I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 199

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Episode 199: School Trip (1)

―Fafnir II’s experience has risen to the level limit.

―Clear quests for higher growth.

―A new quest has been accepted.

―Accept the sub-quest 《The Dragon’s First Growth》.

[Sub Quest]

Dragon’s first growth

Defeat the boss monster sleeping in Lake Chuzenji, Japan and find a way to grow your dragon.


1. Defeat the boss monster.

2. Growth of Fafnir II.

Difficulty: S+


Increase Fafnir II’s rank by 1.

The quest window that popped up on Jaehyun.

This would be of great help in developing his power.

Growth of Fafnir II. Jaehyun had no reason to refuse.

“Papi was a big help when I defeated Chae Ji-yoon. He caught the enemy who was trying to escape.”

Hella also said that and advised that Poppy’s growth is absolutely necessary.

Jaehyun also agreed.

According to Hella, Fafnir’s scales are much stronger than those of many demon beasts around the world.

Among the dragon scales, it is by far the highest level.

Although it is now weakened due to the state of Hetzling, it might be possible to regain a form beyond its heyday if it is grown.

“under… … I do have one problem though… … .”

“What’s the matter, are you sighing? It doesn’t suit you.”

“No matter how much the chairman is on my side, I skipped a lot of days to attend the academy.”

It was Jaehyun who had already skipped classes for several days at the time of Limit Breaker.

It was a situation where missing more than this class as a freshman could have an adverse effect on future promotions.

But you can’t miss the golden opportunity to grow Papi… … .

That was when he was struggling.

belt ring.

Suddenly, a text message arrived from Jaehyun.

There it was written:

[Sender: Kim Yoo-jung]

hey! What should we buy for our field trip?

Are you going to eat too?

* * *


after school.

Someone caught Seo Eana on her way to the hideout to talk about the school trip.

It was a girl in the same magic class. Her name was Yun Seon-ah, and she was a cadet whose brown hair gave off a soft impression.

Seo Ina tilted her head and asked.

“… … should be good Is something going on?”

“Oh no, nothing else… … .”

For some reason, Seo Ina felt a sense of wonder at Yoon Seon Ah’s hesitant appearance.

Wasn’t she the usual cheerful and shy personality?

But why are you stuttering so much today?

The reason could be immediately grasped from the following words.

“that… … Min Jaehyun, does he have a girlfriend?”

“… … huh? probably not… … ?”

“Oh really?!”

Yoon Seon-ah’s voice suddenly brightened noticeably.

She took Seo Ina’s hand and put something in her hand.

“Can you pass this on to Jaehyun? Be sure to ask for an answer too.”

“… … uh?”

The moment Seo Ina was about to say something, Yoon Seonah had already left.

Seo Ina looked at the object in her hand for a moment.

It was a beautifully wrapped handwritten letter.

A letter with Yun Seon-ah’s name written on the outside, with clear intentions.

For some reason, Seo Ina’s expression when she saw this became darker than usual.

‘… … Should I also tell them?’

Seo Ina looked at it for a while before putting it in her pocket.

And for a while, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was something on the edge of her stomach.

* * *

A few days later, after the incident was all settled.

Jaehyun, who has returned to the academy, is having a conversation with his colleagues at the hideout.

Hoyeon Ahn was the first to speak.

“It’s a school trip… … This time has already arrived.”



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Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na also received the words with excited expressions.

“I fight with monsters every day, but sometimes I have to take a break like this! After all, what does Chairman Kim Ji-yeon know?”

“… … huh!”

Kwon So-yul, who was resting his chin on the words of the two, interrupted.

“By the way, why did the destination of the school trip suddenly change? You weren’t supposed to go to America, were you?”

“G-g-g-g, ok… … .”

Jaesang Lee took the word.

In fact, the place originally planned as the destination of the school trip was the United States.

However, the schedule suddenly changed.

to Okinawa, Japan.


At that time, Jaehyun coughed with a puzzled look on his face.

“what? What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Kwon So-yul asked, but Jae-hyun did not answer.

He briefly remembered what had happened a few days ago.

[So can I change the destination of the school trip?]

[yes… … Will it be too hard?]

[no. I’ll try my best. After all, Japan was also one of the candidates. If there is a problem with the original destination, it will be somehow.]

Chairman Kim Ji-yeon readily accepted Jae-hyun’s proposal.

She was the one who helped him during the Limit Breaker incident.

Kim Ji-yeon had a clear justification for helping him.

[Then, we will contact you after adjusting the schedule.]

By doing this.

Jaehyun was able to change his destination from the US to Japan.

There was only one reason.

‘Because the place where the quest for Poppy’s rank up was carried out was Japan.’

To be precise, Lake Chuzenji in Nikko.

It was the epicenter of Kegon Falls, one of the three major waterfalls in Japan.

However, since the vicinity of Lake Chuzenji is a closed area by demons like Daegu and Baengnyeong Island, Jaehyun changed his destination to Okinawa, a popular travel destination in Japan.

It didn’t make sense to go on a school trip to a closed area in the first place, and even as Jaehyun, it was necessary to move alone to avoid being noticed by others.

In fact, Jaehyun already knew what type of monster was there.

‘It’s time to properly demonstrate the privilege of a returner once again.’

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow at that thought.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was watching this from the side, frowned.

“you… … Do you know that I get into trouble every time I make that expression?”

“Accidents are more likely to happen to you.”

“This is real… … So, why did you disappear this time?”

“just. I want to get some rest.”

After Jaehyun gave an appropriate answer to the question, he changed the topic.

“Looks like I need to buy some supplies for the school trip soon. Shall we split up the team?”

For Miles’ school trip, the cadets must prepare all food materials and necessary items.

Jaehyun was aware of this and suggested role sharing to his colleagues.

Kim Yoo-jung sighed and agreed, as if she had decided to close her eyes moderately.

“I don’t really talk until the end… … . okay. How about climbing the ladder?”

“… … good.”

Seo Ina also agreed.

Those sitting around ran the ladder climbing app on their smartphones.

After each person wrote down their name, they picked a number.

“please… … I’m a mart… … !”

“Nanana, I like the mart too.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Jae-sang seemed to want to go to the mart and see the market.

Well, it’s only natural that Kim Yoo-jung likes to eat.

It didn’t matter where Jaehyun was.


After a while. The result of the ladder climb came out.

The team was divided into three groups.

The first is Jaehyun and Seo Ina. I went to the mart to buy groceries.

The second is Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon So-yul. I was in charge of checking equipment and necessary items.

Lastly, Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang. They decided to prepare entertainment.

It was also thanks to Kim Yoo-jung’s strong insistence that such things are indispensable to travel.

anyway. In this way, the preparation team for the school trip was divided.

Jaehyun stood up first and said.

“Ina, then shall we go?”

“… … huh!”

* * *

“Oh, go see some tteokgalbi here! It’s so delicious!”

The place where solicitation is most active.

Jaehyun and Seo Eana had just arrived at the mart in the academy premises and were looking around.

They pulled a shopping cart, each carrying what he thought he needed.

Of course, all payments are made with points only. Basically, this is because the mart here is also an on-site facility.

Jaehyun brought the team members favorite food. Kimchi, which is essential for Koreans, and instant foods with strong seasonings.

It was unhealthy, but the taste was the best.

Seo Ina, who was watching this, said with a slight frown.

“… … You can’t buy too many of those things. It’s bad for your health.”

She started taking out Jaehyun’s instant food again.

Jaehyun said with a sad expression as he watched the cup noodles go out of the cart.

“no way. Still, it’s a school trip. How can I go without cup noodles at night… … .”

“… … no.”

Seo Ina was stubborn.

She glanced at Jaehyun with one eye closed.

“… … When I arrive, I’ll make you something much better than that.”

Jaehyun quickly understood what he said.

“Well, comparing Ina’s food with cup noodles is nonsense.”

Jaehyun unknowingly swallowed his saliva.

At Jaehyun’s words, Seo Ina smiled and looked around the ingredients.

But, then.

I could hear the murmur of the cadets nearby.

They also seemed to have come to buy supplies for the school trip.

“Hey. Aren’t they Min Jaehyun and Seoina?”

“Right. You’re doing very well these days. It’s surprising that freshmen made circles, but they say that even current students are eating them up.”

“But only the two of us came to the market together. Are you dating?”

“You’re dating just by looking at them~ They’re so damn handsome.”

“But they fit really well. Is it because you’re so respectful?”

“That’s right.”

The subject of the voices heard from the surroundings was clear.

Jaehyun and Seo Ina. The two of them were staring blankly at each other.

Jaehyun was the type who didn’t particularly care about rumors like this, so he wasn’t particularly impressed, but Seo Ina, who doesn’t have a good interpersonal relationship, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Embarrassed, she put her hands into the pockets of her jacket for a moment.

Then, he touched the letter he had received from Sunah Yoon a moment ago.

She pondered for a moment.

‘Is it really right to deliver this?’

It was a well-intentioned letter.

Yoon Seon-ah was interested in Jae-hyun. So she sent a love letter.

But for some reason she was reluctant to deliver this letter.

I felt rejected, and I was annoyed for some reason.

‘Why am I doing this?’

It was a feeling that even Seo Ina could not understand.

After thinking for a while, Seo Ina looked at Jaehyun’s back pushing the cart and asked cautiously.

“… … Jaehyun, why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“… … uh?”

Jaehyun’s walking speed slowed down a bit.

He said while keeping pace with Seo In-na.

“Why are you asking that all of a sudden?”

“… … No, just. I was wondering why a nice guy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.”

“Am I not that nice?”

Jaehyun smiled bitterly.

“And what… … The job of being a radar is very insecure. I don’t know when I’ll die… … What about people who are left alone when they die?

No one will understand anyway.”

It was a passing word, but Seo Eana felt warm consideration in those words.

Jaehyun was always like this.

He was more considerate of others than his own feelings, and always sacrificed.

‘… … That kind of warmth is Jaehyun’s charm, but… … .’

Seo Ina thought so, and was suddenly startled.

He felt his face turn red and his fever rising.

She pursed her lips several times and finally came to the conclusion.

“… … If there is a woman who understands you… … Are you going to date him then?”

Jaehyun’s head turned around for an instant and turned to Ina.

Her flushed face and quivering lips caught his eye.

A moment of silence passed.

Jaehyun looked into her eyes for a few seconds before finally opening his mouth.

“I am… … .”

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