I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 366

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Episode 366: Engraving (1)

“Wait a minute! Stop there!”

A voice stopped at the bottom of the stairs. It was clear that it belonged to the dwarves.

A face with a full beard in a low-pitched voice. And short, dainty legs that stretched down. This was the appearance that no matter who saw it, I was a dwarf.

Jaehyun used his insight eye to lightly gauge his strength.

‘weak. … but.’

Is it a dwarf after all?

Jaehyun found an interesting thing. He smiled and immediately used his magic.

―You have activated the active skill 《Shape of Magic Tool》.

―You have succeeded in producing the artifact «Dragon Slasher Balmung».


At the same time, Jaehyun’s body leans forward and the new model disappears in an instant.

“Ah, Jaehyun!”

Ahn Ho-yeon, who followed his movements, shouted.

However, Jaehyun’s movement did not stop. Like a water-filled swallow, the sword of Jaehyun was shot quickly and aimed precisely at the Dwarf.


The colleagues were in despair, thinking that the dwarf might die from Jaehyun’s ruthlessness.

‘I heard you came here to persuade me to participate in Ragnarok!? Why did he suddenly do that!?’

Kim Yoo-jung thought that way, and Hella was even worse than that.

‘That crazy… That person is really insane… !’

Contrary to expectations, however, the black dwarf was not cut down.


“It’s an interesting weapon, too. Is that the engraving technique you boast about?”

A voice escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

The dwarf’s face was cold. He was holding a sword whose name was not even known to him, who was shrunken.

A pure white longsword.

An unknown aura emerges from it.

Jaehyun briefly recalled the past.

It was when he attended the regular meeting in Hell after clearing Yggdrasil.

* * *

“An engraving?”

“okay. Dwarves have special powers that enhance their equipment to the limit. We call it imprinting for convenience.”

Hearing Hell’s words, Jaehyun scratched his head and asked.

“But so far, I have also acquired quite a bit of mythical equipment. However, there was not a single piece of equipment that was imprinted yet. If it’s that great, it should have been attached to mythical equipment… .”

“That’s right.”

“I will explain.”

Smir interrupted, tapping the round table with his thick fingers.

He stared at Jaehyun for a moment.

“There are two things. First of all, it is because you lacked your strength.”

“Lack of power… The first one was convincing.”

If that’s the case, it’s unavoidable.

No matter how much I got a mythical item, I couldn’t handle the power properly, so if I couldn’t use it properly.

There was no need for further explanation.

Smir was on.

“The second reason is that engraving exists only for one individual.”

“Does it exist for individuals?”

“Yes. You know that each person’s magical properties are different, right?”

“of course.”

character of magical power.

It is different for each person. It was a familiar story to Jaehyun, who had sufficiently completed related education at the academy.

Since each individual has a different magical power, even when registering as an awakened person, we make it possible to distinguish them according to the characteristics of that magical power.

If this is not done, it will be difficult to identify who is the culprit when a crime is committed by the Awakened.

For example, what if the Awakener of the change series became a thief and robbed a bank?

If that happens, it will be close to impossible to identify the criminal who committed the crime by changing his or her face or fingerprints.

What is needed at such times is mana awareness.

To this end, all Awoken, whether or not they become radars, go through a separate registration process.

It is to register each individual’s magical power information and store it in the national security agency. If we don’t do this, it will become the worst country, where all sorts of crimes run rampant.

It is a system to protect ordinary people from the Awakened.

Smir nodded.

“To put it simply, in order to draw out the engraving technique, your inherent magical power must work on the engraving.

So even if you have a weapon, if you don’t go through the procedure, it’s difficult for the effect of the imprint to work properly.”

Jaehyun was able to understand his words without difficulty.

To put it simply, you cannot stamp without fingerprint recognition.

What could this be like?

“Then are there no other races capable of engraving?”

Do I really need to bring a dwarf?

I really wanted to check that out.

Even if you don’t, didn’t Hella tell you to be careful in advance?



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They are a cowardly race, and do not listen to others because of their stubbornness.

Is there a need to persuade them to join the battle?

In that sense, Jae-hyeon asked about this fact.

“War is not something you fight alone.”

Soon, such an answer came back from Hel.

She bit her lip for a moment, then looked at Jaehyun and said.

“If Odin could have been stopped alone, Loki from 10,000 years ago, not you, would have ended the war. But that wasn’t it… .”

“We had to live in hell for 10,000 years because of a humiliating pact.”

Smir nodded, agreeing with her.

Since Jaehyun’s curiosity was resolved, he decided not to vomit further. Anyway, if there are many people who can help you, you will benefit yourself.

Moreover, there is a possibility that Odin’s magical powers will reach out and they will become enemies.

Such was the case with the nameless repair.

Jaehyun remembered the last time he was at the top of the tower.

He was said to be a good man, but he eventually succumbed to Odin at the end.

He betrayed his will and his friends.

Those were the words of someone who couldn’t really keep them.

Jaehyun knew this, so he intended to use everything that was available.

‘Well, if you ask the dwarves to make equipment and give it to humans, you’ll be able to see a great increase in power. It would be better to recruit them as allies unconditionally.’

Of course, low-ranking targets would not benefit from engraving.

However, the result of hearing through Hell. It is said that the artifacts of the Dwarves are different from items that can be obtained in other dungeons.

Well, there was no need to say more because even Odin, the highest being, was holding the spear they made.

Jaehyun made a promise.

I will somehow attract them and seize the victory of this war.

“Then have a good trip. Oh, and don’t scratch their gourds. Because dwarves have eccentric personalities. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up with a ‘skeleton gourd’! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

… Pretending not to hear Jormungandr’s words, I stood up as calmly as possible.

Jaehyun let out a small sigh. It was because she was a bit like that, showing off in front of the horse.

* * *


In that way, as soon as Jaehyun saw the dwarves, he used his skills to gauge their skills.

It was safe to say that there was no force less than imagined.

I don’t know, but the average ability will be much lower than Alfheim 10,000 years ago.

So far it’s as expected.

However, at that moment, something caught Jaehyun’s eyes.

‘The sword that guy is holding… The unknown magic and power that is felt from there. Is that the effect of engraving?’

Dwarves said that they could use weapons with inscriptions even if they did not have the dignity due to their racial characteristics.

If so, that dwarf is holding a weapon with unknown power.

Its identity could also be said to be the product of engraving.

So he decided to try it out. Will the durability of that weapon be strong enough to withstand your mythical level item?

Whether you can further develop your weapon.

… What happened now happened because of that.

“You, who are you to suddenly turn someone else’s house over!”

The Dwarf jumped wildly and said.

Jaehyun calmly recalled the sword and said.

“Greetings. Originally, humans greet like this.”

Jaehyun lied with an impudent face. The dwarf wrinkled his brow a little, but since he didn’t know about the unknown race of humans, his expression became a bit tense.

“Aren’t you even going to say hello?”

Jaehyun decided to go out there more brazenly.

It was because it was too troublesome to deal with the case.

Even Jaehyun’s colleagues couldn’t help but open their mouths and say nothing. I found out again that his impudence was different.

When the party’s reaction was unusual, the Dwarf stamped his feet again and shouted.

“Hey, don’t lie! Then why don’t the humans standing behind me say hello!”

“That’s because I’m the representative. why? You dwarves don’t even have a king?”

“… … Not that.”

The dwarf seemed to be starting to believe this nonsense.

As he pondered for a moment and raised his sword to greet him, Jaehyun spread his palms and nodded as if he was okay.

“Originally, only those who say hello to humans are facing swords. The recipient does not have to do it again once the greeting has been exchanged.”

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang almost simultaneously covered their faces with their hands and sighed quietly.

How can a person be so shameless?

At that time, Hella took a step forward and approached the dwarf.

‘okay… Hella will somehow solve this situation… .’

However, Kim Yoo-jung’s expectations were exactly betrayed.

“It’s a normal human greeting, so please understand.”

… It is certainly.

Hella and Jaehyun are insane.

The more insane person is that dwarf who is deceived by these words.

“Yeah, that’s right… This is what human greetings are like… learned one We are a race tolerant of learning.”

When the dwarf knocked on his chest and said, Jaehyun confidently shook his head.

“I want to meet your king. Please guide me.”

“You dare to have a private meeting with our king… !!”

The dwarf was furious, but when Jaehyun summoned the sword again, it quickly calmed down.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment.

Soon, Jaehyun smiled and swung his sword.

“People say hello many times. Did you know?”

“… Any talk is welcome. Our King is merciful… Also, that… You are very interested in the ecology of various species.”

“That’s good.”

Jaehyun gave an evil smile, and the dwarf in front of him hesitantly started guiding the way.

His expression was obviously teary-eyed, but no one sympathized with him.

If you go around with Jaehyun, this is natural. Come to think of it, it was the same during the last tower attack, so there was nothing more to explain.

“hey… But what if that greeting turns out to be a lie?”

“They say a lie sometimes becomes the truth when there are more than three of them.”

In response to Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Jae-hyun spoke calmly.

After all, thinking is of a different class…

Thinking of that, Kim Yu-jeong saw the dwarves ahead.

The drooping shoulders were impressive.

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