I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 433

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Side Story 2. Muspelheim (1)


A world of hot lava and flame that is said to be at the southern end of the Nine Worlds.

This place is also called ‘The Land of Heat’, and it is said that only Surt can survive here.

“… … Hela, thank you for coming with me. I think I would have been dizzy if I had come with these three.”

“yes… Even if it wasn’t, I thought it would be so, so I decided to follow it. I was warned by those two, so I couldn’t help it… … .”

“yes? What did you just say?”

When Jaehyun asked again, he hurriedly waved his hand as if it wasn’t Hella.

She was in her current human form.

It is said that it plans to maintain this appearance more often in the future.

Aren’t they the ones whose faces have been sold all over the world?

Being a god is special, being a giant is special… It was the same with any other race.

The world has changed enough in the past few months.

In addition to Kwon So-yul and Ruina, Hela came to accompany them on the journey.

He said he had studied mythology anyway, but he was Jaehyun, who did not acquire all the knowledge.

Compared to Henir in the past, 10,000 years have passed.

Also, since the existence of Surtra is so unknown, he thought that if she went with him, it would be a perfect match.

In fact, Hella was quite knowledgeable about Muspelheim as well.

“First of all, this is one of the two regions that existed before Ymir’s corpse created the world. The first is Niflheim, a country that exists at the northern end. The second is right here… It is Muspelheim.”

“Muspelheim. I’ve never been there, but it’s definitely a familiar place.”

Even in Henir’s days, rumors about this place have been heard continuously.

The reason I’ve never been to one is that countless wars have broken out in the nine worlds.

It was to rectify this.

In the process, the first Ragnarok happened suddenly… … .

Naturally, Jaehyun was Nornir before he even met him.

She was reborn 10,000 years into the future by the three Norn sisters.

This was the reason why there were not many contacts with this place in many ways.

‘It’s a place I should have come to at least once anyway.’

A place that is the only one of the nine worlds that Jaehyun can’t manage yet.

Since that place was Muspelheim, Jaehyun was a bit nervous.

It wasn’t just because of the battle.

In order to achieve equilibrium in the world, Niflheim, which exists at both ends, and this place, Muspelheim, had to be well balanced.

That is why Jaehyun pays special attention to this part.

“This way.”

Kwon So-yul gave directions and let out a deep sigh.

She is now looking for a point where she can open the portal to Muspelheim as quickly as possible, in other words, a key point where she can condense her magic and move.

“I am of the same opinion. I think this should be enough!”

Ruina also spoke lively.

The closed city of Daegu.

Among them, after those who reached the core adjusted the detailed position for a while.

Finally, Jaehyun took out an artifact from his inventory and held it in his hand.

Just Draupnir.

It was a bracelet obtained from a battle with Chae Ji-yoon in the past.

If you use it, you can open a portal to another world, albeit expediently.

“Then let’s begin.”

After Jaehyun said that, he blew all his overwhelming mana into the bracelet.

The decision was made because this was a faster route than going through Yggdrasil.

After all, it didn’t take long, and there was the sound of an enormous force colliding.

Dismissed! Pajijijijik!

The noise echoed steadily, followed by a brief crackle, like a TV with a broken cathode ray tube.

After a long time, a small orb floated in front of them.

It gradually enlarged in size and opened a huge blue portal.

“Hasn’t it been a long time since you increased the size too much? Doesn’t it seem like you’re running out of strength?”

Jaehyun gave a shy smile at Hella’s question.

“Do not worry. Because the power control is good enough. It’s just that the total amount is too large.”

“ignorance… this, no… Keuhum, that is an incredibly powerful force.”

It’s not like it’s not, learn the intangible sword. After finally acquiring Frey’s sword. He became a god with the greatest power ever.

Jaehyun nodded moderately, ignoring Hella’s joke.

It was proof that they were quite friendly now.

Soon after, Kwon So-yul sighed and stepped inside the portal.

Then, Ruina, Jaehyun, and Hella also headed inside.

The portal where magical power revolves is dyed red, and soon it greedily devoured your existence.

Then, the familiar sense of portal transition, which made Kim Yoo-jung feel sick several times, wrapped around them violently.

After a long time, we arrived at one of the worst zones full of heat.

It was Muspelheim.

* * *

“I wasn’t coming with you either. Blinded by money, I… … .”

Kwon So-yul, who arrived first, uttered these words.



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She was pouring sweat like rain from the heat she felt for the first time.

However, there was no big problem because Jaehyun, who arrived soon after, used freezing magic to cover their entire bodies.

Kwon So-yul made an expression that seemed to live a little, and Hella was surprised.

“If you use magic like this, what are you going to do in a fight with Surt a little later… … ?”

“Is fighting Surt confirmed?”

“What… … Because he is an old man with a very eccentric personality.”

When Ruina spoke of Surt like the grandfather of a franchise restaurant, Jaehyun burst out laughing.

He quietly looked around.

‘Let’s see… In the scorching heat, lava snails, even red drakes everywhere… … . After all, there are quite a few dangerous guys, right?’

It was intermittent, but the appearance of the dragon was also visible.

Of course, it wasn’t an adult, it was just a baby.

In other words, it was nothing more than a hatchling, but recently extinct creatures are slowly reappearing, so you can look at several species.

‘Recently, the number of jobs that take care of some harmless monsters like animals continues to increase. Among them, dragons are a very rare species.’

I think I heard that Yeonhwa Guild is doing a similar business.

After all, you can’t do such a bold thing unless you’re in a higher guild… … .

No matter how you look at it, it was a representation that I thought was natural.

Jaehyun stepped forward a little.

You can see the magma gushing through the cracks in the stone, and the mana creating waves.

Although a few monsters attacked.

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth》 is activated.


The magma is quickly put to rest and a huge ice wall begins to rise.

It soon transforms into a sharp awl and attacks the enemy accurately.


Along with the sound of something stabbing the monster, blood streams gushed out.

Jaehyun lightly blocked even that with an ice wall, and immediately cleaned up the rest of the enemies.

A time of less than a few tens of seconds.

However, Jaehyun’s reaction seems familiar.

It’s only natural.

There is no reason to explain it again, because Jaehyun has become stronger.

Not dragons, just drakes and snails.

There is no reason to struggle for a long time without bringing at least thousands or tens of thousands.

“I feel it all over again, Mr. Seo… You are so strong… … .”

“This is why I can’t leave your guild. I’m afraid you’ll come after me and beat me.”

Ruina admired, and Kwon So-yul was startled.

Hella responded proudly.

“Compared to the days of Henir, he has become stronger, so there is nothing more to explain. Of course, it won’t change the fact that I made a huge contribution to that growth… … .”

“Didn’t you start by surprising me with Flanders’ mansion? It was helpful, but… When I think of how I went black at that time because of the cat’s cry, I still… … .”

“Uh, forget about that!”

Hella was surprisingly quite ashamed of what happened at the time of the Big 5.

Jaehyun used it to tease him sometimes.

Isn’t Jaehyun’s characteristic to be merciless when he reveals his weaknesses?

Hella could have made a big mistake in that sense.

“Which one, anyway? senior?”

“… … It’s this way. And be careful. Because I am not a real navigator.”

“yes yes. So this one?”

“… … okay.”

Jaehyun said, ignoring him moderately.

Kwon So-yul shakes his head as if giving up.

Just like that, when your existence slowly roamed the area of ​​Surt.

Finally, the giant of flame, Surt, raised his massive body and finished all preparations to greet the guests.

beings who came to visit them.

Among them, Henir, the supreme god of the nine worlds, who had killed Odin, who was uncomfortable with him, was visiting Surt himself.

[This can’t help but be interesting. That would be fun. I didn’t know that the day I would fight with him as a main body would come like this… … .]

Surt was sincerely looking forward to meeting Jaehyun.

Some pretty fun things are planned.

he was so sure

* * *

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na are lamenting at Yoo Seong-eun, sitting in the representative office of the guild Yeonhwa.

“so… … sister. Because I appealed hard? But Min Jae-hyun, well… Are you pretending not to hear? What’s that? Are you bouncing on purpose? Are you trying to annoy me?”

“That, well. I don’t think so… … .”

“… … Me, Jaehyun runs away when he sees me lately. why is that… … I don’t know… … I was just asking for a meal together.”

“Maybe Jaehyun has a reason… … .”

There really was no mayhem.

Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na.

Why are two people sitting in one place bemoaning their situation like this?

Yoo Seong-eun is in a cold sweat in a situation she can’t understand at all.

If they come in the first place, it’s right to come separately one by one. Does it make sense to come together and ask for advice from the same man?

… … no matter how friendly

“even! him! He said he recently had a tryst with Freyja and that Valkyrie! Do you know what happened after that? Did you know that Ruina and Hella went to Muspelheim with only Soyul unnie? Isn’t this dangerous?!”

“… … It’s been said that men don’t go far. around.”

This is definitely something that will make your head spin.

Thanks to that, Park Seong-jae, who was sitting in the same seat, was listening to the story with his eyes fixed on his laptop while pretending to get things done in a hurry.

No matter how much Yooseong asked for this help, he pretended not to know.

I’m sorry, but didn’t you come looking for yourself anyway?

Moreover, the two people in front of me are truly monsters.

‘It’s not as much as Jaehyun, but to Seo Ina-yang, who has direct power in the royal family of Alfheim… Even Kim Yu-jung, who has the highest level of support… … If you don’t do this, you’ll get really beaten up, and it’s possible up to 16 weeks of total replacement.’

The price for a slip of the tongue is an overkill.

Thinking so, he stood up from his seat without saying a word and carefully examining his eyes.

“Haha, let’s talk then. I’ll bring some snacks to eat… … .”

“… The sweets are done.”

When Seo Eana grabbed her collar and said, Kim Yoo-jung agreed.

“Where are you running away?”

At the bold words, cold sweat began to flow down Seongjae Park’s back.

Can this come back alive?

The thought of it suddenly made the back of his neck feel cold.

On the other hand, the visual reenactment finally arrived in front of the huge door where Surt was, and was looking at it while breathing.

“You mean you can finally see the giant after this?”

Jaehyun smiled confidently.

… … Of course, even when you return from your journey, you don’t know how much you will be able to smile like that.


anti-Asir gods. : The ordeal owner is a terrible and scary existence
Yoo Sung-eun: Seongnyeo teacher Yeon -hwa
: Korea’s No. 1 guild Seo
In-na: a blunt friend
Kim Yoo-jung: childhood Kwon
So-yul: navigation
anti-Aesir Gods: an employee who barely had a face without a face, Yoo Seong-eun
: a dating counselor
Yeonhwa: Korea’s No. 1 dating center
Seo Ina: Yandere Kim
Yoo-jung: Childhood girlfriend
Kwon So-yul: Advanced navigation

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