I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 156

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Episode 156: Dalian (1)

Yeonhwa Guild’s battleground.

I can see the members of Circle Nine sweating in beads.

Under the direction of Jaehyun, they are preparing for the upcoming outdoor camp event. They are going through a kind of training process to overcome their weaknesses and highlight their strengths.

For reference, the intensity of the training was very serious.

Of course, Jaehyun didn’t care at all.

‘I have a teacher anyway, so what? Healing is enough to heal.

I’ll roll it until I’m about to die.’

Jaehyun thought so and raised his voice towards his training colleagues.

“Kim Yoo-jung! You have excellent support skills, but your single firepower is sorely lacking. Learn to shoot by condensing more mana.”

“ok. okay.”

“Ina likes to think more flexibly. In addition to intuition, you’d better get into the habit of casting in advance, just in case the enemy moves erratically. Then it will be easier to fight more.”

“… … huh!”



Jaehyun, who was guiding the group, suddenly called Ahn Hoyeon. Her An Ho-yeon looked at Jae-hyun, her eyes twinkling.

Is he finally thinking of tutoring himself?

‘The teaching of Jaehyun, who is close to being ranked first in the school year, no, in the entire school… … ! I can’t miss it!’

However, Jaehyun’s words that followed were completely different from what he expected.

“Get dressed and get ready. Let’s stick together.”

“… … huh?”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked again, seriously doubting whether his ears were wrong.

“What if… … .”

“Come join me with swordsmanship.”

* * *

fight with swordsmanship

This could be seen as a remark that disrespects Ahn Ho-yeon.

Currently, Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword is at the top level, not only among freshmen, but also in the entire school. Even compared to the top cadets in the 2nd and 3rd years, they are not pushed back at all.

A student who is said to be the star of the martial arts world, born with the best talent.

However, even though Jaehyun is a magician, he said he would deal with such a monster.

with a sword too.

‘Have you ever handled a sword properly?’

Ahn Ho-yeon was thinking about that. Suddenly, I remembered what Kim Yoo-jung said in the past.

[Min Jae-hyun? Originally, she was a martial artist, but she switched to magic right before enrolling in Miles. I thought I wouldn’t be able to adapt right away and hit him… … After passing a certain point, he was stronger than me.

Ah, thinking about it again makes me annoyed.]

‘Jaehyun was originally a martial artist.’

Ahn Ho-yeon felt a chill run down his spine.

If so, has Jaehyun not revealed all of his combative talents until now?

Battle Mage. A modifier that does not necessarily fall out when modifying him recently.

‘Actually, I was curious from the beginning.’

Ahn Ho-yeon had doubts from the first time he met Jae-hyun.

How could Jaehyun, a magician, have such lean movements and excellent physical abilities?

Why did you move your aspirations from the martial arts world to the magic world? With that level of talent, he could have been successful enough in the martial arts world.

It was a difficult thing for him to understand.



That’s why I wanted to check it out.

An Ho-yeon nodded and grabbed his sword.

It was a fight with Jaehyun after a long time.

Although, Jaehyun did not use all of his skills, but sparring using only swordsmanship.

“Are you okay?”

Ahn Ho-yeon had a faint smile on his face. I could feel her heart pounding again and again, and the blood seemed to boil all over her body.

Kim Yoo-jung was excited and sat down on the bench in the training ground. Seo In-na also stopped training for a while to watch Jae-hyun and Ahn Ho-yeon’s sparring, and fixed her eyes on the future.

“As expected, watching a fight is more fun than watching a mirror!”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Seo In-na looked back at her with a serious expression.

“… … Yujeong-ah, shouldn’t we watch when there’s a fire?”

“no way. Well, it doesn’t matter! Now is your chance to watch the two of them fight.”

While the two are whispering. Ahn Ho-yeon said as she opened her body’s magic.

“No matter how strong Jaehyun is. I have no intention of losing to you with a sword.”

It was a bold statement, but it wasn’t wrong either. Actually, Jaehyun’s martial arts talent is mediocre. No, compared to Ahn Ho-yeon’s brilliant talent, it’s just a flickering candle.

However, Jaehyun did not back down.

He took out the basic wooden sword provided in the arena and held it in one hand. Fortunately, the grip wasn’t bad.

Familiar yet heavy feeling. Until now, he had often used a sword when hunting other monsters, but it had been a long time since he had become serious about his sword.

Jaehyun smiled lightly.

“I can’t win now, neither do I.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes narrowed at Jae-hyun’s unexpected words.

Jaehyun, who is said to be the best talent, declares defeat before even fighting?

However, the following words were enough to ignite Ahn Ho-yeon’s fighting spirit.



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“But in a month, the story will change?”

Jaehyun smiled and pointed his sword at him.

at the same time.


In an instant, the swords of the two people who leaped collided and sparks ignited.

Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung’s expressions hardened coldly at the unbelievable destructive power of a wooden sword.

“… … It’s bloody.”

Kim Yoo-jung shakes her head.

those two people It seemed that he would not have mercy in his hands.

“Even if I can’t, one will die.”

However, it was irrelevant to Kim Yoo-jung.

She licked her lips with a slightly regretful expression.

‘If there’s only potato chips here, it’s the best.’

when I was thinking

―Active skill 《The Extreme of Nothing》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Blue Fire and White Sword》.

As if Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword would rip Jae-hyun apart, his white teeth were revealed.

《Blue Fire and White Sword》.

One of the skills Ahn Ho-yeon learned recently was an A-class skill.

This sword, which means blue flame and white sword, had properties that exactly matched An Ho-yeon’s compatibility.

‘The blue and white sword is a sword that exerts a greater effect when it comes to slashing the wicked. A murderer or a traitor, etc. A skill that reveals a strong effect on those who have hurt others.’

this wouldn’t be good

Jaehyun thought so and quickly dodged the sword that was swinging at him.

He was currently wearing an artifact that was kept in his inventory.

The Counterfeit of Gleipnir.

An item that forcibly downgrades one’s stats when equipped.

Currently, after the improvement, Jaehyun can freely adjust the width of his stats from 1/3 to 2/3.

Exclusive tool for training received from Yoo Sung-eun in the past.

In the fight against Ahn Ho-yeon, Jae-hyun was equipped with an item like this so that he would not reveal his strength without realizing it.

Of course, all other artifacts were also turned off.

At this level, the current stats of Ahn Ho-yeon are almost the same.

From here, it was a clash of pure swordsmanship and skill.

‘Because this side is much more helpful for my training.’

at that time.


Ahn Ho-yeon’s blue and white sword bent toward Jae-hyun’s torso.

Jaehyun’s brow narrowed.


The destructive power of the sword was truly beyond imagination. Agilely digs in and stabs blind spots, relentlessly aiming at Jaehyun’s weak spots.

Jaehyun’s collar, weakened by the power of the artifact, was smoothly cut.

Jaehyun thought.

‘This is no coincidence. Ahn Ho-yeon has grown.’

Ahn Ho-yeon had already surpassed the level of a cadet a long time ago, and he would probably reach the level he achieved before returning after a while. She must be able to reach the heights of S-class, which she could not achieve at the time when her mentality was weak.

Of course, even then, it would be much later than reappearance.

‘As expected, I was born with a sword. It’s an incredible talent.’

Jaehyun laughed.

He rolled over to evade Ahn Ho-yeon’s attack, then took a light breath.

‘Anyway, Gleipnir’s penalty seems certain. Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword… … I avoided it with my senses, but I couldn’t see it properly and move.’

Perhaps if he had been a little late, his sword would have cut his skin.

Thinking that way made me feel like my hair was getting softer for some reason.

Meanwhile, Ahn Ho-yeon was also looking at Jae-hyun biting his lip.

“He is strong too. Jaehyun is you.”

The blue fire rising from Ahn Ho-yeon’s body. This was a much weaker energy compared to when the new sword was used in the past, but it was much more refined than before.

It was not the uncontrollable and uneasy candlelight at that time, but as if it had become a huge flow itself.

Jaehyun unknowingly put strength into the hand holding the sword.

‘… … They are clashing their swords with the intention of defeating me.’

The corners of Jaehyun’s mouth rise mercilessly.

at that time.

Suddenly, An Ho-yeon’s feet moved, and a bloody voice flowed from his mouth.

“Jaehyun, aren’t you working hard right now? Half of the original skill… … Isn’t it 1/3 level? … … but.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s new model, who had been saying that, suddenly completely disappeared from Jae-hyun’s sight.

‘What… … !’

Jaehyun looked around in panic and activated Mana Detection.

almost simultaneously.


Ahn Ho-yeon’s wooden sword, imbued with light, cut through Jae-hyun’s shoulder. An invisible blow.


The armor he was wearing inside gradually cracked with a blue light, and cracks soon appeared.

awesome… … !

Drops of blood dripped onto his shoulder. Jaehyun’s eyes fell cold.

Enormous magic power burst out, and Jaehyun and Ahn Hoyeon’s gaze collided for a moment.

“That’s enough to break my sword. At least.”

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled.

“You will have to reveal half of your skills.”

“… … surely.”

With a deep smile on his face, Jaehyun raises his sword and aims it at Ahn Hoyeon.


I sincerely felt that way.

Jaehyun readily admitted and opened exactly half of his body magic.

The corners of his eyes curl like half moons.

“You’ve gotten stronger. Ahn Ho-yeon.”

With those words, the two swords collided again.

An enormous wave of magical energy enveloped the two, creating a violent whirlwind of mana.

* * *

‘… … What is that? They are real cadets. Is that a freshman?’

Kim Yoo-jung was unable to take her eyes off the two as they watched the battle.

The growth of Ahn Ho-yeon and Jae-hyun was far beyond the scope he had imagined.

‘Recently, I must have eaten something well, so my skills suddenly improved a lot… … It seems that the anxiety is gone. What the hell are they doing growing up so quickly?!’

It was incomprehensible.

He himself was a student who entered the magic world while listening to the voice of a genius. Although it is true that he receives relatively less attention overshadowed by them, even if the scope is narrowed down to the past of Milles Academy, Kim Yoo-jung’s talent is not pushed at all.

If the timing was good, it was a grade that could have taken the top spot.

However, the members of Circle Nine far exceeded even the geniuses of the past.

An A-class high-ranking wizard who graduated from Milles in the past, a talent to reach S-class beyond being a swordsman.

Kim Yoo-jung was watching the battle between the two, biting her nails without even realizing it.

Why? An urgency began to develop.

I also want to continue fighting with them in that position.

But at this rate, I will fall behind.

‘I hate to be like that!’

Unlike herself, who is used to only supporting skills, Seo In-na also has excellent dealing skills. Alfheim’s sword. It’s a unique skill.

At this rate, wouldn’t he become a mediocre radar that his colleagues bury?

Kim Yoo-jung couldn’t erase that thought.

However, she wasn’t the type to keep negative thoughts for long. Rather, she remembered her will and made a promise.

‘Somehow catch up… … I think it will be difficult, and I have to grow to the point where I don’t hold my ankle.’

Watching the battle between the two, she nodded vigorously.

Jaehyun Min, Eana Seo, Hoyeon Ahn, and myself.

On top of that, Lee Jae-sang, Kwon So-yul, and even Seo Ah-hyun, who are not yet juniors who have entered Milles.

Kim Yoo-jung was never going to fall behind them.

It’s been a while since I’ve been clearing my mind like that.


With a huge explosion, the arc metal gymnasium floor caved in.

Although it is said that it will return to its original form by injecting magic power, the floor is overly destroyed.

Kim Yoo-jung burst out laughing.

“What is that… … !”


A majestic storm of mana filled the inside of the gymnasium.

The full story was soon revealed.

There were completely unexpected and unbelievable results unfolding.

“under… … also. It looks like Hoyeon will need some time to beat you with swordsmanship.”

Jaehyun muttered while lying on the floor with his arms and legs spread wide.

Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and Ahn Ho-yeon all looked at Jae-hyun with puzzled expressions.

‘Jaehyun… … lost?’

They were speechless for a long time at the shocking view engraved in their minds.

However, Ahn Ho-yeon, who became the winner, just looked down at Jae-hyun with a cold face as if he was angry.

Clearly looking down. However, intuitively he realized.

this battle,

it’s my defeat

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