I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 96

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◈ Episode 96 Banquet of Flames (1)

Rudger was quite taken aback because he hadn’t expected Linen to be in a place like this.

“Rine. What are you doing here?”

“Uh, that… … .”

Line thought about whether she should say this or not, but since it wasn’t something to hide anyway, she decided to be honest.

“part time job… … yo. this.”

“part time job?”

“yes. They said they were looking for someone to serve here, so I got a recommendation from a senior I knew. They say the pay is good for the time.”

“Is it a part-time job?”

I wondered if it was something that should be left to Seorn’s students, but surprisingly, this kind of thing happened quite often.

The city of Ledervelk had a treaty with Ceorn.

It is that Laederbelk specially hires students from Ceorn for various necessary tasks.

The bulletin board that exists in Seorn is the same.

The purpose of this pact was to hire students from Ceorn for jobs that were not too difficult, and to give them the opportunity to earn the money they needed.

On the contrary, Lederbelk arranged a chance to meet such students, and it was a good thing for both of them, as they could put a stamp on the talents who would later become great wizards along with a positive image of the city.

Even at such a banquet hall, it was not uncommon for a few students to come to work part-time.

“Besides me, there are several other classmates. So it’s okay.”

Line laughed hehehe and replied, “Don’t worry.”

It was a car she never thought would be in a place like this.

According to senior Henry, I heard that it was just a part-time job to kill time, but who would have known that it would be a banquet hall where teachers and important people come to visit?

“… … okay. i get it.”

“Oh. Would you like a drink?”

“I will.”

Rudger took a glass from Linen’s tray and immediately quenched his thirst.

It was a bit unexpected that Line was in a place like this, but it wasn’t really a big problem.

It was all just a little surprising.

This is something you don’t need to worry about.


Every time I see her, I suddenly remember what happened in the past.

Even now, when I see her standing still and looking at herself with sparkling eyes as she drinks.

The way she looks just like Linen.

It has not been erased from my brain.

“Rine. you… … .”

“yes? why?”

Rudger, who was about to say something to Line, couldn’t finish his words.

“no. no. nothing.”

can’t tell her Because it was such a ‘promise’ in the first place.

There was no way I could say that.

handed over the book. It was the only thing he could do.

“Don’t push yourself too hard, go in early.”

In the end, all Rudger could offer was a little worried advice.

“Ah, yes. thank you I’ll just go.”


After Line nodded and stepped back, Selina, who belatedly found Line, approached Rudger and asked.

“what. Was it Line? That kid just?”

“You know? I thought you didn’t listen to Selina’s class.”

“yes. I got to know you the other day. But what is Rinne doing here?”

“He said he had a part-time job.”

Selina clapped her hands in pairs.

“aha. Yes. I think I heard at first glance that some students who do not receive scholarships earn money through other work. Somehow, it was amazing to have my assistant here too.”

“You mean assistant?”

At the mention of teaching assistant, Ludger remembered the scene where Selina was taking the students for an animism test.

At that time, Selina had a total of three assistants.

“Who is that?”

“Here is that child.”

Selina raised her hand and pointed to one side.

There was a girl with dark brown hair that was braided over her shoulders.

Her face was hard to see because she was wearing large glasses, but Rudger recognized it right away.

It was definitely one of the three teaching assistants I saw at the time.

“My name is Joanna Lovett. This time she is a freshman enrolled in the three Orns, and she is well versed in animism, so I took her in as her assistant.”


Is it Joanna Lovett?

I was not a student in his class, so this was the first time I had heard his name.

Rudger stared at it carefully so as not to be noticed by others.

She was standing there holding a now empty tray, and it looked like she had come for a part-time job like other students.

‘Hmm. Come to think of it, among the people on site at that time, I didn’t care much about the assistant.’

Since he is a high-ranking flame spirit, I thought that he could be at least a teacher.

In a situation where Esmeralda’s true identity was not known, Joanna Lovett could not escape from the line of the dragon.



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Just as I was about to think that, Joanna Lovett, who had been standing still, began to move.

‘What are you trying to do?’

Rudger watched her movements closely.

She was now glancing around and examining her surroundings.

It was so secret that the others didn’t notice it, but Ludgar knew it.

Joanna moved cautiously, placing a silver tray on the dinner table in the center of the banquet hall.

‘Where are you going?’

It didn’t really seem like that.

After she put the tray down, she went back to her original place and just stood still as if she were protecting her seat.

‘Did I just try to place an empty tray?’

Maybe I’m too sensitive.

Rudgar took his eyes off Joanna Lovett and glanced over the banquet hall.

He could hear people talking one by one in his ears.

‘Did you hear the news this time?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘They said that the back alley vagrants’ movements have been unusual lately.’

‘haha. Are you talking about the lower classes? Is that not always the case?’

‘If I did, I would have turned my attention away. But this time is a bit unusual.’

‘What if it’s a special case?’

The middle-aged man who opened the door sighed and cleared his throat.

‘Oh, well, what do you mean these guys are doing business?’


Everyone was talking to each other, so the laughter wasn’t obvious, but Rudger, who was listening, definitely heard it.

It was clearly a mockery.

‘haha. The lower classes do business? Aren’t you mistaken?’

‘I haven’t seen it, I’ve only heard rumors, but I don’t think it’s just a rumor.’

‘It’s not a rumor?’

‘I don’t know what happened in the back alley recently, but they said that the guys who had been fighting for a long time joined hands.’

He revealed the facts he knew one by one.

‘Isn’t it cleaning the slums neatly? Why don’t you register an unused building as an office? Besides, a large amount of cloth can be seen going in there.’

‘Huh. What the hell are you trying to do?’

‘Looks like you’re trying to get into the apparel business.

‘Heh heh heh. Yes. High-end dressmakers dominate the market as they do now, what will the lower classes do?’

Rudger, who overheard this, realized that what he had been told was going well.

‘You’re moving faster than I thought. It seems like it’s been quite some time since I noticed the flow around me.’

I pretended not to, but it was just as desperate.

The strategy Rudger presented to them was not only effective, but also a bit excessive.

Because I learned that people who only rolled on the dark and dirty mud are hope.

I came to think that people who had lived all their lives down there might be able to go upstairs, but how can they stay still?

And that strong will will become a huge wave that no one can stop.

However, they seemed to have different ideas from Rudger.

‘No matter what the lower classes do, they’ll be there.’

‘That’s right. What about the money the business needs? Would a back alley prostitute, a beggar, or a gangster unite change anything?’

‘It’s kind of strange that there are people who fund those bastards. I wouldn’t be able to get a loan because my credit rating is low.’

‘Isn’t it because the imperial family has been carrying out rescue policies lately, thinking that this is for commoners? That’s why the lower ones climb up.’

‘This is absurd. I’ll just eat the pieces of bread that roll down from above in moderation, and I’ll enjoy some kind of wealth and glory.’

‘Don’t be too angry. Still, don’t you think we don’t have to go out and trample on it? What will I do with my things? You just know you’re going to destroy yourself. Let’s enjoy the sight and drink wine.’

Ha ha ha ha ha.

In the end, they can’t stand it and burst into laughter among themselves.


Rudger shook his head. I’ll laugh at that movement now as stupid, but will I be able to see it like that later?

It is natural that individuals cannot read the flow of the times.

Because the human world is too small, and the world on the contrary is too huge.

More than what you can see with your eyes, what you know with your knowledge, and what exists as a map.

From their point of view, the immeasurably huge world has no choice but to appear to be standing still.

But that doesn’t mean the world has stopped.

‘The world is moving endlessly and moving toward the future.’

History looking back from a long way proved that.

It seems like nothing has happened for a day or two right now, but looking back after a year and two years, it becomes a surprisingly big change.

Now everyone is breathing.

The short time of 1 minute and 1 second.

That every moment was changing and was changing.

‘You’ll find out soon. me too Other people too.’

After thinking that far, Rudger staggered from his seat without realizing it.

“Miss Rudger? Are you okay?”

“it’s nothing. Because the floor is a bit slippery.”

Selina’s question, looking at her anxiously.

Rudger responded lightly to it, but he couldn’t bring himself to wake up to the tinnitus ringing in his head.

“Are you okay… … I am… … I will… … .”

“I’m going to go get some fresh air.”

The words around me began to be eaten up by the noise.

Rudger caught his breath and immediately left.

Selina looked worried, but when he stubbornly refused, she didn’t follow.

He came out onto the balcony. The banquet was in full swing, so no one was there.



Rudger grabbed the marble railing with his hands, feeling tinnitus as if he were stabbing his forehead, temples, and skull with needles.

The noise, which could not be heard properly, gradually began to take on the shape of a distinct language.

[Accept… … .]

[we… … power… … .]

[you… … be chosen… … .]

“shut up.”

Rudger grinned lightly at the voice and took out the pill he had brought into his bosom.

Unlike the usual two or three pills, this time I put it in my mouth at random.

At the same time as the enormous magic power, the pain relief effect worked and the headache began to decrease.

At the same time, the voice that had been getting clearer began to muffle again, as if it were trapped beyond the fog.

Eventually, the noise gradually diminished and disappeared like an echo leaving over the mountain valley.


Ludger let out a sigh of relief and gazed at the night view of Laedderbelk through the balcony railing.

The city, with light flowing everywhere, was shining brilliantly even in the dark.

Rudger felt the night wind gradually begin to contain the heat.

I closed my eyes for a moment and thought.

what he should do next what can he do

The answer was always clearly fixed in his mind.

* * *

‘Ludgar Chelsea?’

Chris Bennimore, who was wandering around to take a break, saw Rudger Celish standing alone on the outdoor balcony and unknowingly hid behind a wall.

‘What are you doing over there alone?’

It was 30 minutes ago that he coolly beat up a wizard hired by Luke Corporation in front of everyone.

Chris Vennimore also watched the duel.

He hoped that Rudgar would be beaten nasty there, but the reality was otherwise.

Rudger knocked down his opponent with overwhelming force in front of everyone.

The speed at which the magic manifested was instant, and Chris realized that it was [source code] magic.

He is a formidable man. He thought so and tried to ignore the growing inferiority complex in his heart.

‘By now you should be surrounded by people and listening to all the sugar coating.’

But now here.

He had witnessed Ludger’s suspicious appearance.

‘Are you eating something?’

The man who was normally expressionless and had no emotional companions was now exhausted enough to be recognized by anyone.

He took something out of his pocket and began to stuff it into his mouth.

‘A drug?’

If you see him eating in a hurry, is he eating normally? Do you have a chronic illness?


Chris Vennimore’s thoughts have reached a certain conclusion at this moment.

‘There’s no way I could overdo it like that. Taking too much of any medicine will not change the harm to the body.’

However, there is one type of drug that is not the only one.

That is, it is a drug that restores mana.

‘There are only a handful of magic potions in the form of pills, but I can’t say there aren’t any. Eating it means suffering from a lack of magical power?’

Then why?

Chris’ head snapped.

‘Because of sparring a while ago.’

Ludger used brilliant magic in succession in front of everyone and defeated his opponent.

The power of the magic wasn’t great, and it was all 2nd and 3rd tier magic, but Chris knew it.

Rudger was suffering from a lack of magic right now.

For the first time, Chris Bennimore recognized the human weakness of Ludgar.

‘I see. That’s why he ended the magic duel quickly.’

A hidden secret of Ludgar Celisch that is unknown to others.

The amount of magical power he possesses is absurdly small.

I don’t know if it’s congenital or for some reason, but the result doesn’t change.

Up until now, he must have been regularly taking magic recovery pills in order not to be discovered.

Chris Vennimore couldn’t help but smile meanly.

I found a weakness in him that no one knew about until now.

Now, I was already thinking about how to cook this.

‘okay. Magic festival coming soon. I can do it there.’

Chris Benimore, fearing that Rudgar would find out, escaped as if he were running away before he fully recovered.

* * *

‘Is it just over?’

The root of the problem was the excessive use of mana during a magic duel a while ago.

At first, I thought it was okay, but I didn’t even know that my magic was running out because I was wasting time talking to other people.

‘I’ve become very lax, too.’

I had to live with pills in my mouth like a habit, but I forgot even that.

There were so many other things to worry about, but it seemed like I needed to reflect on myself a little bit.

‘Anyway, I succeeded in narrowing down the suspects as much as possible about who Esmeralda was.’

Thinking so, when I returned to the banquet hall.

It was almost at the same time that screams erupted from all sides.


“A monster, a monster!”

Everyone shouted that in a tearing voice.

Ludger, who had just returned to the banquet hall, could also be seen.

The center of the banquet hall. The figure of a blazing fire giant appeared on the table.

A gigantic giant, so huge that his head could touch the high ceiling of the large banquet hall, glanced at the inside of the banquet hall with blazing eyes.


Rudger realized whose work it was.

The First Order of the Black Dawn. Esmeralda had summoned a spirit.

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