I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 699

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Episode 699: Punishment, Progress, and Salvation (1)


Magic and magic collided in the air.

Generally, fights between wizards are said to be filled with huge explosions and flashy lights, but Caroline and Elisa’s level was extraordinary.

Caroline’s destructive maroon magic.

Elisa’s beautiful, but deadly pink magic.

The air trembled and the ground rumbled every time the two exchanged attacks and defenses in the air without any hesitation.

The fight between the two was extremely fierce, as if they were trying to put an end to a bad relationship that had been going on since the distant past.

Since the two were overwhelming no matter where they were presented to, there were many small wounds all over their bodies just from the aftermath of the fight.

Caroline put her hands together and drew a spell.

Magical energy gathered in the air, turned into a huge sword, and fell on the top of Elisa’s head.

Elisha lifted his finger and extended it toward the knife.

A pink ray of light protruding from the fingertips split the sword in half and flew beyond the clouds.

The pitch black clouds soon turned pink, and countless pink meteors rained down from there.

Although they were small meteors, each one had a power that far exceeded that of a high explosive bomb.


However, Caroline snorted lightly, created a sword made of magical power with both hands, and charged forward, slashing at the meteor.

And, while squeezing through the gaps of the countless pink flashes pouring out of the air, it reached the very nearest point to Elisha.

Then, Elisa filled the fan in her hand with magical energy and countered Caroline’s sword.


As the sword and fan touched, the surrounding air was pushed out, creating a vacuum.

The air returned to the empty space and became a huge gust of wind, and the two people did not stop glaring at each other even though their hair was fluttering.

“what. Are you tired? “I guess your stamina has dropped a lot because you’re sitting in the chair with a heavy buttocks?”

“Nami buys it. “You’re out of breath right now. How about, like a mercenary, you increase your basic physical strength more than your magic?”

Although the two were so different, their eyes towards each other were the same as if they were looking into a mirror.

The conversation didn’t last long.

In the battle that began again, the two new models moved quickly and became entangled.

The two magical powers tossed around each other, falling to the ground and sweeping the surroundings.

A group of cryptids passing nearby were swept away by the magic and oxidized without even leaving a trace of powder.

It was truly a moving furnace made of magical power.

A fight that will only end when one of the two dies.

However, the fight ended in a more futile manner than expected.

A dry, twisted white tree soaring high into the sky.

At the same time, all kinds of noises echo from everywhere.

Caroline and Elisa sensed that the temple was going strangely while they were fighting.

The two did not take their eyes off each other, but at the same time, they spread their magic and energy widely to examine the surrounding situation.

No matter how you look at it, if things continued like this, both of them would be destroyed.

Caroline and Elisa didn’t want to admit it, but that obnoxious guy had power equal to theirs.

However, the two men’s pride was too high to propose a truce first here.

If you open your mouth first, you lose.

Because of that thought, the two just quietly stared at each other with their lips pressed together.

“Oh dear. “It’s good to still maintain your youthful spirit, but why not take the time and situation into consideration?”

The person who came between the two was a kind and intelligent old man.

Caroline and Elisa recognized him and were shocked.

“Lord Rotschild?!”

“How could the Archmage… … .”

Clinton Rothschild.

A man who rose to the 7th rank as a human, and is considered by everyone to be the strongest wizard.

He appeared to mediate the fight between the two.

“When a holy war breaks out, how can I not step forward?”

Caroline bit her lip at those words.

Clinton is a wizard belonging to the Empire. Even if he has the authority to take individual actions contrary to the will of the empire and the imperial family.

Fundamentally, he had no choice but to be her enemy.

Because Caroline was a traitor who had joined hands with the demon lord Heathcliff.

However, Elisa’s expression was not good either.

This might be her last fight with Caroline, and it wasn’t how she wanted it to end.

Clinton, not sure if he knew what these two people were thinking, let out a hollow laugh.

“Your eyes are full of dissatisfaction. I’m having an exciting fight with my rival after a long time, and I’m sorry that this old man got in the way. However, given the circumstances, please understand that he had no choice but to intervene.”

Clinton even mentioned the word “understanding.”

There was no need for him to be so low-key as he was respected and praised by wizards.

“Are you here to catch me?”

In response to Caroline’s question, Clinton asked what she meant.

“No, didn’t I tell you? “I came to stop the fight between two people.”

“Why on earth?”

“You probably don’t know that. Look over there.”

Clinton raised the staff in his hand and pointed towards Galaharad Fortress.

“Even though the situation has come to this, isn’t it a bit wrong to still be acting on personal matters?”

“… … “What are you aiming for, Lord Rotschild?”



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Caroline realized that Clinton wasn’t here to take her down.

In the first place, Clinton did not actively participate in this war.

“Is it because of the church?”

However, Elisha, who had some understanding of the suspicious aspects of the church, was different.

“The Archmage is aware that this war is not normal.”

“That’s right. In fact, it’s not just me, it’s the same for everyone else.”

Clinton’s eyes turned to Caroline.

“Because you know that, aren’t you fighting on the Demon King’s side?”

“I just received a request as a mercenary.”

“The reason you became number one in the industry is not because you completed any request by any means possible. Rather, I think I got to that position because I considered right and wrong and received only the necessary requests.”

“… … .”

Caroline was speechless for a moment because she had no idea that Clinton knew this much about the Monarch mercenary group.

“Fighting on the Demon King’s side like this isn’t because you think it’s right.”

“… … “Maybe it’s because I’m a bad bitch who thinks bad guys are right.”

“I’ve been watching you for a long time. Don’t you know that? And I didn’t come all the way here to make small talk. “What are you going to do now?”

Caroline and Elisa exchanged glances because they did not know the meaning of the question.

Because of Clinton, the spirit of the fight was so suddenly lost that it was ambiguous to decide the winner again.

The biggest reason was that I didn’t feel like it.

“under. I can’t help it. I know you’re lucky, bitch. “Because I watched it.”

“oh. Who’s going to say anything? Thank you, Archmage. “Because he saved your life.”

Seeing the two exchanging a single word without giving an inch until the very end, Clinton burst into laughter.

“After all, youth is good.”

“Lord Rotschild. “We’re old enough now, but isn’t it a bit much to talk about youth and all that?”

“Isn’t that right? “Compared to me, you’re young.”

“No, that’s… … .”

Compared to my old grandfather, I guess he is young.

“So, what are you going to do?”

Caroline and Elisa did not answer Clinton’s question.

However, simply resolving their hostility towards each other was a sufficient answer.

* * *

“Stop it! Stop it!”

“We need more ammo here!”

“Step back! “Take care of the wounded!”

The battlefield became a crucible of chaos.

The army had no choice but to be tied to their positions by the sudden influx of enormous hordes of cryptids.

At first, we formed a formation and held out with the power of guns, cannons, and bombs.

The Cryptid had no intention of reducing their numbers.

Unable to withstand the onslaught, injuries began to appear one by one.

Wolves swarmed over the entire body of the few remaining steam golems that came to the front, biting off its hard outer shell.

Because it was not a normal wolf, but a berserk wolf cryptid, even the steam golem could not withstand it.

At first, the steam golems that were struggling at the front line collapsed one by one and the formation collapsed.

If the knights hadn’t stepped in to stop the cryptids, the number of victims would have been enormous.

“damn! “We’re out of ammo!”

“When is the resupply!”

“It’s still difficult to supply supplies due to the aftermath of the tsunami! “Hold on a little longer!”

“There are no bullets!”

Due to the tsunami, supply ships are entangled with each other and anchoring is impossible.

The combination of the Cryptid army pouring out endless amounts of water was truly mind-blowing.

At that moment, a large man came forward.

“Haha! “I’ve seen this a lot somewhere!”

The man who jumped into the wolf pack swept the surroundings with his strong body and large amount of magical power.

Each time the fist was thrown out, the magical power in the form of the fist created a huge furrow in front and eliminated the cryptids in the area.

“It’s Hwiron!”

“A Lexor-level wizard has stepped forward!”

It wasn’t just Hwiron who came to help.

Royna Pavlini also created a magical barrier to protect the soldiers from monsters.

“Everyone, focus on defense!”

At Royna’s shout, the soldiers slowly returned to their formation.

In a moment of crisis like this, there was no idiot who said it was right.

School wizards stepped forward and built a temporary barrier around the area to block the wolves’ path.

Royna checked that and thought to herself.

‘Grand Wizard Clinton said. We must take our time here by slowing down the army’s advance as much as possible.’

However, he said that we should never arouse their suspicion.

Fortunately, the situation coincided with the influx of monsters, so there was a reason to buy time.

‘I don’t know why you said that, but since this war is not normal, I guess it can’t be helped.’

Of course, Hwiron didn’t know that and was just running wild like a puppy on a snowy day.

However, showing such an appearance also had the effect of completely obscuring their aim.

‘I hope things end well.’

Royna said that and glanced at the rear.

From afar, new reinforcements were coming.

The flag held by the soldier in the lead was the flag of the Kingdom of Utah.

* * *

Galaharad Fortress, connected to the pure white tree, looked like a flower blooming on a huge tree.

Ludger said it resembles some sort of transmission tower.

A huge structure rising high into the sky.

Considering that the purpose had a significant impact on the entire continent, it was not wrong.

“Things are changing.”

These were the words spoken by Surna, who had looked into the entire situation outside.

Surna’s eyes were placed all over the battlefield and were fully aware of how the situation was going.

Hans’ runaway. Blocking enemies. Pantos sets out to hunt Hans. Even others moving in between.

What caught Surna’s eye the most was not an outstanding strongman, nor a person with a great brain.

There are people like that, but they were also ordinary soldiers, war correspondents, wizards, and knights.

There were many people who played into Salesin’s hands like helpless puppets, but among them, there were those who did not give in.

People who want to enforce their will.

The way Surna saw them looked like they were shining.

It is not a physical light, but a light of will that emanates from deep within the heart.

The most beautiful thing shown by humans who want to move forward.

A weapon that only humans possess, and that the Apostle himself does not have.

Surna’s thoughts were interrupted by Ludger’s words.

“egg plant. Are you ready?”


Ludger and Surna headed underground.

You had to finish charging the relic there and take it to the highest spire of the fortress.

The two arrived at the underground altar like that.

At that time, when Ludger was looking at the relic with the pure white word engraved on it, Surna spoke.

“That’s it for now.”

Ludger looked back at Surna.

“Are you going?”

“huh. I have to go. “Because I came all this way for that.”


Ludger stretched out his hand and held the relic.

Relic, who was humming and trembling, felt Ludger’s touch and became calm as if it had never happened before.

“I will go first.”

There is no need to say things like that while we are breaking up.

However, Surna spoke honestly because she felt encouragement from Ludger to succeed in what she wanted to achieve.

“thank you. I wish you success too.”

The empty spot on the altar that Ludger left.

Surna stood at the center for a moment and then drew his sword.

The altar that was thought to be the very bottom of the castle.

There was still more hidden space underneath.

“The road is finally open.”

Surna plunged his sword into the ground without hesitation.

Even though Surna’s sword was capable of cutting through almost anything, his sword did not go into the bottom properly.

The repulsive force generated by the enormous divine power engraved on the altar pushed his sword away.

Surna did not give up and gave more strength.

“Now that the true appearance of the fortress has been revealed, this door can no longer be locked.”


The tip of the sword dug into the center floor of the altar.

Then the tremors stopped and the floor collapsed like a whirlpool.

Debris poured down along with dust.

Surna fell lightly to the collapsed ground.

There was a very large and wide cavity beneath the altar.

Soft light poured from the open ceiling, illuminating the space with a dreamy atmosphere.

This is a place that is a top secret even within the church.

It was the Catacomb.

The walls of the wide cavity were filled with stone statues of praying women, like beehives, and a field of pure white flowers that I did not know how they grew on the floor was spread out.



But Surna’s interest did not stop there.

At the end of his gaze was a dry white tree.


The center of a tree decorating one side of a cavity.

There she was.

A woman with ash gray hair buried in a tree, with only her upper body exposed.

“I get to meet you again.”

Surna closed his eyes for a moment, looking at her with her head down as if she was asleep.

Everything he had done so far flashed through his head.

Images of all the people he had met came to mind.

Those who moved for desire, those who fought for personal revenge, those who fought for a greater cause, and those who sacrificed themselves to save those they loved.

“God only punishes.”

So we finally arrived here.

“Because humans wanted to move forward without looking back.”

Even before the founding of the Black Dawn Society, there was a time when he was secretly working behind the scenes on the continent.

It was just for this moment.

“If neither God nor man will do it.”

A saint who disappeared from history.

“The devil has no choice but to save us.”

To meet Arkenis again.


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