I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 70

◈ Episode 70 Magical Synesthesia (3)

Ludger, who was left alone after Flora left, recalled the conversation with her earlier.

‘I wondered how he could find me, was it because of the smell?’

Flora Lumos was gifted with a different sense of magic itself.

Even if you see the same magic, you see different colors and smell different.

I was skeptical at first, but thanks to the reaction she showed after watching <The Klein Bottle>, I was convinced.

‘There was a loophole in my 「Ater Nocturnus」.’

It was not possible to avoid everyone’s gaze by simply erasing the presence itself.

A very subtle magical reverberation from the magical water.

Flora was able to take it and followed the trail to find him.

Even considering that she was an unusual case, Rudger couldn’t help admitting his mistake.

‘Perceive magic through smell and sight. Indeed, there must have been a reason for being the top of the sophomore year. It’s understandable that I’ve fooled several teachers so far.’

If so, what should we do going forward?

Judging from Flora’s reaction, it seemed that she hadn’t seen what Rudger was doing in the Silent Forest that day.

I have a slightly suspicious gaze on this side, but there is no clear evidence.

Should I let it go, or should I use my hand in advance?

‘The opponent is the daughter of a ducal family that the empire is proud of. If I touch it, it will cause unnecessary suspicion.’

The academy is noisy because of the recent events, but there is no more work to do here.

However, it seemed necessary to keep an eye on Flora more closely than usual.

I needed more information about her.

‘I’ll have Hans do the background investigation. Even so, I never thought I’d find someone with that kind of constitution in Seorn.’

After all, this is the best academy that teaches magic.

both teachers and students alike. All of them are full of unusual people.

Even the people he had seen so far were only a tiny fraction of this academy.

To live in a place like this for two years?

‘No matter how long it’s been since I’ve been here, two big incidents have already happened. How many more will explode in the future.’

And how well you can get over it.

It was then.

I can feel the presence of someone standing in front of the door.

There are a lot of people coming today.

“Come in. The door is open.”

When Rudger said that, he felt a flinch on the other side of the door, and then carefully opened the door.

The one with a peeking face through the half-open door was the girl I remembered.

Fine features and clear blue eyes.

And above all, even the gray hair that is hard to see even in Seorn.

“Is it Linen?”

“Yes, yes.”

“What did you come for?”

“The book… … I read them all.”

“book… … is it.”

Rudgar recalled that he had given Line a book on non-attribute magic.

Line, who had only been showing her face, entered the classroom with careful steps.

It was as if he thought he couldn’t make any mistakes.

“I thought I should give it back to the teacher.”

“You mean that?”

“yes. This is Mr. Rudgar’s.”

I wondered what you were trying to say and was it because of that?

Rudger shook his head and said.

“The book is not mine. I am nothing more than what I received.”

“Then this book… … .”

“Keep that book with you.”

“yes yes?”

“You may have read it several times already, but you will need it again and again. There will be times when it doesn’t come to mind. Better to have it just in case.”

“still… … .”

“Unknown things have their value only when they have a suitable user. That book on non-attribute magic will see the light when you have it, rather than in my hand.”

Rudger took a breath and removed the rimless glasses from his face.

“I think that, at least, is a courtesy to the previous owner who entrusted me with this book.”

“… … .”

“So you can keep it without having to give it back to me.”

“Really, can I?”

Renee was also thinking that she felt sorry for her.

I have already read and re-read it several times, but I have not fully understood the contents.

Still, since it was not his own, he came to Ludger with the thought of returning it to the original owner.

“of course.”

Indeed, Rudger said he would entrust this book to her.

“Because I believe that you will keep the book well and not damage it.”

“Oh that… … .”

Rinne couldn’t bear to say anything.

Rudger’s words made her head twitchy.

‘You believe? me?’

Rinne’s head got dizzy.

Rudgar’s words kept ringing in her head.

‘Why do you believe? The teacher didn’t see me much. Any reason for that? Or is it simply because I am the owner of non-attribute magic?’

I had a sudden thought.

Rudger knew about the previous owner of this book, the owner of another non-attribute magical power.

If so, did you hear something from him?

“I… … .”


“That, so… … .”

Line couldn’t bear to ask. When he opens his mouth, all that comes out are unlisted words.

It was because her head wasn’t working properly because of what Rudger had directly said.

Rinne’s face flushed red.

“If you have nothing to say, just leave. There are not many classes left.”

“… … yes.”

In the end, Line had no choice but to give up the question and leave the teacher’s office.

Rene walked down the hallway with staggered steps, probably still dizzy.

* * *

‘Oh right.’

After walking aimlessly and reaching a deserted garden, Line finally regained her senses.

‘I was going to ask about teaching assistants.’

I was so embarrassed and out of context that I didn’t even think of asking.

But when I go back, the timing seems ambiguous.

‘Come to think of it, it seems that Flora-senpai also came to see Mr. Rudger. Did she come to work as an assistant to Mr. Ludger?’

The head of the 2nd year and a senior with the rare title of genius in Seorn.

Flora Lumos was quite popular even among first-year students.

He comes from a great family, but unlike other nobles, he doesn’t form a faction and only takes one childhood friend.

But no one touched her, nor did anyone try to embrace her.

Because she is that kind of person.

That Flora Lumos came to Ludger’s office. He was naturally curious.

‘no. Let’s refrain from unnecessary attention for now. I’m going to start preparing for the next class in the library for the rest of the time.’

As I was about to think that way, I heard the sound of a conversation from across the trees in the garden.


Line had no choice but to stop when she saw the students who eventually showed up.

Even from afar, they were students from aristocrats who could be seen at a glance.

It’s also not on good terms with himself as usual.

‘ah… … .’

Among them, the man with a gruff impression at the forefront was a very uncomfortable target for Line.

He had approached Rinne not too long ago and had asked her to go out with him as if he were courting him.

Line, who couldn’t be unaware of her approach because of her appearance, spoke as carefully as possible.

In the first place, a student who takes pride in being an aristocrat will listen to the words of the common people.

In the end, Line pushed him away mercilessly, and naturally he harbored a grudge against Line.

‘I really hate it.’

In addition to that, a group of people who are jealous of Line’s recent friendship with the 3rd princess and secretly quarrel with each other have joined the situation.

‘What about this? I didn’t expect to meet you here.’

There was no way they would leave her alone.

It is better to avoid needless collisions, a state that Line realized through past experiences.

She immediately looked away, looking for a place to hide.

‘Let’s go inside first.’

Line went deeper into the garden, where no human beings could reach it.

Since the site of Seorn is so large, even the scale of the garden or park created was extraordinary.

Marble fountains, colorful flower fields, and long tree-lined avenues.

There are partially created artificial forests and small open spaces, sometimes used for students to socialize outdoors.

Some say there is a secret place in this large garden that is not seen by others, but I don’t know that much.

‘Let’s hide for now.’

Line moved right away.

She went into the garden.

A long, tunnel-like arched pergola is shaded from the sun by growing vines and beautiful pink flowers.

Walking inside it felt like walking through a door to another world.

When you come out of the pergola, what you see is greenery.

‘There must have been a place like this.’

Since she had just entered the school, she was unfamiliar with geography and structure, so every time she encountered a new place, it was just astonishing.

Rinne pricked up her ears and looked at the situation outside.

‘Did he go?’

I can still hear them talking softly.

Are you thinking of laying a mat around here?

‘Still, I don’t think it will come this far.’

It would be enough to kill time in this area and take a detour to avoid the aristocratic students.

With that thought in mind, Line leaned against a suitable tree and suddenly turned her head in one direction.

‘Is this a song?’

A song was heard from inside the forest.

‘Who’s inside?’

It was something that could just be passed off as if someone was singing, but Line was strangely curious.

Some of the songs are good to listen to, but it’s because I felt a sense of déjà vu as if I had heard them somewhere.

‘Similar feeling to when I received a book from Mr. Rudger.’

Curious, Line moved her steps toward the source of the sound without realizing it.

‘Let’s just check.’

After all, there was still time before Ludgar’s class.

With such thoughts in mind, it was a small clearing that greeted Rinne as she headed into the forest.

It is not a natural place. The vacant lot was very tidy, as if someone had been managing it before.

Besides, there was even a small flower bed nearby.

‘Who is it? Did the gardener do it?’

With that thought in mind, I slowly walked towards the center of the clearing.

The melody that had been heard a moment ago was no longer heard.

Has someone here already left?

That was when I was thinking about it.

“Who is it? This must be a place no one is looking for.”

The voice came from behind my back, straight out of the air.

Rinne was startled and turned around.

A pretty big tree occupied a corner of the clearing, and someone was sitting on a thick branch and looking down at her.

“Who, who are you?”


The young man who seemed to be the owner of the flower bed questioned Line’s reaction, and then realized that she had just come here by accident.

He laughed a little, then jumped from the tree and landed lightly in front of Line.

Rene’s eyes widened at the too quick movements.

“Did you come here by accident?”

“Oh that… … .”

Line was able to recognize who the other person was belatedly.

Looking at his name tag, he was a sophomore, and above all, the color of his dark blue hair was hard to recognize.

“Ph, Freuden… … senior?”

Freuden Ulburg.

The eldest son of the Ulburg family, which symbolizes wolves, one of the three ducal families of the Exilion Empire.

And he is a student who is regarded as the leader of the noble faction in Seorn.

‘Eh, this was a flower bed managed by senior Freuden?!’

Line realized that she had entered the tiger’s den.

Rumors about Freuden had already spread among other students.

In particular, his notoriety among the common people was self-evident.

Because he is the head of a clique made up of noble students who openly despise and harass commoners no matter what anyone says.

The fact that he was the eldest son of the Freuden family, which was incomparable to anyone other than the imperial family, also played a role.

So commoner students were afraid of Freuden. The fact that the aristocratic students looked down on and harassed the commoners is to the point where people say that the man gave the order from above.

For common students, Freuden was the final boss to be wary of and fear more than anyone else.

To see such Freuden Ulburg alone in a place like this.

‘No, it’s ruined.’

Rinne wondered if she should run away right now.

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