I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 233

Episode 233 Red Mission (3)

The inside of the dungeon was a forest full of greenery.

In the middle of the flood, Jaehyun, his colleagues, and Jeongchan were abandoned.

As if they had become Robinson Crusoe, everyone was looking around with bewildered expressions.

Among them, the only thing familiar was dinner.

He had the experience of visiting a dungeon once in the process of checking a gate in the past, and was relatively familiar with the current situation.

‘It’s the same as I’ve seen before.’

Fortunately, the level or strength of the gate has hardly changed since then. It’s probably not a big deal unless there’s an accident.

Jaehyun raised his mana and looked around.

“Soyul-senpai, please start mapping first, and Jae-sang-senpai, please wait here with Ina and Hoyeon.

And Kim Yoo-jung, come and look around with me.”

“uh? uh… … .”

After Jaehyun said that, they split up and decided to start clearing the dungeon.

It was then.

“Wait a minute! This is a B-level dungeon! You know it’s dangerous to split up and move around here, right?”

Jeong-chan said while looking at Jae-hyun as if he was embarrassed. It was something he couldn’t understand.

However, Jaehyun only nodded his head with a calm expression.

“It’s okay, so don’t worry. If you’re so anxious, stay here too. We’ll check the surroundings and come back.”

“what… … !”

Jeong-chan thought that Jae-hyun was cheating on him.

This place is on a different level from other gossip dungeons.

No matter how Jaehyun is Yeonhwa’s follower, even if he has the S-class skill, Frozen Earth.

It was impossible to clear the B-class dungeon alone, which is called the tomb of many raiders.

Basically, Raiders team up and go into battle.

Also, the most important thing in the process is survival.

It was common sense that it was safe to move as many raiders as possible in one place in a B-class or higher dungeon.

However, Jaehyun, the leader of Nine, made a different choice. As Jeong-chan, it was a judgment that could not be understood.

Are you trying to abandon your colleagues because of your own greed?

‘Hey, at this point, no matter how famous Min Jae-hyun’s colleague is, there will be a backlash… … .’

“okay. We’ll find a place as safe as possible nearby. Contact me if necessary.”

Jae-hyun nodded at Ahn Ho-yeon’s words and started to move across the forest with Kim Yoo-jung.

“Hey, wait! Go with me!”

Kim Yoo-jung followed him with a sigh.

By the way, the reason why Jaehyun moves with her now is simple.

‘From now on, I have to properly take care of Kim Yoo-jung. I can’t let you die this time either. Well, even if it’s not that, since he’s good at wind magic, he’ll be of great help in the forest.’

Of course, even if it was a red mission, it wasn’t a dangerous dungeon at all for Jaehyun.

But he knew.

That variables can arise in any dungeon.

Also, this variable always ends in tragedy.


“… … Even if you don’t tell me, do you know?”

When the two of them went through the forest and explored the surroundings.

Each of the remaining parties quickly began to carry out their assigned missions.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul started pitching a tent in search of a safe place, and found a place where they could cook food.

Lee Jae-sang was preparing and arranging the potions so that they could be used anytime, anywhere.

“… … Then I will stand guard.”

Seo In-na was in charge of the surrounding boundaries. Originally, at the beginning of a dungeon, it is basic that monsters do not appear often, but dungeons that are open on all sides like this place are different.

Witch Beasts enjoy hunting Raiders who are full of mana.

Like the Dark Elves, it was even more so if the Witch Beast had intelligence.

Meanwhile, Jeong-chan, who was watching all this, muttered with his mouth wide open.

‘What the hell are these bastards… … What are they doing?’

He thought about that before entering the dungeon. He recalled a conversation he had with the mayor.

* * *

1 hour before.

Go Pilseong’s office.

“so. Adjust this mission to fail as much as possible. Are you saying that?”

“That’s right. Just make sure they take out as many monsters as possible. Everything that can be plucked must be plucked and eaten.”

Go Pilseong said with a fishy smile.

In fact, he had no intention of letting Jaehyun clear the dungeon from the first time he heard about the bet.

In the first place, it is absurd to safely close the B-level gate at the level of a cadet. In addition, he was the nature to enjoy freebies.

What if you use the Nine members appropriately to deal with the beast, then dispatch other raiders to catch the boss separately?

Then you can close the gate without spending any extra points.

Huge profits will also follow.

The dinner across the street was well aware of this. He knew very well that when he successfully completed this task, he would receive a decent reward from Ko Pil-seong.

Jeong-chan nodded, looking at Go Pil-seong’s shiny eyes.

“of course. Just leave it to me.”

Go Pil-seong reveals money, but he is not stingy.

Even though there have been numerous bribery charges so far, the fact that he has not been imprisoned is entirely due to his ability to shine.

“But don’t be too careless.”

“So, shouldn’t it be life? No matter how much I didn’t finish Milles Academy… … I am also a Class A Raider.

Don’t worry too much.”

Jeong-chan bent down to say hello and went outside.

As you can tell from his tone, Jeong-chan had a strong resentment towards Miles.

It was because he applied to the academy in the past and failed twice and left the other radar academy.

To him, Milles is a trashy academy that failed to recognize his talent.

Also, Jaehyun was just a monster created by the academy for media play.

‘Probably my actual skills are terrible. tell me wisely That I’m better.’

After a while, Jeong-chan cried and cried, thinking of the cadets who would cling to him.

Thinking of the guys called the elite praised by the world grabbing their pants crotch and crying and screaming made me feel better already.

* * *

present again.

Jeong-chan had to admit that his plan was a bit twisted.

The rest of the cadets didn’t encounter the Witchbeast, so even though it’s okay… … It was because when Jae-hyeon and Kim Yoo-jung returned, the things they brought shocked him.

“There were few of them nearby. I think we should go a little deeper.”

Jaehyun said so and put his booty down on the floor.

With a patter, the essence of the corrupted spirits poured out of his arms. There are about thirty of them.

“… … Are you saying you two handled this together?”

Jaehyun laughed while looking at the finished tent, ignoring the muttered dinner.

“Hey, it seems your tent-making skills are getting better. Has it become quite usable?”

“of course. It’s difficult if you’ve had a little more training like this.”

Ahn Ho-yeon said that and laughed at the same time.

Kwon So-yul next to him kept writing something on the newly brought touchpad.

Seeing several potion bottles spilled on the floor, it seemed that he was using his own skill.

Her search skills are highly effective anytime, anywhere.

It will be of great help in finding a way to quickly clear the dungeon.

“Is things going well?”

“so so. Anyway, I want to ask you something.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kwon Soyul let go of his rhyme and said.

She narrowed her eyes as she looked at Jaehyun.

It was because he instinctively realized that something was wrong with his body.

“The apple you fed us that day… … What is that?”

Come to think of it, Kim Yu-jung said the same thing in a battle a while ago.

An apple that Jaehyun cut himself. After eating this, he began to clearly realize that his body had changed.

‘It seems Inana and Hoyeon haven’t noticed yet.’

His colleagues will clearly experience the effect of the apology in this dungeon raid.

An elixir that increases magical power.

This wasn’t something you could easily get anywhere.

In the first place, Idun’s golden apples were grown in God’s garden. If nothing changes after eating these items, that would be even more strange.

“It’s not that great… … It is expensive.”

“Expensive… … ? also… … So the effect was amazing… … !”

Kwon So-yul was basically a person steeped in materialism.

As soon as she heard that the apple Jaehyun handed her was an expensive item, she nodded her head with her face flushed.

“Suddenly he went missing and came back to his senses. Have you finally realized the importance of her colleagues?”

“Sometimes you talk like I’ve been mean again. Even though you already picked up a lot.”


Kwon So-yul quickly understood.

In fact, the reason she asked Jaehyun about the apology was simple.

A little while ago, when he used his unique skill Search. It made it possible to search a wider range without difficulty than before.

In the case of Kim Yoo-jung, it was an increase in the total amount of horsepower and an increase in proficiency.

The rest will have a similar effect.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel good about the situation going smoothly.

While searching the dungeon with Kim Yoo-jung, he saw a den of monsters, and it was full of hundreds of B-class or higher beasts.

Jaehyun can’t even dream of leveling up if he catches it… … .

‘What if I sweep the stat points through the level up of the kids?’

That was the business that remained.

Jaehyun sang a hum song and spread his mana widely.

The colleagues who would raise their stats were not aware of this fact, and were just focusing on clearing the dungeon.

‘Now then, shall we begin in earnest?’

When Jaehyun raises the corner of his mouth thinking that. On the other side of the chair, Jeong-chan gnashed his teeth at the thoughts that came to her head.

‘You can’t let these guys clear the dungeon… … I have to do something!’

If this was the case, it would have been a situation where things could go wrong.

If that happens, the beans that fall on him will disappear, and he has to withdraw his plan to feed the cadets of Miles Academy.

Is this the end of your grand plan?

You can’t do that!

Jeong-chan thought so and glared at Jae-hyun. She still had a slim and handsome face, but unlike the first time, I could feel a strange force.

It must have been because he had personally witnessed the essence of the fallen spirit collected a moment ago.

‘But that would be a lie. I caught a few by accident, but it must have been a heap of essence!

Otherwise, it’s impossible to get rid of that many things in this amount of time.’

Aren’t they monsters from a B-class dungeon?

Even if the cadets formed a party and could deal with five or six of them, it would be impossible to defeat that number quickly.

That was Jeong-chan’s conclusion.

… … But he didn’t know.

That Jaehyun was already aware of his disturbing movements.

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