I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 85

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◈ Episode 85: Animology Class (1)

Elisa, who was staring at Ludger’s test paper, let out a series of exclamations.

“Hmm? hehe this maybe… … .”

She mumbled something incomprehensible, but soon she closed her lips, picked up a pen, and started solving the problem.

Wilford, watching the scene, quietly backed away.

It wasn’t common to see Elisa, the president, fall for something like that, so I didn’t want to disturb her.

After all, with her skills, it would all be over in less than five minutes.

But Wilford’s prediction was wrong.

It was because after Elisha started solving Ludger’s exam questions, it was over 5 minutes, but there was no sign of the end.

10 minutes.

15 minutes.

20 minutes passed like that.

Even then, Elisa continued to focus on the problem, playing with the nib endlessly, as if possessed by something.

‘Has the president ever been holding on to a problem for so long?’

Wilford was taken aback by the unexpected situation.

Even when Elisa looked at the test questions submitted every semester, she always wrote down the answers to the questions on the spot.

It was a kind of evaluation towards the teachers who are in service at Seorn.

And all of those evaluations were completely made by the president, Elisha himself.

Elisa preferred to solve the test questions given by the teachers herself.

She is also a wizard with a great passion for learning.

It was a pleasant experience just to look at the problems in a new way that he did not know.

Occasionally, in the case of a problem of a lower level, there were cases where the solution itself was not performed.

But when it comes to solving, most of them are done in less than 5 minutes.

The same goes for the 4th and 5th grade exams, which are said to be difficult.

Even the difficult problems that made her head throb with students did not inspire her much.

Is that why?

Elisa has been feeling bored lately.

So, when she saw a handful of interesting things, she would be overly engrossed in them.

like right now


Elisa remembered her old sense after a long time.

When she is still learning something while raising her passion for research in the unknown science of magic.

The sense of accomplishment and pleasure when you finally succeed in conquest while feeling helpless at the knowledge you see for the first time.

30 minutes.

It was the time it took Elisa to solve Ludger’s exam questions.

The reason why it took her 30 minutes to solve any test in 5 minutes was because Ludger’s problem required a variety of thinking, but also because of her greed to save delicious food.

Of course, even if you solved it with all your might, it would have taken at least 15 to 20 minutes.


“Are you finally finished?”

Wiford, who had been waiting quietly, asked in a surprising voice.

“sorry. made me wait.”

“haha. no. Rather, it is fortunate that it seems to be the first time in a long time that I have seen the president so enthusiastic.”

“Well, that’s right.”

Elisha didn’t bother to deny that he had run into this problem.

Thinking back, I thought these were really good problems.

While demanding a solid foundation, it asks for diversity of opinions with a flexible way of thinking without being buried there.

While solving the problem, there are many pitfalls, but even when I see them, I feel pleasant rather than annoyed.

“It’s really amazing. That this is a problem created by a new teacher who came in this time. It’s to the point where I want to have other teachers solve it as well.”

“Is that enough?”

“I thought Mr. Rudger was such a boring person that he would just give out exam questions.”

Ugh, Elisha shrugged.

“I was wrong.”

If you think about it, Rudger showed magic beyond basic common sense.

Wasn’t that the [source code] magic he demonstrated to the students in the first class?

A magic that can make magic formulas incredibly fast, so that magic can be realized at high speed.

Spells that make spells.

It was magic that one would not even attempt to conceive of and create with ordinary ideas.

“It was a flawless matter.”

“How about compared to Mr. Chris’ test questions?”

“There is nothing to compare. A serious quest for learning, a matter of respect, and a means to boast of one’s knowledge. Putting the two on the same line is itself an insult to one side.”

Chris Vennimore was trying to prove that he was superior to Ludgar Celish with this test question.

Towards Ludger, who was in charge of the same manifestation world, he said he knew more and knew better.

Like a child, he waged a childish fight.

But Rudger didn’t.

He didn’t even care about Chris Benimore in the first place. He didn’t even react to his petulant fight, he just did the best he could.

Can this really be considered a fight?

“This, if you ask Mr. Chris to solve it, his expression will be quite worth seeing.”

Elisa smiled mischievously like a child, imagining what would happen soon.



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Seeing the scene, Wilford shook his head, saying he couldn’t stop.

* * *

Rudger put the test papers in his suitcase.

As long as he finished the test with the first batter, all he had to do was score leisurely for the rest of the test.

‘Actually, it’s a question that I put a lot of thought into, but I wonder what kind of answer the students wrote.’

Would students who normally listened well in class produce good results?

How many bizarre wrong answers did students who did not study properly come up with?

As a teacher, it is true that there are such strange expectations.

Even though it was a false identity, Rudger felt his own nature in his work.

Rudger, who was returning to his quarters, found students gathered in front of him.

‘Only during exam period? ah. Is it a real test?’

50 students.

The person leading them along with the teaching assistants was also quite familiar to Rudger.

The first thing you see is pink hair that glows in the dazzling sunlight.

A teacher who is kind to everyone and never loses her smile, just like a princess in a fairy tale.

It was Selina.

‘It must be a test of the spirit class.’

Selina was in charge of specializing in <spirits> in the summoning class.

Spirits are beings that embody the energy of nature that exists in Mother Nature.

Elementalism is the study of borrowing the power of such spirits through communion with them.

As a result, the theoretical part was all about the history of animism, and in fact, most of the classes were mainly practical.

From how to call the spirits, to contracts, and how to communicate with the spirits and use their power.

It’s still the beginning of the semester, so even if it’s a test, it won’t be that difficult.

‘It’s also the fact that there are no spirits around the students. Is the first test itself a contract with the spirit?’

Since the number of people who can learn animism is limited, the test itself was conducted with an absolute rather than relative evaluation.

Even a decent student would be able to get a passing grade if they succeeded in making a contract with a lower spirit.

Just as she was about to think, Selina also noticed Ludger getting closer.

“Ah, Mr. Rudgar!”

A narrow distance.

Selina smiled and said hello.

“Are you done with the test? Come to think of it, you said it was your first test, right?”

“yes. I’m on my way home from work after finishing a little while ago.”

“ah. That’s right. I am just entering the exam.”

“Is it an animistic test?”

“yes. Would you like to take a look?”

I am okay.

Ludger, who was about to say that, couldn’t resist as he stared earnestly at him.

Selina was sending an SOS look at Rudger with an intense gaze.

‘Am I nervous?’

Rudger seemed to know why she asked him to go with him.

This test must be the first time for Selina as well. She must not have realized it as a teacher yet, but evaluating students was a burdensome and nerve-wracking task in itself.

So, he asked for help from Rudger, who had already completed the exam.

Ludgar wasn’t in charge of elemental science, so he couldn’t really help her.

‘It’s also true that at least when a new colleague like you is by your side, you feel relieved.’

If it was like usual, it could have easily been passed off as just someone else’s business.

Or, he could have used the excuse that he was busy with grading.

Then, all of a sudden, I had a thought.

Still, we ate and talked together until now, wouldn’t it be too cold to refuse here?

‘No matter how fake his identity is, as long as he’s a teacher right now, it’s okay if his colleagues hate him.’

Already, led by Chris Benimore, he has turned against the teachers of the aristocratic faction.

However, he easily rejects Selina’s request for help, which is well-regarded not only among students but also among other teachers.

It was no wonder that the reputation he had worked so hard for had fallen.

‘Actually, I don’t mind ignoring that kind of reputation.’

The important thing was that he was also in a position where he had received help from Selina, so he could not ignore her request.

Still, thanks to her approaching me first, wasn’t it possible to have a conversation with the other teachers?

“Let’s do that.”

Ludgar nodded, and Selina’s expression brightened noticeably.

The students watched the two with strange eyes.

“what. Is Mr. Ludgar coming too?”

“What’s the relationship between the two of you? Are you dating?”

“Is that so? It’s because you’re newly appointed together this time, isn’t it? Between motives or something.”

“Oh right. You liked Miss Selina.”

“What, what?! no it’s not?”

While the students were arguing among themselves, Selina, who gained courage, opened her mouth.

“Guys. The test will begin soon, so let’s all get moving! Hurry up and finish quickly!”


The students moved busily according to Selina’s words.

Selina led the way, followed by Ludger, followed by the students.

Eventually, they arrived at the entrance to the ‘Hwanmong Forest’, one of the three largest forests in Seorun.

A huge sea of ​​trees filled with spirits, animals, and various other ecosystems.

The Hwanmong Forest was the largest among the three forests in Seorn.

The risk level is level 3, and entry is prohibited for the general public.

However, compared to the other two forests with a level 2 or higher level of danger, the Forest of Dreams is relatively safe, and since it is the beginning rather than the deepest part of the forest, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

‘Actually, this place is often used as a test site, so it seems to be a safe space.’

There were traces of burnt human hands everywhere.

Even the no-entry signs or guidelines made along the way.

Rudgar raised his head and looked up at the endlessly towering trees.

Trees with massive roots and tall pillars towered high into the sky.

The height seemed to exceed 10m.

Even though I hadn’t fully entered the forest yet, at this level, I wondered if the depths of this illusory forest were probably thick enough to remind me of the Amazon.

‘Is that the spirit of light?’

Something was floating in the air, scattering soft light between the trees.

Indeed, the spirits can be seen easily from the beginning of the forest, probably because it is a fantasy forest full of vitality.

In a place like this, it would be easy to make a contract even for students who are still inexperienced in animology.

“As we announced in advance, this test is about making a contract with the spirits. You can use your own magic to communicate with the spirits and become friends.”

Selina didn’t just talk, she went into action.

She closed her eyes and cast spells.

A warm magical light shimmered around Selina.

The students exclaimed.


“and. That is the ability of an animology teacher.”

The spirits hiding in various places in the forest were revealed one by one in response to Selina’s magical power.

In the case of some curious spirits, they flew through the air and wandered around Selina.

In an instant, the surroundings of Selina were filled with cute spirits.

The students couldn’t keep their mouths shut at the beautiful sight like a princess in the forest.

Opening her eyes, Selina smiled benevolently at the cute spirits around her, and then reached out her hand toward the pure white ball of spirits.



The white cotton ball accepted Selina’s greeting.

A contract that leads to a natural rapport with the light spirit.

Rudger also silently watched the scene.

“lol. Did everyone see it? it is not diffcult. Just do it like a teacher.”

Was it because she gained courage in her words?

The students immediately created magic and tried to communicate with the spirits.

one two.

Small spirits gathered around the students.

“and! done!”

“oh. He is very cute.”


Shouts of joy erupted from students everywhere.

The scene where the spirits and the students were gathered was quite pleasing even to Ludger.

Not wanting to be disturbed, Rudger took a seat a little further away from the students.

“Would you like to try Mr. Rudgar?”

Then Selina approached Rudger and asked.

I was about to ask why the student test came, but I shook my head when I saw about 3 teaching assistants working hard.

“Thank you for the offer, but I will decline.”

“yes? why?”

“I am not very welcome by the spirits.”

“yes? Aye please How nice are the spirits! Let me introduce you to a cute spirit! It’s the light spirit that I signed a contract with a while ago, and I named it Pongpong!”

Saying that, Selina held out the white ball of cotton that was sitting on her palm to Rudger.

But soon, she had no choice but to open her eyes.

“uh? Pompong?”

The pure white spirit of light on her palm was trembling.

“Po, Pong Pong? what’s the matter? Eh, what the hell is this… … .”

Selina immediately figured out why the spirit was doing this.

‘Are you afraid of the spirit?’

It wasn’t just Pong Pong.

The other spirits roaming the forest didn’t even approach Rudgar.

Seeing Selina’s bewildered look, Ludger replied as if he was used to it.

“So you didn’t tell me.”

“Uh, huh?”

“The spirits don’t like me very much.”

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