I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 182

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Episode 182 Fafnir (1)

“It’s dark anyway.”


Balak murmured as he slashed the enemy with the balmung he held in his hand.

In front was a reservoir.

It was full of stagnant water that had not been managed and had rotted away.

The three of them didn’t care at all.

Anyway, if it’s purification magic, I have it.

Finding drinking water or food was not difficult.

“by the way. I’ve never seen such a strong draug since I was born. Do you know anything?”

It was Balak’s question to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“No, not at all.”

“As expected.”

My brow frowns without even realizing it. Jaehyun was also a part that I felt while fighting.

I didn’t feel that much when I was dealing with the Dark Elf a while ago. He realized that the monsters that appeared at some point were much stronger than their ranks.

It is highly likely that the uniqueness of the dungeon had an effect on this.

‘You have to be careful. I don’t know what will happen when.’

Camilla also sighed and looked around.

“under. How did things get so twisted… … Does this dungeon really have an end?”

A worrying question. But no one could answer.

‘We’ve been fighting for several hours already. And monsters of all kinds are appearing in a jumbled mess.’

Jaehyun was increasingly curious about Chae Jiyoon’s identity.

The ability to create gates.

I think it’s true that it has something to do with the Aesir god… …

There was still no corner to catch.

“There is a mountain over there.”

That was what Jaehyun said as he raised his head unexpectedly.

Camilla tilted her head.

“I know? I don’t think there was anything until just a moment ago… … What is it all of a sudden?”

After walking a little further, a huge mountain appeared that was hidden by rising water mist.

Judging from the plants growing naturally around them, at least they didn’t seem to be from the East.

‘Is it also transferred to a place related to Northern Europe?’

Jaehyun thought so and called out Balak, who was leading the way.

“From here on out, I’ll take the lead.”

Balak did not stop him.

All three of them are confused in an incomprehensible situation.

For now, it was better for Jaehyun, who knew even a little bit about Chae Jiyoon, to stand in front.

Even in normal dungeons, those who have good eyesight and are good at gathering information are always at the forefront.

“Then go.”

Saying that, Jaehyun walked through the raging wind toward the mountainside.

A place where deep magic power emanates.

It seemed like bingo.

―You have arrived at the depths of the Valley of Greed.

―Destroy the boss monster «Fafnir of Greed» and return to the original world.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

If it’s Fafnir… …

‘Could it be that Fafnir I know?’

* * *

In Norse mythology, there are several objects, gods, and humans that symbolize greed.

One of them is Fafnir.

It is the Dragon of Greed.

In the past, he was a dwarf, blinded by gold, killed his father, kicked out his second son Regin, and monopolized gold.

Thanks to this greed, he later turned into a dragon and guarded the gold alone in the mountains.

Perhaps at first, the valley of greed that the system spoke of was the place where he lived.

“Fafnir… … If you’re talking about the dragon in that myth, it’s really dangerous.”

Balak murmured from behind. Camilla also agrees.

“that’s right. I’ve dealt with a lot of twinhead ogres and trolls, but… … After all, to face the dragon in mythology. I can’t even measure the grade.”

“Whatever you think, it’s likely more than that.”

After Jaehyun said calmly, he broke through the bushes and went inside.

A little while ago, Chae Ji-yoon said.

If you clear this place, you will be able to save people who are in a coma.

It was an obvious strategy, but Jaehyun had no choice but to respond.

“You have to move quickly. I can’t let everyone die.”

Jaehyun hurriedly said that.

Camilla replied, biting her lip as if wondering.

“It feels so different from when I saw it in the great ruins… …

Jaehyun Min. What is the real you?”



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“Because everyone is ambivalent.”

After Jaehyun said that, he slowly moved into the forest.

As if the earth, imbued with soggy magic, was holding onto his ankles, he was slowing down his progress.

it’s near

Jaehyun, who intuitively found the location of the boss room, suddenly put his hand on his mouth.


Balak and Camilla also quickly held their breath at Jaehyun’s words and took a combat stance.

Jaehyun nodded.

“I think it must be that cave?”

In the direction Jaehyun pointed at, there was a small cave.

A size that seems quite small to be said to be a dragon.

However, it was clear that mana was flowing from the depths.

‘Perhaps Fafnir is in there.’

It wasn’t difficult to guess which rank it was.

Even in mythology, it was a monster that was evaluated as having the highest level of power.

At least an S-rank boss. no, it’s more than that

Jaehyun took the lead and stepped inside.

At that moment, a voice message was heard.

―You have found Fafnir’s nest.

Magical power and darkness suddenly poured out of the cave.

In an instant, it swallowed up Jaehyun, Balak, and Camilla all at once.


A short, clear sound escaped Balak’s mouth.

I don’t think the fight will be easy.

The three of them had a hunch, almost at the same time.

* * *

“so. Are you able to handle Draupnir enough to control Fafnir’s power now?”

A blonde man sitting at the front of the auction house said with a smile.

Chae Ji-yoon shook her head as she looked at the bracelet floating in the air.

“It is still incomplete. Complete control is almost impossible.

Well, it won’t be difficult to hunt both the opponent and the loser.”

“As expected, mythical artifacts are different. It can eradicate greed, and it can also open the ‘gate’.”

“Don’t covet. You got something better from him.”

“haha. is it?”

Man, Joo Won said as if it was not a big deal.

He came here a little while ago, knowing that Chae Ji-yoon was trying to destroy the enemy.

I was willing to help if needed.

But if things were going smoothly, there was no reason for him to step out.

“Is my turn going to disappear?”

“It’s because I’m too competent. But carelessness is not allowed. Outdoor camp… … The appearance of the adversary there was not something a human could possibly see.”

“Do you rarely give high ratings?”

The man was still smiling, but I was intrigued by Chae Ji-yoon’s evaluation.

Jiyoon Chae. She had a very low opinion of others.

In fact, Balak and Camilla, who had just entered together. Didn’t he say that he was a loser even against the two S-class raiders?

The fact that she gave such a good rating must mean that Jaehyun has a pretty useful corner.

“I want to stick with you.”

“I can’t kill you here anyway. Wouldn’t there be an opportunity at any time?”

“That’s right.”

He was quickly convinced.

The opponents of the prophecy cannot yet be killed directly due to the power of the prophecy.

“I mean ‘for the time being’ anyway.”

When Joo Won smiled and said, Chae Ji Yoon also smiled at the corner of her mouth.

The Aesir’s new plan to bring down the enemy.

This was the moment it started.

* * *

Fafnir’s nest was a damp and dark place.

This was a place full of skeletons, gold, and jewels of countless people.

A place commonly referred to as a dragon lair.

All kinds of valuables the dragon had collected were lined up. The three of them couldn’t help but sigh.

“There is a dragon rare in a place like this. As expected, Fafnir’s nest in mythology is different.”

These were Balak’s words.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

“It probably won’t be any different. Anyway, that’s Fafnir’s nest.”

Jaehyun said while looking at the oiled torches glistening around him.

In fact, he had a reason for saying this.

Although he had attacked countless other dungeons, he had never seen a place as luxurious as it is now.

No matter how you think about it, it’s the largest dungeon in your raider career.

Jaehyun thought this place was worthy of the reputation of Fafnir.

“Fafnir. I guess that guy… … Will you be strong?”

“of course.”

Balak took Camilla’s words.

It was natural. Considering Fafnir’s fame in mythology, it’s even more strange to think that his power would be weak.

After a while.

As they searched for the shady dragon lair, dragon monsters protruding along with countless gold coins attacked the three.

However, they weren’t that difficult.

Jaehyun broke through to the deepest part of the rarity at once, cutting down the monsters blocking his way.

and not long after

The three of them arrived in front of a huge iron door that appeared to be the boss room.

The door was already slightly open.

Jaehyun went inside without hesitation. his balak asked.

“Is the boss not here?”

The surroundings were filled with countless gold and treasures piled up like a mountain.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“no. This is right.”

That moment.


The ceiling collapsed, and sharp claws appeared from somewhere and flew towards them.

Jaehyun rolled his body to dodge the attack and raised the corner of his mouth.

message at the same time.

―The dungeon boss 《Fafnir》 appears.

―I encountered an S+ grade boss monster for the first time!

deepest center.

There, Jaehyun, Balak, and Camilla finally met Fafnir.

The boss monster of this dungeon, and one of the most powerful dragons in mythology.


With the roar, Balak and Camilla felt their bodies freeze.

The condensed magic power burst out from within and began climbing through their bodies.

“what… … How on earth is this level of witchcraft!”

“This is nonsense!”

Two rough voices.

However, Jaehyun calmed them down with a calm expression.

“you can do it. So stay calm.”

‘Now there’s no need to hide it.’

Jaehyun took out the long sword in his hand and calmed himself down.

Balak’s eyes narrowed. Soon the color returned to his face.

“… … You have a corner to believe in.”

With those words, Camilla looked at the two in a frightened way.

“Balmung… … ?”

“I’m lucky this time.”

Saying that, Jaehyun put strength into his sword.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―《Dragon Sword Balmung (S)》 has been produced.

Fortunately, an S-class artifact like Balak’s was produced through the shaping of magic tools.

Jaehyun glanced at Balak.

“Two bags of balmung. Wouldn’t even an S+ rank boss do something about this?”

“… … surely. I don’t know if I can.”

Saying that, Balak quickly took out the Balmung and held it in his hand.

Enormous magical energy began to rise from the unshakable tip of the sword.

―The special effect of the dragon slayer Balmung is activated.

―The passive skill 《Dragon Slayer》 is activated.

―All attacks against polyps are added by 300%.

At the same time with the pouring system sound.

Two swords aimed at one dragon.

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