I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 76

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◈ Episode 76 Kalsafa Assassin (2)

Rudger had been waiting for this situation from the beginning.

I already figured out that the assassins were hiding in the crowd, waiting for this side to get tired.

Rudger had no intention of matching them to their rhythm.

‘If I try to break the loose encirclement and run away quickly, they will have no choice but to step out.’

Assassins perform their duties with frightening composure within the given situation.

stealthily in the dark.

In other words, even if you break the situation they created, they will have no choice but to show themselves.

At the moment when the board is overturned, the assassins are given only two options.

Do you want to step back like this and plan for the next one?

‘Or, are you stepping out to complete the mission you’ve been entrusted with?’

Guys belonged to the latter.

Rudger didn’t forget to look out for the group that was chasing him as he climbed the roof.

Indeed, as expected, the assassins quickly climbed the roof, revealing their true colors to avoid missing Rudger and Violetta.

The number is three, as he initially guessed.

Among them, I waited for the guy who was the first to quickly climb the outside stairs and stabbed the sword stick at the right timing.

“There are two left.”

“What about you… … .”

Violetta stared at Rudger in disbelief.

“How the hell did you know they were going to move like that?”

“Southern Assassins are usually like that.”

The reason Ludger was convinced was that the opponent was an assassin from the southern continent.

To be precise, the <Kalsafa Assassin> led by the Fatima Dynasty.

It is the most famous assassination group on the continent, and one of the most notorious.

Usually assassins back down when things go like this, but Southerners don’t.

If it’s good, it’s a strong belief, if it’s bad, it’s a single-minded person.

As a result, there was little chance of stepping down.

What can’t be helped is that they have been taught and raised in such an environment.

If you are given a task, you will complete it no matter what.

Its almost brainwashing teachings, combined with the tenets of the religions they believed and followed, made the Assassins of the Khalsa faction very popular.

Thanks to strict discipline, they were able to grow and become stronger.

‘But because of the rules that the mission must be completed, it’s rather confined.’

But it was impossible to point out that they were stupid.

Those Assassins were just bad opponents.

As a mage, who knew how to engage in close combat, and even armed herself with strange contraptions?

“I just poked that loophole.”

“… … You also know a lot about Southern Assassins.”

“I’ve been through that a few times.”


Violetta asked in disbelief.

Rudger suddenly recalled the old past.

When he was still a child, he was once targeted by the Kalsapa Assassins.

At that time, I really thought I was going to die.

‘If it wasn’t for Master, he would have already died.’

It was because of the experience at that time that I was able to deal with it so easily now.

Compared to the guys who chased him in the past, the guys who are now targeting him are nothing more than youngsters.

Judging from the fact that it flowed into Ledervelk, it must have been that it was kicked out because it failed in its original activity, or it must have come to improve its skills.

No matter what, if you look at it objectively, they can be called pros enough.

Compared to the real people of the South, it’s a long way off.

“Are you coming again?”

Standing on the railing, Rudger’s gaze moved down the alleyway.

Two assassins are busy moving in the darkness where light does not permeate well.

Before long, I get out of sight and hide in the darkness.

“Still, he is an Assassin of the Khalsa faction. A colleague is dead, but you’re not embarrassed.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“well. how will we do it.”

While Ludger was in trouble for a while, the Assassins who had been hiding in the darkness moved.

They popped out of the cracks between buildings and quickly threw daggers.


But Violetta wasn’t standing still either.

She opened the black umbrella she was holding in her hand.

As if proving that it was not an ordinary material, the sharp dagger could not pierce her parasol.

But that only happened once in the end.

Chi profit.

“Ah, dear.”

“Anyway, that parasol doesn’t seem to have resistance to poison at all.”

The poison applied to the dagger’s tip corroded her parasol.

Meanwhile, the assassins hid themselves.



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“Hey, how… … .”

“It is a special poison used by the Assassins of the Kalsa faction. Even if it touches the skin, it permeates the body and is quite dangerous, and it breaks down quite a bit of armor.”

“You’re throwing it with a dagger buried in it?”

“It’s a special dagger. To be precise, kelvantium, a rare metal from the south, was melted down and coated on the dagger. Kelvantium is the main export of the Fatimid Dynasty and is a special product called the metal of the gods. It is very resistant to corrosion.”

“under. Well done.”

As the information flowed from Rudger’s mouth, Violetta decided not to ask him any more.

I accepted that it was not strange no matter what this man said now.

“So how do you respond?”

“I’ll have to hold on until I run out of daggers to throw.”

“Can you?”

“Since the parasol melted, there is virtually nothing. Even magic is impossible right now.”

In other words, if you don’t dodge the next attack, you die.

“Then we should move first.”

“Where are you?”

“Back down.”

It was perfect for the Assassins to prey on this side alone on the open rooftop.

Rudger held out his hand to Violetta without saying a word.

Even though she hesitated, she took his hand.

“Hold tight.”

“… … .”

Rudger jumped down the alleyway, holding Violetta in one arm.



One of the members of the Red Society, who had scattered to pursue Ludger and Violetta, had his head smashed by Ludger’s shoe.

Rudger, who got down the alley with a person as a buffer, ran aimlessly without judging the other person’s position.

‘Am I trying to hide?’

The Assassins did not understand Ludger’s behavior at first.

When did you evacuate to the roof and did you come down suddenly?

‘It’s an unpredictable goal. I’ll have to be careful.’

One of my colleagues has already been hit. I couldn’t get any more here.

The two Assassins exchanged glances with each other in the dark. That alone conveyed the meaning.

One follows right behind, and the other moves from above to block the road.

‘Catch it before it completely deviate from this road.’

With that thought in mind, the assassin who was secretly pursuing Rudger and Violetta stopped when he saw a black shadow in front of him.

found the target

But something is strange.

‘A woman alone? What about the man?’

Could it be that you abandoned it? Certainly, just looking at the previous engagement, that woman looked like a man’s burden.

“Wait a minute! How could you abandon me!”

Indeed, she stood and stomped her feet.

Assassin had to make a decision.

‘There’s no way I really left it. Perhaps a trap. Are you aiming this way in reverse?’

It was a trap to catch our surprise by running away to the rooftop a while ago.

Unless you’re an idiot, they also do what they call learning.

Perhaps a man named James Moriarty is hiding somewhere around.

The Assassin slowly approached Violetta, holding a poisoned dagger in his hand.

His eyes were on Violetta, who was left alone, but his ears were keen to pick up the sounds around him.


At that moment, a small sound came from the right side of his ear.

‘It’s here!’

The Assassin immediately threw the dagger after determining that this was where Ludger was hiding.

But nothing was visible.

‘what?! It definitely made a sound.’

He is highly trained to deal with situations like these. He could never have heard it wrong.

“It’s a pity.”

But the voice came from behind him.

Without sound or harbinger, as if it had suddenly jumped out of thin air.

Rudger stood behind him.

How and when did it happen?

Rather than having such doubts, Assassin moved his body unconsciously based on the training he had received so far.

Grabbing the dagger and swinging it backwards… … .


Before the Assassin could react, it was faster for Rudgar’s swordstick to pierce him from behind.

“Hey! uh, how… … .”

The sound came from the right side, but it appeared from the other side?

Didn’t see or hear?

“It’s that kind of magic.”

Rudger said that while pulling out the sword stick he had stabbed.

There are still remnants of the diffusion scent.

However, Rudger rather used this diffusion direction in reverse.

sound magic.

As soon as the subtle voice is sent through the coordinate setting magic, the sound spreads out in a diffuse direction from other places.

In other words, it becomes difficult to distinguish the direction of sound.

Thanks to his extreme training, he might have figured out the rough direction, but even that was a trick.

It was a surprise that I couldn’t help but be able to move.

“Did you catch it?”


Violetta looked back.

How embarrassing it was to be told to act out of nowhere. I did as I was told, but I never thought I would catch an Assassin this way.

Of course, it was not caught in such a simple way.

Assassin knew this was a trap.

However, the big thing was that I didn’t know that I would sell this trap twice.

‘Well, magic that lets out sounds from different directions. It must be embarrassing to the victim.’

However, in the fight for life, there was no need to be considerate of the opponent.

It would be really unfair to die, but what can I do?

If you don’t know, you should die.

‘Now, there is only one thing left.’

Just in time, a cool breeze blows through the alleyways.

‘The diffusion scent is gradually washed away.’

Even if it’s a diffuse scent, it doesn’t last forever.

After all, it is effective only when it remains in the air, and it is maintained for a long time because it is an alleyway, and even that disappears when the wind blows like this.

Now, time was reversed on Ludger’s side.

At that moment, a black shadow fell over Ludger’s head.

“ah! Above!”

Violetta saw it and reacted, but it was too late.

Assassin threw something at Ludger.


Rudger raised the sword stick as if he knew this would happen, but what Assassin threw was not a poisoned dagger.

It was a hook with a chain attached to it.

The hook hooked the middle blade of the sword stick and pulled it with great force.


The sword stick effortlessly slipped out of Rudger’s hand.

The Assassin, who came down to the ground, threw the knife caught on the hook on the floor and rushed toward Ludger.

A sharp dagger was pulled from his waist.

“It’s dangerous!”

Violetta exclaimed. Assassin was confident of victory.

There is no time to use magic. He also took away the cane and sword that he had learned in self-defense.

All that was left of him was an empty body.

Two of my compatriots died, but the mission was accomplished.

Assassin thought so.

Ludger’s gaze, which did not lose his composure even in the face of the crisis of death.

‘what? Why do you look like that… … .’

Were you so flustered that you couldn’t grasp the situation? Aren’t you the kind of guy who reacts so slowly?

But his thoughts couldn’t go any further.

It was because at the moment he rushed in, Ludger’s hands moved faster and faster.



Faster than Assassin wielding his dagger, it was faster for Rudger to cut him with his memorized spell.

The assassin, who had been precisely cut in the nape of the neck, collapsed on the spot as his body became weak.

“You were caught off guard at the crucial moment.”

Ludger lightly wiped the blood from the crescent-shaped karambit dagger he held in his hand.

The Assassin in front of him revealed his gap because of the conviction that he could kill him in the end.

If you’re going to kill your opponent, you have to be vigilant and do your best every moment.

“That moment of complacency killed you.”

Rudgar picked up the sword stick that had fallen on the floor.

I checked to see if the blade was damaged, decided that it was still intact, and immediately put it in the sack.

Sluruk Tak.

Rudger grabbed his cane and lightly tightened his collar.

“… … Did you catch the Southern Assassin in close combat?”

“Why? What else are you curious about?”

“no. Now, even if I’m curious, I just won’t ask.”

It was hard to count how many times Violetta was surprised today.

She always wielded others as she wished, but was it still not enough against the real person?

The cry of the enemy society was heard in the distance.

“It’s here! There was a noise here!”

“Go ahead and grab it! If we run away, we are all finished!”

Violetta stared at Ludger.

“What are you going to do now?”

“How do you sleep?”

Rudger shrugged.

“The diffusion scent is all gone.”

“Oh yeah?”

“okay. So leave it behind.”

“there’s nothing we can do.”

Inside the black cotton thread, Violetta smiled seductively.

Being able to use magic that had been banned for a while means that she had an opportunity to make an active performance in her own way.

She lifted the parasol, which was almost a skeleton.

This was her weapon for self-defense, but at the same time, it was also a staff that helped her focus her magic.

“I will organize the rest.”

The sound of footsteps getting closer.

Beyond the alleyway, a group of enemy societies moving busily appeared.

“It’s here! There are guys over there… … !”

And what greeted them like that.

It was a blade of wind that sharpened the darkness.

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