I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 705

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Episode 705: Light of Hope (1)

I felt a burning pain in my abdomen.

I felt like my entire nervous system was on fire and my brain was melting.

Alex looked vaguely at Enya’s face as she approached him.


He finally gave up swinging his sword.

I knew very well that it was a really foolish thing to do.

It was like that even though I knew it.

“Be it in the past or now.”

Red blood flowed from Alex’s lips.

“I guess I’m still a fool.”

I may have been a little selfish.

To some extent, you may have asked someone else to shoulder your pain.

But then and now, Alex’s choices were always the same.

He decided to take on all the wounds himself.

“It hurts so bad.”

I thought I had experienced enough pain, but the pain of having a knife stuck in my stomach was beyond my imagination.

All I could do was hold back the urge to scream in pain right now.

Alex laughed.

Even though I thought I was going to die, I remembered a conversation I had with Ludger long ago.

‘leader. The leader said that to me. Stop doing things that hurt yourself. ‘Because isn’t that so sad?’

The reason Ludger was able to say that sincerely was probably because he had the same experience as himself.

No, can I call it the same experience now that I found out his true identity?

He must have gone through something more terrible and difficult than he did.

‘The leader is right. That’s really sad and foolish. But, Leader, you told me that… … In the end, he himself was unable to change his temperament until the very end.’

This is evident from the fact that he has become a demon lord fighting against the world.

‘In the end, you and I were all just foolish people.’

That fact made me extremely sad.

The fact that people like them have to disappear like this without ever being compensated.


The sword stuck in the stomach was pulled out.

Alex, whose legs became weak, slowly fell backwards.

Alex moved his eyes and looked at Enya.


Enya, who was supposed to have no expression due to brainwashing, was now embarrassed.

“Why did I… … .”

Enya’s trembling gaze alternated between the bloody sword and the fallen Alex.

“I, I didn’t mean to do this… … .”

The pure white ring that took control of Enya’s head gave off an even stronger light.

Enya’s panic-stricken face was once again erased, as if a mask had been placed on it.

The person controlling Enya gave orders to Enya.

Finish that fallen man.


Enya raised her sword with trembling hands.

Even if I tried to resist the command, my body reacted in rejection.

Enya’s expression changed.

Although he seemed expressionless, he was scared and sad.

A tear flowed from one of her eyes and down her cheek.

I couldn’t hear her voice, but I had the feeling that Enya was letting out a silent cry.

“Is this the price you pay for pursuing romance?”

Alex smiled as if he had been liberated from death.

Images of my colleagues flashed in my mind. I felt sorry for them.

Above all, Ludger was the one who was caught the most.


Alex desperately moved his blood-soaked lips.

“You, don’t be like me.”

Enya’s sword fell towards Alex’s neck.

* * *

Ludger, who was organizing the holy knights and priests, suddenly turned his head back.


I felt like I heard Alex’s voice from somewhere.

Of course it was an illusion. Alex is probably down there right now, fighting against the Holy Crusaders in the first check city.

Hearing his voice in the midst of such a fierce fight was almost like an auditory hallucination.

But that’s why Ludger felt uneasy.

I wonder if something happened to Alex.

I understand.

In a war like this, it is too greedy to hope that there will be no sacrifices.

There was a great risk that the colleagues I had shared hardships with would die.



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This is the same even if only people who will not die easily are gathered together.

However, Ludger’s thoughts did not last long.

This is because the dogs of Lumensis continued to appear from a distance to stop Ludger.

“You damn bastards.”

Armed with hatred and fanaticism, they rushed forward even though they knew they might die.

Rather, they seemed to want to die in this fight.

In this temple, he feels infinitely moved by putting a splendid end to his faith, for which he sacrificed his life for the devil.

It’s ironic.

Some people fight desperately to survive, while others try to die to prove their faith.

Of course, that did not mean Ludger showed them mercy or pointed out their wrong actions.

In the end, it is a life or death fight.

Because that’s war.

“It’s a hassle to deal with them one by one. “I’ll finish it in one go.”

Ludger scattered magical power around.

Another 7th level magic was about to unfold.

* * *


What blocked Enya’s attack, which seemed to hit Alex’s neck, was a long, large sword.

Alex, who sensed death, rolled his eyes and looked at the person who saved him.

Terry or Ryan Howl.

She blocked Enya’s sword strike with Giant Killer instead.

Alex couldn’t ask why.

This is because Terina’s eyes as she looked at Enya were so cruel, as if she would explode if she touched her wrongly.

Enya’s unfocused gaze turned to Terina.

Her lips moved. Not arbitrarily, but by the brainwasher.

“What is this? Director Terryna Ryan Howl. “The person who is supposed to lead the holy crusade is protecting the hands and feet of the devil.”

“… … .”

“These acts are outright treason. “I have nothing to say even if I am summarily executed before being referred to military law.”

“It’s a summary disposition.”

Terina twisted her lips.

“You say something very interesting. “You brainwashed my precious lieutenant as you please, and even interfered with my fight.”

“That’s a strange story. Didn’t you actually win thanks to me? You couldn’t defeat this man with your skills. If anything, thanks to me, I would have been able to avoid unnecessary sacrifices. I have doubts about that attitude. “He is neither reasonable nor rational.”

The Cardinal of Lumensis, the borrower of Enya’s body, said so.

“Aren’t you a patriot who protects the empire? He belongs to the Security Department and leads the Knights of Nightcrawler, which deals with criminals. “If you handle things more calmly than anyone else, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“okay. I know it well. “In order to reduce damage to our allies and win the battle with minimal damage, sometimes we have to put aside our human minds.”

“And yet you stopped me?”

“I would rather ask. “What do I look like in your eyes?”

Terina’s body was overflowing with life.

“Do I look like a puppet that you can do as you tell me and treat you as you please? Did my subordinates, including my adjutants, see it as a good tool to be treated like that?”


The Giant Killer pushed away Enya’s sword.

“Wash your ear canals properly and listen. I am human. “I am fundamentally different from you, who see people as tools.”

“So you’re saying you’re going to be against me now?”

“I didn’t like it before. “Do you know what makes me more angry than anything else?”

Terina opened her wide eyes and glared at Enya’s pupils, as if she were going to kill the being beyond them.

“You brought tears to the eyes of my precious lieutenant.”

“The empire’s fortunes have run out. “Only when a person named Ho Guo-gyeong moves so emotionally does the future become clear.”

“I see your future.”

The brainwashed knights who had surrounded the area to kill Alex tried to surround the area, targeting Terina one by one.

However, to protect Terina, the Night Crawler Knights stepped in and blocked their path.

Of course, the expression wasn’t good.

They were just being brainwashed, and their subjects were ultimately their colleagues.

I couldn’t swing the sword easily.

But the opponent was different.

Without any remorse, they were able to manipulate the brainwashed people into destroying the Knights of Nightcrawler.

Armed with divine power, they had greater power than existing knights, so even if the number of Night Crawler Knights was large, there was no way a proper fight could take place.

Even though they knew that, they went ahead.

This is because the thought that this is not right never left their minds.

“It’s the leader and his subordinates. “It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to die at the hands of a loyal lieutenant.”

The cardinal controlling Enya made such foolish remarks and imbued Enya’s sword with divine power.

The sacred power, burning brilliantly in bright yellow color, melted the remains of a nearby building as soon as it touched it.

“I wonder if you have the courage to cut down your lieutenant.”

“What did you hear me say? “I have no intention of hurting my proud lieutenant.”

“And you still want to fight me?”

“okay. “For that, I drew my sword.”

“That’s a funny thing to say. “You can’t even cut me.”

“I am.”

Terina said in agreement.

“I am.”

“… … !”

Sensing the uneasiness hidden in Terina’s words, the cardinal urgently alerted his surroundings.

Thanks to his cunning and quick wit, he was able to react quickly, but it was still too late.

Those who moved first were faster than him.


“All right!”

Two shadows fell from the sky and swung the weapons in their hands at the same time.


The sound of something being cut rang out as a sword cut through the wind.

At the same time, the bodies of the brainwashed Nightcrawler Knights collapsed like dolls with their threads cut.


The only one who did not fall was Enya, who was directly controlled by the Cardinal.

However, there was a hint of embarrassment in his voice that he could not hide.

“You cut down our power!”

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

What the uninvited guest suddenly appeared and cut was nothing else but a ring of light floating above his head.

This was not something that could be physically cut or removed.

It was close to a spiritual form of brainwashing under the name of blessing.

However, with just one cut of the knife, its shape crumbled to pieces.

As the ring disappeared, the brainwashing ended.

Enya also had some of the ring of light on her head erased and was slowly fading.

So I couldn’t believe it even more.

Cutting something that cannot be cut? Is that possible?

“wow. “Is this really happening?”

The person who actually did this, Mandelina, gave an honest review of the results he had created.

It was the anti-magic that spewed out from a sword-shaped staff that cut the ring that controlled the knights.

A magic that nullifies all magic.

It went beyond magic and had an effect on power as well.

“Master! We really did it!”

“Look at that, you idiot! I said I could, right? uh?”

“… … “After all that, weren’t you surprised just now?”

“Uh-huh! When did I!”

Originally, anti-magic could not have had this much effect.

This was because anti-magic used alone only worked on magic.

It was thanks to an incident in the capital that Mandelina got the hint.

At that time, the anti-magic that I wielded together with Aidan neutralized Basara’s power, albeit for a moment.

If this ring of light that brainwashes people is a similar type of power to the black storm unleashed by Basara.

Her calculation was that it was worth trying with anti-magic.

What you need is another person who uses anti-magic like you.

An unpredictable synergy caused by two anti-magics unfolding simultaneously.

So Aidan was brought in, and Mandelina’s guess turned out to be exactly right.

“Oh, this is ridiculous!”

Enya, or rather the cardinal occupying her body, stumbled.

The cardinal, holding his eyes with one hand, could not accept the reality before his eyes.

The ring of light above my head flickered as if it would go out at any moment.

It was quite an excessive reaction considering that the brainwashing had been lifted.

Terina could intuitively feel that the anti-magic had taken a heavy toll on the Cardinal’s spirit.

“It’s a strong power of brainwashing, so it seems like the blow was passed on to the person himself.”

“this person… … !”

The cardinal could no longer even utter proper words.

The embarrassment and hatred caused by the unexpected blow disappeared along with the ring of light without coming out.

The brainwashing has been lifted.

Light returned to Enya’s empty eyes.

“Uh, uh… … .”

Because she had been brainwashed by a strong shock, she knew very well what state she was in now.

She had finally regained her freedom.

Without even having time to ask Enya if everyone was okay, Enya moved urgently.

The person whose toes were pointed towards was Alex.

Enya didn’t know what to do when she saw Alex bleeding from a sword wound on his abdomen.

“Ah, Alex. Blood, blood. Blood… … .”


Alex’s lips were parched due to heavy bleeding.

“I’m glad you look fine.”

“Don’t say it! “I’m going to stop the bleeding right now!”

Enya used a portable styptic to close Alex’s wound, but it did not stop the bleeding.

It wasn’t just a sword wound, it was a wound imbued with divine power, so it couldn’t be replaced with regular emergency supplies.


Enya hurriedly searched her chest, but all she saw was pieces of a broken potion bottle.

It was all broken during the fight.

“Am I going to die here?”


“I’m glad though. “Because the face I see before I leave at the end is you.”

Alex smiled at Enya, who was shedding tears endlessly.

It’s not your fault. So don’t worry.

“Everyone, no one has any potions! “Everyone is welcome, so please!”

Some of the knights who were watching the situation handed out a potion and poured it on Alex’s wound, but the wound caused by divine power could not be healed even with the potion.

It only prolonged the life of Alex, who was dying, just a little longer.

Enya’s face was filled with despair.

“no. “I still have a lot of things I want to say to you.”

Enya said something, but Alex couldn’t even hear her voice anymore.

The sound was muffled as if submerged in water.

My body became drowsy, and feeling disappeared from my fingertips.

I see This is death.

Even my vision became blurry, and I couldn’t even see Enya’s face anymore.

The last thing Alex saw was that.

It was a dazzling yet warm light that suddenly appeared out of thin air.


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