I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 703

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Episode 703: The Demon King and the Saint (1)

“The devil Heathcliff. “I will stop you here.”

“Then don’t play around like this and attack me with all your heart. “Saint Catherine.”

Catherine rushed in.

A magic circle of pure white light spread behind her, and golden chains aimed at Ludger from all directions.

A shadow suddenly rose up behind Ludger’s back and spread tentacle-like tentacles in all directions.

Black tentacles like thorns collided with the chains and tangled together in the air.

It was fierce, as if snakes were biting each other’s necks.

The two intertwined powers could not endure and disappeared as if destroyed, and through the gap, Ludger and Catherine faced off in close combat.

“Do you think you can beat me in close combat?”

Ludger recalled his first meeting with Catherine.

The choice of words was a bit extreme, but I remember her recklessness in rushing at me when I told her to get out of the way.

It was the same even now that she had become a saint.

Although she was educated and equipped with the attitude and behavior of a benevolent saint to show off to the public, her foundation ultimately lay in this easy-going nature that could not be hidden.

The speed and posture of throwing out the golden fist were unusual.

It was clearly a skill learned from monks who specialized in close combat within the church.

Although the body itself was slender, its power was not.

At this rate, there was a strong possibility that even Lord Huiron would be pushed out of power.

Rather than confronting Ludger, he responded by evading as much as possible.

The moment Catherine got closer, Ludger kicked her ankle, which was the pivot point of her body.

Catherine lost her balance while running and her body flew up, but instead she twisted her waist in that position and threw a roundhouse kick in the air.

Ludger tilted his head back and avoided Catherine’s kick.

Catherine, with both arms on the ground, spun around violently and swung her legs again.

The divine power contained in the kick contained the force of a typhoon.

Ludger lowered his head, and a golden flash passed behind him.

The long, strong corridors of the fortress were torn apart.

Ludger also did not lose and swung his sword stick.

The magic power accumulated in the sword stick spewed out in the shape of a crescent moon, cutting everything.

Catherine, who was able to block most things with her powerful divine power, also moved her body to the side, probably because she judged it to be dangerous.

“My close combat skills have improved a lot!”

“It increased as we fought.”

“Did you learn from a good teacher?”

“I learned it in a dream.”

“What is that!”

Catherine did not break the tempo of her attacks even as she spoke.

As if trying to prove that it is advantageous in a fight to attack first rather than block or dodge, she struck repeatedly without stopping.

In the midst of a shower of divine power that even Helia found difficult to resist, Ludgar calmly dodged, blocked, or even launched a counterattack in between.

A force so strong that everything around it was destroyed.

The aftermath was enough to echo throughout Galaharad Fortress.

“What is this!”

“The fortress is falling! “Everyone be careful!”

The fight between Ludger and Catherine had the effect of temporarily stopping all fighting inside the castle.

Just as two large whales fighting causes other small fish around them to run away in fear.

A giant half-body wearing golden armor appeared behind Catherine.

The giant, holding a large shield in one hand and a large spear in the other, glared at Ludger through his helmet.

A huge spear that shoots out with flashing eye lights.

In a scene as if a meteorite had fallen, Ludger’s shadow grew longer and a crow rose from within.

The crow-beaked monster grabbed the spear with its clumsy hand and punched the giant with its free hand.

Ather Nocturnus, who was filled with magical power, showed his full power.

The giant who was hit with a fist staggered and retreated, and Ather Nocturnus rushed at him without missing the opportunity.

But the giant was no easy task.

The giant raised a shield in one hand to push Ather Nocturnus away, and tried to aim for the nape of the neck with his spear.

While the two summons were fighting, the shallow sea icebreaker glided across the ground and targeted Catherine.

“With just some magic!”

Catherine’s fist shattered the shallow sea icebreaker like glass.

“You’re going to take me down!”

The scattered ice crystals sparkled and filled the surroundings.


The crystal rotated, swallowing Catherine up and moving as if she were grinding her to pieces.

Catherine snorted and stomped her foot.

The golden flames spread radially, melting the crystal and tearing the whirlpool apart.

Overwhelming force that makes no attack effective.

But Ludger didn’t think he would defeat Catherine with just this in the first place.

A large tree appeared behind Ludger’s back.

Catherine narrowed her eyes as she looked at it.

That wasn’t normal magic. It was similar but different, and above all, it contained very strong power.

“Let’s try to stop it.”




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The power responsible for destruction, judging all unnecessary things from the Tree of Sephiroth.

The magic used by Ludger, now ranked 7th, was unrivaled.

A blinding flame engulfed Catherine.

Ludger was confident of victory no matter who his opponent was, but he could not do so against Catherine.

Because the reason was unfolding before my eyes.

She was wearing golden armor all over her body, and was slowly walking towards me with her arms crossed.

By enduring the magnificent fire spewed out by Geburah.

Catherine jumped high and shot like a meteor towards Ludger.

Ludger covered his entire body in shadow and wore a crow mask on his face.

Catherine collided with Ludger, their bodies intertwined, breaking the ground and falling below.

thud! thud! thud!

Destroyed, destroyed, and destroyed several floors.

Ludger, who barely fell, pushed Catherine back, who was trying to crush him.

A blue magic field appeared behind Ludger’s back, and a metal cube was created in the air.

The cube pieces came together and turned into a large snake. That’s as many as three.

The steel snake let out a silent roar and pressed Catherine from all directions with its mouth wide open.

Catherine stretched out her hand and erected a white barrier.

The steel snakes collided with the barrier and were pushed back, but they regained their stance and continued to hit their heads with the intention of destroying the barrier.

The barrier created by the Guardian Act could not withstand it and broke down, and the snakes erected their sharp scales and tried to entangle Catherine.

Catherine grabbed the snout of the first snake that approached her and tore it up and down with all her strength.

The snake’s body was torn in exactly two pieces and each swung at the men attacking from both sides.

The moment the snakes became silent, the cubes that made up the snake’s body changed.

The cubes gathered around Catherine and rose sharply like a spire soaring into the sky.

At the same time, lightning struck with a strong flash.

Lightning, which should have been scattered sporadically, gathered in one place via a lightning rod made by Cube.

Catherine, standing in the center of the incident, unconsciously fell to one knee due to the huge electric current.

Catherine was unable to do anything about the root of the World Tree used by Sedina or the illusion of the dragon used by Helia, but Ludger was different.

Catherine gritted her teeth and radiated light around her.

The round halo behind her back sprouted sharply in all directions, transforming into countless spears.

The spear of light protruding from the halo escaped the lightning and flew towards Ludger.

Ludger created a shadow cloak behind his back and opened it wide.

Inside the cloak, the muzzle of a gun protruded from the space beyond the shadows.

Hundreds of them too.

“Matan. “Salvo fire.”


The muzzle inside the cloak spouted fire.

Rather than shooting regular bullets, it was shooting compressed magic power, which was enough to block Catherine’s Spear of Light.

While the magic bullet intercepted the spear of light in the air, Catherine broke the nearby lightning rod and got out of the lightning’s range.

Pure white steam rose from all over her golden armor, but Catherine didn’t care.

The cube pieces in the shape of a lightning rod scattered like a puzzle and fell in a large lump of metal on Catherine’s head.


Catherine snorted and hit the falling piece of metal with her fist.

A huge chunk of metal split exactly in half and fell with a thud on either side of Catherine.

Catherine lightly shook her fist and spread her golden wings behind her back.

Ludger stored the firearm inside his shadow cloak, then turned it into a crow’s wing and floated in the air.

Catherine flapped her wings and rushed towards Ludger.

Ludger rotated his body and scattered black feathers.

The scattered feathers turned into black evil spirits that circled around Catherine and tried to bite her.


Even Solomon’s evil spirit was nothing more than a fly to Catherine.

Catherine rushed towards Ludger, ignoring the evil spirit. It was a natural choice to target the user himself first.

“Everything is vanity and vanity.”

However, the moment Catherine’s vicious hand tried to grab Ludger’s collar, the golden armor passed through Ludger’s body and went backwards.


At the sight that went beyond common sense, Catherine flapped her wings and suddenly braked in the air, but the gap revealed was fatal.

The metal cubes gathered on the ground had already formed a fixed battery and fired bullets with an intense magnetic field.

Five railguns accurately intercepted Catherine.

Catherine had to create a shield in one hand and block the rail gun. She received this as her armor, and her power was formidable.

Meanwhile, Ludger was reciting a spell and drawing a magic trick.

The blue magic scattered around him gradually expanded like the Milky Way.

The large and complex magic that was incomparable to the magic required for 6th rank magic was like looking at a painting.

Catherine felt a sense of crisis.

Although it was only half-hearted, she quickly warned that her decision was out of place.

Beyond the judgment, I could see a future where a great darkness would engulf me.

Catherine gritted her teeth.

‘I want to do that too!’

It is the power to see the future, no matter how imperfect it may be.

Nevertheless, there was no response to Ludger at all.

Ludger was good at close combat and even better at long distances, and he knew how to use a sword, was good at box fighting, and even used magic that was different from regular magic.

‘We have to stop it!’

Catherine planned to prevent Ludger from completely completing the technique.

Catherine returned her shield to powder of light and recklessly rushed towards Ludger.

It didn’t matter whether the railgun hit the armor or not.

‘Ignore minor attacks!’

The railgun was not a trivial attack, but compared to the magic Ludger would use now, it was nothing more than child’s play.

The armor on his shoulders fell off, and one wing was pierced and disappeared.

But Catherine smiled in remorse.

This is because I thought I could stop Ludger before his technique was completed.

That is, until I saw beyond the mask that his blue sapphire-like eyes were turning red.


Ludger’s eyes turn red.

A huge invisible force shook Catherine’s body.

‘This is divine power?’

Catherine could feel it. This unprecedented power used by Ludger belongs to God.

Although he was only able to stop Catherine’s movement for a moment, in this fierce fight, once was enough.

Finally, the ritual was completed.

Ludger’s magic unfolded.

The blue magic changed to pitch black as if stained with ink, and slowly descended, engulfing the entire space.

It looked like a pitch-black tablecloth fluttering and falling.

Even after seeing that, Catherine had no idea about breaking through or blocking it.

The moment she touched that darkness, all her strength disappeared.

The darkness itself was disintegrating, devouring, and absorbing her divine power.

‘That can’t be possible.’

The darkness weighed down Catherine.

Catherine crashed to the ground and was swallowed up by darkness.

She struggled in the darkness, but the darkness held onto her body like sticky tar and would not let go.

Even if she tried to get up, the dense darkness held her tightly and prevented her from escaping.

7th tier dark attribute magic.

[Black Rest]


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