I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 286

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Episode 286: Hoyeon Ahn (1)

After the many-to-one match in the circle rankings ended with a rather bland landslide victory.

The one-on-one ranking match continued smoothly.

Jaehyun easily overpowered his opponent in the quarterfinals, and finally a big match was concluded.

Jaehyun and Ahn Hoyeon are in the same circle.

A confrontation was created between the two.

The two now stood facing each other in the amphitheater.

“Are they really okay? I hope the kids don’t get hurt. Once the kids catch fire, they have a bit of a personality.”

“… I know.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na watched the two of them shaking their hands.

Jae-Hyun and Ahn Ho-Yeon in the round arena. That they are smiling is probably unknown to most people.

Because it was very faint and only visible to each other.

“I waited for this to happen. I said it during the freshman hunt. I will fight you again.”

“It did. It’s already been several months since then. Time goes by so fast.”

Jaehyun shuddered.

However, Ahn Ho-yeon’s expression was serious.

There seemed to be no will to do anything moderately to save face for the circle leader. Jaehyun was satisfied again.

willingness to move on.

Jaehyun’s colleagues all had it, and now he is also gaining a lot of help and momentum.

And the words of Ahn Ho-yeon. It also inspired the will to reproduce.

During the freshman hunt in the past, when Ahn Ho-yeon was released from Gu Ja-in’s brainwashing. He gave Jaehyun his name tag and said.

that you will definitely get it back so it’s giving

Milles School Festival. Let’s meet there.

And finally the time has come.

Jaehyun was well aware of how much Ahn Hoyeon had grown up to now. However, after tutoring with Ballack, we do not know to what extent he has risen.

It would be quite fun to check his skills properly now.

“I’ll let you know the gap here again.”

“However much.”

After a brief conversation and greetings between the two of them.

Along with the mic noise, the commentary and caster’s start signal dropped.

“Then, the quarter-finals begin. The target is Ahn Ho-yeon and Min Jae-hyeon. They are members of the same Circle Nine.”

“Daejin is really sad. It would have been much better for them to have two people from the same circle meet in the final.”

“That’s right. But the positive thing is that here, one person will definitely be given the opportunity to challenge the highest place!”


The atmosphere is like a medieval Colosseum.

People are in a frenzy, and the two are holding their breath and looking for gaps in each other.

In this situation, even a moment of misjudgment can lead to defeat.

just wait And after observing how the enemy moves, it’s like snatching it.


shoot out

The long sword for training in Jaehyun’s hand collides with Ahn Hoyeon’s sword.

Sparks fly from each other’s eyes. Within the brief exchange of glances. As if they read each other’s movements accurately, the swords blended.

A sword that is tenaciously entangled like a snake fighting a snake.

That was what Ahn Ho-yeon taught Jae-hyeon directly.

“Jaehyun, you’ve become pretty good at swords too, haven’t you?”

“I had a lot to write about. I know you’ve already seen it.”


As the two men shuffle their swords for longer, the tension in the crowd is also rising.

The sword silently pioneered its own sword path, and the opponent read each other’s intentions and cut their swords.

It was a level that a freshman, or no cadet, could not possibly show.

“I know you saved my mother.”

Ahn Ho-yeon suddenly said that while putting strength into the wrist holding the sword.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders with a small smile on his lips.

“I see.”

Jaehyun didn’t deny it. She had a vague idea that she already knew. She doesn’t even have to hide it anyway.

it’s what you did Not bad either.

“I’d like to say thank you, but after this fight is over.”

“Do you have any reason to delay saying that?”

“If you say that now.”


In Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes, one of his main skills, the blue flower, finally begins to bloom.

The corners of his mouth drew an arc.

“Looks like you looked after me when I lost.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but laugh at Ahn Hoyeon’s words.

“Look at me? you? It seems too early.”

As soon as their gazes collided, a huge wave of magical energy erupted.

It soon started engulfing the entire arena.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.



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Jaehyun uses chain magic to keep his distance from the enemy, while putting magic into his sword. This is a preliminary move to destroy the enemy with a single attack.

In order for Ahn Ho-yeon to push a proper attack, he had to break through that defense.

However, it is impossible to bring out divine powers or S-class skills. Isn’t it her own colleague?

It was good to break his will in moderation here.

However, the moment Jaehyun weaved a chain and fired at him.


He watched as An Ho-yeon’s sword cut through his chains.

‘The chain of lightning is an A-class skill. It’s not something that can be cut with a training sword.’

Jaehyun’s accident continued quickly.

Yeah, that was it.

Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

“you… Are you facing S-class now?”

Why is Ahn Ho-yeon so strong? The reason was simple.

It was because he was now gradually reaching the level of S-class.

With each breath, his sword slowly begins to sharpen.

Jaehyun decided to change his strategy.

It seems that he will not be able to defeat him unless he also demonstrates some level of skill.

Such thoughts ran through Jaehyun’s head.

* * *

Meanwhile, countless people watching the battle between the two on TV were holding their breath.

Basically, the Milles School Festival is broadcast live nationwide. That’s why the ratings are also very high, and the popularity is high.

A level that almost surpasses the status of the Olympics or World Cup.

If it is enough to surpass sports that have built up a history of hundreds of years, it is not difficult to guess how high the name value is.

Jaehyun’s mother, Seonhwa Lee, also enjoyed these events.

… If only it was normal that my son wouldn’t come out.

‘You should do well… I can’t hurt my son… .’

She watched the battle nervously with a worried expression on her face.

“her… Jaehyun and Ahn Hoyeon are friends… You’re being too harsh on that friend.”

I heard the voice of a familiar man next to me. They were Kim Yoo-jung’s parents who visited the house to enjoy the live broadcast of the festival together.

Due to lack of time, I couldn’t go directly to the site. We decided to gather and cheer together like now.

At the bottom right of the TV, various chats were also appearing.

[Anonymous 1: Ahn Ho-yeon vs Min Jae-hyun… Isn’t it the first time since the unreleased video during the freshman hunt? But Ahn Ho-yeon can’t play the game. I feel like I’m being pushed by Min Jaehyun. I was crazy until the previous game.]

[Anonymous 12: So… . But this seems like Min Jaehyun is crazy. Because Ahn Ho-yeon fights well? But Min Jaehyun fights better haha]

[Anonymous 81: They both look good. Is this country?]

[Anonymous 72: It’s just an overwhelming car… Can’t we give Min Jae-hyun the championship and start over?]

[Anonymous 3: I don’t know. I heard that there are still those transfer students left?]

[Anonymous 99: Do you believe that hahaha]

Lee Seon-hwa knew well the handsome boy who was fighting with his son.

Ahn Ho-yeon. It was someone I had heard from Jaehyun several times.

‘I shouldn’t have been too harsh.’

Of course I want my son to win, but he had a bit of a bad habit.

Just the desire to win. His excessive desire to compete was the cause (?) of destroying his sociability.

Maybe that’s why it didn’t take a day or two for me to come back from a fight with my friends. Even after middle school, I thought of myself and reduced it a bit… .

‘Now that expression… It’s just like back then.’

Seonhwa Lee knew. That the expression Jaehyun is making right now is dangerous.

Kim Yoo-jung’s parents were cheering for Jae-hyun.

It was a thank you. Anyway, even though we’re close, it’s really difficult to support someone else’s son like this… .

“Cheer up, my son-in-law!”

“Cheer up, Jaehyun! Damn, we have to fight well from now on if we want to take responsibility for our fierce Yu-jeong!”

… Of course, the cheering phrase was a bit strange.

* * *

Chaeeng! Chaeeng!

“Huh… Heo-eok… .”

The thing that fills the eyes of Ahn Ho-yeon, who woke up from his thoughts, was the sword.

A sword that strikes in succession and creates sparks.

Now, while using the blue and white sword to its limit, he is being pushed back by Jaehyun with pure swordsmanship.

It’s amazing.

The highest star of martial arts aptitude 92. Rookie.

Wasn’t that the nickname the public called Ahn Ho-yeon?

However, Jaehyun surpassed even that in just a few months.

Indeed, it would have been impossible without overwhelming talent and hard work.

However, it was also a landscape that was vividly sketched in front of my eyes.

“ha… .”


A spark burns with heavy breathing.

between the sword and the sword. In the void that created a sword path, a beam of light deflected. Everything came closer and closer as if flickering in Ahn Ho-yeon’s field of vision.

The sword of Jaehyun is heavy.

Especially if it is a slash action that is fired from close range.

Ahn Ho-yeon briefly recalled the face of Jae-hyun, who had asked him to teach him the sword for the first time.

At that time, Jaehyun told him that he would learn swordsmanship even though he was already the best rookie in the magic world. that we can help each other.

I said so.

Actually, he was right.

Ahn Ho-yeon also learned a lot from him and became stronger, and he also improved his sword skills.

For Ahn Ho-yeon, what happened at that time still remains as a big shock.

When he first learned the sword with his father. He had gripped the sword while being told to clear away everything in front of him.

But it wasn’t a sword.

I tried to save people, but it only brings more pain.

He couldn’t really save himself.

It became increasingly difficult to wield the sword, and the mind was worn out.

Every moment the sword became heavy.

Why am I swinging my sword now?

Ahn Ho-yeon was too young to know that, and he did not know that he was being destroyed.

The burden pressed down on both of my shoulders, and I couldn’t even feel that I could breathe because I was choking.

To Ahn Ho-yeon.

No, Jaehyun held out his hand to me.

It opened the way for us to move forward and allowed us to head towards it.

so it can’t get any worse

can’t get out of here

I will reach him somehow, even just a little bit.

Quaang! Coudantang.

My body rolls on the floor.

Jaehyun skillfully drove me into a blind spot by mixing all sorts of magic and sword.

In fact, the body had already been broken for a long time. It seemed that a few ribs were broken, and that the neck was slightly sore as well, which was not normal.

Legs, arms, shoulders. everything is not fine

But why at that moment? I thought so.

‘Looking back now, it was really fortunate that I met Jaehyun. If only I hadn’t run to save the Witchbeast that day.’

If it hadn’t been for a moment of courage.

Maybe he became close with Jaehyun, and he couldn’t come until now.


Swords collide once again and the earth is broken. Legs burrow through cracks in the floor, blood gushing through clenched gums.

He remembered what Balak said when he looked after him.

The sword is heavy, but its tip is sharp.

I repeated the words, adding speed to the sword, and began to add mana.

Right now, my realm is clearly A-level top.

In the eyes of others, it was a level that could be described as a genius, or more.

But, no.

this isn’t enough


Exhale. and look ahead

Jaehyun is standing.

He is in the same position as me, making the movements I taught him.

No more cheers in my ears.

mix swords And you have to win.

My mind was filled with just that thought.

Guin. I will also punish the man who gave her mother a hard time.

Also, to do that.

“If I don’t become stronger, it will be difficult.”

―The system responds to your will!

―The user has awakened a unique skill!

―You have succeeded in acquiring the passive skill 《Sword of Faith》!

At that moment, the system responded to my will.

Although it was a miracle. It wasn’t sudden at all.

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