I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 696

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Episode 696: The Temple of Chaos (2)

The newspaper company was busy.

As the crusade began, they continued to receive radio signals in real time, keeping a close eye on how the situation was progressing.

When I had a scoop, I immediately wrote an article and published it in the newspaper that day.

“Keep checking the status!”

“Don’t miss a single piece of news! “This is all a scoop!”

An unprecedented situation in which the Holy War begins and the attention of the continent gathers on Bretus.

The newspaper sold like hotcakes like never before.

They wondered what happened to the Demon King’s army and the Holy Crusaders in Bretus.

What was able to attract that attention was a newspaper that received real-time contact from war reporters and wrote articles.

Even though prices were higher than usual, newspapers sold like hotcakes.

It went from publishing only one copy a day to publishing almost every hour due to the special circumstances of the exhibition.

As a result, newspaper companies experienced an unprecedented boom, and they worked hard to avoid falling into this trend.

“They say Bretus is full of dark clouds right now.”

“I heard there’s a storm in the sky. But surprisingly, the sea is said to be calm.”

“The island is full of black beasts?”

“It’s not like there was a tsunami and the battleships were tangled together.”

People listened to the battle situation heard in real time.

It was the same for Flora.

Flora sat down in the seat reserved for the head of the Lumos family and threw the newspaper she had finished reading to the side.

There was already a pile of old newspapers there.

Flora, who became the de facto head of the family of Lumos, controlled all the people in the mansion with her outstanding resourcefulness and charisma.

After realizing that Kayden was trying to start a rebellion, the servants had no choice but to remain loyal to Flora.

There was no influence from Eileen’s help.

However, because they did not completely control the family, Flora could not return to Seorn and had to stay in the family.

So she had to learn about the outside world only through indirect news.

For example, Ludger became the Demon King and started a crusade.


Flora stood up, pressing her index finger to her itching forehead.

Her steps headed towards the room where Kayden, the former head of the family, was being detained.

“What. “Are you going to ask for forgiveness now?”

Kayden, with a haggard face, said while glaring at Casey.

Originally, he should have been imprisoned, but he was still locked in this room to treat him as the previous head of the family.

Of course, surveillance was not neglected.

No matter what Kayden does, he can’t escape from this.

The moment you run away, you can be justified in being summarily executed.

“Forgiveness? It looks like you still haven’t figured out the situation. “You sure haven’t forgotten your situation, right?”

“I also have ears to hear. “It may be your world now, but if Bretus is victorious in the temple, His Majesty the Holy Emperor will appoint me as the head of the family again.”

“You have such a dream.”

Even as Flora said that, she clicked her tongue inwardly.

The fact that this news reached Kayden, who was locked in the room, meant that there were still rats in the family that could not be weeded out.

They said they could catch it, but was it impossible to cut it out cleanly in a short period of time?

Kayden must have read Flora’s nervousness and let out a low laugh.

“Even now, confess your sins to His Majesty the Holy Emperor and surrender. If you do that, you can at least show mercy one last time.”

Kayden had no doubt that this crusade would end in Salesian victory.

It was because he believed in the power of Salesin.

Despite such threats and appeasement, Flora did not blink an eye.

“That’s something you have to see.”

“The empire also joined the crusade. “It is said that the heads of other families are paying attention, but how long will they continue to ignore such a choice made in the Imperial Palace?”

“The 2nd Prince Ibellon.”

Flora thought of Yvelon and then burst into laughter.

Kayden had doubts about Flora’s reaction.

If you have the brains to think, you won’t know that the current situation is going against you.

Nevertheless, there seemed to be something believable about Flora’s actions.

“Do you even believe in the devil?”

“I won’t deny that. And the person I trust is not the devil, but my teacher.”

“He will die. “The whole world will hang on to his beheaded head.”

“I guess you desperately want that to happen. Unfortunately, things won’t go the way you want.”


Kayden asked that question, but Flora didn’t answer and just smiled strangely.

Because she was seeing and hearing more than Kayden.

Flora’s eyes looked out the window.

Although it was not visible to the naked eye, the Holy Kingdom of Bretus would be at the end of the direction the gaze was facing.

‘teacher. Be sure to win. ‘I will never forgive you when I die.’

* * *

The wild beast that Hans was running wild with did not distinguish between blood and blood.

The cryptids spread far and wide, bringing chaos to the battlefield.

The knights who were driving Pantos in the first inspection city had no choice but to retreat to their flagship when they suddenly saw the wolves charging from behind.



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One might wonder what effect the Cryptids would have in this fight where only masters and high-ranking knights gathered.

The story would change when the numbers grew to the point where they filled the field of vision.

Veronica Deville recalled the chimeras emerging from the basement of the capital.

I thought there were a ton of them back then, but looking at the cryptids flooding in now, it almost seemed like a charm.

Stella Siren and members of the Cold Steel Knights were already forming a formation to fight against the Cryptids.

Even with that, they couldn’t handle the overflow of wolves, so some wolves targeted Reinhardt and Johan.

“Why, at a time like this!”

John lamented.

They were already being pushed back, unable to stop even one Pantos, but with the wolves also charging in, their defeat was certain.

Cryptid cannot be ignored. However, when I turned my attention away from Pantos, I couldn’t predict what the monster would do.

John’s thoughts did not last long.

This is because a cryptid was discovered secretly approaching behind Vice-Captain Doria.

‘Unusual object!’

Other cryptids act on instinct and wild nature.

He screamed, showed his murderous intent, and made no attempt to hide his presence.

But special objects are different.

They are more cunning. He knows how to hide his body, is good at killing people, and above all, he is good at piercing people’s weaknesses.

Although Doria was a high-ranking knight, he was not mentally and physically uneasy due to the fight with Pantos and was not at the point where he noticed the surprise attack.


John eventually broke away from the formation and beheaded the cryptid that was targeting Doria.


Doria also opened her eyes unusually and looked at John and the dead Cryptid.

She knows too.

That Yohan deliberately went to great lengths to save himself.

Since the formation has collapsed, the Pantos who were fighting inside will now aim for the head here.

Doria and John were very nervous.

I was prepared to give up at least one arm, but Pantos remained calm despite my decision.

‘… … ‘Don’t you attack me?’

Pantos, who thought they would attack if this side revealed a gap, stayed calm.

Rather, his expression, which was full of smiles during the fight, felt even colder.


Doria didn’t know why.

Probably no one here knows how Pantos feels.

Why is he angry?

‘The fight was interrupted.’

Pantos became irritated by the change in atmosphere with the appearance of Cryptid.


A black wolf ran across water submerged up to its waist, aiming for Pantos.

Without even looking at the wolf, Pantos grabbed the wolf’s neck with his hand and broke its neck with his grip.

I had reached a point of elation for a long time, but then cold water was poured on me, and the anger was terrifying.

Johan and Reinhardt, who felt the momentum coming from Pantos, tensed up and burned the Aurors brilliantly.

But Pantos’ attention had already shifted away from them.

“I feel like I want to knock them all down.”

Pantos also knows.

You can’t be emotional about anything.

Pantos is not a simple character. As a natural hunter, he knew how to think and be patient.

Hunters had to know their prey well in order to hunt successfully.

The prey he was targeting were all extraordinary beings.

There were beasts, but there were also much stronger people.

This was especially true of Ludger Chelsea.

Pantos stayed by Ludger’s side for a long time, following his orders and observing him at the same time.

We analyzed how he behaves and makes decisions, and gradually accumulated data.

By observing Ludger like that, Pantos was able to learn many things.

Rather than blindly getting angry like I am doing now, I acted like I judged the situation cool-headedly.

‘Cryptid belongs to Hans. But does attacking me mean something is wrong with Hans?’

It is common for unexpected events to occur in war.

However, the fact that more cryptids appeared than before meant that Hans was going berserk for some reason, rather than that he was being attacked.

‘I said before that it was difficult to suppress my wild nature. I guess I can say that he lost the string of reason he was holding on to and went on a rampage.’

As if to confirm Pantos’s guess, a huge howling sound was heard from afar.

Even Reinhardt and Johan, who were very wary of Pantos, hesitated and trembled.

The reaction of knights of lower level than them was more intense.

The strange power embedded in the howling itself ate away at the knights’ bodies, forcibly awakening the fear they had tried to ignore.

Pantos twisted his lips.

“I was in a bad mood because my long-awaited enjoyable fight was interrupted, but now an even more delicious-looking prey has appeared.”

Is this what it means to have a phone call?

Pantos reaped his murderous intent towards the knights.

“May you live.”

“Did you harvest it?”

Everyone was puzzled by Pantos’ momentum, which changed as if flipping the palm of his hand.

“Everyone get out of the way. “Now I’m no longer interested in you.”


This is very arrogant for something to be said to two master-level people.

But Johan and Reinhardt were unable to refute it.

More than his pride as a master, he was relieved that he no longer had to fight Pantos.

They had already acknowledged in their hearts that Pantos was stronger than them.

To stop that monster, we need to at least bring Luthus.

No, I wasn’t sure that even Director Lutus would be able to catch that monster anymore.

Either way, Pantos predicted his next prey.

“okay. “I’ve wanted to meet you at least once for a long time.”

Pantos had seen Hans transformed into the monster of Gévaudan.

Once at the Kunst auction house.

Another time in Dreamland.

At first, Ludger almost captured him and injected him with drugs to knock him out, so he couldn’t even fight.

The second time, I didn’t even think about it because I had to join forces to fight the goddess.

But it was different now.

For Pantos, who prides himself as a hunter, there was no prey more fascinating than the monster of Gévaudan.

In a situation where colleagues had to fight among themselves, the justification was sufficient.

I’m trying to stop the runaway Hans before he causes more trouble, but who will stop him?

A castle rising in the sky.

A golden ray of light chasing that fortress.

At one point, a huge iceberg pierced the fortress.

Nothing caught Pantos’s eyes right now.

Pantos instinctively pinpointed the location of his prey and stared in that direction.


When Pantos stamped his foot once, his body was shot into the distance like a cannon.

Reinhardt, Johann, Doria, and Veronica could only stare blankly at the scene.

* * *

Pantos, who jumped high, stepped on the building and leaped again.


The building collapsed under the force, but Pantos didn’t care.

Passing through the first inspection city, I caught sight of Alex fighting against enemies, but he did not offer to help.

Pantos recognized Alex as someone with equal skills to himself.

There was no way Alex of that caliber could be defeated by guys like that.

‘If he gets hit, that means his skills are limited to that.’

Whatever it was, it wasn’t something Pantos had to worry about.

There is only one goal now.

It was Hans’ energy that could be felt from afar.


The outside of the city was full of black waves.

Pantos jumped high and found a huge figure standing at the center of the waves.

Hans was there.

No, since Hans had lost his mind at the moment, he had to see that as Gévaudan’s monster.

Just as Pantos discovered Gévaudan’s monster, Gévaudan’s monster also discovered Pantos in the air.

The red pupils on the skull-shaped face flashed like the flames of hell.

I also felt the monster of Gévaudang instinctively.

That Pantos is a terrifying being that threatens him.


The black waves that had been moving slowly stopped for a moment.

Countless red eyes emerged from the black waves and stared at the pantos in the air.

Pantos smiled even in a scene that would have made an ordinary person go crazy if they saw it.

“Let’s stick together.”

A huge anchor that rotated like a windmill was launched with centrifugal force towards the monster of Gévaudan.


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