I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 700

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Episode 700: Punishment, Progress, and Salvation (2)

Ludger, who was climbing up while taking the relic, stopped for a moment and looked back.

A dark staircase leading down.

Surna would have gone further down than where the altar was.

Ludger took the steps he had stopped taking again.

Suddenly, he remembered Surna telling him why he had come all the way here.

-My goal is revenge against Lumensis, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Most apostles move for revenge because they hate Rumensis for dethroning their god, but Surna said that revenge is an afterthought.

-You may not believe it, but my goals are very personal. The destruction of the world, the death of God, and the fall of the church. It’s not that cumbersome, it’s just something very small and insignificant.

Surna muttered that and then told the shocking truth.

-Arkenis is alive.

It was such a natural thing to say, but Ludger couldn’t imagine how much thought Surna must have put into saying it.

-A long time ago, when Lumensis intervened in the Underworld. He tried to kill me along with the saint who went against his will. I guess he thought that someday I would become the biggest obstacle. A devil who is friendly with a saint. It’s worth it.

However, there was something that Lumensys did not expect.

That is, Saint Archenis had disobeyed his will.

When Lumensis intervened in the underworld and tried to kill Surna, Arkenis saved Surna’s life with her own power.

In the end, the enraged Lumensis sealed Arkenis.

-Arkenis is sealed. It’s currently hidden deep beneath this castle by Lumensis.

-He didn’t die that day.

-okay. However, there are conditions required to go to the sealed area. Now I’m dead and I can’t go even if I wake up, but it’s different if I have the relic you brought with me.

-Is your purpose to unseal Arkenis and set her free?

-haha. Well, is that how the story goes?

Surna smiled and nodded.

-That’s it. It is a ridiculous story that the reason the great evil that the world points at has committed all kinds of evil deeds for over a thousand years was to save one woman.

Surna asked, looking at Ludger.

-Do you think I’m crazy too?

-If you’re crazy, I’m probably crazy too.

-is it.

Surna responded to Ludger’s answer with a more relaxed expression.

-At least the road to the end won’t be lonely.

* * *

Surna quietly looked at the woman in front of him.

I have never forgotten it.

I always pictured the past in my mind, and the memories of that time did not deteriorate, but rather remained vivid.

And now.

I was able to see her again in real life.

Perhaps because of the seal, Arkenis’ appearance was not much different from then.

It was because of that tree, which was the seal of Lumensis and was close to a curse.

If someone doesn’t help me, I’ll probably stay like that for the rest of my life.

Neither dead nor alive, just eternally asleep.

“This is the last time.”

Surna drew her sword and approached Arkenis.

Surna crossed the fluttering flower field and approached right in front of her, swinging his sword sharply.


It was a sword that could cut down anything, but the white tree did not move.

Rather, the tree, recognizing the external intervention, wriggled and threw Surna back with great force.


Surna flew backwards and slipped as she landed on the ground.

Pure white flower petals fluttered along the path.

“also. “I can’t just get over it.”

The tree moved with a crunching sound and changed shape.

A pure white human-shaped doll standing tall on two legs.

The head is pointed like an awl, and the arms and legs are also pointed.

A single red eye flashed through the black cracks of a face twisted into a spiral like a drill.

That was the curse of Lumensis.

A messy arrangement left behind to cruelly punish anyone who dares to free the saint who rebelled against him.

The cursed doll took a step forward.

Surna also approached the cursed doll.

I couldn’t come this far and back out.


The cursed doll moved its right arm.

“… … !”

Surna, seeing the arm turn blurry, urgently tilted her upper body.

Something sharp cut through from the ground to the wall of the cavity beyond.

The remains of the statue of a praying woman carved into the wall fell down.

If I had been a little late in reacting, I would have been killed in a single blow.

Surna also held the sword and swung it.

His sword turned blurry and decapitated the cursed doll.



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The cursed doll remained still until the sword approached.


A pure white energy flowed out from the cursed doll and easily deflected Surna’s sword strike.

It was an attack that was also experienced by the Flame Elemental Lord, but it did not work on the Cursed Doll.

“I guess this is a curse left by God.”

Lumensis could no longer intervene in the underworld, but that was the only power it had left.

A fragment of the power that was once possessed as an absolute entity that ruled the world.

Even though it has deteriorated after being separated from the main body for a long time, it is still like this.

But Surna was not frustrated.

I wasn’t despairing or discouraged.

Those feelings have long since been pushed away into the distant past.

Rather, Surna was happy.

If he really had absolute power, he would have skipped this troublesome process and defeated him with a single blow.

‘I’m not dead yet.’

The cursed doll was not perfect.

He was strong, but not omnipotent.

He was able to avoid attacks and even used divine power in his attacks.

Surna drew a magic trick.

He mainly uses a sword, but with the power to learn everything, he can also use magic as much as he likes.

“I leave right away without looking at you.”

A ship made of ice appeared above Surna’s head.

With the sound of departure announcing the departure, the shallow sea icebreaker fell towards the cursed doll.

The cursed doll stared at the shallow sea icebreaker and swung its blade-like hand.


From bottom to top.

The world split vertically.

The shallow water icebreaker split to the left and right, creating a smooth cross section.

Beyond that, new magic unfolded one after another.

6th tier wind attribute magic.

[Hwiwolpung Shrine]


The air pressure rose to an abnormal level and pressed down on the cursed doll’s body.

However, the cursed doll did not fall down and just stood still.

This was true even though the shape of the wind changed into the shape of a huge palace and was still pressing down on it.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if his body exploded due to the enormous atmospheric pressure, but it was truly bizarre to see him not even flinch.

But Surna didn’t even expect to be hit by something like this in the first place.

The reason this magic was used was to maintain a high concentration of oxygen.

“And we have plenty of fuel.”


Surna created flames from her fingertips and ignited the cursed doll.

The enormous amount of oxygen came into contact with the fire, spread explosively, and burned with tremendous heat.

Amid the shimmering hot flames, the red eyes of the cursed doll did not seem to fall from Surna.

At that moment, the ground on which the cursed doll was standing moved slowly and turned into the maw of a huge beast and swallowed it up.

With a hot burning flame.

Compressed atmosphere and flames attached to it.

In the high-pressure, high-temperature environment, the earth, which was in the mouth of an animal, could not withstand it, turning scarlet and melting away.

Surna unleashed her magic one after another.

The mouth of the beast is swallowed up by the head of a larger beast.

A large box made of steel fell from the sky and crushed the place.

They fired a series of large-scale spells, creating synergy.

The moment I thought that this would have done enough damage, a solid white line split the large steel box in half.

The cursed doll walked out from inside the box that was split in half, looking unharmed.

No, it wasn’t completely fine.

Because there were burn marks all over that pure white body.

Even though magic of this level of power was used, it could only be considered a scorch mark, but Surna regarded it as a trace of possibility.

The cursed doll moved.

The moment he bent his leg and straightened it with all his might, the new figure disappeared.


The atmosphere was torn apart and a sonic boom occurred.

Surna rolled her eyes quickly and predicted the movements of the cursed doll.

It’s too late to see and react. What mattered was where and how it attacked.


Surna rotated her body and struck away the arm of the guy aiming for her back with her sword.

However, the curse doll’s offensive did not end just once.

Two arms made of dry wood that look like awls or blades.

It moved so fast that not even an afterimage was visible.

Surna strengthened his body with magical power and further strengthened it by surrounding himself with auras, then fought back by pulling out another sword from the air.


Every time the sword and arm collided, the impact that was not completely offset ravaged the surroundings.

The petals flew, the petal was cut in half by the slash, and the piece was cut in half again.

The curse doll lifted its leg and hit the floor.

Even its feet resembled awls, digging deep into the ground instead of breaking it.

Surna saw that and quickly tumbled backwards.

White thorns sprouted from the spot where Surna was standing just a moment ago, aiming for his vital spot.

Around the cursed doll, withered sharp trees sprouted like thorns one after another.

As Surna looked at it, he compressed the aura on the sword in his hand to its maximum level and drew a large horizontal line with it.

The compressed auror cut all the white thorns into pieces and aimed at the body of the cursed doll.

The curse doll blocked the auror by raising its bladed hand horizontally.

The auror, split in half, swept through the cavity behind it.

The cursed doll moved.

The guy who got close to Surna with just one step raised his arms and struck down.


The curse doll’s two arms cut out the entire ground.

However, Surna, who had already pulled away, placed her hand on the curse doll’s arm and then turned and kicked it at its head.


The sound of a bomb exploding rang out in the area where my foot was hit.

The cursed doll’s head turned sharply to the side.

Surna’s body, which was about to attack further, stopped.

Before he knew it, a new arm had sprouted from the Cursed Doll’s shoulder and was grabbing the back of his neck.

Unlike the arm that was wielded like a weapon, it was an arm in the shape of a human.

Surna quickly swung his sword and chopped off the arm.

Compared to the real arm, the durability of the simple one was not that high.

‘It’s still okay.’

The problem is that the guy who was simply swinging his arms slowly started showing irregular movements.

The red eyes of the cursed doll stared intently at Surna.

I don’t know what kind of logic this guy has, but I can tell that he is clearly hostile to this side.

Since it was a remnant left behind by Lumensis, it might have been natural.

The cursed doll rushes in. Surna raised her sword to fight the guy.

The new models went back and forth with each other several times, and there were even more battles than that.


Surna’s sword reached the limit of its durability and broke.

Surna pulled out a new sword and threw it at the cursed doll.

He pulled out a new sword and threw it again, and then nearly 100 swords attacked.

It didn’t end there.

The sharp sword suddenly became five times larger.

The cursed doll watched quietly and swung its arms wide, crossing them in an X shape.

The flying swords were caught in their tracks and disappeared like powder.

Surna’s eyes widened when she saw that.

I swung once, and the sword caught in it disappeared like fine particles.

Sounds like he did something again.

Before I could confirm it, the cursed doll approached.

The cursed doll persistently targeted Surna, as if it would not allow the distance to widen.

Surna fought back with all kinds of weapons, techniques, magic, and swordsmanship, but it was not easy.

Blood splattered on the tip of my arm.

There was a stab wound on my thigh and a scar on my cheek.

Unlike Surna’s body, where the wounds were increasing one by one, the cursed doll was still fine.

In fact, as time passed, it moved more quickly.

Surna reached out through the barely visible gap and kicked the cursed doll in the stomach.

The cursed doll’s body was pushed back, but Surna discovered that she had countless stab wounds from the soles of her feet to her ankles.

Surna clicked his tongue and used magic to heal his wounds.

At the same time, insects imbued with black magic were sprinkled around to prevent the cursed doll from approaching.

The insects that rose up like dust rushed towards the cursed doll, and with a single cut of the cursed doll they all disintegrated and disappeared.

Surna, who was on the other side, urgently deployed a barrier and was thrown back, creating small wounds in various places along with the torn barrier.

Surna rolled several times on the floor and fell flat on the flower field.

‘Even if it’s like this, it won’t work.’


Blood flowed from the mouth along with the cough.

‘While I am getting tired, he is getting stronger.’

This fight itself had no chance of winning.

We’re almost there.

Now there’s only one last thing left.

A shadow fell over Surna’s head.

When I asked who it was, it was Cetadel.

He was holding a sword in his hand and looking down at himself with a murderous gaze.


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