I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 119

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Episode 119: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (7)

“This is it.”

Jaehyun stopped walking and muffled his voice.

these a little while ago. I was looking around when I arrived at King Salamander’s nest.

Because the operation was so brilliantly (?) successful, a stench leaked out from the inside.

“As expected, this is Kim Yoo-jung. The smell is no joke.”

“… If you say that, it sounds like the smell comes from me.”

“What is that? thanks to you hey thanks.”

Kim Yoo-jung raised her fist, but barely endured it.

You can’t fight over trifles with elite monsters in front of you.

A gigantic salamander was seen at first glance over the crevice in the rock where he hid himself.

Wrapped in flames, the round-eyed guy stopped eating and was pouring out tears and mucus. Apparently, the effect of the stench terror was greater than expected.

‘Things are better than expected. According to the original plan, it was planned to deal with the sluggish guy after eating food, but… Now that guy’s condition is much worse.’

It was also like a beast with a sensitive sense of smell.

Guwaaaaaa… … !

King Salamander vomited loudly once more.

As if there was nothing more to vomit, nothing came out of his mouth.

“Let’s move slowly.”

Jaehyun looked at the party and spoke, then took the lead and moved cautiously.

‘It would have been convenient if I could have used stealth… There are no items right now.’

Silence footsteps as much as possible and close the distance to the monster.

As we progressed little by little, we reached the King Salamander.

Seongwoo Park, who was looking at the condition of the beast, asked.

“I think his condition is more serious.”

“Won’t you die if you leave me alone?”

“Stop talking nonsense and focus.”

“Oh Mr. Why does it only happen to me?”

Jaehyun fired lightly, then continued again.

“Then, according to the operation. know?”

“huh. You mean we’ll wait in the back and move when you signal?”


After nodding his head at Kim Jin-ah’s words, Jae-hyun raised his magic in earnest.

And then.

―Active skill 《Ice Spear Lv 2》 is activated.

He fired a direct attack at the enemy.

The C-class «Ice Spear» flies at high speed and accurately hits the beast’s body.


An attack that landed directly on King Salamander’s back.

Of course, it didn’t do much damage.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t attacking to hurt him.

just for use.

‘I’ll pull out the bone marrow and eat it.’


King Salamander screamed angrily and opened his mouth at Jaehyun.

What follows is a simple breath pattern.

This was also what Jaehyun had been waiting for the most.

Jaehyun quickly took out the greatsword he had just pulled out from his inventory.


“Then prepare… Shoot!”

It was quickly fired at the enemy’s mouth.


The demon’s bewildered voice is heard.

The party in the back is also looking at Jaehyun as if they are dumbfounded.

In particular, Kim Yoo-jung was the most severe.

“… madman.”

The chat window was no different.

[Anonymous 2: ???]

[Anonymous 9: ???????]

[Anonymous 10: ?????????????? What?]

[Anonymous 20: Hmm… I think it’s salamander meal time?]

[Anonymous 12: But do you usually serve something like that for rice?]

[Anonymous 31: I don’t know because I’m Lerin, but what are you doing with that?]

[Anonymous 29: No one here knows that properly. They’re all sick lol]

The time when the chat window continued endlessly.

The greatsword thrown by Jaehyun was sucked right into King Salamander’s mouth.

Jaehyun glanced at the camera with an evil smile.

“The fun starts now, so stay tuned.”

[Anonymous 1: ??]



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[Anonymous 10: Ah haha ​​it was still fun! haha]

[Anonymous 12: Gazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]


King Salamander stumbled for a moment after swallowing the greatsword.

And then


Along with hot flames, he fired a sword at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun shouted as he looked at the greatsword flying at him.


At the same time, Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo, who were hiding in the rear, jumped in and blocked the enemy attack with their shields.

The power of the breath equipped with a great sword (?) was amazing, but it was not at a level that they could not block.


A metallic sound heard while blocking an attack.

one after another

with chaeng.

The sound of a sword falling to the floor was heard.

Jaehyun picked up the sword that had fallen on the floor with a satisfied expression on his face.

What is the great sword… Shined like new.

[Anonymous 2: ? Why is that ticking?]

[Anonymous90: ???? Accidental hook collector;]

[Anonymous 22: What what what what what what what what what what]

[Anonymous 19: BㅁC madness;;]

[Anonymous 35: Someone please explain. Is it a mess?]

“What’s going on?”

Jaehyun excitedly shared the item window with viewers.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Balmung (counterfeit)

Grade: A

The beloved sword of Siegfried, an ancient human hero who killed Fafnir.


1. Strength + 70 / Agility + 30

2. Acquire the passive skill 《Dragon Slayer (S)》

Contaminated items were neatly purified.

‘If this is the case, the reaction of the viewers.’

[Anonymous 41: Wow! Balmung! You know!]

[Anonymous 61: ㅁㅁ;;; The dragon slayer’s sword comes from here?]

[Anonymous 20: What is it? What is that?]

[Anonymous 95: Is it a true story;; Isn’t that the sword that Balack has in Germany?]

[Anonymous 76: It says b imitation, but see the effect;; I’m crazy;]

‘It has no choice but to explode.’

Jaehyun laughed.

* * *

purifying flame.

Basically, the salamander’s flame has the power to purify corrupt and unclean things.

To take advantage of this, Jaehyun threw Balmung into the King Salamander’s mouth a while ago.

It was to purify the contaminated sword and make it whole.

Of course, this is usually not an easy task.

At the exact timing when Salamander fires his breath. Also, it is difficult to throw an item with a force that does not kill instantly.

Moreover, they are still freshmen.

The odds of doing this are infinitely close to zero.

“A salamander’s core contains the power of purification. You can use it to purify contaminated items.

Of course, since the purifying power of the core disappears after he dies, this method is only possible while he is alive.”

[Anonymous 1: How do you know that!]

[Anonymous 7: Are you new to your career? What is this lol]

[Anonymous 39: Wow this happens?]

[Anonymous 75: sniff. I thought it was pure water, but it turned out to be a dead person]

[Anonymous 53: I want to be that sword…♥]

Jaehyun spun his greatsword around and grabbed it with one hand.

The chat window was once again filled with mysterious hooks.

[Anonymous 9: ? Why does the magic world raise a sword?]

[Anonymous 35: There are two fighters in front of me, so I’ll give it to you… Won’t you?]

[Anonymous 56: The two fighters are sullen lol]

[Anonymous 60: No;; Why does the magic world jump out in front with a sword;]

[Anonymous 1: Can I become a meeting battle mage? Haha]

[Anonymous 2: ㄴㅇㅋ]

The hand holding the sword was filled with magic power, and Jaehyun’s breathing stabilized.

Gentlely accumulated mana spreads and freezes the surrounding air at once.

The movement of the Demonic Beast, which was glaring at Jaehyun with the momentum to tear him to death, stopped.


King Salamander instinctively noticed that Jaehyun was a higher predator than himself.

However, it was already too late.

―The passive skill 《Agile Step》 supports your movements.

―The passive skill 《Flexible movement》 supports your movement.

―Active skill «Wind Boost».

Jaehyun kicked the ground. The field of view narrowed, and at once, the monster’s huge body filled up in front of my eyes.


―The passive skill «Expert Swordsmanship» supports your swordsmanship.


One of King Salamander’s legs was cut off with a groan.


However, the reproduction did not stop.

―Active skill 《Ice Edge》.

An awl made of sharp ice lifts the enemy’s feet and collapses their center of gravity. The King Salamander turned upside down.

“The boat is exposed!”

Along with Park Seong-woo’s cry, Jae-hyun’s balmung, held in reverse, pierced his stomach.


“too… … .”

“It’s bloody… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Jin-ah grumbled while watching Jae-hyun at the same time.

Park Seong-wu was staring at Jae-hyun as if he was dumbfounded with his teeth colliding.

Meanwhile. Jaehyun muttered after pulling out her sword as if it were natural.

“You’re a little weaker than I thought.”

[Anonymous 1: … What did I see?]

[Anonymous 8: A real Battle Mage…?]

[Anonymous 21: Crazy.]

[Anonymous 41: Guys, I just came, what happened?]

[Anonymous 54: Losing half of N’s life hahahahaha]

[Anonymous 9: If I had seen this live, I wouldn’t have bought it for the rest of my life hahahahahahahahaha]

along with the enthusiastic response of the viewers.

―You have cleared the 2nd floor quest.

―When the treasure is retrieved, the party members are immediately transferred to the 3rd floor.

The quest has been cleared.

* * *

two hours later.

A long article was uploaded to the Radar Gallery.

The content was shocking.

[★Everyone must read!★ Rookie Min Jaehyun’s reality!!!]

A shocking headline.

Attracted by this, many people full of jealousy and envy came to see the writing.

But the content was not at all what they expected.

[★Everyone must read!★ Rookie Min Jaehyun’s reality!!!]

Author- S

hello. I’m a fan of radar…

Recently, cadet Min Jae-hyun is hot in the second practical exam of the midterm exam, right?

I dug up about this cadet this time!!

See the article below.

link 1

[Themed dungeons appear in Neverland…

A pre-high school student and an aspiring radar who is only in the first year of high school are shocked to solve it]

In the case of ‘Neverland’ that happened last time, there were two students who drew attention for solving themed dungeons!

One of them! It was Min Jae-hyun’s cadet..!!!

(The other one is Seo Ah-hyun, who is very pretty and smart.)

synthesis. It seems that many people, including CG, do not easily believe in the talent of cadet Min Jae-hyun.

Considering that he has a history of resolving the Neverland incident, it is determined that cadet Min Jae-hyun did not manipulate the event.

I won’t accept any more manipulation controversy. Therefore, Min Jae-hyun was real…

The author’s chest has become magnificent, so I’m going to watch the real-time video again… haha


The response to the article was truly shocking.

Even while watching the talent of Jaehyun in real time, the content that turns even those who had a heart that there might be some manipulation in their hearts at once.

Seongeun Yoo, who was watching the gallery and real-time video on the split screen at the same time, smiled.

“Is that what you suggested to me for? This brazen disciple.”


Jaehyun said that something interesting would happen in this midterm exam, and made a suggestion.

It was something that the entire Yeonhwa Guild had to do.

At first, I was thinking of rejecting even the offer of a disciple.

It was too big of a risk even if it was.

But Yoo Seong-eun is now. He admitted he was wrong.

Jaehyun said this to himself who was about to turn down the offer on the first day.

[Then let’s do this. The teacher watches what I do in the sub-space and moves if he thinks it’s worth intervening. how is it?]

The disciple who said that had a very pleasant face.

As if he couldn’t refuse this offer.

Yoo Seong-eun smiled and gave an order to Park Seong-jae.

“Sungjae’s brother. Please contact reporters across the country right now.”


When Seongjae Park asked curiously, Seongeun Yoo added with a smile.

“It looks like Guzain will sink.”

“… Yes?!”

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