I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 71

◈ Episode 71 Freuden Woolburg

‘Wouldn’t he attack right away if he knew he was a commoner?’

Linen swallowed his saliva.

I was just wondering if I could just pretend I didn’t know and get out of here.

“hmm. you?”

Freuden looked at Line and raised his eyebrows.

Then he came closer to her and poked his head out.

Line’s heart sank at the reaction.


Seeing his stare slightly puzzled, Linen’s stomach felt like it was burning.

Did the head of the noble faction even recognize him?

You probably don’t remember anything about Dunnema Rommli’s case, do you? What if I ask you to take responsibility now?

Line’s head rolled in a complicated way.

According to rumors she had heard, Freuden was famous for being a demon who hated commoners and had no mercy.

Meanwhile, Freuden did not take his eyes off Line.

When his gaze finally settled on the book on non-attribute magical powers that Rinne was holding in her arms.

Rene unknowingly hid the book behind her back.

Freuden narrowed his eyes.

“you… … .”

“yes yes?! Any business?!”

“… … No, nothing.”

When Line reacted so violently, Freuden shook his head, saying no.

“Rather than that, how did you get here? Normal students wouldn’t come all the way here.”

“That, that… … .”

Rene pondered over how to deal with it.

Freuden doubted Line’s attitude and narrowed his eyes even more.

Rinne’s heart tightened at the sight.

Freuden is clearly a strikingly handsome man.

His skin is white and his jawline is thin, so he has a very sharp image, but he has a lot of charisma because of his unique eyes.

The parted hairstyle that exposed his forehead raised his atmosphere even higher.

Since the rumors were so strong, Line was intimidated without realizing it.

Fearing that she might die if she lies about it, she answered honestly.

“Yeah, I heard the singing.”

“Singing sound?”

“yes. So I don’t know… … . Hey, if this was your space, you wouldn’t have come! Really! Trust me!”

Line wished that it was wrong because she wanted it at this time.

Freuden looked at her with slightly widened eyes, then looked away and murmured.

“is it. You heard the song.”

“yes. song… … .”

“How was it?”

“yes yes?”

“No, it is. I’m pretty sure I came here by accident.”

“I, really? thank god.”

“Instead, I want you to keep it a secret from the other students. This is my personal space. A space of my own that even my bodyguards don’t know about.”

“uh… … .”

At Freuden’s attitude, which was completely different from what he had thought, Line was speechless for a moment.

“He, aren’t you angry?”

“Are you angry? why me?”

“Oh no, so I… … .”

I am a commoner.

Renee couldn’t bear to say that, so she muttered to herself.

“I won’t blame you for coming here. Looking at it, it looks like a freshman in the first year, but it’s when I’m in the middle of wandering around. All you have to do is keep what you saw in this place a secret.”

“Oh, of course! I won’t tell anyone! really!”

“Are you going to promise me?”

“yes! I promise!”

“okay. Then it’s done.”

Conversation goes better than you think.

Linen doubted whether it was the notorious Freuden of rumors.

‘No way, did they mistake me for a nobleman? I don’t think so.’

At least from the rumors she had heard, Freuden Ulburg always had a cold demeanor, almost preying on someone.

However, the Freuden we are facing now did not do that at all.

Such was the cute flower bed in Line’s eyes right away.

‘Did they all be raised by seniors?’

Probably. Judging from his reaction, this must be Freuden’s personal space.

In other words, it is said that Freuden took care of all of this neat and small vacant lot and flower bed himself.

‘To think all of this was made by Freuden-senpai.’

Is that Freyden?

The eldest son of the Ulburg family, one of the three ducal families in the Empire?

He is a symbol of fear to the common people, and even his fellow aristocrats are at a loss?

At least the aristocrats she knows are extravagant enough to stick out their tongues from their basic hobbies.

Buying expensive clothes or fancy accessories, gathering together and drinking black tea and having a tea party.

It was the same with lower nobles, but if it was a great noble, it would be more if it was added. I never thought it would be less.

But Freyden was different.

‘Such a humble nobleman.’

In addition, the vacant lot, the cute flower beds, and even the soft sound of singing.

‘Could that song be sung by Freuden?’

If so, who did you learn the song from?

Line tried to ask it, but immediately withdrew it.

‘no. It’s much better not to attract the attention of seniors here.’

Unlike her knowledge, Freuden was unexpectedly benevolent, so it was a better choice to use this opportunity to get out safely.

“Cow, I won’t spread rumors. Today I didn’t see anything. yes. So I’ll just go.”


you don’t catch

Freuden really did not seem to have any intention of looking down on or making fun of himself as a commoner.

Renee was relieved inwardly.

“Then, I’m done.”

It was time for Line to take a slow step back.



“You can come again if you want to come.”

“… … yes?”

“You can just come. hmm. okay. I will give you special permission.”

“… … .”

Line didn’t understand what the hell this meant.

Are you kidding me? Or are you serious?

Even if it’s not being serious, it’s scary in its own way.

That Freuden was playing a joke on himself.

“Ah yes.”

It’s just that you’ve heard it, right?

Even as he became distant from Freuden, Line couldn’t help but think that he was dreaming.

Because today was a day full of unbelievable work.

Get out of Freuden’s secret garden with quick steps.

But why?

Even as I moved away from the clearing, it felt like Freuden’s eyes were flying behind me.

* * *

Rudger’s class has begun.

Rudger, who arrived exactly at the lecture time without a single second of error, naturally scanned the podium where the students were sitting.

Before this, it looked quite boring, but after showing the coordinate magic, the students’ concentration was back.

In this condition, a month will pass easily.

Rudgar nodded in satisfaction and opened his mouth.

“The first test period is coming soon.”

The low voice echoed throughout the classroom.

1st test.

There are many tests to be taken during a school year, but the word 1st came heavily to students.

In particular, this is the first exam for first-year students after entering Seorn.

The weight couldn’t have been light.

Above all, there is only one sense of duty to take the first test well.

“As I told you last time, I intend to teach <Source Code> only to top students who perform well in the exam.”

Of course, Rudger continued.

“Of course, it does not teach the entire source code. What you can get from the first test is one of the <frameworks> that make up the source code.”

The source code technique consists of a total of four frameworks.

In other words, even if you get a framework through the first test this time, it is virtually meaningless if it does not rank in the top 5 in the next test.

If you want to learn source code magic, from the first test this time to the final test at the end of the semester.

You have to maintain an unconventional ranking in the top 5 in all four tests.

“Indeed, I am also curious about who will learn my <Source Code> magic. This first test can be seen as a paving stone to announce the beginning.”


Some of the students swallowed and clenched their fists.

The reactions were half mixed with anticipation and tension.

But even in the midst of that, there were some who showed their composure.

“First of all, since it is the first test, there will be no very difficult content. Based on the basics, it’s a test to see how hard you guys usually listened to my classes.”

At Ludger’s words, a sigh of relief burst out from everywhere.

Still, since Rudger said he wouldn’t make it as difficult as it was, he judged that there was no need to be very nervous.

“I think you all know the subject itself, but just in case you don’t know, let me tell you again. If anyone doesn’t know yet, write it down now.”

As soon as the words came out, the students took out pens from the writing instruments.

Even if you already know it, they say they will tell you again, so I decided to write it down in case of an unexpected situation.

‘Tsk. It’s stupid.’

Flora internally laughed at the students’ urgent behavior.

Already in her head, she remembered everything Rudger had taught her.

‘Of course, I remember this because I’m smart. It’s not because I’m not saying that the teacher’s class was good.’

While rationalizing himself like that, Rudger taught the students one subject at a time.

“The scope of the questions will be questions from Mana Dynamics I, Basics of Natural Science, and Elementary Understanding of Elements and Introduction to Elementology. The questions are all subjective, with a total of 20.”

The subjective way is to prevent taking a picture without knowing it.

In addition, in the case of problems that require calculation, he even warned firmly to write down all formulas.

“Even if the answer is correct, if the solution is strange, I will consider it wrong. In the opposite case, I will still give partial points. So, don’t go over it vaguely and review it properly.”

Rudger’s explanation was neat.

To the extent that students don’t really have anything else to ask.

“It’s my first test, so I’ll go lightly.”

“Lightly ramen?”

“It’s an open book test.”


To that cry, some freshmen responded by asking why.

The unexpected response was that it exploded among the second graders.

‘You’re still a freshman, so you don’t know the meaning of an open book.’

People often think that an open book test is a very easy test because all you have to do is look at the answers and write them down.

But in reality, the opposite is true.

It is only on one occasion that a teacher has allowed students to have an open book.

‘I will make the test so difficult that it is difficult to solve even if I read the book.’

However, some students who did not know the meaning were busy just liking the word open book.

The second graders laughed inwardly at the first graders.

You will understand when you taste the spiciness of an open book.

‘If you go lightly, open book from the first round? How difficult is the post-replacement test?’

Line, who knew about the reality of the open book, did not stop taking notes even with a slightly dazed expression on her face.

Suddenly, she felt a gaze and turned her head.


Flora Lumos was looking at her.

However, that gaze disappeared as if it was just passing by.


But, without realizing it, Rene felt a strange discomfort. She felt like she was looking at herself with a slightly wary gaze.

To dismiss it as an illusion, she had a rather keen sense of others from before.

“I will end the explanation of the test here. Let’s go straight to class.”

At Ludger’s words that followed, Line had no choice but to put an end to her doubts.

* * *

Soon after class, the night came to announce the approaching holiday.

Ludger immediately finished getting ready to go out, and came down to Leathervelk in a wagon.

Today was the day of the meeting.

How to deal with Ledervelk’s underworld in the future.

Dressed in a long black coat, he pulled his hat down while standing on the sidewalk paved with tile blocks.

At that moment, a black-coated car stopped in front of him with the sound of an engine ringing in his ears.

The car door on one side opened with a bang, and before long a familiar face grinned at me.

“older brother. Get on.”

“Where did you get the car?”

Rudger casually sat down in the back seat of Hans and asked.

Hans, who got behind the wheel, answered by starting the car.

“Well, since the people of the enemy society were messing around with this and that. Among them, there was a transportation business, but I only brought the best of the vehicles they drove.”

“is it.”

“Oh, of course, I’m not saying I’m using it for personal use. Still, brother is coming, so shouldn’t you be cool like this? That’s where we need to go.”

“That’s right.”

“So, how are you going to meet today?”

“How are you going?”

Rudger took out his monocle from his inside pocket and put it on, tidying up his collar.

“We’ll go the way we always go.”

“haha. You are my brother too.”

Hans drove to the meeting place.

Before long, they stopped at a pub on the main street, lit up with colorful lights.

From the entrance, customers were crowded, and near it, women with thick makeup were waving their hands to solicit customers.

“It’s needlessly flashy.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be better than doing it in a dirty and dingy place?”

“That too.”

“Let’s get off.”

The two got out of the vehicle.

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