I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 704

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Episode 704: The Demon King and the Saint (2)

Catherine bit her lip.

Rank 7 [Impera]

Currently, Clinton is the only person on the continent who can use magic on this scale.

But at this moment, Ludger has made a new name.

The dark attribute magic used by Ludger worked well on Catherine, a saint.

The gap was so large that it was difficult for her, who could destroy even a decent 6th rank with her bare hands, to properly resist this.

A darkness like mud that is soggy and sticky and absorbs its own power.

Catherine stood tall on her two legs without falling down.

Even if the opponent was a master-level knight or a 6th-level wizard, he would not have been able to get up if he had been hit by this magic.

That’s how strong Catherine was. More than that, Catherine shone with her unwavering determination, from which she could not be defeated.

“Do you think I’ll stop here?”

Step by step, Catherine waded through the black mud and approached Ludger.

Ludger stared at Catherine with dry eyes.

With every step I took, the power of darkness that bound my body weakened.

The endlessly surging divine power slowly instilled vitality into her body, spurring Catherine’s speed.

Yellow flames began to rise through the black tar-like darkness that covered Catherine’s body.

Evidence that he is slowly recovering his strength.

“This isn’t the end, right? Still, he is the devil. “Please show me your skills one more time.”

Ludger immediately responded to Catherine’s provocation.


Catherine’s eyes widened, as if she hadn’t expected him to answer like that.

What was even more surprising was that Ludger did not just say so, but showed it in action.

Behind Ludger’s back, a huge magic ceremony unfolded again.

It was a technique of the same level and scale as when I used the 7th level magic a little while ago.

A splendid magical power filled the air, encroaching on the surroundings and surrounding Catherine as if surrounded.

This was already my second time seeing the entire space filled with magic, but the sight was still so beautiful that my eyes were dazzled.

But the result was not like that.

Catherine’s eyes looked into the near future.

It looked like he had already fallen under Ludger’s magic.

The image of oneself just floating still, caught in a dark space where nothing can be seen.

‘This cannot be avoided.’

Being hit even after seeing the future was a type of attack that could not be avoided or blocked.

It was possible to infer it just by looking at the high-density magical energy flowing around.

Just using 7th level magic must have consumed a huge amount of magical power and mental power, but to show it all here in succession.

In the midst of such astonishment, Ludger performed another spell.

7th level water attribute magic.

[Clear Greed]


I heard the sound of waves crashing somewhere.

It was the sea. The moment Catherine realized that, she fell into the sea.

‘You have to get out.’

Catherine struggled, but her body sank deeper and deeper into the sea.

Into a very dark and deep abyss where the light from the sea level does not enter.

The extremely cold environment and enormous water pressure presented by the deep sea overwhelmed her body.

The scenery he had seen with his own eyes came to fruition.

Catherine quietly closed her eyes.

At the same time, I thought that it would be easier if I closed my eyes like this.

Her body fell to the ground with a crashing sound.


Only then did Catherine realize.

That he was defeated.

The night sky was visible above the collapsed ceiling.

And even the sight of Ludger looking down at him.

“what are you doing. Hurry up and finish it. “You won.”

“okay. I won. So, I’m going to go now.”

“You’re just going to leave the saint and go? The devil? “When I regain my strength, I might come back to stop you?”

“I guess so. “If we fight again next time, the winner won’t be as easily decided as it is now.”

“Winning just now wasn’t that easy.”

“Think of it like that.”

“Why are you still trying to leave me alone?”

“that… … .”

Ludger took something out of his arms.

“Before you were Saint Catherine, you were Catherine, the friend who first extended her hand to a boy named Heathcliff.”

What Ludger took out was a neatly folded piece of paper.

Ludger unfolded it and handed it to Catherine.

“What is that paper?”

“Take it.”



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Catherine accepted the paper with trembling hands.

“Read it.”

Catherine scanned the content written on the paper and then opened her eyes wide.

“This is the address?”

What was written on the paper was an address scrawled in elegant handwriting.

The address of the mansion of a wealthy merchant family in a certain country.

And at the end of the address it was written:

“Earnshaw… … .”

The moment Catherine said that last name, she felt a twinge of pain in her brain.

“Well, what is it?”

Even in the midst of a fierce fight, his normal voice trembled.

The moment Catherine heard that name, which she must have heard for the first time, she could feel some longing and sadness.

“Why on earth are you watching this… … .”

“The Earnshaw family. They were a powerful merchant family in Queoden, and they were a family that practiced good living, such as donating or giving to the villagers with the money they earned from business. “Maybe it’s because the head of the family and his wife have very kind hearts.”

“What is that… … .”

“The two were looking for their long-lost daughter. Even though it was so long ago that they can’t even remember anymore, they were desperate to find their daughter. “They don’t even know her name, all they remember is that her daughter has beautiful blonde hair.”

Catherine kept her mouth shut.

Her gaze was asking Ludger. Is that really true?

Since Ludger had said this far, it was impossible not to know.

“Catherine. No, Catherine Earnshaw. That’s your real name. The family where you were born and raised, your parents, your family. What you must not forget. “Things you need to remember again.”

“Heathcliff you… … .”

“I wanted to tell you this when I meet you. You are not an orphan. You have a family who is desperately looking for you. “Your family loves you more than anyone else.”


Clear, transparent tears flowed from the corners of Catherine’s eyes.

“The reason I came back to this hell was to achieve my purpose, but it was also because I wanted to tell you this.”

It took quite a while to find Catherine’s parents.

Since they both live in a remote place and the church had brainwashed Catherine when they forcibly took her, the gap in information had a significant impact.

But Ludger managed to find them and obtained their addresses.

“This is where you need to return. “This is the place where Catherine Earnshaw, whom your family desperately seeks, should go, not Saint Catherine, who belongs to a religious order.”

Catherine couldn’t properly answer Ludger’s words.

Tears flow endlessly from both eyes.

It felt like sadness would overflow from my throat at any moment.

I finally remembered.

Your name, your hometown, even your parents.

Why didn’t I know until now?

I shouldn’t have forgotten. I should have kept remembering.

“Just rest for now. “If you lie down for a while and get up, everything will be over.”

Ludger left, leaving Catherine behind.

Rather than explaining anything further to someone who has not yet fully accepted it, it was better to allow them time to reflect alone.

Ludger had work to do.

This relic had to be brought to the highest point of the castle.

‘Did it fall a little lower than it originally did?’

In the aftermath of the fight with Catherine, he broke the ground and fell below the castle.

Even if we tried to calculate spatial coordinates, it was not easy due to the enormous divine power.

Jumping across space while holding a relic imbued with divine power was equivalent to walking a tightrope with a piece of metal on your back.

Since he had no choice but to move directly, Ludger flew up through the hole created through flight magic.

That’s when you try to go back to your original position.

A golden net was scattered, aiming for Ludger.

“It’s the devil! “The devil is here!”

“You must kill him at all costs! Stop his plan!”

Bretus’ Holy Knights and Senior Priests.

Armed with all kinds of artifacts and support, they launched a concentrated attack on Ludger with great vigor.

“The ones who did nothing during the fight between me and Catherine a little while ago and just stayed quiet.”

Ludger lightly tore apart the golden net that was trying to bind him and glared at the church’s paladins and priests.

“There is no mercy to be shown to those who choose voluntary fanaticism rather than brainwashing.”

Ludger’s magic attacked the paladins.

* * *

Alex tilted his head to the side.

The sudden sting pierced where his eyebrows were.

There wasn’t just one sword.

After that, swords imbued with golden energy stabbed in one after another.

It was impossible to avoid them all.

Alex’s sword drew a gentle circle in the air.

The circle created without any shaking sucked in the surrounding air and created a whirlpool.

The golden sword caught in the whirlpool rolled up and exploded.

The power of divine power scattered in all directions tore through the whirlpool and poured down on Alex like rain.

Alex struck the floor and created a large wall to protect his body.

The rain of divine power could not penetrate the rubble, but the brainwashed knights were different.

They rushed towards Alex, showing their strength several times stronger than before and breaking the thick debris like styrofoam.

Alex tried to subdue his opponent by swinging his sword, but every time he did so, Enya, with a pure white ring on her head, blocked the flow.

Alex tried to subdue Enya, but it wasn’t easy.

The divine power that surrounded Enya’s body was not a normal category of divine power.

A very strong person was controlling her, giving her all power.

Alex didn’t like it.

It was one thing to control Enya’s body as he pleased, but what made him angry more than anything was his opponent’s cunning fighting style.

Alex swung his sword.

Since it was a sword thrown out as a simple check, I had to choose between blocking or dodging.

What happened next was shocking.

Enya instead put her own neck to the sword.

Faced with the mindless eyes of the puppet being controlled, Alex trembled and retrieved the sword he had thrown out.


Alex realized his mistake too late.

This side was completely caught up in the opponent’s plan.

The price of forcibly retrieving the sword was high.


Enya’s sword imbued with divine power carved a deep wound on one of Alex’s shoulders.

Red blood flowed through the cracked uniform.

If it weren’t for the protective artifact, his arm would have been cut off below the shoulder.

‘damn. ‘I know I won’t be able to cut Enya down, so I’m blatantly setting her up as a shield.’

The person manipulating Enya was a very intelligent and cunning person.

Knowing that it would be difficult to win based on pure skill, he deliberately held Enya hostage to pressure Alex.

‘not good. If this continues, I will be eaten to death.’

Alex tried to stop the bleeding from the wound, but the knights he controlled would not allow it.

When the cardinal’s divine power was added to the originally strong knights, they demonstrated a power that far exceeded that of existing knights.

Their superhuman movements disrupted Alex’s breathing and forced him to swing his sword.

‘If we wipe everything out.’

Every time Alex tried to use a big technique, Enya stayed close, as if she knew it.

It was as if he was asking, ‘If you use that, the woman you care about could die, will you be okay with it?’

Tendons stood out on the back of Alex’s hand as he held the handle of the Copy Cat.

If he swings his sword like this, his gray aura will tear everything around him to pieces.

It was entirely possible if Alex put his mind to it.

Because I had the ability and talent to make it happen.

‘It’s already been a while. We’ll end here, and we’ll have to defeat more enemies. ‘You can’t ruin everything here just because of me.’

He was now fighting for Ludger.

In the name of the enemy of the world, the devil’s army.

In the midst of this war, we could not be tied down by ties from the past that were severed long ago.


And I had to boldly hit it off.

That was rationally correct.

After completing his preparation, an aura rose above Alex’s sword.

Time passed slowly amidst extreme tension and concentration.

Alex suddenly saw an image from the past on Enya’s face as she looked at him with an expressionless face.

-Alex! You dinged again! So what if you fail?

I’ve been bothering myself since I was a cadet.

-You win, Alex! What did I say? Are you saying you can do it? Of course, it’s all thanks to my support!

Smile at yourself.

-Are you fighting again? Like a fool! I told you to just ignore it!

Get angry on your own behalf.

-A guy you like? Of course there is. A caring, warm, and upstanding person? Oh what. Just kidding, why are you so serious?

Playing around too.

-… … I’m disappointed.

It was sad in the end.

The face of the person you love the most.

“Yes, as expected.”

Alex smiled as he looked back on all his memories in a split second, splitting it into thousands.

I got the aura.

“I think this is right.”


Enya’s sword dug into Alex’s abdomen.


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