I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Nidabellir (1)

“I declare here that I will never act for the cause.”

As introduced as negative news, it was a shocking declaration.

In fact, there were many people who thought that Jaehyun would fight for the entire country. They thought of Jaehyun as a hero, and said he was the best raider of all time.

To put it simply, it was a story that he was the most popular radar after Joo-won, the first Awakener.

However, in the midst of this, Jaehyun is saying that he is not a hero.

He said he wouldn’t help everyone.

why? Why?

“Wait, why did you make that choice?”

“I will continue speaking.”

It was after Jaehyun cut off his words moderately.

“I hate to say irresponsible things. And I hate irresponsible people too. I have no intention of ignoring the person dying before me. but.”

Magical power dwells in his eyes, and he captivates the audience in an instant.

“I will not make the mistake of saving others over the things I have to protect. So, save your own life. If you are the radar.”

There were people who rebelled against Jae-hyun’s words, people who didn’t, and people who were dumbfounded. However, Jae-hyun was not at all shaken by the scene that turned into an abyss.

I knew from the beginning that this kind of reaction would come.

Also, he had a clear reason for doing this.

Because you can’t save everyone by yourself. Because they wanted to stand up for themselves.

Because of this, Jae-hyun instills common anger in those who rely too much on him, and he himself becomes their nourishment.

Raiders are a race of people whose blood boils from time to time. Resisting his own words, I can do these things. Now that growth restrictions have been lifted, I can do it too!

Few people think like this, but I figured there would be quite a few.

Of course, they will never reach the realm of representation.

The realm achieved by Jaehyun. This was in the heavens and the outside world.

It didn’t mean that he wasn’t their opponent from the beginning.

No one can match the genius of representation. It was the same except for Loki or a higher god above the 4th level of liberation.

Also, Jaehyun is even them,

He was the one who swore that he would surpass even that Odin.

No matter how much growth restrictions were lifted now, they wouldn’t be able to surpass themselves. After all, it is virtually impossible for ordinary people to obtain such a rank.

Especially when it comes to humans, the weakest race.

“If you don’t defend yourself, you will lose everything. Selfish, you might say, but I care more about the survival of my family and friends than the billions of lives watching this TV.”

After Jaehyun said that, he gave strength to his neck once more.

“So take care of yourself and the lives of your family. That’s all the negative stories I’m going to tell you.”

After that, Jaehyun ended the interview.

Jaehyun left the rest of the interview to his colleagues. Kim Yoo-jung was surprisingly quite skillful in dealing with reporters.

It is said that my ability to deal with people improved because I watched so many interviews with Yoo Sung-eun, but it seemed to be true to some extent.

She was in the middle of briefly telling reporters about their current achievements and the situation of reappearance. He hasn’t revealed all of them, but unless he has two lives, no one will disagree with him.

The other members also left the conference room after the formal greeting.

After escaping from the crowd, Seongeun Yoo in the waiting room was welcoming them with a bright expression.

“good job.”

“I think Yeonhwa’s share price will drop a bit.”

“It looks like everyone is dying. Do you need to worry about that?”

Yoosung warmly welcomed Jaehyun as always.

and the next day.

The United World News published an article with the following headline:

[The adversary, Min Jae-hyun, only takes care of himself… Global Radar Alliance expresses “regret for selfish judgment” in shocking declaration.]

* * *

the next morning.

Jaehyun, who was reading the article while shoveling coffee and egg tart into his mouth, smiled. It was a provocative article, but he didn’t look too concerned.

It’s just as Yoo Seong-eun said. Right now, it’s mind-boggling just to struggle to survive.

There was no reason to fall for such a provocation.

Besides, I already knew they would come out that way from the beginning.

Richard. Wasn’t the head of the World Radar Alliance a dark-hearted man?

Perhaps it was only natural for them to sway public opinion in this way.

As for Jaehyun, it didn’t matter.

What he did yesterday was to reveal that he couldn’t save everyone and to raise awareness and challenge the Raiders.

It was to help them grow further.

It was a decision made in the judgment that it could save more people.

“You will live long. I ate so much swearing… Even if you can’t, you’ll live to be 150?”

“I have a godhead anyway, so even if I want to die, I can’t die early?”

Responding to Kim Yoo-jung’s pointless words, Jae-hyun sat down on Nine’s stale sofa and rested his chin. It was a peace I felt for the first time in a while.

Lately, I’ve been repeating battle after battle and climbing the tower.

It was important to make plans for the future while resting the tired mind and body a little.

“For now, it’s important to check Odin’s movements. Who will be the first enemy to attack us now?”

At Hoyeon Ahn’s words, Jaehyun crossed his arms. said Hella.

“Maybe Thor? He’s lost his two sons, so he’s probably obsessed with finding Jae-hyeon. how is it? Is he running away even now?”

“Where would you like to go if you run away? Stop playing around and think of something helpful.”

Jaehyun said so. This time, Lee Jae-sang opened his mouth.

“The Garden of Idun, which I went to the other day… I also found a new recipe for the herbs I got there. It will probably be of great help in the next fight.”



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“He is my brother too. I’m the only one who’s happy to say that.”

Jaehyun said in a happy voice. He recently took his companions to Idun’s Garden in Niflheim.

At that time, Lee Jae-sang looked at all kinds of herbs and had a conversation with Lee Dun for four hours in a row, eyes wide. That wasn’t enough, so I asked her Jae-hyeon to meet her for a few days.

Thanks to this, Lee Jae-sang was used to handling new herbs.

It was a part that I could tell just by looking at the fact that I was able to make other potions.

As a representation, it was unconditionally a good thing.

A new potion presents possibilities at any time.

It provides a starting point for battles that can pierce the enemy’s loopholes. Also, if that happens, Jaehyun will be able to hunt enemies much more easily.

“I got a few on my side too.”

This time Kwon So-yul said. After launching the app on the pad she took out, she zoomed in and showed it.

“When I went to Idun’s Mist Garden, I was able to find one more thing with the same magical power as the piece I got this time in Niflheim.”

“That means… !”

Hella narrowed her eyes.

It was a series of good news.

According to Kwon So-yul, you will get the second star of the abyss. It was self-evident that if there was, Odin’s opponent would be more comfortable.

‘It seems Soyul sunbaenim’s mapping skills have improved.’

Jaehyun thought so and looked at Kwon Soyul for a while.

She also recently grew up and her search skills were further strengthened. Thanks to her, she can quickly search larger spaces.

When she went to Niflheim this time, she explored her surroundings with her skill, just in case, and it worked.

Thanks to this, he had a chance to obtain the second star of the far-off abyss.

I’m still not sure if it’s a star from the distant abyss, but it’s possible.

However, they had to move carefully because there was a chance that their location as well as the garden of Idun would be discovered by the enemy if they made a big fuss there.

In order to do that, I had to organize the operation in more detail.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and said.

“If Thor moves, I will stop him. I also have the skills to prepare for Thor’s lightning strike… I don’t think I’m going to lose against him anyway.”

Of course, it didn’t look like he was going to win.

No matter how much he was weakened by Hrungnir, he was Thor, the supreme god of the Aesir. With his power, it would be difficult to handle even the present reproduction.

The power that destroyed Jotunheim during the second trial.

It took a little more time to reach that level of transcendence.

Of course, it was to the point where I could deal with it at any time if a lower god came, but… .

Thor isn’t going to be easy either.

Jaehyun was most fully aware of his skills at the moment.

How strong you are and who you can win against. Now his head was full of this information.

Also, if there were no surprises, this would be infinitely fit for 100%. Recently, his analytical skills are almost at the highest level.

“For now, as I said before, let’s go get some more decent equipment. each one worthwhile. how is it? I also need to strengthen.”

Jaehyun said so. It was because there was a recent proposal from Smir.

[Before the fifth trial, stop by Svartal Fame at least once. To be precise, it should be called Nidavellir, which exists inside it. Meet the dwarves there, and use the flames of Surt you have to become stronger.

If you do that, even Thor won’t be able to defeat you easily.]

Nidavellir, where the dwarves are.

Generally, in Norse mythology, it is identified with Svartal Fame, where the dark elves live, but Jaehyun heard that the two were distinct places.

It was true that they belonged to one world, but the exact location and the tribes living there were different, so it was natural.

Nidavellir was another small world that existed within Svartal Fame. It is not necessarily classified as one of the nine worlds, but the place where the dwarves you need to find live.

Jaehyun thought about Smir’s words and closed his eyes.

And I realized one simple truth.

One of the best ways to get stronger.

That’s tempal!

This is an undeniable truth.

Therefore, Jaehyun decided to accept his advice.


The next destination of the comrades has already been decided.

“Nidavellir… I think I need to go see the blacksmiths sometime.”

At his words, his colleagues nodded and stood up all at once.

I didn’t take a break for a few days at most, but now I wasn’t in a situation where I felt as much pressure as when I was attacking the tower. Even for them, this was more comfortable than taking a break.

“If only I could get a better tem here, I’ll go.”

Kim Yoo-jung said that, and Seo E-na nodded as well.

Not too long ago, there was a precedent for robbing Richard’s World Raider Union. They hadn’t gotten a proper mythical item yet.

Moreover, their purpose was not only that. Blacksmiths who lost their home in Ragnarok 10,000 years ago.

Jaehyun wanted the support of all of them.

‘Because war is also fought with numbers. From a strategic point of view, the value of blacksmiths goes without saying.’

Jaehyun thought so, and recalled the images of several worlds that had disappeared in the past.

In the midst of many burned, broken, and shattered worlds.

War orphans abandoned there and corpses piled on top of each other.

[Perhaps it will be difficult to convince the dwarves this time.]

Hel said so. Jaehyun caught his breath.

What he intends to do from now on is to drag them into that hell once again. Even for those who barely survived.

But it was also something I had to do.

Jaehyun didn’t hesitate.

It’s not long before we really see the end.

There was nowhere to retreat.

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