I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 352

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〈 Episode 352 〉 Me to myself (3)

* * *

Returning disaster to humans.

It is the answer that the great sage, Cardi Van Armiel, has been searching for for hundreds of years. However, there was only one answer that I could not find in the end.

so that.

“The ending that brings disaster back to humans.”

Cardi’s body stiffened at the words uttered by Raniel from the future. Cardi’s eyes shook violently. Because Cardi thought it was impossible.

no possibility. impossible.

That’s what I was thinking.

What I thought was a dream that could never be achieved.

Someone was saying that what I had been giving up on and letting go of my regrets for hundreds of years… was possible. Cardi took a deep breath.

It took a long time for the breath I had swallowed to be exhaled again. Breathing out slowly, very slowly, Cardi listened to the Ash Goddess’ words.

“…I’m sorry to say that.”

she said

“This is possible when variables come together.”

This is basically impossible.

It is a story that is only possible in this case because variables and variables are gathered together. It was as if he said to Cardi, ‘This would be impossible in your case.’ It’s like saying: It was the same, but…

“So, in your case Cardi…”

“Does not matter. “Keep talking.”

I guess that was good.

Cardi cut her sentence short as she looked back at herself. It really was an irrelevant story. Because she could be satisfied just by knowing that even a glimmer of possibility existed.

“Tell me.”

That was enough.


Raniel, who came from the future, began his story.

How to turn Kyle back into a human.

Although sufficient clues were given, it is a method that Raniel cannot think of at this point. This is the only way I can think of it because she is the goddess of ashes who endured hell for 13 years.

Because I walked through hell.

Because I became a god(?) and reached the truth.

Because I learned and realized so many things.

Because I became a warrior and understood the essence of being a warrior.

Therefore, it is a possibility that can be reached.

Now that she was mentioning that possibility, she burst out laughing. It has to be that way. She has lived as a hero for 13 years. Because she could feel that those hellish years were not meaningless.

The explanation continued for a while.

By the time she finished her story, Cardi was laughing, wiping her face. she mumbled, her voice shaking.

“It happened. Really, really…”

Groaning, Cardi lowered her head.

he was smiling It is neither a liberating laugh nor a mocking laugh. Cardi smiled innocently, like a boy who regained his dream.

“Thank you, thank you, Raniel…”

The Goddess of Ash was silent as she looked at Cardi muttering like that. What comes to her mind is the last image of Cardi she encountered from her past.

“…You subdued an apostate?”

“Use me as bait?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He told the truth to Cardi, who was lying in a hospital bed paralyzed. He used you as bait to lure the apostate. And that she killed her.

“No, no.”

“I don’t blame you, Raniel.”

“It’s the right choice. That’s right. The disaster must be subdued. Didn’t I tell you too? There is no way to reverse the disaster. Since there isn’t one, I have to kill it.”

“What you did was right. You don’t have to bow down to me. Rather, I should say thank you.”

Shaking gaze.

Shaky voice.

“thanks. You did what I needed to do. Thank you, Raniel.”

「···I just ask one question.」

“What did she say at the end?”

The last words spoken by the apostate.

Raniel told those words to Cardi. After hearing that, Cardi shut his mouth. He lowered his head. The head never rose again.

「···I want to be alone for a while.」

The next day, and the day after that, Cardi didn’t say anything. On the third day, Cardi committed suicide. Raniel remembers the empty expression on Cardi’s corpse at that time.

“Thank you, really…”

But what about now?

Smiling so happily. Looking at that smile, the Ash Goddess muttered to herself. That’s a really good thing. I’m so glad.


The Ash Goddess turned her head.

Her eyes turn to her past self. Raniel was opening and closing her mouth repeatedly. She seemed like she didn’t know what to say, and after thinking for a while, she finally managed to get one word out.

“···thank you.”

Raniel continued speaking with an expression that looked like he was laughing or crying.

“I can’t think of that method. Even after hearing what you said, I still don’t understand. still.”

“Still, it’s possible.”




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Raniel nodded slowly.

As she regained her broken spirit, her shoulders trembled as if all kinds of emotions were flooding her.

“Really, if it weren’t for you…”

“You don’t have to talk to me like that.”

The Goddess of Ash touched Raniel’s head.

He is still a little taller than he was 13 years ago. She stopped growing at some point, but went anyway.

As a result, my past self sitting in front of me looks like my younger brother, or even like the students I taught at the academy a long time ago.

In any case, it means you look young.

The Goddess of Ash smiled faintly as she patted her still young head. Neither Raniel nor Cardi could see that smile… but Roselle, who was looking in this direction from outside the door, saw it.

A bitter laugh.

It was the laughter of someone who sensed his end.

“I am you. It’s different from you… but anyway, you’re me too. So you don’t have to thank me.”


“If you really want to thank me.”

Raniel raised his head.

The Goddess of Ash looked down at Raniel and said.

“Don’t be like me.”

She said only after failing.

“Don’t walk the same path as me. Don’t regret it like I did. Don’t be like me. Even if it’s broken or difficult, don’t choose the easy and efficient path.”

Don’t live like me.

Don’t walk the same path as me.

“Don’t compromise with yourself. “Don’t compromise like I did, just do what you think is right.”

The Ash Goddess laughed.

“I’m saying don’t lose like me, live like a greedy person. “Hold this and that tightly and don’t let them go.”

I let out a short breath.

She grabbed Raniel’s arm and helped him up.

“It’s time to stand up.”


The Ash Goddess closed her eyes.

She felt the clock running inside her stop. She said her time was up. She let out a short breath and let go of Raniel’s arm.

My hands were already very blurry.

It’s not just your hands.

My body is falling apart. It meant that existence was becoming blurred. She knew this would happen, so she didn’t say anything.

Without saying a word, she took a step forward.

Her new form scattered, leaving behind only a handful of ash. While Cardi and Raniel opened their eyes wide, Roselle looked at the window.


And then Rosell also walked on without saying a word.


The sunset was setting.

The Goddess of Ash sat down in a field far away from the mansion, in the setting sun. Her legs had already disappeared and she could no longer stand up or walk.

My whole body is crumbling.

Raniel smiled bitterly as he looked at his being turned into ashes and scattering into the air. Leaping forward in time comes at a huge cost. Return is something that is considered a taboo among taboos.

God is by no means free from restrictions. Rather, they are bound more strongly.

extinction of existence.

The disappearance of all power and authority.

That is the price Raniel paid.

Raniel considered both the powerful power that could overturn the world with a single gesture and the life that was close to eternal life to be worthless. He gave everything so he could return to the past.

‘And, I changed the past.’

Raniel does not know whether he will succeed or fail here. Because we can no longer predict the future. Still, I only have vague thoughts.

At least you will reach a better future than yourself.

Just dreaming of the future she would reach made Raniel smile. I don’t know how long it’s been since she laughed so lightly. Raniel touched the corner of his mouth and let out an awkward laugh.

“···Not bad.”

I thought it was worthless, but it was worth it.

My life was not meaningless. At the very end, he was able to create a path that would lead to the future. That was enough, Raniel thought.

If there is one thing I regret.

I can’t see the future that will change with my own eyes… but that’s something that can’t be helped.

‘The best future.’

Because there will be no place for you in that future.

He committed too many sins and made too many mistakes. There is no way that such a person would be given the right to step into a beautiful future.

“It’s a shame.”

Raniel muttered and exhaled.

That was the moment when she was about to close her eyes.

“He’s loved this field since long ago.”

A voice came from behind me.

It was a voice that was so familiar, and so missed. Raniel looked back with her eyes wide open.

Say, Sabak.

I heard the sound of grass being stepped on.

“Is this field that good?”


“Come, you ugly disciple.”

Roselle laughed bitterly.

“Shouldn’t you say hello to your teacher?”

“Oh, that’s it…”

“know. “I don’t want to show myself like this, that’s probably such a lame reason.”

Roselle stopped next to Raniel.

Roselle hit Raniel’s head, who was looking down at him, with the cane he was holding. Roselle laughed as he watched Raniel flinch and tremble.

“It’s still a pain.”

“···He’s pretty good considering his age.”

“Children will always be children in front of their parents, no matter how old they are.”

Anyway, Roselle let out a short breath.

“Pretending to be an adult.”

Raniel bowed his head.

Instead of holding a staff, Roselle placed his hand on Raniel’s head. Roselle said, stroking Raniel’s head with a wrinkled hand.

“Was it difficult?”

It is a question that has neither a subject nor an object.

But at that one word, Raniel had to swallow his breath. It was only after Roselle died that he was able to move on. Raniel’s lips trembled at the touch of his longed-for Master.

“No, it’s okay…”

“It’s obvious that everything is a lie. Hey.”

“···Actually, a little.”


“It was a little… very difficult.”

Raniel said with his head down.

“There was no one there to look after me.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. “No one… no one cares about me, and after losing my teacher, no one knows me…”

These words are incoherent.

The voice gradually became fainter. After listening to those hard-to-understand words to the end, Roselle did not offer much consolation. He only said one word briefly.

“It must have been difficult.”

It’s something anyone can say.

“I tried my best.”

This is something no one has ever said.

Raniel’s head bowed a little more. Raniel muttered as he looked at his disappearing body.



“Live long and long.”

“It’s a random compliment.”

“Just live long. Be careful when walking through the alleys. “I hope you stay by my side for a long time.”

“I will stay by your side until you disappear.”

“Not me. “Me at this time.”


The field shook in the blowing wind.

“Is there any last thing you want to say?”

“···Was I a good student?”

“He was a good student, but he was an ugly bastard. “He is an ugly child who only upsets his parents.”

Still, said Rossell.

“He was a child I was proud of more than anything else.”

“Aha, that’s right.”

thank god.

The last words were scattered by the blowing wind.

A ray of wind swept across the field and rose into the sky. When the wind died down, only Roselle remained in the field.

Roselle looked up at the sky without saying a word.

Ash was flying.

* * *


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