I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 78

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Episode 78: The First Naming Conference (3)

“… … Seo Ah-hyun?”

Jaehyun muttered with a confused face.

The one in front of her was undoubtedly Seo Ah-hyun.

The skinny girl who attacked 《BIG 5》 together with him not long ago.

But why is he here?

“Is Min Jaehyun your friend? I didn’t know you had a friend like that.”

“… … I know.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na looked at Jae-hyun while having a conversation.

Ahn Ho-yeon also looked at him and Seo Ah-hyun alternately with a curious face.

Lee Jae-sang has a slightly embarrassed face at the appearance of a stranger.

Jaehyun asked Seo Ahhyun with an expression that he couldn’t understand.

“What are you doing here? No, how did you know?”

“no! You don’t have to keep the promise you made before!

And do you know how much I suffered from reporters because of my brother that day?! But how did you go for days without contact… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun had a very unfortunate face.

Well, in a way, it was natural, but even Jaehyun couldn’t help it.

Still, I contacted the Yeonhwa Guild and asked them to block the reporters.

He didn’t want his name to come up in the media already.

“Yeah what. Because you thought you would do well. Besides, we don’t even know each other’s phone numbers.”

“But I bet you knew where I was!”


It was only then that Jaehyun murmured softly as if he had remembered.

That day, when we were attacking the BIG 5.

Jae-hyun puts the <Subordinate>, a transformation skill of <Brainwashing>, on Seo Ah-hyun.

So that she can’t betray herself, and even use it at any time.

At the bottom of the description of the skill, there was a small addition like this.

*Users and dependents can track each other’s location.

*This effect cannot be turned off by ON/OFF.

Thanks to that, it seemed that Seo Ah-hyun was tired of waiting and came to visit him himself.

Jaehyun scratched his head and sat Seo Ah-hyun in one of the empty seats.

Just then, one chair was empty.

This is because when Seongjae Park and I first moved into this building, we heard that it is good to prepare plenty of chairs and refreshments for business conversations.

“Calm down for now. It’s just that I’ve been eating too.

What would you do if you were a nuisance in a place with so many people in the first place? We’ll talk about it later, so for now, just sit still.”

“… … all right. But what is it all about? It seems that the company employee in front of you treats you very respectfully. Oppa, what kind of chaebol 3rd generation is that?”

“no it’s not. Just shut up for a moment.”

However, despite Jaehyun’s mediation, Seo Ahhyun went on a wild rampage.

After she exchanged greetings with Kim Yoo-jung, Seo In-na, Ahn Ho-yeon, and Lee Jae-sang in turn. She started to chatter on her own.

Jaehyun thought about whether to shut up by subordination, but left it alone.

As if he couldn’t do anything about it, he briefly explained Seo Ah-hyun and what had happened in Neverland to his colleagues.

After a while. Kim Yoo-jung’s cold eyes were pierced into Jae-hyun’s face.

“What happened to you, threatening a third-year-old middle schooler and dragging him around? really great… … .”

The nagging started again.

Jaehyun didn’t think about anything and started listening to it with one ear and letting it go.

* * *

[…] … So, the first place in this freshman hunt was a cadet named Min Jae-hyun, who surprised the world with overwhelming results.]

[This is the first time that a magician has achieved such a result.]

[That’s right. This splendid achievement will be a great opportunity to overturn the evaluation of the magic cadets, who were relatively weak in one-on-one battles… … .]

Right after Jaehyun went to the themed dungeon.

Every day on TV, news about the freshman hunt that took place this year was flowing.

Of course, only some of the videos edited under the direction of Jain Gu were released, but the ripple effect was beyond imagination.

It was because the cadet who ranked first in the freshman hunt was from the magical world.

This was truly amazing.

The guild master of 《Curator》 who was drinking coffee at the cafe inside the guild facility. Baek Ji-yeon was terrified and was staring at the news that was flowing out.

She must have heard that name playing on TV.

Jaehyun Min. He was the one who swept the high-quality, unidentified items from the magical engineering shopping district the other day.

A cadet who has already completed spying by sending lecture masters.

Although he is not approaching because he has a close relationship with the Yeonhwa Guild, he hovers around them and plans to attract them to his guild at any time.

In the process, I also found out that Jaehyun was a freshman at Milles Academy and participated in this event.

… However. This result was completely unexpected.

First place in freshman hunting?

Even in magic?

Wasn’t Min Jae-hyun a special raider with emotional skills like himself?

According to public opinion, special-type radars generally have poor combat capabilities.

This is because he is not accustomed to handling weapons and can handle various tasks without necessarily standing in the front line.

For example, those with skills related to computational skills get jobs that require quick calculations, such as tax accountants or executive positions at large corporations, and those with skills that allow them to stay submerged for a long time excavate hidden ruins on the seabed.

They shine in their fields, but their fighting skills are at a slightly better level than ordinary people.



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Compared to other radars, it is only to the extent that it does not help at all.

But what about that kid named Min Jaehyun?

Despite having the appraisal skill, 1st place in the bloody competition Milles?

And that also broke a new record in the magic world in freshman hunting?

“Nonsense… … .”

Baek Ji-yeon murmured softly, and soon came to her senses.

Until now, Yeonhwa Guild had noticed and considered his recruitment.

But looking back at the situation, it’s not so relaxed.

‘I don’t know about other people, but I have to embrace Min Jae-hyun for sure.’

A cadet who not only possesses appraisal skills, but is also armed.

He was truly a talent worthy of the Curators Guild.

‘Even if it’s not the case, it’s true that the public’s evaluation of the Curator’s Guild, which has weak combat power, is declining recently. We also need the strength to defend ourselves.’

The curator is also from the Raider Guild. It is difficult to survive without possessing basic armed forces.

A world where power is everything.

It was impossible to pay a huge amount of money and ask the mercenary guild to protect the curator.

Mercenary guilds are those who receive requests and temporarily belong to the guild. There was no sense of belonging.

They are eager to satisfy my greed.

Because of this, Baek Ji-yeon tried to recruit raiders with power into the guild.

This is because it is an obvious fact that it is much better to rely on the guild members with whom you have built a bond than to borrow help from outside forces in times of emergency.

But, what if the curator recruits Jaehyun Min?

In addition to his emotional skills, Jaehyun possesses excellent military power.

From the moment I took first place in Miles in the magic world. He has emerged as a hot potato for all guilds.

‘I have to do it now. No matter what proposal the Yeonhwa Guild made, I just need to make a better proposal!’

She immediately picked up her smartphone and made a call somewhere.

Soon, a woman’s clear voice began to be heard in her ears.

The owner of the voice was none other than the speaker.

A person whom Park Seong-jae met before, and a person who was dispatched to uncover the connection between Min Jae-hyeon and the Yeonhwa Guild. Incidentally, he was also Baek Ji-yeon’s right-hand man.

“huh. it’s a play it’s me. I’m going to issue an emergency order from now on, so listen carefully. The kid named Min Jae-hyun I mentioned before. Recruit them as our «Curator» no matter what.”

[…] … I understood your words. However, he currently has a close relationship with the Yeonhwa Guild, so it is difficult to make a hasty move. If he has already signed a contract with Yeonhwa, it will be difficult to get him out with little money.]

The lecturer paused for a while and waited.

But there was no answer coming back.

And that meant that there was no change in Baek Ji-yeon’s decision.

[…] … All right. If you allow the operation of the emergency funds of 《Curator》, we will do our best.]

At Kang Kang Joo’s words, Baek Ji-yeon answered lightly with a smile on her lips.

“What do we have? Let me show you. The <Curator> guild’s financial power. The spirit of being able to steal the talents that the Yeonhwa Guild covets.”

* * *

“I am the Heavenly Demon Potion! Isn’t something wonderful?”

At Seo Ah-hyun’s words, everyone in the hall fell silent for a moment.

Jaehyun stared blankly at the woman sitting next to him, looking shocked.

‘What did I just hear?’

But she didn’t seem to be joking.

Seo Ah-hyun smiled and began to give legitimacy to the name she had made.

“First of all, it has to be cool enough to be on the radar. what is it. I heard that the Heavenly Demon is the best in martial arts? Then this should be enough… … .”


Jaehyun immediately shouted subordination inwardly and covered her mouth.

How could such a naming sense come from a genius girl with an IQ of 150?

After thinking about it, Jaehyun shook his head and brushed off his thoughts.

‘I hope the remaining guys aren’t that stupid… … .’

“Then how about the chancellor’s potion shop? Named after the chancellor’s older brother.”

With Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, a deep silence descended once again.

“you… … Are you serious about that? Hoyeon-ah, aren’t you crazy?”

“uh? Why not?”


Judging from how sullen he was, he also thought my idea was worthwhile.


I barely endured the swear words that were about to come out.

What kind of customer would come in after seeing the name of the Chancellor’s Potion Shop?

Jaehyun sighed and shook his head.

I have no choice but to pin my hopes on the remaining two… … no. Kim Yoo-jung passed.

Judging from her usual behavior, there was no way she would give a sane answer.

“Inaya. What do you think?”

“ah! hmm… … Then how about the potion shop Alice? something cute and… … .”


Jaehyun slammed his forehead on the desk.

Now there is no hope left here.

‘It’s gone. This is a demon. Even if you ask the monsters in the dungeon, they will give you more useful answers than this. It’s ruined.’

Jaehyun shook his head with a puzzled face.

Even Seo Ina has such a naming sense.

It seemed that no one here could have a pet.

no there shouldn’t be

If you brought an animal and named it that way, you might bite the owner’s hand.

“under… … So let’s end the meeting here. I’ll ask others… … .”

“hey! wait for a sec! Why didn’t you listen to my idea?!”

When Kim Yoo-jung got angry, Jae-hyun tried to ignore it, but gave up and shook his hand.

“You have to try to be better than the kids next to you… … uhh it happened What is it, say something.”

“A workshop elixir.”


Jaehyun’s eyes widened.

Brilliant light, as if finding a ray of light in the darkness.

He held Kim Yoo-jung’s hand tightly before he knew it and spoke with a face almost crying.

“That’s right… … !”

“what?! Why is this so gross all of a sudden!”

Kim Yoo-jung was frightened and tried to step back, but Jae-hyun refused to let go of her hand.


It is another name for the Philosopher’s Stone, which is said to have been created by alchemists in the past, and heals all wounds. A mysterious elixir that is said to be able to even revive life.

Workshop Elixir.

It is a name that can promote Lee Jae-sang’s potion moderately, but not out of the ordinary, and also raise the brand value.

Jaehyun said while looking around at everyone with a genuinely happy face.

“Then, the name of this shop will now be «Workshop Elixir». Any complaints?”

* * *

Afterwards, preparations for the opening of 《Gokubo Elixir》 went smoothly.

Lee Jae-sang gave the potion recipe to the contract new alchemists.

Of course, only normal potions.

All other special potions were left as they were because Lee wanted to make them himself.

It was because he also liked making potions more than business, and there were no talents who could match his technological prowess in the first place.

It is a necessary choice.

On the other hand, Jaehyun spent most of his money from buying the stocks of 《Gottem Shop》 and opening the studio this time.

There was still tens of millions of won worth of money left, so it wouldn’t be a problem for the time being, but it was necessary to go around the dungeon a bit to purchase the necessary items afterwards.

I also want to experiment with the effects of newly obtained items.

After he came out, he immediately picked up his smartphone and called Park Seong-jae.

[I am Seongjae Park, manager of the Yeonhwa Guild.]

“yes. It’s me. Jaehyun Min. Are you busy today?”

[yes. Yeonhwa Guild’s manager job is always hectic. But what… … If it’s Jaehyun, it’s worth the time.]

“That’s nice. I contacted you because I have a request for you. Are you all right?”

[of course. The CEO also told us not to spare Jaehyun’s support. It’s like riding a boat now. haha!]

Park Seong-jae gave particular strength to ‘Riding a Boat’.

Jaehyun smiled and added.

“Are there any lower dungeons left in the guild? Or, intermediate level is okay.”

Jaehyun asked with a sly face.

Of course, since he is still a minor, it is against the law for Jaehyun to attack the dungeon alone.

However, with the power of Yeonhwa Guild, there was no need to worry.

In the first dungeon clearing where he met Hell and Nightshade before, he entered the dungeon alone, but he was not exposed to other media or guilds at all.

No, even if they were exposed, they probably wouldn’t have been able to open their mouths.

Because the power of Guild Yeonhwa is that great.

On the other hand, Park Seong-jae over the smartphone responded to his suggestion with a slightly excited voice.

[I think the upper-intermediate level is still a bit dangerous. If it’s D-class, there are about two empty dungeons. How are you?]

“I’ll go right away. Please give me some coordinates.”

[All right. It is recommended that you stop by the guild on the way and refill some consumables.]

Of course, he intended to do that, but Park Seong-jae spoke with consideration for Jae-hyun.

After re-signing, his behavior became more polite.

A favor that Jaehyun had no reason to refuse.

Of course, it was beneficial to accept it.

“I’ll be there soon. Oh, by the way, you don’t have to wait outside this time. I’ll finish it soon anyway.”

Jaehyun smiled.

Park Seong-jae over the phone should have had the same expression.

* * *

Director Jain Guo’s office.

Standing upright in front of Gu Ja-in and reporting to him is none other than Jeong Yi-soo.

This time, he was a new instructor who joined Milles Academy.

Jeong Yi-soo nodded slightly at Gu Ja-in’s instructions and said.

“… … All right. You mean to monitor Min Jae-hyun’s every move during class, right?”

“It’s good that you understand quickly. Instructor Jeong Yi-soo. I wish you well. That friend is a cadet I have a special eye on.”

“I will not disappoint you. Then, I’m done.”

Knock- thump.

Goo Ja-in raised his eyebrows as he watched Jeong Yi-soo leave the office after giving a thumbs-up.

Jeong Yi-soo. She is a member of her own faction, and this time she was the one who was given the lecture for 《Understanding Magical Operations I》.

And this subject is a required course that must be taken by all magical raiders.

‘There is no better opportunity than class to observe Min Jae-hyeon.’

Gu Ja-in raised the corners of his mouth and showed his white teeth.

“Will I be able to exceed my expectations this time around? I’ll have to watch it.”

Saying that, Gu Ja-in glanced over the profile of the cadet that was littered on the desk with a fierce look.

Among the students enrolled at Milles Academy, those who lag behind the most.

There was a large red X marked on the profile of the list of mostly magic cadets.

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