I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 341

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Episode 341: Master Sword


with a shattering halo of light.

Jaehyun arrived in a room that was all white.

A familiar space now.

It was a resting floor prepared to take a break every time you climbed each floor.

After a while, you will receive a reward for clearing the previous floor here.

Maybe this time, too, I’ll give you something useful.

‘after… … .’

Jaehyun did not hide his happy expression while sweeping his chest in relief.

It was natural.

So far, Yggdrasil has always given herself the best rewards.

It gives trials to climbers and gives rewards appropriate to the level of difficulty.

Because that’s the only rule of Yggdrasil.

‘In addition, I copied Odin’s mythical skills.’

Jaehyun laughed at that thought.

As difficult as the ordeal was, the reward this time was quite large.

He briefly opened the skill window.

What came to mind was, of course, Odin’s newly acquired skill.

[Active skill]

Name: Storm of Madness

Class: Mythic

Raises a frenzied storm and swallows everything in the nine worlds.

When activated, temporarily grants an ally a ‘Passion’ buff.

*Consumes 20% of total horsepower per use.

*The power increases whenever the number of people caught in the storm increases.

*caution! The longer you hold it, the greater the consumption of magic power, and it causes a mana rebound, so special care is needed.

[Passive skill]

Name: Passion

Rating: S+

Gives courage to all allies and puts them in ‘Passion’ state.

Increases attack power and active skill effects by 40%.

*This is a skill that is automatically activated when a maddening storm is active.

* Whenever the number of people receiving the buff increases, the caster’s body is strained.

* Effect amplification is limited for some skills.

Jaehyun instinctively realized that this skill was one of Odin’s Feasts.

First of all, it was the fact that 20% of the total horsepower was consumed at once.

‘Recently, I’ve never experienced a lack of magical power. but… It’s a skill that consumes 20% of the total magic power with a single skill?’

This would be the same number applied to Odin.

This means that at least the power of the skill is unmatched by others.

For reference, in the radar system, there is a special move that consumes the same percentage of magic power or consumable goods such as physical strength.

Usually only S-class radar can be used. It was a skill that used something of its own as a sacrifice to bring out power several times greater than that of the user.

For example, instead of killing oneself like absolute zero, it was a season that allowed one to get along with the enemy with a low probability.

Those who had these skills could hardly be found, and most of them consumed their own life force, so the risk was enormous.

‘Even if it’s about magic power, it’ll refill… 20% of Odin’s magical power would easily exceed hundreds of thousands of times that of other S-class raiders.

If it’s a skill that he has to pay that much and use, then it should be seen as a stronger season than anything else.’

At least the power of the Thunder God he possesses. It was certain that it was more than that.

After Jaehyun decided to check the power of the skill later, he shifted his gaze to the other side.

“Next is this way… .”

Next was the special effect side of the skill.

There were two peculiarities there.

First, the more people caught in the storm, the stronger it becomes.

This, needless to say, meant that this skill was effective as a wide-area skill.

Honest and accurate explanation. After testing, you will be able to know more clearly how to use the skill.

Second, the passive skill ‘passion’ is activated when the storm of madness is active.

After reading the effect carefully, Jaehyun was certain that it was a fraudulent skill.

“It amplifies both attack power and skill effects by 40%… Aren’t you crazy?”

If this was a game, I would have nothing to say even if I was scolded for making a mistake in the balance patch.

Of course, there is a penalty that the burden on the user increases whenever the number of allies increases, but it was the best skill even after all that.

‘I’ll have to take a chance and test this one later.’

The test was difficult because we are currently attacking the tower. In order to accurately grasp the power and range of the skill, you had to activate the skill several times, but the conditions for that were not available.

Therefore, Jaehyun decided to postpone the use of the skill for a while.

“… ha. For now, you can safely break through to the third floor.”

“… huh. somehow.”

Seo Ina nodded in response to Jaehyun’s words.

Ratatosque freaked out and grabbed Jaehyun’s crotch.

“Datadadada—from now on, please say something in advance and do it! Ji-I really thought I was going to die this time!”

“It was an epilogue anyway.”



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“… … No matter how liars this time, Ratatosque is right. Jaehyun, you often do dangerous things.”

When Seo Ina said that, Jaehyun smiled lightly.

“That’s the case with you too. pretend you forgot me Did I really almost cry?”

It wasn’t a lie.

Seo In-na pretended to smoke and averted her gaze for a moment.

she murmured softly.

“… That’s because you’re late… even I did not know… … .”

“okay. sorry. It’s just something I’ve said, so don’t take it to heart.”

“… huh. You should do as little risky things as possible from now on.”

Seo Ina said that with a slightly flushed face.

In fact, it was natural for them to talk like that.

No matter how fragmentary it is, the Wardanaz that Jaehyun encountered was Odin.

A legendary god who guards the top of Asgard.

To suddenly run into such an existence… .

It didn’t mean that he would die any moment.

‘If it wasn’t for Odin’s lost eye, he would have died instantly there.’

Odin’s lost eye.

Paradoxically, this was the reason Jaehyun was able to survive when he encountered Odin.

A skill derived from Odin’s lost eye.

If it wasn’t for the power of ‘absolute arithmetic’, Jaehyun would have been swept away by the mad storm as soon as it started.

“It must be that there is still a long way to go.”

When Jaehyun said that, Poppy landed on Jaehyun’s shoulder and jumped up. Seo Eana also stood by him and showed her firm smile.

“… Still, you can’t go alone now.”

At that, Jaehyun smiled.

at that time.

Suddenly, Seo Ina fidgeted for a while with a pod in her hand before speaking.

“… You asked at the beginning of the 3rd floor earlier. You are going through emotional fluctuations, but why am I okay… Why did I say nothing… Do you think you know a little bit now?”

She smiled.

It was brighter than any smile she had ever shown.

The most unpretentious smile.

Seeing that, Jaehyun couldn’t do anything other than nod.

A feeling that has yet to be answered.

As if a drop of paint had been dropped into the depths of his chest, it was slowly spreading and squeezing his chest.

Jaehyun made a promise.

One day I will sort out all of this.

And at that time, wouldn’t we be able to get closer to each other?

Not only to Seo Ina, but to all of her colleagues.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, good luck! This time Gigi—I really thought I was going to die!”

“okay. thanks for your help Ratatosk. I will trust you now.”

“G-g-g-then Joe-if you release the subordination a little-no-it won’t work! haha-.”

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes for a moment. His mouth was tightly shut.

‘That’s it. Because this is it.’

Leave no risk factor.

That was Jaehyun’s basic code of conduct.

“ruler… Then, is it finally time for compensation settlement?”

“okay. Then slowly.”

―The compensation settlement for the 3rd floor of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil begins.

Jaehyun crossed his arms.

“Shall we settle the reward?”

* * *

Outskirts of Asgard.

In an inn room on the other side of a remote slum, Tyr is seen suffering from a hangover.

He was distraught from having had a great time here last night.

Her clothes are disheveled and only her upper body is barely covered with a gown, and traces of last night’s hot love affair remain everywhere.

There was a huge sword mark on his upper body that looked like it had been crossed by a greatsword. It was a wound that had formed during the battle during the first Ragnarok in the past.

The ugly face of a drunk man.

It was a look that could not be thought of as a god of war and justice.

But then.

Suddenly, Tyr’s eyes suddenly open and a voice flows from him.

“hmm… I didn’t expect you to come find me.”

With his icy voice, a shapeless black figure began to sway from the long pure white curtains.

Eventually, it took the form of a person.

No, to be precise, there is a crow in it.

It would be more accurate to call it a monster in human form.

“Is that so.”

The owner of the voice heard was none other than Hugin.

He parted his lips as he watched Tyr rise from the bed.

“First, I would like to tell you one piece of news.”

“What do you mean by news?”

“The adversary has broken through the third level of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil.”

Tyr’s eyebrows twitched as he calmly adjusted his clothes and rose from his seat.

He paused for a moment and looked up at Hugin.

“… That’s kind of hard news to hear.”

“I guess so.”

Tyr clicked his tongue and said.

“You talk like it’s someone else’s business.”

after. Tyr let out a short breath and stood up.

“so. Why did the great Odin’s raven visit me?”

“There is something I want to ask you.”

Hugin was so lucky.

Tyr said, spreading his arms as if he were willing to do so.

“Ask anything. Odin’s raven.”

After that, there was silence for a while.

Tyr tilted his head. It was because she felt that Hugin’s behavior was strange somewhere.

I had a hunch that the question he would ask of himself would be trivial.

just as expected.

After the silence that followed, the story he heard was enough to disturb Tyr’s mind.

“Tir, have you ever met the adversary? 10,000 years ago, in the past.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tyr had no choice but to respond to his words.

It was unpleasant.

There was no way he could remember at least a human being, and the opponent was a child who had been born less than 20 years ago.

It means that even if it has gained a status, it is nothing more than slightly better trash.

Even more so, 10,000 years ago must be referring to the time when the first Ragnarok took place in the past.

He can’t remember the person he killed then… .

“He’s a guy that looks like this. At the time of the Red Gate, I was not in a hurry, so I brought it thinking that I couldn’t see the face properly.”

Hugin held out a picture of the enemy and said,

and that moment.


An embarrassed voice came out of Tyr’s mouth.

He couldn’t help but be genuinely perplexed.

‘What is this?’

I don’t know, but… Tyr was convinced.

He knows this person.

I also remembered seeing it at the time of Ragnarok 10,000 years ago.

Huggin, as the damn crow said.

Although it’s just a blurry shard… .

Tyr started thinking over and over again to remind himself of the human he called the adversary in his scattered mind. However, the memories continued to scatter.

In the sea of ​​memories drifting in the form of fragments, he remained silent.

* * *

With the sound of the system, the time for settlement of rewards has arrived.

Jaehyun listened quickly to the voice and confirmed the information.

What will TOP give himself this time?

With a swollen heart, Jaehyun confirmed what he had newly acquired.

It wasn’t an artifact at all, as I thought.

―The 3rd tier clear reward is given.

―The Climber has cleared all 《The Dragon Slayer and the Song of Tragedy》.

―Receive the protection of Sigurd.

―The crafting level of the dragon slayer Balmung has increased by 1!

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