I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 367

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“I’m going back,” Remia said.

As an elf, there was only one place for her to return to. The home of all elves, a large forest centered around the World Tree, a giant tree that seems to pierce the sky.

“Go back to the World Tree?”

“I think so. “I need to fix this too.”

Remia pointed to her waist.

There was a bow hanging there, broken in half. A bow made from the branches of the World Tree. It was Remia’s favorite bow.

“What, when did it break?”

“If you shoot that many moonlight arrows without stopping, of course they will break. It is true that a bow made from the branches of the World Tree is durable, but that does not mean it cannot break.”

“So are you going to the World Tree to fix that?”

“Um, no. “That’s not it.”

Remia motioned to me.

I followed her to the back of the carriage and found Kyle riding inside. The seat across from the sleeping guy was still empty, and Remia continued her words by pointing to the spot.

“That seat is where Sarah will sit. On the way, we will meet with the Royal Guard and receive Sarah’s identity. “The Royal Guard will also provide escort.”

“···Why are you taking them to the World Tree?”

“It would be safest to protect there…”

Remia spoke after a brief pause.

“At the root of the World Tree, there is a place called a sacred place. “It is the source of the World Tree that only the Elf King Orvel can access, and I plan to help them recover there.”

I’ve heard of it before.

It is said that at the roots of the World Tree is a place where all life in the forest gathers. I think I probably heard about that sacred place from Cardi…

“It seems like they are arbitrarily calling what I made a sacred place. Actually, there is nothing special. The ley lines that stretch like spiderwebs in the forest and the vitality of the earth…”

Even though I said it wasn’t a big deal, I remembered that it was a very big deal. Anyway, whatever. I tilted my head and asked a question.

“It is said that only the king of elves can enter, so how did an outsider get access?”

“Because someone higher than Orvel sent the ‘letter.’”

One higher than the king of the elves.

There was only one person worthy of being called that. I couldn’t believe my prediction was right and I laughed bitterly.

“I guess Cardi asked for it?”

“Yes, I guess the great teacher sent a letter. Orvel was scared and screamed. “It’s like the first letter I received in hundreds of years…”

After that, Remia continued to tell various stories, which were summarized as follows. It is said that the king of the elves, who received a letter from his teacher for the first time in hundreds of years, moved faster than ever before.

Saint Sarah.

Champion, Kyle Torben.

It is said that they were allowed to treat the two as honored guests and to use the shrine as much as they wanted until their physical condition was fully recovered… Remia explained that this was an unusual event in elf history.

“Anyway, that’s how it happened. So, while I’m stopping by, I’m thinking of fixing my bow.”

Anyway, it was a good thing.

I also had a lot of concerns about the future treatment of Kyle and Sarah, but I felt like I could trust them when it came to the Great Forest, the home of the elves. I felt even more reassured if I had a letter from Cardi.


While muttering that, I glanced at Remia.

She had a different expression than usual. She breathed differently and spoke lightly. In some ways, it was ordinary… but that ordinaryness was probably something special to that devil.


So, I asked a light question.

“What are you going to do?”

A question that is light but cannot be easily answered.

However, Remia answered that question straight away. As if she had decided on the answer from the beginning.

“Once I bring Sarah and Kyle to the World Tree, I have to come back here.”

Remia said she would come back.

“Because there’s still work left to do.”

“Do you think you can retire at this point?”

“If I retire like this, I won’t be able to survive.”

Remia shrugged her shoulders.

“Because I can’t stand next to you yet.”

She looked inside the carriage.

Then he saw me. She smiled bitterly, narrowing her eyebrows slightly, as if she was seeing something dazzling.

“We have to keep trying until those kids open their eyes. Unlike usual…”


“I want to live without shame.”

“Sigh,” I burst out laughing.

“Isn’t it too late?”

“Well, I have no choice but to admit that.”

Remia said as she got into the carriage.

“See you later.”

Then on the battlefield, again.

Muttering that, she got into the carriage. I smiled as I glanced at her back. He smiled and said her name.

“Okay, see you later. “Remia.”

It’s not a nerd, it’s Remia.

There are countless times I call her by her name, and Remia probably knows that better than anyone else. Remia smiled and looked back at me.

“Yes, Rani…”

“Until there.”

“L,” I said, covering Remia’s mouth as she tried to continue talking. The knights are all watching, but this cutthroat ogre is…

I also walked away, seeing her off after almost ruining it until the very end. Just as each person finds his own path and takes his own steps, I also had a path to follow.



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First of all, I was planning to head to the royal capital.


Formation and disappearance of singular fronts.

A large procession of demonic beasts and a huge sword technique witnessed by the knights beyond the mountain range. As I headed there, a huge shock shook the ground all night long.

In addition, official reports were made about abnormal phenomena that occurred simultaneously. Numerous reporters wrote numerous articles based on the ‘screenplay’ written by Destel and the knight commander together.

『The Demon King appears once again at the ‘old site of the Selef Kingdom’ where the Demon King appeared in the past.』

『The master of ten thousand demons, the king of demonic beasts, the manifestation of mankind’s long-standing nightmare, called by many names.』

The Demon King appeared at the old site of the Selef Kingdom.

『Demon beasts that followed their master.』

『The outbreak of a large-scale demonic beast, the outbreak of a disaster that will sweep the royal capital. Risk of wire collapse.』

『Overflowing Demonic Beasts.』

Demonic beasts gathered to follow the Demon King.

The moment when waves of demonic beasts are about to flood.

『Hero, Kyle Torben.』

『I set out to defeat the Demon King alone.』

『Humanity’s strongest swordsman.』

Kyle single-handedly stopped the Demon King.

Such articles poured out. There were many knights who saw the sword strike that shook the earth and tore the sky that day. Moreover, the sword carved by Kyle still remains in the old ruins of the Selef Kingdom.

Lots and lots of evidence.

One eyewitness story after another.

Remarks by Knight Commander Heinkel.

Due to these numerous factors, the fact that Kyle faced the Demon King and succeeded in defeating him was accepted as established theory.

Demon King, master of ten thousand demons.

A being that reigned as a nightmare in human history for hundreds of years. Kyle single-handedly defeated the disaster that was thought to be unstoppable. Humanity became enthusiastic about that fact, and reporters’ fingers became busy.

『The strongest sword possessed by mankind reaches the disaster.』

『The sword that cut off a section of the sky.』

『The strongest warrior, Kyle Torben.』

『A feat worthy of being called a hero.』

As if to show off their vocabulary, reporters praised Kyle’s achievements in sentences filled with as many modifiers as they could muster. The fact that the Demon King had been defeated, and the fact that humanity’s greatest swordsman had achieved yet another great feat, these facts made the royal capital into an uproar.

However, it didn’t last long.

『The hero, Kyle Torben, is unconscious.』

『Continuing the rescue operation, Rania Van Trias, who continues the gray lineage, participates.』

『Rescue was successful, but he lost consciousness.』

『It takes a long time to recover.』

『Kyle Torben’s Retirement.』

It would be nice if there was only good news.

Because bad news also poured out.

Kyle Torben collapsed. Humanity’s strongest warrior has left the front lines. About that fact, stories started coming out here and there.

Three warriors who represented this era.

One of them lost his life, and the other retired in an unconscious state. Now all that remains is Destel, but he cannot become a symbol.

The most heroic warrior.

symbol of victory.

At this moment, when the warriors who each had their own symbols retired, the apocalypseists began to raise their heads again. But of course, Uncle Heinkel couldn’t help it. The knight commander immediately made an announcement.

『The birth of a new hero.』

I walked down the middle of the royal road and picked up a copy of a newspaper hanging on a newsstand.

『The birth of the most powerful warrior who inherited Kyle Torben’s starlight. A warrior who has already been completed.』

『The name of the hero is…』

I laughed bitterly as I looked at the photo printed in the newspaper. When I looked around, people walking along the street stopped and looked at me. Usually, when I walk around the royal road, I get quite a few stares, but not as much as now.

They looked alternately at the newspaper in their hands and at me. I walked without saying a word while receiving their gazes.

Every time I took a step, my footprints were stamped on the pure white snow. When I looked up at the sky, snow was falling. It wasn’t a fierce eye. I thought as I watched the falling snowflakes.

Two years have already passed since the hero’s party was killed. We have had two winters, and this winter is also slowly coming to an end. By the time this snow stops and all the accumulated snow melts, spring will have arrived.

The third spring comes.

Looking back on the past two years, I continued to walk. As I walked, the familiar tree-lined road came into view. In spring, the road was covered with pink cherry blossoms, but now, pure white snow was decorating the road instead.

Sabak, Sabak.

I passed through the tree-lined road and entered Aplia. Then, I stopped by a cafe that I had been indebted to a lot over the past two years and bought a cup of coffee. While making coffee, Allen asked a question implicitly.

“Is this the last time?”

“Wow, Allen how did you know?”

“You’re not a professor anymore. Basically, you shouldn’t sell coffee to outsiders. So, I won’t charge you for this coffee.”

“oh. But I put 10 stamps on that coupon, so I can’t use it anymore? “I brought it because I thought I could use it.”


“I had a hard time collecting this.”

“…Give it to me.”

In the end, I even received a limited edition dessert, a tart.

Sipping my coffee and chewing my tart, I walked away. The last place we stopped was the dean’s office.

“Are you here, Rania?”

When I knocked and went inside, I saw Dean Aaron bowing his head towards me. I could see the top of my head clearly because I had my head down, but I felt a little guilty when I saw the top of my head had become bare.

···Hair loss cannot be cured even by Sarah.

“Hey, feel free to call me.”

“No, but still…”

“I’m uncomfortable. I am.”

I continued talking as I sat down on the sofa.

“The reason for my visit is no different.”

I took out a piece of paper from my pocket.

It was a paper I had written once two years ago. I said, holding out the paper.

“I have some work to do, so I think I’ll have to give up my job as a professor. “I’m sorry for speaking so suddenly.”

“I have something to be sorry about…”

“Speak comfortably.”

“Is there anything to be sorry about? I read all the newspapers. “You have much more important things to do, and it can’t be helped.”

Dean Aaron never backed down from my words and treated me with respect until the end. It’s a bit burdensome, but what can you do? That’s what the position of a hero is like.

“Thank you so much.”

I smiled and held out the paper.

The paper didn’t contain any bold phrases like ‘I hit you because you suck.’ They said they beat up the warrior’s party because it sucked, but this wasn’t it.

Aplia Academy.

I also learned a lot while teaching students here. I have experienced many things while working as a professor. I was indebted to this place because I realized, learned, and felt a lot.

“I am learning a lot.”

“I’m glad it helped.”

Dean Aaron nodded with a kind smile. It would have been a heartwarming ending if we had broken up like this, but unfortunately, I had no intention of doing so.

“Oh right. “Dean.”

I smiled brightly and opened my mouth.

The dean seemed to sense something off-putting about my laughter, so I flinched and shook his shoulder. It seemed as if every time I smiled brightly like this, I was reminded of the incident.

I’m really sorry, but that was correct.

“Can I just give you a lecture before I go?”

“Are you talking about Kang?”

The dean, who was so embarrassed that he lost all respect, glanced at me with a shocked expression. The face was a mix of half trust and half disbelief.

A wise man, a sage, and a guide.

He inherited the gray lineage.

A warrior who has even inherited the starlight of the strongest warrior.

If I, who wears so many titles, were to give a lecture, it would be something that the dean would have to be happy about with both hands and feet, but given my past history, I felt a little worried.

“Hey, nothing special.”


“Because it’s real.”

In the end, I received the special lecture schedule.

The subjects were the students I taught. Because I had one last thing to teach those students. Among them, I planned to summon the children who had been marked separately and reinforce them.

‘···Before it gets a little busier.’

Shouldn’t we water the seeds we sow?

Before running forward in earnest, I thought I would look back for a moment and take a breather. Kyle, the life that that bastard has given me is too long.

‘Besides, the conquest is not yet complete.’

Time remaining until the conquest is complete.

I planned to spend the short time remaining before I could stand in front of everyone as a full-fledged warrior with the students I taught.


I smiled and opened the newspaper I had kept in my pocket. The newspaper I just finished reading. I looked at the text underneath the big picture.

『Rania van Trias.』

What is written there is my name.

And, there was a word written there that I never thought would be attached to my name.

『Next-generation warrior, Rania Van Trias.』

The hero’s party was defeated.

Then he became a warrior.

Of course, there was a huge gap between defeating him and becoming a hero, and a lot of things happened during that gap, but if you look at the results, it’s a situation that can be summarized in these two sentences.

I defeated the hero’s party and became a hero.

It was truly a joke that couldn’t be laughed at.

It seemed like it would probably get a little busier in the future.


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