I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 80

◈ Episode 80: Night Steps Approaching (2)

“… … I will be ready soon.”

I closed the door and returned to my room.

I stood still in front of the closet and pondered why it happened.

I heard you came from the security department. Speaking of knights, of course it would be the Knights of the Nightcrawler.

‘Are they the ones I saw last night?’

Why did an article from the Security Bureau come here?

You must be busy investigating the incident in Ledervelk, but why did you come to Seorn to find me?

Are you really sure that I am the culprit?

‘no. no. It’s a useless worry.’

If they had known I was the culprit, they would have issued a warrant and taken me by force rather than simply coming as a guest.

Or by secretly visiting me in the middle of the night.

That they came to me in such a respectful way meant that they still didn’t know that I was the culprit.

‘Nevertheless, he came to me. What does it have to do with?’

I could recall right away.


The death of Bellbot Rickson in Ledervelk is revealed to be the work of werewolves.

And that werewolf also appeared in Seorn.

‘I was the one who killed that werewolf.’

That’s probably why they came to a teacher named Ludgar Celish.

They are disrupting the investigation of the case. I know what happened, but the key pieces to the puzzle are all missing.

The last remaining clue must have been Ceorn.

If that’s the case, that means my identity hasn’t been revealed yet.

‘However, it is too early to be careless. If I show any signs of being suspicious, they will immediately suspect me.’

Especially if the real guest this time is the girl I know, Terry or Lionhowl.

Now, in a way, it could have been the biggest crisis of my life.

Because her senses belong to something higher, not human.

Even so, I couldn’t refuse to meet the people who came here.

When a new teacher out of the blue refuses a visit from the Knights of the Nightcrawler, that in itself looks suspicious.

If I make an excuse here and don’t try to meet them, inversely, I’m giving them an excuse to cling to me more.

‘I should meet you first.’

After all, they know me as Ludgar Celisi, Ceorn’s new teacher.

They don’t know about me in the past.

For this meeting, you just have to lightly respond to the investigation.

With that thought in mind, I adjusted my collar and tidied up my attire. She wore a black frock coat and tied her flowing hair with a string.

Since it was still morning, the air was a bit cool, so I lightly hung a muffler around my neck.

That’s enough.

I checked the outfit reflected in the mirror, put on my shoes, and immediately opened the front door.

And what I can see is pink cotton balls under my eyes.

“ah. Mr Rudger! Are you out?”

Cottonball looked back as if he heard the door open.

No, it was Miss Selina.

“Were you waiting?”

“Yes, what.”

She averted her gaze and smiled awkwardly.

“If I had known that, I would have come out a little earlier.”

“Ah, no! I was the one who waited on my own, and there’s no need for Mr. Rudger to move in a hurry because of me!”

“Thank you for your consideration. Then let’s go.”


Well, it’s going to school with the same teachers anyway.

No one will have anything to say

I still wanted to ask Miss Selina what she was doing.

I walked in line with her and let the questions rhyme naturally.

“The Security Bureau suddenly came looking for me. Did you hear why?”

“Ah yes. I think it’s because of the investigation into the werewolf incident. A werewolf also appeared in our Ceorn recently, and I think it was because I wanted to ask Mr. Ludgar, who solved the case?”


Hmm. Is it because of that too?

But even if you ask me, you won’t get the answer you want.

They probably don’t know that, and they’re struggling to catch at least a rotten rope.

“Rather than that, Mr. Rudger, are you getting ready for the exam? This is the first round of testing.”

“yes. I tried it and it turned out somehow.”

“and! Great. I am concerned about the level of difficulty and how to submit the questions so that students can do their best to solve them.”

“I agree.”

Certainly, from a teacher’s point of view, creating test questions is quite difficult.

It shouldn’t be too easy, but it shouldn’t be too difficult either.

There are differences for each problem, but even if it is a difficult problem to develop discrimination, it was important to think about it rather than just being infinitely difficult.

Issues that require a change of thinking.

From the standpoint of solving everything, rather than cursing for being dirty and difficult, ‘Ah!’ Students should also be satisfied when it is a problem that makes them feel a sense of accomplishment.

‘However, that’s not as easy as it sounds.’

What each person accepts is different. It was a job that could not give everyone proper satisfaction, so it was quite a headache from the point of view of the presenter.

Well, anyway, the first car is to be taken lightly.

Even if students came to Seorn to learn, how much would they have learned?

The important thing is to check how solidly they have built the foundation.

It would be appropriate to take a test that requires an advanced course only after the 3rd round.

At least I think so.

The main building of Ceorn was visible in front of me. It was time to break up with her.

“I’m off to greet guests. Good job.”

“yes! Teacher Rudger, please work hard too!”

As she waved at me and was about to leave, she suddenly called me to see if anything came to mind.

“Oh! Mr. Rudger!”

“yes. Anything else you want to say?”

At my question, Miss Selina opened her mouth with a slightly meaningful smile.

“They are quite scary, so be careful.”

Then he turned his back and walked away with a sprinting step.

be careful? I was already fully aware of that.

Are you scary people? Did you even meet in person?

‘But why did Miss Selina do that to me?’

Is this an intentional warning? Or, are you simply giving me advice because you think I’m nervous?

I don’t know why, but that wasn’t what mattered right away.

I lifted my head and turned my gaze to where my office was.

‘Are you a member of the Security Bureau?’

I just have to meet you once.

I entered the main building and headed towards my office.

It was quiet inside, with no one on the way.

That’s because it’s class time right now.

But this stillness was strangely disturbing.

Eventually, when I arrived at the office, I took a deep breath and opened the door.


When the door is opened, what is visible is my office and personal space as it was before I left.

The only difference would be the person running his finger through the books in the library.

I turn around to see if the guest has sensed the presence.

I stared at it silently.

“Ah, you are Ludgar Celish.”


She wasn’t what I thought she was.

The one standing in front of me was a man. It is also a man with a strict impression with his hair neatly brushed back and wearing rimless glasses on his face.

Black uniform and golden epaulettes.

It’s clear when you look at the attire that proves that you are an agent of the Security Bureau.

‘Isn’t it Terry or Lion Howl?’

Maybe I misunderstood that day.

I let out a sigh of relief and accepted his greeting.

“nice to meet you. My name is Ceorn’s teacher, Ludgar Celish.”

“My name is Lloyd, an agent of the Security Bureau.”

Lloyd. They say he doesn’t have a family name, but he can’t be conclusive because he’s a commoner.

Because agents from the Security Bureau do not reveal their identities properly.

He didn’t even say he was a knight. He just said he was an agent.

Did you intentionally hide it, or did you think there was no need to brag about it?

I slightly rolled my eyes and examined his attire. It is a clean dress with no wrinkles. His hair is also straight, with no disheveled parts, as if he had erected a porcelain.

As you might have guessed from his appearance, he is clearly a person who pursues neatness.

‘Are your hands bare, not wearing gloves?’

The stocky physique and rough hands exposed above the uniform clearly proved that he was a knight.

“I made you wait a long time.”

“no. Rather, we apologize for coming without contacting you in advance.”

“Sit down. Do you like coffee or tea?”

“sorry. It’s because of the caution not to eat food during work hours.”

“All right.”

I set the table for guests in the middle and sat facing Lloyd.

He was staring at me with an intense gaze, as if he was trying to see right through me.

For me, who was worried about the appearance of the lion, it just felt like facing a wildcat.

“Then why did you come to see me?”

I immediately got to the point.

“I heard that a werewolf appeared in Ledervelk this time.”

“yes. Not this time, but it’s been quite a while.”

“And I heard that it was you, Mr. Ludgar, who got rid of the werewolf.”

“you’re right. I dealt with it.”

“You are amazing.”

“As a teacher, I just did what I was supposed to do.”

Questions and answers that come and go lightly.

horses and horses.

However, there was a subtle current flowing inside.

“So it is.”

Lloyd is out of luck for a while.

I thought what was to come has come.

“Have you ever noticed something strange about that werewolf?”

“You mean something strange?”

okay. I guess the Sheriff also noticed that werewolves had something to do with it.

But I didn’t show my emotions outwardly.

A look of wonder and a look of course.

Just like the first time, he responds to customers with the same attitude.

“I don’t know what you find strange.”

“It was because it was strange that werewolves appeared in Seorn.”

“As a result of the investigation, it turned out that werewolves came from outside. A huge sewer pipe that runs between Ceorn and Ledervelk. They crawled into this through there.”

I didn’t lie

In fact, the werewolf climbed up that huge sewer pipe and entered Ceorn.

It was impossible for normal humans, but possible for werewolves.

“hmm. I see. I heard that Mr. Ludgar fought a werewolf head-on.”

“yes. you’re right. I came forward because I was trying to intimidate the students.”

“How did you fight?”

weird question.

But it’s probably because I’m nervous because I can’t get the answer I want.

Instead of asking why I asked such a thing, I answered the truth as it was.

“I used magic. It was elemental magic. I avoided his attacks as much as possible, burning my fur with flames and piercing my body with ice spears.”

“I see.”

“But perhaps because he is such a strong man, when he senses a threat to his life, he runs away into the woods. So he pursued him and managed to eliminate it in the forest.”

“Have you had any other problems besides that?”

“Nothing except for some high-spirited students who set out to catch the werewolf.”

“hmm. okay.”

Lloyd wasn’t too surprised.

It’s almost like a natural reaction that I already knew.

Right. I already heard the report and knew the circumstances of the incident, but did you ask me again just to get a feel for me?

Is there any difference between my testimony and the police report he confirmed?

Perhaps it was because he belonged to the Security Bureau, he showed thoroughness not to miss the strangeness of this moment.

“Then let’s ask another question.”

“yes. by all means.”

Lloyd asked me several questions after that, but I answered naturally without panic.

The question and answer that continued like that ended only after 5 more minutes.

Lloyd stood up and shook my hand.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.”

“These are people who work for the country, and I’m rather embarrassed.”

I shook hands with Lloyd.

“Then I will go away. It was an honor to meet you. Mr. Ludgar Celish.”

“yes. I was also honored. Mr. Lloyd.”

Lloyd gave me a light bow and left the classroom.

The interrogation of the Nightcrawler Knights belonging to the Security Bureau ended like this.

* * *


Lloyd waited for his superior at the rendezvous, recalling the conversation from earlier.

When the promised time was 10 minutes left, I saw two familiar figures on the other side.

“Captain. Are you here?”


Captain Terrina Ryan Howl and Lieutenant Enya.

The two were also visiting Seorn. However, unlike Lloyd, who met Ludgar Celish, the two went to check the scene.

“Did you find any clues?”

“no. I even got permission to investigate with the help of the president, but I didn’t see anything special. Did you find out anything?”

“no. I didn’t get anything special either.”

“What’s suspicious about that guy named Rudger?”

“First of all, I didn’t notice anything strange about the lines I knew.”


Terrina didn’t get the answer she was expecting, but she wasn’t disappointed.

Just in case, I gave Lloyd just one order.

“Lloyd. Did you do what I said correctly?”

“yes. Before parting at the end, I did as you were told.”

At Terrina’s question, Lloyd nodded with a serious face.

“So how was it?”

As if this was the most important thing, Terrina asked with a sharp gaze.

“Was the hand with which he shook hands belonged to a trained person?”

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