I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 698

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Episode 698: The Temple of Chaos (4)

‘Arcenis. You glimpsed the future.’

The constant fighting was enough to create a sense of affection that was not there.

That’s how I found out.

What was surprising was that Arkenis was talkative.

Everyone in the church revered and looked up to her. Because it was her position, she had to adapt to the expectations and pros and cons of those people.

There was no way I could comfortably express my grievances to others.

Grumbling petty things to Surna was a reaction to that environment.

The question of why the saint would do that to herself, the devil, disappeared after several repeated complaints.

Arkenis told many stories.

Most of them were stories about the future as seen through the decision.

-You know, later on, a strange iron carriage moves without saying a word? Oh, there is also a horse. But it’s made of steel. Now people make golems only out of stone, but later they make them out of metal.

Arkenis was excited and said that she had seen something like that.

At that time, Surna did not understand what Arkenis was talking about.

At that time, there was no concept of automobiles, steam golems, or magic engineering.

When I think about it now, it was surprising. It was said that Arkenis foresaw the distant future, close to a thousand years.

This may be why Arkenis was kind to everyone, unlike the people at the time who were barbaric by today’s standards.

‘Did you see this far? This war is happening. ‘That I act like this?’

Arkenis said that the decision was not perfect.

He also said that even if you look at it, you cannot change the big trend, and if you try to change even the smallest things, something more terrible will happen in the aftermath.

Moreover, the decision was not about seeing the desired future at every moment.

I could see the near future as naturally as breathing, but the more I tried to look into the distant future, the less accurate it became.

The future she saw, a thousand years in the future, was ultimately nothing more than scattered fragments of scenes.

I wondered if it would be meaningful to explain something like that.

Still, just like that moment.

What can I say about the sight of her talking excitedly about what she saw?

Because it looks so happy.

So I remember just silently listening.

-Yes. Someday, I want to live in that kind of world. Not a saint or anything, just a person named Arkenis.

At least for that moment, she was able to free herself from the title of saint and become a girl worthy of her age.


He may have kept challenging her even though he knew he would lose because he wanted to keep seeing her like that.

To meet her in the name of fighting.

Surna erased thoughts of the past from his mind.

The past is finally in the past.

Now was the time to focus on the immediate situation.

“How long does it take until the relic’s power is fully charged?”

“That’s hard for even me to predict. But it won’t take that long. The problem is next. “There are still many walls to overcome.”

“I guess so.”

“Are you ready?”

Ludger asked, staring at Surna with transparent eyes.

“It’s soon. “It means this will be the last time we talk leisurely like this.”

“Has it happened already?”

“I already told you, I cannot help you. I can’t let go of my strength when Salesin still remains. “He will definitely see an opportunity and come.”

“know. I didn’t even ask for help in the first place. “Because this has to be my fight.”

Surna said the word fight.

As if he knew what he was going to do after this conversation.

“I tell you, it’s the last time. I don’t think what you did was right. Whatever the reason, what you did was to spread chaos in this world.”

“Are you here now and nagging me?”

Surna chuckled,

“Still, it’s something I can’t deny.”

“Your behavior will not be tolerated. “But now I know why you’re acting like that.”

So, Ludger continued.

“At least I will support you to achieve that goal.”

The two were different.

The way I was born and the way I lived.

The means used to achieve the goal were different, and everything I was born with, experienced, saw, and heard was different.

Originally, the two would never have understood each other.

But just one.

Just by knowing what each other’s desired goals were, the two were able to reach a consensus and sincerely support each other.

“It begins.”

Ludger sensed that his consciousness had passed to stage 4.

In stage 4, no changes occurred in the fortress.

Instead, the place where the change occurred was a huge hole in the ground created when the castle flew up.

A pitch-black hole formed when the huge structure was completely exposed.

In the darkness, as if heading towards hell, something stirred and leapt up at incredible speed.

It was whitish and a huge tree.

A bare tree with no leaves, all white.



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The tree protruded from the hole and came into contact with the Galaharad Citadel rising high into the sky.


Branches dug into the downward spire of the underground fortress.

The fortress that was thought to fly endlessly stopped.

A tree soaring high enough to catch the fortress rising through the clouds.

The people remaining on earth could not believe their eyes at that unrealistic sight.

It was the same for Line.


The scene I saw in my dream was unfolding exactly in reality.

Explosions occurred everywhere and loud noises rang out.

Soldiers who discovered the cryptids surging in used guns and bombs.

A huge dragon summoned by Helia appears in the sky.

A local typhoon created by Luthus rages on the ground.

The gloomy cries of Hans fighting Pantos spread out.


It’s the scene I saw in my dream.

How were you feeling at that time?


Line suddenly realized.

Even after seeing this scene, he realized that he had taken a step forward.

It was not a conscious action, it was something that came almost instinctively.

It’s as if he’s trying to practice the fact that he shouldn’t go against the future he’s been given.

At that moment, someone touched Line’s shoulder.

“What are you doing now?”

“It’s Julia.”

Line naturally looked back at Julia.

Julia was glaring at Line with wide eyes.

“it’s crazy? Where are you coming from? “Why on earth are you with a saint?”

“… … I had a situation too. “More than that, doesn’t this situation look somewhat familiar?”

“Do you look familiar?” … .”

Only then did Julia realize what Line was talking about.

“It’s the same as the sight I saw in my dream, right?”

“It’s like the precognitive dream you were talking about. “Maybe it’s because of the special powers I have.”

“So what are you going to do? Are you going to go all the way to that messy place?”

“If I came here, there might be some kind of fate pulling me.”

Liné’s eyes turned to the castle held by a pure white tree.

“I was so drawn to it that I had to go there.”

“So are you going there? “That’s a place that normal people can’t go to!”

“Yes, that’s right. But I can go. “It is possible with my strength.”

Her magic beast appeared above Linne’s head.

Julia’s shoulders trembled at the appearance of the magic number that looked like the unique three-dimensional figure she had seen in class.

“… … As you know, I am on Mr. Ludger’s side. “More precisely, I came here to help my friend who follows you.”

“know. “Are you talking about the teacher’s assistant?”

“Are you planning to stop Mr. Ludger? “Is that why you held hands with the saint?”

“I just came because I wanted to know. Why was I born with this power, and why did I see this scene? and… … .”

Rine spoke with determination in her voice.

“What is the teacher trying to do? “To see it with my own eyes.”

* * *


The huge dragon roared and spewed fire from its mouth.

The dragon’s breath, which shot out in a long straight line, brightly illuminated the dark world and engulfed Catherine.

However, Katherine tore the dragon’s breath away with even more intense light and power and rushed towards the dragon.

Her appearance, moving quickly with her wings, was like light.

Catherine’s fist, wrapped in light, plunged into the dragon’s thick and large body.

Even the tough dragon scales were useless in front of Catherine’s fist.


The scales shattered, and the dragon’s body caved in. The dragon twisted his massive body and swung his tail, but Catherine had already climbed up the dragon’s body and around its neck.

A sword made of divine power was created in an empty hand.

When Catherine swung without hesitation, the dragon’s head was cut off and it disappeared like a mirage.

When Helia saw that, even though she remained calm on the outside, she was shocked on the inside.

The illusion realized with power was naturally bound to be weaker than the reality.

But that means it is relatively weak compared to the real thing, and the dragon’s illusion itself has the power of an army.

I called as many as three such dragons.

In the distant past, these were her uncles who played well with her when she was very young.

They were the strongest dragons in the clan and warriors who took the lead when something happened.

Even though three such dragons made a concerted attack, Catherine did not flinch.

Rather, she has already decapitated the second dragon with a force of violence unbefitting the name of a saint.

Now there is only one left.

Helia summoned a flying phantom beast to disrupt Catherine’s vision, but it was no use.

Catherine’s light blue eyes see through everything.

Catherine rushed towards the last dragon, paying no heed to the flying spirit.

“You really make fighting dirty!”

Helia found fault with Catherine’s reckless fighting style.

It was not something Helia, who deceived others with all kinds of illusions, should say, but she had no choice but to shout like that.

No matter what they prepare, Catherine sees through everything with her eyes that see the future.

Considering that Helia’s abilities were specialized in deceiving others, it was the worst match.

Even the power to overturn that compatibility was useless in the face of Catherine’s overwhelming power.

This is the first time in my life that I have ever seen someone crush a dragon’s scales with their bare fists.

Moreover, that reckless fighting style of attacking without fear.

For Helia, a shiver went down her spine.

It still is.

Even after defeating the dragon, he moves without hesitation toward his next goal, as if he had done his job for granted.

“Stop it!”

The flying phantom beasts that had received orders from Helia opened their mouths and spewed out attacks.

Acidic liquid, black magic, and ear-piercing sound waves.

All kinds of diverse and threatening attacks were directed at Catherine, but she was powerless in the face of overwhelming divine power.

Catherine plowed through every attack like a bulldozer.

The moment you decide that it will be dangerous to continue like this.

Catherine suddenly stopped in her tracks.


Helia was also able to understand the reason later.

This is because a huge white tree came out from under the Galaharad Fortress and soared towards the sky.

The dry and twisted white trees facing Galaharad Fortress looked like giant old monster hands trying to grab something.

“This… … .”

Catherine looked slightly embarrassed as she looked at the white tree.

Helia keenly noticed the change in Catherine’s mood.

“what. “I guess you didn’t expect something like this?”

Catherine, who heard Helia’s giggles, turned to look at her.

Helia didn’t respond at all, but that was enough for her.

Catherine’s powers are not perfect.

I could see the future, but I couldn’t see everything.

That was why I was surprised to see that white tree.

“It’s just a fake made using the power of a saint, so if it’s natural, isn’t it natural?”

In order to shake Catherine’s heart, Helia used her fullest provocation.

“In the end, it was an imitation that never became the real thing. “It’s natural that you and the sisters can’t escape that situation.”

“Isn’t it funny that you’ve been getting bullied all along and now you’re opening your mouth? And, if I hear those words, will I just let you go? Or should I tear those pretty lips of yours long?”

“Oh my goodness. After all, she’s a fake saint, so what she says is crude. “I’m really scared.”

Helia said that, but she felt very nervous inside because she knew that Catherine was not in a good mood.

Although I somehow bought time, I knew that Catherine did not have perfect powers.

However, it was unlikely that this would change the outcome of this fight.

‘But you can take as long as you want.’

As if she had already seen through Helia’s shallow intentions, Catherine strongly brought out her divine power.

The flying phantom beasts screamed and retreated from the power of divine power that spread large waves in the air.

Helia sensed that Catherine would come with all her might.

“okay. “Let’s see if you die or if I die.”

This is the same.

Helia also created the most powerful illusion she could.

Behind Helia, who was riding on the head of a large dragon, a dragon head several times larger than the existing dragon appeared.

If the dragon that Helia called uncle was about 100 meters tall, the dragon that appeared now was more than five times larger than that.

If the dragon summoned so far was a young man, the current dragon looks more like an old man.

The long beard flowing down his chin was proof of this.

However, its size and presence could not even be compared to that of the young dragon.

“What is that again?”

Catherine was the first to react with confusion.

It was a natural reaction to face the strongest dragon, who was at the peak of dragons in the ancient times.

King of all dragons.

The great dragon Heliodor.

The dragon with deep wisdom in his eyes glanced down at Helia, then opened his mouth wide.


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