I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 401

Episode 401: The Beginning of the Second War

“Tir and Thor… Are you saying that even though the two gods stepped forward, the adversary could not be defeated? Asgard too. In this place where the limitations of our power are completely removed!”

Odin’s fury and madness reverberated through his palace.

A face full of anger.

Of course, there was a reason, but since I had never seen him so unable to control his emotions, Hugin and all the gods lined up looked at each other without saying anything.

This was not something they could easily understand.

He already knew that the adversary had come to Asgard. It was also the same that he disappeared from here and returned to Midgard.

From Asgard’s point of view, it was missing the opponent in their front yard.

Odin’s wrath could not but be justified.

“Even that, the only ones who felt strange in Asgard were Thor and Tyr. It is truly deplorable.”

Odin’s voice was cold as frost. The chill from his voice was enough to freeze everyone here.

Freya was also present at the urgently arranged meeting in Asgard.

Even though her face was dark, she couldn’t miss the meeting that Odin was attending anyway.

Only then can it be returned to Odin.

At that thought, her heart was pounding, but unexpectedly, she sat down colder than ever.

The heart of a parent who has lost everything is sometimes like that.

Isn’t there a saying like that?

There are different words for a wife who has lost her husband and a husband who has lost his wife… … There are no words to call a parent who has lost her child.

It is because the distant pain and heartbreaking heart cannot be understood without experiencing the same situation, and those who have experienced it usually become disabled people.

The sense of betrayal Freya is feeling right now, the sense of loss of losing a child is so enormous.

But she didn’t even show anything.

Although it seems as if he has already given up everything aloofly, there is no one who does not know that a calm flame is burning inside.

At least for those who know her situation.

‘It is fortunate that the two captain-level Valkyries were able to return alive. From now on, I will no longer make useless sacrifices.’

Freya swore like that. chest deep.

The light in the weak souls of Brisingamen and my child, which is slowly dying out, continues to go out at this moment.

I won’t look back any longer.

He has already lost what he thought was his goal in life. All he sees is a huge vengeance and righting his own mistakes.

That was all.

While Freya was repeating to herself. Suddenly, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“But it couldn’t be helped. It was because an unknown elf suddenly appeared. It was something we hadn’t even thought of.”

Those were Tyr’s words.

Odin, sitting on the throne, gave strength to the hand that held the Hlidskalp. It was a look that showed that he was angry.


Odin growled and asked in response, and Tyr nodded in a cold sweat.

“Yes. The elf thought to be extinct 10,000 years ago.”

“At that time, you must have said that you got rid of them all. Tyr. On top of that, it must be a story that you have a tremendous level if you can get away with it even for a moment… Do you think that is possible only if you are not a direct descendant of the king?”

Odin’s words clearly contained the meaning of reprimand.

But even for Tyr, it was unfair. In a war in the past, he himself apparently utterly overthrew the kingdom of the elves.

As a result, the elves’ empire is littered with soldiers from Asgard, and the lullabies of the dead elves are still heard there.

The cries of those who could not stand their miserable hearts came from the middle like an echo. In a burnt forest, or in a street that was once bustling.

But why did the surviving elves exist?

‘It’s a strange thing no matter how you think about it. Elves… In particular, all direct lineages born of royal blood were dealt with. Does that mean the elves haven’t lost their lives yet?’

But there was something else that disturbed Tyr more than anything else.

‘The woman… She covered her face with a robe, but she was somehow familiar.’

female. It was because the elf’s face was somehow familiar.

It was also similar to the king whom Valkyrie called herself in the past and dealt with directly.

Maybe it was Aindel?

However, unless the child is hidden, it is completely incomprehensible. Also, it doesn’t make sense for her to remember her face herself, even if she did.

At the time of the encounter with the adversary. Tyr knew one thing for sure. A being that fought against himself 10,000 years ago. that he was an adversary.

The present adversary, not another being. that he intervened in the war.

There was no need to repeat that there would be a point of contact between them.

Of course, it must be related to the elf who interfered with the work this time.

“There are only pathetic things gathered. How dare you put the name of the As god and handle things only that way?”

“I have no face.”

Tyr apologized so simply, but he didn’t look sorry at all.

So was Thor. He said, turning Mjolnir around.

“I just can’t get rid of the dirty feeling. As your father knows, how on earth did the adversary disappear from Asgard in an instant?”

“If not the two of you who were present, who should know that?”

Frigg agreed with Odin’s words and narrowed his brows.

“He is right. It’s a matter of holding the two gods accountable. … but. Not now.”

Now, Asgard has suffered quite a lot of damage.

Frigg was.

“Heimdall is dead. Our gatekeeper who guarded Bifrost… it’s dead The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated.”

“Frigg is right. Heimdall was one of our main forces. He was not a man to suffer an absurd death.”

Even he was defeated and died at full strength.

This is despite the fact that the adversary barely intervened in the battle.

how is that possible

Nothing is known, but there must be a reason.


Odin suddenly called Freyja and met her eyes.

Freyja’s pupils without even an inch of shaking collided with him. Odin was cold.

“I will start a war. Move the remaining Einherjar and Valkyries.”

“I will.”

When Freyja responded coolly and sneered, Frigg asked with a questioning expression.

“How are you listening to me today?”

It was meant as an obvious mockery, but Freya was unmoved.

“then. Do I have other options in this situation? Or shall we rip out its mouth first and then go to war?”

“I beg your pardon?! That mouth right now… !”

“Shut up. Freya, my order is simple.”

Odin’s voice fell coldly. It was after he intervened.

“Exterminate all humans in Midgard.”

* * *

It was about two days later that Jaehyun returned to Midgard from Vanaheim. It didn’t take long, but he was completely scolded.

hella. As soon as the guide found out that Jaehyun had been to Asgard, he jumped up and said it was a rash decision.

“Are you insane now!?”

Hella rarely bites her tongue and grabs Jaehyun’s collar.

Jaehyun gestured to calm down, but she didn’t.

“If you make a hasty decision and die right now, what should we do?! Are you telling me to die!”


Jaehyun hurriedly looked at Hell, but to no avail. She said it was Jaehyun’s fault and didn’t even think about helping him.

That wasn’t all. Smir, Jormungand, Fenrir, etc…

Everyone was just nodding their heads at Hella’s reasonable anger. As a representation, it was unfair. On the subject they allowed… … .

Jaehyun hurriedly waved his hand.

“Oh no, wait a minute. No matter what, it didn’t work because it was done well, right?”

“Did you just run away after seeing Thor and Tyr?”

“Not only that, look here! Louisa. Yes, you met the direct descendant of the last elven royal family.”

“… … It has no meaning if you don’t live there. that much… The power of prophecy is strong! Flow is… … .”

“Isn’t that why I’m alive?”

Hella was stunned by Jae-hyun’s impudent attitude.

What can I do? When he comes out like that, it’s his role as his guide to always step back.

ha. After she let out a short breath, she said clearly to Jaehyun.

“Now Odin will move more properly. Following Niflheim, we will go out to find the last star of the abyss hidden throughout the nine worlds.”

“Why are you doing such a hassle without attacking us directly?”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked. They were attending a meeting remotely.

It was a kind of communication magic using artifacts.

what is the reason Because of the strict rule that those who have not reached the 3rd stage of divine liberation cannot attend. Thanks to this, Jaehyun’s colleagues are having a conversation while listening to their conversation with the table on the other side.

… Is this a rule too?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but what can I do?

It happened because they were weak.

‘Still, I think Jaehyun did a good job copying this.’

They smiled with satisfaction as they looked at the crystal ball-shaped artifact in front of them.

This is because it was one of the artifacts Jaehyun copied from the treasure house of the gods a while ago.

A telecommunications device that enables communication between the worlds.

It was a convenient thing in many ways.

Of course, I wondered if Jaehyun needed to do this.

It occurred to him that he did not even know the social world of the formal gods, but he did not say it.

Didn’t Jaehyun tell you that you always need to be careful with your mouth? Their theory was that there was nothing wrong with being careful.

Smir nodded and answered Ahn Ho-yeon’s question.

“Companion of the adversary. The reason is very simple. Because Odin is a perfectionist, he hates prophecies the most, but he also trusts them the most.”

“I hate you, but… trust?”

Kim Yoo-jung tilted her head and put on a worried expression for a while.

Seo Na-na, Kwon So-yul, and Lee Jae-sang were also in the same condition.

“Yes. the past, the very distant past. A prophecy came at a time when Odin had not yet risen to the pinnacle of Asgard. And that prophecy raised him to the top of the As gods.”

“in short… Are you saying that Odin was able to reach the top of Asgard thanks to the power of prophecy?”

When Kwon So-yul asked through the communicator, Smir nodded. Jormungandr teased her wicked tongue.

[okay… That’s why Odin, despite having such a strong power, is looking for a star in the far abyss. If you collect all the pieces, the prophecy of death surrounds you.]

he raised his head.

[In other words, the prophecy that the adversary of the prophecy will kill him will all disappear.]

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