I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 99

◈ Episode 99: Source of Sound (1)

The fire giant completely disappeared, and the case was quickly concluded.

The injured were treated, and all who were in good health were sent home.

The outside was cluttered with citizens who had flocked to see what was going on.

can’t hide it

Rumors of the fire giant who had already appeared at the banquet hall had spread far and wide.

Reporters rushed in to try to find out what had happened, and the police stopped them with their bodies as if to stop them.

“Are all the students okay?”

“ah. Mr. Rudger.”

A simple clinic to check on the wounded.

Selina and Merilda, who were waiting nearby, brightened their faces when they saw Ludger approaching.

“Miss Rudger! As expected, you are safe!”

“yes. Are you two okay?”

Merilda shook her hand in response.

“We are fine. All I did was help evacuate students and guests.”

“okay. Where are all the students?”

“I sent everything back. At the bottom, I almost got into trouble. She came to work part-time and went through this. Fortunately, all the students were safe. But what about the students?”

“no. I just wanted to make sure it went well.”

If you persistently ask about Joanna Lovett’s whereabouts here, you will rather get a suspicious look.

Rudger naturally came up with an excuse.

As if Ludger’s answer was unexpected, Merylda smiled lightly.

“Mr. Rudger is also really amazing. When I first saw him, he looked like he wouldn’t bleed even if he stabbed him, but the students were very worried. You seem surprisingly affectionate?”

“I hear that often.”

Rudger looked around moderately.

The injured were taken to the hospital, while those who remained were cleaning up the scene.

Some people were chatting with the police and explaining the circumstances of the incident.

This incident was clearly defined as terrorism and caused great damage, with 12 dead and about 80 injured.

And considering that most of the casualties were people with considerable status in society, the damage could be said to be even greater.

‘If Esmeralda was aiming for this, it can be said that she succeeded halfway.’

Taking advantage of the opportunity when the president is away, summon the highest level fire spirit using the summoning medium.

He must have intended to use the spirit to kill all the people around him.

Fortunately, the number of victims was not that great because of the fierce resistance of the guards and magicians.

It wasn’t big, but it couldn’t be said that there was no damage.

Although it was an unstable summoning, it was an incident that summoned a spirit comparable to a 6th tier wizard.

The impact of this incident was indescribable.

Because no matter how much safety is pursued and security is set up, it is imprinted in the mind that terrorism will happen somehow.

“Mr. Rudger?”

Then someone approached Rudger and called his name.

The first thing I noticed were pointy ears.

When I asked who it was, it was Vierano Dentis, one of the people who fought against the fire giant until the end.

An elf teacher who had a great success with Angela until Ludgar came forward.

“yes. What are you doing?”

“Can we talk for a minute?”

“It is possible, but… … .”

When Rudger was speechless, Merylda, quick-witted, immediately grabbed Selina’s arm and slipped away.

“Mr. Merilda?”

“Oh ho ho. Miss Selina. Let’s go this way.”

When they were left alone, Vierano bowed his head to Ludger.

“thank you. Thanks to that, we were able to end the situation before there were more victims.”

“I just did what I had to do.”

While answering like that, Ludger got to see the elf teacher again a bit.

My first impression was that it was very delicate and that everything was annoying.

It was he who played the most active role when fighting the highest level fire spirit.

In particular, he, the 4th grade teacher, seemed much better at handling spirits than the 5th grade teacher, Angela.

It was surprising considering that the higher the level of a teacher, the higher the grade.

‘In fact, this side was also in charge of the command. In terms of her skills alone, she is above Angela Anderson, but is she deliberately staying away from teaching her 4th grade because she herself is uncomfortable with such a position?’

Elves are even long-lived, so they must be older than their actual appearance.

If he had not been in charge of the 5th grade even though his skills and age were above him, there was a high possibility that he would have rejected the position.

“So you came to me personally to say thank you?”

“There are things like that. I have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

“You know how strong that fire spirit is by fighting yourself, right?”

Rudger nodded.

In the first place, you can know the power of the highest level fire spirit without fighting.

Even though the medium couldn’t properly handle the guy’s power, only the upper half came out, and the essence of the spirit was quite twisted.

That power was real.

“What did you do?”

A sudden question from Vierano.

Rudger asked nonchalantly.

“What do you mean?”

“Did you know that the spirit was summoned as a medium?”

“yes. That’s exactly what I found out later.”

Ludger explained to Vierano how he knew that the fire spirit had been summoned as a medium.

“The lower part of the body didn’t come out properly, la.”

“Perhaps the power of the spirit is so strong that it could not be properly summoned even with a medium. It was by accident that I discovered it.”

“As expected. You’re great though. Even if it was a coincidence, Mr. Rudger recognized the weakness at a glance.”

“If anyone was there, they would have known right away. I don’t think it’s because I’m special.”

“no. If it were me, even if I had seen it, I would not have realized it right away.”

Vierano laughed bitterly, perhaps realizing his own inadequacies through this incident.

“I was good at animism, but… … No, maybe that’s why I didn’t know more after seeing it. Because this was so unexpected.”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t bother blaming him.

In the first place, it is a reality that the elemental spirits rarely do the work of summoning the spirits that have signed a contract with them as a medium.

Spirits are beings of nature, and making a contract with them and summoning them is made with mana, which can be said to be the power of nature and the energy of the contractor.

Conversely, in the case of a medium, it summons the spirit very artificially, and it is said that most spirits do not like it.

In particular, the higher the level of the spirit, the stronger the pride, so it refuses to be summoned by such a medium.

It is not a forced contract between A and B against the spirits, but an equal contract with each other, so this kind of thing can never be done.

“I overlooked it because I took it for granted. I could never have imagined that there would be a spiritist who summoned the highest level spirits as a medium. is it so. It must have been possible.”

“The opponent might have been that great.”

“Obviously there is that, but it seems to have played a part in that the spirit was different from normal spirits.”

It was different from normal spirits.

That was what Rudger felt keenly.

In the first place, it was surprising that the spirit could speak human language, but the content was even more astonishing.

“A spirit that hates humans. I had never heard of it.”

“Isn’t that the case with normal spirits?”

“yes. As you know, spirits are beings that embody the energy of nature itself. Nature is so huge that it can be said to be the source of this world.”

“I know.”

“Such spirits naturally take the stand of nature. And Mother Nature has no thoughts about those who exist within her.”

Rudger suddenly remembered a lesson he had learned in his previous life.

—The pursuit of twenty thousand things, heaven and earth Buddha (天地不仁 以萬物爲芻拘).

This is from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

People hope that Heaven will do something with some will, but in reality it is not.

All things are just beings living in harmony with nature, like grass and dogs.

Even if something goes wrong there and something terrible happens, it doesn’t make nature anything particularly frightening.

Even when typhoons happen, floods happen, and droughts come.

Even if countless lives die because of it.

It just happened what was to happen, not nature becoming an irresistible horror.

Nature is just nature as it is, and spirits are the same.

However, the fire spirit that appeared this time did not.

obvious hate.

Rudgar certainly felt that feeling of hating humans.

“I didn’t know there was such a spirit in the world. He hates humans and doesn’t even care about being used as a medium. And even the fact that there are people who make a contract with such a top-notch spirit.”

“… … That’s pretty serious.”

“So it was too late to understand the situation. But Mr. Rudger did his best even in such a situation. Especially the magic he used at the end.”

Vierano immediately recognized what magic Ludger was using.

“that. It must have jumped through space, right?”

“… … .”

“You don’t have to take it too sensitively. Because I’m an elf, I’ve seen as many things as I’ve lived for a long time. So what I saw is correct, right?”

“you’re right. It’s a coordinate designation technique, so it’s a method of fixing magic in a specific space and manifesting magic in that place.”

“Setting the coordinates? Was that possible?”

“It’s hard at first, but it’s easy once you get used to it.”

“… … .”

Vierano did not take the man’s words literally.

If you don’t know, you might think so, but he’s an elf.

Although he may look like a small boy in his mid-teens, he has lived far beyond a century.

Even if his main interest was animism, he could confidently say that his knowledge of magic was not inferior to others.

You can tell because it’s such a Vierano.

The fact that the coordinate magic Ludger used was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

‘There’s no way I could do something like that easily.’

Recognizing everything as “coordinates” centered on the world he is standing on, and designating a formula there.

It can’t be that easy.

If possible, one of the two.

The ability to perceive space is innately innate compared to others.

‘Or, the limiter in the brain is completely released.’

A normal person would think it was the former, but Vierano couldn’t get rid of that suspicion.

The thought that this man in front of me might be the latter.

Even a person with a good head can leisurely designate the coordinates of space in such a tense situation?

Besides, it’s like inventing the bizarre magic of source code.

Vierano asked slightly concerned.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I use magic, or when I feel worse than usual.”

Rudger, who was about to ask what he was talking about, realized that Vierano’s expression was very serious.

“This may be the old man’s fuss, or my ignorance, but please bear with it. Even as a human being, there is a story I heard when I was very young.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Sometimes there are people whose thinking is overextended compared to other people.”

Vierano took a breath and spoke again.

“People are often called geniuses in the world, but they have a slightly different direction from real geniuses. Geniuses advance as if breaking their specialized abilities to one side within a given frame, but those people are completely different.”

“Where are you different?”

“There is no given frame.”

“… … .”

Rudger was speechless for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Without a frame, you don’t have your own limits. In a way, you might think she’s blessed, but she’s not. People don’t know. That the framework that oppresses oneself is actually a strong barrier that protects oneself from the ‘outside’.”

The moment the word outside comes out.

Rudger unknowingly clenched his fists.

But Vierano did not realize Ludger’s strangeness.

As if absorbed in his own explanation, he looked at Ludger with a slightly gun-like gaze and asked.

“I’m asking you in case you don’t know, Mr. Rudger. Don’t you sometimes hear strange noises?”

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