

Natural, not artificial.

So it is accepted as if it is a part of providence.

Rania said, pointing at it.

“This is the truth you seek.”

Where the wizard wants to reach.

“The ultimate goal of a wizard is to study the nature, providence, and truth of the world, so this is probably the goal you pursue as well.”

The wizard who reached the place said.

“I arrived here by walking the path I just showed you. “I have taken a small step into the realm of what you call truth.”

However, Rania smiled bitterly.

“This is my path.”

This is the path I have walked.

My path that was right for me.

“I’m not telling you to blindly follow along, nor am I saying that the path I’ve taken is unconditionally right. “I’m just showing you that there is a way.”

Because now I know that I shouldn’t force it.

“There is not only one path to the right answer. There are many, many paths. “Any path of magic you are walking on is not a wrong path.”

Countless, countless paths.

“If you seek to head towards the truth.”

Countless, countless lives.

“If you walk while looking at the same place, if you don’t give up, it will be worth it.”

Rania van Trias laughed.

“I hope you believe in yourself and work hard.”

“Clap,” she clapped.

“That is all.”

After a brief gap, cheers poured out.


I finished my last lecture at Aplia.

After the lecture was over, I called in the students I had been eyeing and talked to each of them… I gave special lectures for a few days while waiting for the conquest to be completed, but I will have to talk about that again later.


Still, I chuckled as the voices of the students kept coming to mind.

『Learn this?』

“no. Professor, no. wait for a sec.”


Belnoa screamed.

『The ultimate meaning of a battle mage?』

『Something about the word dramatic resonates with me.』

『Like this? uh? Oh my! Ugh!』

Lark, whose arm was broken due to misuse, rolled on the floor and screamed. It may still take some time to handle it properly, but they are smart kids so they will figure it out quickly.

『The first madman…?』

『The enemy I must catch.』

『Ah, I saw it then.』

For Ayla, the direction her talent will take.

And, he told her about the dark side that she needed to understand.

『The truth you can see when you peel off one layer.』

『A world made of providence. Can I also see the scenery you showed me on the podium at that time?』

I answered Resty’s question in the affirmative and told him more about the scenery I last saw. When she asked me if I was going somewhere far away, I smiled bitterly and nodded at her.

Because it seemed like I had to head far away.

Resty’s determined voice, saying, “I will definitely chase after you,” still lingered in my ears. While pondering that scene, I continued walking.



The person waiting to see me off for the last time was Chloe, a hero like me. Although Chloe’s eyes were glassy due to the special training she received from me over the past ten days, she smiled and handed me a neatly folded set of clothes.

The warrior’s conquest that was delivered a while ago.

Among them, it was the robe that was completed last. I was very satisfied with the design of the robe that I unfolded. It wasn’t as good as the first Mage Tower Lord’s robe… but this was okay.

“I can barely give it a passing grade.”

The moment I muttered that, the alchemists of the royal capital who were standing with the knights widened their eyes. I chuckled and waved my hand at them.

“It’s a joke. I like it. really.”

Flap, flutter.

I put on a robe. Only then did he lightly pat his completed uniform and let out a short breath. I patted Chloe’s head as she handed me the uniform.

“Was what you learned helpful?”

“It really helped me a lot. Professor Rania.”

“Then that’s a relief.”

Chloe repeatedly moved her lips together as if she had a lot to say. After much thought, what Chloe put into his mouth was one simple sentence.

“I’ll follow you soon too.”

They’re chasing me, La.

I smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go first.”

I passed Chloe and took a step forward.

Looking around, there were knights lined up left and right. They were guarding my path. A road leading from the center of the royal capital to the outside of the royal capital.

I walked along the road.

There were people watching me behind the knights guarding the road. I walked while receiving the attention of countless people, including those who ran shops in the square, fruit vendors, passers-by on the street, and those who gathered to see me.

The warrior’s livery fluttered in the blowing wind.

Her hair, tied in a single strand, fluttered in the wind. The long winter is over and spring has come. The third spring we encountered after defeating the warrior party. On this day, exactly two years ago, I set out on a mission.


I burst out laughing.

He defeated the next gray magic tower lord and became the sage of the warrior party. He beat up the wise man of the warrior party and became a professor at Aplia Academy. He then turned around and was back in this spot again.

He beat up the professor and became a warrior.

Kyle I wonder how many jobs I lost thanks to this damn bastard. As I walked along with such useless thoughts, I soon saw a carriage sitting at the end of the road. It was a carriage destined for the battlefield.


I got into the carriage.

“let’s go.”

The long vacation is over.

Now it was time to return to the battlefield.

As a warrior, not a wise man.

As the warrior, Rania Van Trias.

-Part 1 completed-


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