I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 98

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◈ Episode 98 Banquet of Flames (3)

Rudger trembled for a moment at Line’s question.

But it was such a fleeting moment that Line didn’t recognize it.

Rudger replied calmly.

“What are you talking about? Did you see anything in vain?”

“yes? oh no just I suddenly feel that way.”

“Enough with the bullshit. Treatment is over.”


Line checked the injured leg. As Ludger said, the wound healed immediately, perhaps thanks to the medicine.

“Rine. you get out of here It is dangerous here.”

“Seo, what about the teacher?”

“I will do what I have to do here as a teacher. You are the only one left, so go ahead.”

“… … .”

Rinne was about to say something.

In a tense situation like now, I couldn’t just ask Ludger what I was curious about.

Still, what is this feeling?

In her head, she was clamoring to ask Rudger questions as soon as possible.

‘no. I can’t disturb the teacher.’

Renee struggled to shake off the lingering feelings of regret and bowed her head to Ludger.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Then, he ran towards the direction Rudger pointed out.

After confirming that Linen was completely out of sight as he left, Ludger turned his attention to the banquet hall.


As the fire giant began to move, the wizards and guards were being pushed helplessly.

Still, the number of deaths didn’t increase because I was unknowingly hit like before, but that would be a matter of time now.

Rudger checked his body condition.

Now, I intend to end this noisy banquet here.

* * *

Countless magic flies through the air.

The target is the highest level fire spirit that can be said to be the main culprit of all this chaos.

Eventually, the magic collides with the fire spirit and explodes, scattering powerful shockwaves around.

“So, did you catch it?”

The muttering of a sorceress who was sweating from the excessive consumption of magical power was frightening to end.

It was a giant of fire that appeared intact after breaking through the hazy smoke.

Perhaps it had become much more ferocious than before, but rather it was blazing with even greater heat.

“Get out of the way!”

At that moment, the Elementalists of Ceorn stepped forward.

Leading the way was Angela Anderson, the 5th grade teacher.

“Bite it! <Ventuswalpe>!”

Ventuswalpe, a senior wind spirit.

At the command of the contractor, the huge wolf with its white mane rushed at the fire giant and bit off the scruff of his neck.

oh oh oh!

The fire giant, who didn’t budge even after receiving a fair amount of magic with his body, responded for the first time.

The fire giant, who had been screaming in pain, clenched his right fist and tried to swing it at the wolf hanging from his upper body.

“It can’t be like that.”

At that time, it was Vierano Dentis, an elf and teacher in charge of the 4th grade.

Behind him, a small salamander of pure water was swimming, bobbing its body to and fro.

Eventually, Vierano raised his hand and pointed at the fire giant, and the water spirit moved.

The tiny body was rolled up, and before long it was fired like a cannonball.


It collided with the fist of the fire giant who was just aiming at Ventuswalpe’s side.

No one on the scene thought the little lizard could stop the giant’s attack.

But the results of the crash were surprising. The fire giant’s right fist had turned black from the fire below his elbow.

Greater Water Spirit <Unsilane>

Compared to Ventuswalpe, a high-ranking wind spirit, it was so small that it was shabby.

Its power was much stronger than other spirits.

Especially, if the opponent is a fire spirit that can be said to have an attribute opposite to ours.

“done! You did it!”

“With this, we can win!”

Some people watching the situation from behind cheered.

However, Unsilane’s contractor, Vierano, frowned upon it without anyone noticing.

‘It was an attack that gave me some strength, but I couldn’t completely knock him down.’

Other people don’t know, but he saw it.

In particular, Unsilane, who signed a contract with him, was unable to properly maintain its shape due to a recent collision.

Even though he just bounced off his fist, this one was significantly pushed back.

‘As expected, I can’t deal with the highest level spirit with a higher level spirit.’

The highest level spirit of flame that appeared out of nowhere in the center of the banquet hall.

In addition, unlike ordinary spirits, it took the form of a human, and even radiated powerful killing and hostility to the surroundings.



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It was by no means an ordinary spirit.

‘If the President had been present in this situation, the story would have been different.’

The president hurriedly vacated his seat a little while ago.

It was after that that the fire spirit appeared, so the president couldn’t come to help.


The person who insisted on this attack just now might have been aiming for an opportunity when the president was away.

It was so precise that I wondered if the timing was just right.

Even so, there are a lot of Seorn teachers here, and the fact that he started the raid knowing that.

Was it because he was so confident in his own strength?

‘If it’s the highest level of fire spirits, it’s worth it. But who? A person with that level of skill is terrorizing us?’

But his thoughts did not last long.

The highest level fire spirit, which had been hesitant for a while, started moving again.


The fist of his right hand, which had been extinguished, was burning hot again.

It was a blow inflicted by Unsilane throwing her body, but was it nothing to the highest level spirit?

Vierano thought a bold decision was necessary.

“Miss Angela! Make Ventuswalpe soft on his back!”

“All right.”

Angela heard Vierano’s words and immediately pulled Ventuswalpe back.

Right after that, scorching heat spread around the body of the fire giant.

If it was too late to subtract even a little bit, Ventus Walpe would have been reverse summoned without being able to overcome the heat.

Miss Angela murmured with a stunned expression.

“That… … The power of the highest level spirit.”

“Right now, it is not enough for us to defeat them. But it can buy time. Let’s join forces.”

If you wait a little longer anyway, the Laedderbelk police will move after hearing the news.

To be precise, the Knights of the City above them.

If they do, it will be much easier to defeat that fire giant.

‘But he’s really hot right now. Even if this side joins forces and concentrates on defense, how long will it last?’

Even though I was prepared for the aftereffects of this, I didn’t know if I would have to squeeze out all my strength.

That moment when you make up your mind and try to convey your opinion to others.

Vierano noticed a black shadow rising above the fire giant’s head.


“That one?”

It was the same for other guards and wizards.

A man was floating high enough to cling to the ceiling, looking down at the fire giant.

The black coat draped over his shoulders fluttered.

A figure floating in the air holding a staff with both hands.

“Rudger, Chelsea?”

Celebrities most frequently mentioned by name in Ceorn lately.

That’s why he went to fight now.

‘But why now?’

He was fully aware of his skills as he had seen the magic duel at the beginning of the banquet.

But this case is different.

The opponent is the highest level fire spirit. No matter how talented Ludger Celish is, he can’t deal with it carelessly… … .

‘I got caught!’

What Vierano was worried about happened.

The fire giant had become aware of Ludgar’s existence.

The two eyes filled with the essence of hot fire raise their heads and face Ludger.

Rudger stared at the ugly monster in silence.


Didn’t you like that look? The fire giant twisted her face and clenched his fists.

At that moment, Ludger’s magic was manifested.

Third tier magic combined with source code. They appeared around him one by one as they unfolded at a speed that exceeded the speed of a second.

Spears made of each element appeared around Ludgar, like the hands of an innumerable clock.

However, not only were they few in number, but they seemed to lack power against the enemy in front of them.

Before long, his hand holding the staff aimed at the fire giant.

At the same time, the magic moved.

‘That can’t work… … .’

The teachers who watched the scene all had the same thought.

The fire giant will take Ludgar’s attack with his body and swallow Ludgar with a coward.

The picture drawn in everyone’s head was all the same.



The fire giant suddenly screamed and crouched down.

It was as if he was trying to protect something from Ludgar’s magic.

Ludgar’s magic hit the back of the fire giant.

Even the onlookers were taken aback by the giant’s sudden action.

‘why? Isn’t that how the fire spirit, which has been okay until now, moves like that?’

Vierano remembered one thing he had been overlooking.

“… … medium? Could it be that you were aiming for that?”

“yes? Mr Vierano. Are you sure you mean the medium of the spirits?”

At Angela’s question, Vierano nodded.

After being convinced, I began to see things that I hadn’t seen before. Why did such a huge spirit suddenly appear in the center of the banquet hall?

It was because he was summoned using the finest medium.

Most of the spirits were summoned only with the magic of the contractor, so I forgot about the other case.

“Right now, Mr. Rudger was directly aiming at the medium from which the spirit was summoned. That’s why the spirit reacted to it and crouched down.”

“If it’s a medium, is there something else?”

To Partonya’s question, Angela answered with a firm face.

“Even if there is, it is a big problem. Now that fire spirit seems to be protecting it with his body. It would be impossible to even pierce it with moderate firepower.”

as she said

All of Ludger’s attacks were blocked by the body of the fire giant and disappeared.

No matter how much magic this side throws at it, it won’t be able to pierce the fire giant and get rid of the medium inside.

Rudger was also of the same mind.

‘It’s not enough power. But honestly, it would be difficult to use other magic here.’

It was just a while ago that I was almost exhausted from using too much mana.

If he consumes a large amount of mana there, then even with medicine, he will not be able to recover for a while.

Besides, there were too many eyes all around.

If you use your own ‘real magic’ here, the aftermath will be so huge that it cannot be compared to when you showed the source code.


It can be manifested with less mana, and it was enough to use the magic that could most effectively overcome this situation.

Rudger immediately stopped the floating magic and came down to the ground.

He stood in front of the crouching fire giant.

He raises his head and stares at Ludger.

“The festival ends here.”

After Ludger answered in a voice so low that only the fire giant could hear it.

manifested magic.

The speed of the technique was too slow and ugly because the source code was not used.

But the moment it is complete.

The fire giant trembled as if he felt something strange.

A metal tray, the medium of summoning, that he hid under his body as he bent over his bloated upper body.

It suddenly snaps! It was split in half with a clatter.

“No matter how much you surround it with your body, you can’t completely protect it.”

Because this attack jumps over space and reaches the opponent.

Expression of the coordinate designation technique.

The magic Rudger used was insignificant.

However, the story is different if it jumps over the huge wall of fire giant, skips the space itself and aims only at the target accurately.


A fire giant whose eyes wide open in disbelief.

But now that the summoning medium had disappeared, there was nothing he could do.

The heat, strong enough to melt everything around it, gradually disappears.

The fire giant opened his mouth wide as he glared at Ludger as if he were going to kill him.

Are you trying to breathe fire as a last resort?

When everyone thought that way, what came out of the spirit’s mouth was completely unexpected.

[human. Hateful worms.]

say it.

or language.

The will of the spirit, which can be said to be a part of Mother Nature, shouts out to the world as a whole beyond what is in front of it.

[I will definitely burn everything.]

Rudgar’s expression did not change at all even as he faced the unbelievable sight of the spirit speaking the words of hatred.

“Try it.”

Just like that, he spat out words of provocation.

The fire giant was recalled without being able to argue further.

Countless embers scattered in the air.

The thing that informed the existence of the fire giant soon disappeared as if it melted.

Like a flame that burns without leaving ashes.

“oh my god.”

And the people at the scene who watched the scene couldn’t help but be astonished.

The highest level fire spirit that could not be defeated even by countless wizards and knight class guards.

Ludgar Celish overpowered it in an instant with his own power.

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