I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 325

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Episode 325: Tag (1)

By the time Jae-Hyun and Seo In-Na finish their capture of the Golden King.

The other colleagues were also almost breaking through the first tier.

Now, if you open the last door, everything will end.

However, a mysterious voice suddenly came from here.

[The climbers on the opposite side of the Spiral Tower (2 people below) have successfully climbed the first tier with the hidden route!]


For some reason, Kwon So-yul couldn’t help but feel bitter feelings at this point. A cold sense of uneasiness brushes against her shoulder.

just as expected.

I heard the voices of Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Ho-yeon from the back.

“what?! Hidden route?!”

“As expected, it’s Jaehyun and Ina. We can’t lose either!”

“okay! Let’s go right now and find a hidden route or something!”

The two muttered, burning their will.

It seemed like things were getting bigger.

Kwon So-yul tried to persuade them, but he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut at the expression of the two people asking him to guide them on the way immediately.

Lee Jae-sang looked at her and asked with a teary face.

“… Soyul, by any chance, that hidden clear… It has nothing to do with the monster you found earlier, right?”

“… Probably 90 percent.”

Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul were people with rational judgment and fear.

However, the other two were different. They seemed to be full of thoughts that they would somehow catch up with Jaehyun and Seo Ina.

They clenched their fists.

“This is how it happened. Let’s clear the tower perfectly!”

“Right! That’s right!”

“Soyul… .”

“Don’t keep calling me. Because I feel like crying too.”

Kwon So-yul sighed as he looked at Lee Jae-sang, who had the same thoughts as him.

The only corner to rely on here is Lee, the weakest!

Is this a story that makes sense?

On that day, Kwon So-yul felt like he wanted to see Jae-hyun for some reason.

* * *

After Jaehyun and Ina Seo cleared all the 1st floor.

The two were sent to a place.

There was a white room all around, but the system said this was the waiting room of the Spiral Tower.

A place to take a break after settling rewards before attacking the next floor. It was probably the place Yggdrasil had prepared for the climbers of the tower.

By the time Jaehyun and Ina Seo came to their senses.

The system sound that had been heard a while ago was heard again.

This was something the two of them had been waiting for.

[You have attacked the 1st floor of the Spiral Tower with the hidden route.]

[Golden King’s Legacy (Myth-equipment item) will be paid separately.]

[You have obtained 《The Key to the Treasure House of the Gods》.]

―Displays item information.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Saddle of the Golden King (pet only)

Class: Mythic

It is one of the mythological class weapons possessed by the Golden King. You can ride on medium-sized or larger pets.

It is mainly used for pets such as horses and dragons.

1. When equipped, speed and acceleration increase by 150%.

2. All stats +100

*All stats apply to the owner of the pet as a 1/4 value.

The item that Jaehyun got was truly eye-catching.

Basically, pet items are rare and hard to find…

What kind of myth?

On top of that, the artifacts that calibrate my stats were even more absurd. The same goes for the number being 100.

Not only that, he also received a whopping 25 all stats correction just by equipping the pet item.

It is a scam in many ways.

‘Is it also a myth level? I was worried because I didn’t have a saddle for Poppy, but it went well.’

Jaehyun also looked at the items he got next.

[Special item]

Name: Key to the Treasury of the Gods (copy key)

Class: Mythic

It is the key to enter the treasure house of the gods.

It is destroyed when used once as a duplicate.

‘It’s the key to enter the treasure house of the gods… I don’t know about it right now, but it seems like there will be something to use unconditionally in the future. I’ll have to take good care of it.’

Jaehyun smiled.

When he turned his head, he saw Seo In-na, whose eyes were wider than his own.

It seems that she also got a great item.

“… Jaehyun, an item of this grade… I didn’t know it really existed… .”



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Seo Ina shared her item window with Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was curious inside, so he moved his gaze to the window.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Alfheim’s Pendant

Class: Mythic

A pendant containing the essence of Alfheim. You can use the power of elves.

1. Temporarily amplifies magic by 300% when using divine property magic.

(Cooldown 2 hours)

2. The grade of all divine attribute magic rises by +1.

* You will win the favor of all elves.

This, too, was an item at a level that left enough to roll the eyes.

Apparently, the Golden King’s Legacy was paid according to the class of the user who cleared the ruins.

If not, there would be no way that she and Seo Ina would have been given the right artifacts like they are now.

Jaehyun nodded.

“This is mine. It’s a pet-only item.”

After showing her item information to Seo Ina, Jaehyun moved in earnest.

Putting the saddle on Poppy was put off for a while. It was because it was impossible to mount a saddle unless you were using giantization.

Just like that, around the time when all items and rewards were settled.

―Transfer climbers to the 2nd floor of the Spiral Tower of Yggdrasil.

At the same time as the system sound was heard, Jaehyun’s vision was covered in complete darkness as if a curtain had been drawn. It was a familiar feeling by now.

Soon after, the sound of the system was heard again, and the sight brightened.

* * *

―You have arrived at Yggdrasil’s Spiral Tower 《2nd Floor: Hide and Seek Floor》.

Jaehyun suddenly opened his eyes.

He placed a hand on his messy head and thought for a moment.

get drunk

It was a fairly unique keyword to appear in climbing Yggdrasil Tower.

Jaehyun looked around first.

The sound of crickets was heard, and grass and huge stones were scattered around.

“… It seems that the neighborhood is a graveyard. To be precise, because Hella once told me that the tombs of a small number of Vikings were built this way. It probably must be.”

In fact, it was quite different from the general Viking funeral method.

Originally, when a person dies, it is customary for the Vikings to send them away on a boat and set fire to them to completely erase their existence.

However, Hella and Hella have told us that sometimes burials are held in this way.

Very few, but anyway. Judging from the current situation, this must have been the graveyard.

“… huh. surely… It just looks gloomy.”

Seo Ina also agreed and nodded her head.

“Hehehehehehehe! Mumu—it’s scary!”

Ratatosque, terrified, jumped up and clung to Jaehyun’s leg.

Poppy grunted a little at this.

I don’t want to lose my owner, is this?

After stroking Papi with a proud expression, Jaehyun started to look around the area again.

A few things were known.

First of all, wet ground.

This meant that it had just rained or that the cemetery existed in a very deep mountain.

It will probably be the main key to clearing the quest and going to the next floor.

The second was that the tombs were lined up without order.

There were no tombstones anywhere, and all of them were crude and looked like they were topped with large stones.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem like a graveyard for those with high status.

The third was that there was a gravekeeper guarding the grave near it.

Seo In-na instinctively felt fear, and unconsciously, she squeezed Jae-hyun’s arm. Her jaehyun lightly calmed her down and then looked in front of her.

The guy in front of me seems to know something… .

‘I don’t know the details, so the priority is to put it on hold and figure out the situation.’

Jaehyun was quite familiar with fear. Darkness like now has been encountered more often than ever.

He strode up to the gravekeeper and tried to ask something.

It was then.

Suddenly, the face of the gravekeeper who was holding the gardening tools twisted strangely and began to stare into Jaehyun’s eyes.

Jaehyun’s heart started beating fast.

* * *

Odin’s throne. Hugin stands tall beside him.

he said, lowering his head.

“As instructed, the climbing conditions on the second floor have been modified. Even the 3rd floor is being modified somehow… It seems like it will take a long time.”

“For now, that was enough. No matter how strong the adversary is, it will be difficult to quickly pass the changed 2nd floor test.”

It was Odin who changed the conditions for climbing the second floor a moment ago.

It was not easy to correct this because the higher the floor, the more one’s abilities do not reach properly, but…

At least it was set up enough to pass the time.

‘It would be best if he died there… It can’t be like that.’

Odin was already not underestimating the opponent’s abilities.

It was Jaehyun who had already brought great shame to himself by killing his followers and Juwon during the Limit Breaker.

From then on, Odin became alert to him.

“Adversary… .”

Odin thought as he repeated the title to modify him several times.

10,000 years ago, the three Norn sisters.

And Loki, who escaped from prison.

They all said they would step down from the throne.

That he would be killed by the adversary and would lay down everything he was holding.

But Odin didn’t think so at all.

No matter how fate ordained his death, he would not be shaken.

Then, at the end, Odin spat out the one word he had been thinking about all along.

“I will never give in to prophecies.”

The pupil on his right shone brilliantly with a golden light.

It was the exact same color as the opponent who was aiming for his neck.

* * *

“You are a stranger.”


A grotesquely bent neck.

It was a structure that no one could come out of. Jaehyun swallowed his saliva and looked at the grave keeper carefully.

‘Gender is male… He’s an old man, and he looks like he’s a little over eighty… .’

He was not very strong, he was a man with some magical powers.

Jaehyun asked calmly, wary of him.

“you’re right. How did you know?”

“Since the costumes are different, it is not that difficult to tell them apart. In addition, foreigners sometimes visit this village, so the response is quite familiar to me.”

“Where are you?”

Jaehyun went straight to the main point. I need some information about this place.

There was nothing I could do to get to the next floor as quickly as possible.

Ratatosque looked up and climbed onto Jaehyun’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ‘interference of the stairs’.

Originally, ii-i- this is the way to climb this floor, no-no! It looks like Odin–something–did it!”

Jaehyun immediately understood the meaning.

It means that Odin noticed that he was climbing Yggdrasil and interfered with it.

I had heard from Hella that this might happen, so I was preparing my mind.


The moment you set foot here, Odin can’t help but notice your movements.

What the anti-Esir coalition members had told him was still clear in his ears.

[Anyway, I have no choice but to overcome them and climb the tower. Odin must be frantic to kill you.]

[Yes. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to die. We can’t do anything about it, now you and your colleagues have no choice but to make a proper accident.]

‘Anyway. Because it doesn’t defy expectations. Odin, this trash.’

Just like that, when Jaehyun noticed the abnormality.

I felt a sticky gaze in front of me.

Jaehyun lifted his head and looked ahead. Suddenly, the grave keeper was facing Jaehyun’s face with two menacing eyes.

He said.

“This is the tomb of the ‘one who walks again’.”

“The tomb of the one who walks again?”

At that moment, along with Jaehyun’s question, a quest window popped up.

―The main quest 《Tomb of the Re-Walker》 has arrived.

―Displays quest information.

[Main Quest]

Grave of those who walk again

Avoid the walkers again, find the stalker here and kill him.

TIP) Make full use of hide points hidden throughout the map.

*Hide Point erases the user’s odor, but not the sound.

*The use of some skills is restricted until the quest is cleared. The number of limited skills continues to increase.

* The tagger is hiding among those who walk again.

*To defeat the tagger, you must kill him in the place where he was first born.

Jaehyun tilted his head.

What in a cemetery like this?

Do you want to play hide and seek?

“Beware of those who walk again.”


The gravekeeper’s voice was heard once more, and the tree branches made a dreary sound of crunching.

Jaehyun raised his gaze, which had been lowered for a moment, and looked at the gravekeeper.

But, at that moment. Something completely unexpected happened.

Goosebumps slowly began to form all over Jaehyun’s body, and his hair stood on end.

The reason was simple.

The tombstone had already disappeared without a trace.

What was even more frightening was that neither Seoina nor Ratatosque had seen him disappear.

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