I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 91

◈ Episode 91 Celebration (1)

Rene recently suffered a series of hair loss incidents.

Doesn’t she get into fights with aristocratic students, disrupt classes because of her non-attribute magical powers, or get teased by men who are interested in her appearance?

There were fun and happy things, but there were more things that didn’t.

It was the same even now.

Now that the first exam was over, the students of Seorn were taking a break by making the most of their few break times.

Someone had already worked hard on their studies because their ego was hurt by failing the exam, but that wasn’t something Line would care about.

No matter how much I thought about it, she seemed to have done well on this test.

‘So I was going to take a break.’

It is a honey-like rest given long-awaited.

The seniors also agreed that it would be difficult to rest at this time or after the next test, so I told them to rest now if they were going to rest.

Line also fully accepted the words and tried to take a break.

‘Well, why am I here… … .’

He lifted his slightly bowed head and looked at the man sitting comfortably across from him.


Freuden Ullburg asked if he felt her gaze.

Looking back, he is a handsome young man.

The eldest son of Ulburg and the man who will become the leader of the next 3rd ducal family.


He was now sitting facing her.

It is also that the two of them are eating alone in a small empty lot where no one visits.

‘How did this happen?’

Linen’s head became dizzy at the gap between the splendid taste of the food that lingered in his mouth and the suffocating situation he was in.

Certainly, we had met and ate together like this before.

But it was only the senior’s sympathy and goodwill for throwing lunch on the floor because of the hoodlums.

After that, I thought this would never happen again… … .

‘We just ran into each other on the road.’

I was looking for a place to eat while sitting down with a packed lunch, thinking that I should be especially careful this time.

However, I didn’t really want to go to the student cafeteria.

I didn’t have any friends to eat with, and places with a lot of people naturally drew attention.

To see you stare at yourself from all directions while you are eating. Even the food I ate makes me feel stuffy.

But isn’t it too much to eat in an unoccupied toilet cubicle?

As a joke, they say that when friends are not around, they secretly eat alone in the bathroom, but Line didn’t want to do that.

That’s why I went outside.

Who would have known that he would run into Freuden there.

At the same time, he must have been on his way to eat, and he moved alone with a lunch box without any followers.

– Line. Are you going to eat?

-yes? Ah yes.

-hmm. It’s not good to eat alone, but we eat together.

-… … .

There was no way I could refuse.

Line ended up dining with Freuden, and that was the situation now.

‘Looking at it again, it’s a really fancy diet.’

Looking at Freuden’s lunch box, Line realized how poor the lunch he had packed was.

Money was tight, so all I could eat was steamed potatoes and a few vegetables.

It was her reality that meat could not even be dreamed of.

As she was looking sullen for no reason, a lot of meat was piled on top of her lunch box.

“Uh, senior?”

“Eat more.”


“Come to think of it, mine has too much meat.”

Freuden said that and focused on eating again.

Line was wondering whether she should reject it, but decided to eat it because she thought it would be a waste to throw away what she had received.

‘More than that, it’s amazing.’

Even while eating delicious meat, Line couldn’t help but wonder about that.

‘senior. You seem to be taking more food than before. Who are you trying to give it to?’

Maybe he made an appointment with someone, but he had a fight and just happened to be passing by and bumped into him, so he came as a substitute.

Is it good luck or bad luck?

Line decided not to think too deeply.

‘it’s good.’

The taste of meat I had eaten in a long time was really the best.

* * *

It’s so embarrassing, but the delicious meal is over.

“Then, I’m done.”

Freuden got up to say he had to tend the garden.

At least for this moment, it seemed like she didn’t want to be disturbed by others, so Line bowed her head saying that she had a good meal and left the vacant lot.

It was an uncomfortable seat, but it wasn’t painful or anything.

‘Still, I think the senior is a good person.’

He did not think deeply about why Freuden was good to him.

She thought Freuden was just a nice guy.

‘Because he didn’t seem to have any bad intentions.’

He did not discriminate against himself as a commoner, and it was Freuden who even saved him when he was in danger.

To some, Freuden might seem like a scary villain, but at least Line didn’t think so.

he’s a good guy

It was a kind of feeling to be so sure.

Line has a special sense of recognizing the hostility or danger of others towards her.

It’s not magical, it’s just a vague feeling, but she’s quite trusting in her sense.

In fact, her feelings often matched.

The atmosphere was different from the desire of those who approached her out of fascination with her appearance and the person who helped out of pure goodwill.

It was the same even after coming to Seorn.

Jealousy, contempt, possessiveness, etc.

All kinds of emotions were directed at her, and Line avoided them as much as possible.

The student approaching, claiming to be the same commoner, and the aristocrat approaching with a friendly smile could see a darkness that could not be hidden behind them.

That’s why Line didn’t carelessly hang out with others.

Because I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t know if I didn’t know from the beginning, but I couldn’t treat a smiley face with a person who was openly visible.

But Freyden did not.

That’s why Rinne sat with him and ate.

Otherwise, it was Freuden’s proposal and he would have rejected it unconditionally.

‘There are few people like this, it’s amazing.’

There were only a handful of people who had come to Seorn and had absolutely no ill will towards Line.

Among them, if I had to choose a representative person, there would be Freuden Ulburg, whom I had a meal with a while ago.

‘There’s Erendir-senpai. again and… … .’

The last thing that comes to mind is Ludger, who handed him a book on non-attribute magic.

‘Mr. Rudger Celish… … .’

Ludger’s sharp gaze directed this way made it seem like he was full of dissatisfaction with everything, but Line knew it.

that he is not hostile to himself.

Rather, he was weak to himself, but he even harbored good feelings.

Is it a favor?

no. Favor is strangely different from other people’s feelings.

It’s close to good feelings, but that doesn’t mean that you have a crush on yourself, but it’s a bit darker than that.


or guilt.


I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it will.

It just seemed that way, and that’s just how it felt.


Line rubbed her eyes with both hands.

Is it an illusion that the area around my eyes keeps getting itchy these days?

A person stood in front of Line, who was rubbing her eyes and looking straight ahead, without making a sound.

“… … !”

I’ve heard people say that if you’re too surprised, you won’t even scream.

Line felt it acutely for the first time now.

The man in front of her greeted her with a smile, not caring about her condition.

“hi? are you line? A freshman in the first year.”

“Oh, yes. But who are you?”

Judging by the fact that he is wearing a uniform, he is a student of the same class as himself.

Looking at the nameplate, it is a different color.

2nd grade. She is older than himself.

He is a handsome man with a smile on his face.

A style with slightly vermilion-tinged hair tied in a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

The slightly open squinted eyes seemed to be very human, but Line gave the impression that he was a bit like a snake. What do you mean, the feeling that she’s up to no good?

But Rinne didn’t run away. Because I didn’t feel any hostility from him.

Rather, what the man in front of her sees to her was extreme curiosity.

“Recently, Freuden wanted to do something alone.”

“ah. Are you a friend of senior Freuden?”


Was it surprising that he was called Freuden senior without any pretense?

The narrow-eyed man opened his eyes slightly, then giggled and laughed.

“uh. right friend My name is Freyden’s friend Henry Presto. nice to meet you.”

“My name is Rene.”

“huh. I already know that.”


“Don’t look at me so vigilantly. It was just because it was strange that my friend Freuden, who had always been solitary, packed his own lunchbox and moved to meet someone in person on a long-awaited holiday. Have you two met before?”

“Uh, how… … .”

“There are just ways.”

Line realized that this senior named Henry was an unusual person.

I don’t have any hostility towards her, but should I say that people themselves are dangerous?

You know what other people don’t know, surprisingly well.

“haha. You don’t have to be so vigilant.”

“… … yes.”

Even if he said that, Rinne stared at him disapprovingly.

Henry scratched his cheek with a smile, as if he thought he had put on the wrong button from the beginning.

“Ugh. Are you suspicious for nothing? Then, as an apology, I will give you some good information.”

“Good, info?”

“huh. good information. Aren’t you tight on money these days?”

“Yes heck?!”

Rene reacted and later regretted it.

I had to pretend it wasn’t, but it hit me so right that it was all exposed.

“Oh, no.”

“It’s all the same. Besides you, other students also need money, so they do a lot of part-time jobs here and there. Or go to the request board and get a request.”

“… … .”

“But it’s honestly annoying to handle requests, and you can’t tell which ones are dangerous and which ones aren’t, right? That’s why the stable thing is to earn a daily wage by doing chores inside Seorn.”

That’s right.

In fact, Line has been looking for several daily wages recently to earn money.

“I know a lot about that. Things that are comfortable and cost a lot of money. Honey information that other students don’t know. I can tell you that.”

“… … Are you a senior?”

“Even though it may look like this, I know a lot inside Seorn. how is it?”

Line was very suspicious of Henry’s behavior when he suddenly handed over such an offer.

Normally, I wouldn’t have listened to that, but things were different now.

Because she was actually very tight on money.

Henry dug into the timing exactly.

Besides, I don’t feel any hostility from him.

“Why are you telling me this? It’s the first time we met today.”

“yes. To be honest, is it just out of curiosity?”

“Are you curious?”

“It was strange that Freuden had a sick bed with no one else, but with a commoner girl.”

“Is that strange? I think it’s because you are a good person.”

“Good people? Is it Freyden? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Henry laughed out loud as if he had heard that it was funny.

“Why are you smiling?”

“iced coffee. yes that’s right Freuden is a good man. I felt that way after watching Freuden for a long time. Anyway, that’s why I’m interested in you too.”

“… … .”

Why does the word interest not only make my heart pound, but rather make my heart feel tight?

“So I thought I would help. It won’t be bad for you either. If you hear what’s going on, you’re going to freak out too? The work is easy, and the pay is high.”

Are you getting paid a lot?

Line’s ears pricked up and moved.

One word, “remuneration,” made her mind lean more and more to one side.

situation in need of money. And even the words of a person who has no ill will toward himself.

“how is it? Are you interested?”

“… … Just listen.”

“Good idea. You won’t regret it.”

* * *

The hall of a large banquet hall.

The guests entered one by one into the banquet hall, where beautiful light streamed out.

All of them were people of high status, dressed in luxurious clothes and dressed up to the fullest.

“haha. Isn’t this Senator Thomas?”

“Ooh. Count Gerold. Long time no see. You still have clear eyesight.”

“Heh heh heh. Can I fall for a place like this?”

Old-fashioned music from one side of the banquet hall and a chandelier sparkling in scarlet light.

Even the polished marble floor and the dinner set around it.

Inside the gorgeous and clean banquet hall, well-dressed people gathered and chatted.


Standing near the window and watching the scene, Line couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly.

It was the first time in my life that I came to a place like this.

‘I heard it’s a part-time job where all you have to do is deliver dishes at a suitable party!’

The reason she came here was simple.

It was all thanks to senior Henry’s recommendation.

But, what kind of party is this place?

‘Anyway, this is far beyond common sense. A seat like this is very uncomfortable.’

Rinne swallowed that dissatisfaction.

I felt like something had been tricked by Henry.

‘Still, because the pay was the best.’

Whatever it is, there’s not much to do in reality, and it’s a simple part-time job where you just have to stand still.

In fact, there were several other students of Seorn besides her.

‘Rather than that, what kind of party is going on here?’

It’s not once or twice that the upper classes of society throw parties, but Line guessed that these parties weren’t common.

It was only when the doors of the banquet hall opened and new guests entered that I became convinced of that.

“oh. The protagonists of this episode have finally arrived.”

“Are the authors the teachers that the newly appointed Sae-orn has been assigned this time?”

Following the gaze of the people, Rinne turned her head and looked at the entrance.

Familiar faces were visible through the wide open door.

‘ah. It’s Miss Selina.’

Animism teacher Selina.

She was coming into the banquet hall with a face full of burden, dressed in an unusually fancy dress.

Next to her is Miss Merilda, an escort wearing a purple dress with a plunging back.

It seemed that Miss Selina was helping because she wasn’t used to being in a position like this yet.

Besides that, other teachers showed up one by one.

There was Chris Bennimore, and there was Mr. Bruno.

All of them were newly appointed teachers.

‘uh? then… … .’

Line’s gaze naturally turned to the wide open entrance of the banquet hall.

There was one person who hadn’t come yet.


The sound of shoes hitting the marble floor ran through the banquet hall.

It must not be a simple illusion that the footsteps of normal people have to be drowned out by the noise of each person talking, and that the steps are exceptionally loud.


A moment of silence comes to the banquet hall.

Even the soft sound of the instrument remained silent for this moment.

All eyes turned to the entrance.


“The author… … .”

There, a man was entering the banquet hall.

A long black tailcoat that matches the dress code.

He wore a black overcoat over his shoulders and held a staff in one hand.

Her hair, unlike usual, was neatly swept over her bangs with an all-back.

“Ludger Chelsea.”

The man who received everyone’s attention glanced over the banquet hall with an emotionless expression.

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