I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 694

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Episode 694: Beast that eats the sun (2)


Cardinal Sartolome screamed.

The priests who were guarding the area were surprised when they heard the screams and hurried over.

“Cardinal! Are you okay!”

“What on earth happened?”

The priests’ worried voices did not reach Sartolome’s ears.

While activating special holy techniques through the wizard’s body, he had to consume 70% of his holy power.

As I tried to use holy techniques with the body of a person controlled from a distance through brainwashing, I had no choice but to increase my sensitivity with the magician.

It became poison.

Sartolome recalled the last sight he saw in the wizard’s body.

A pitch black dot appears in the brilliant light.

As the dot spread, it engulfed me.

The final form taken by the darkness spreading within the light was that of a huge wolf devouring everything.

‘An attack that devours a special sacred method! ‘This doesn’t make sense!’

Because of this, Sartolome suffered a huge psychological shock.

It felt almost like death in an assimilated body.

It wasn’t a very good feeling.

It was so hard for even him, who lived a long life and rose to the position of cardinal, to bear it.

Sartolome wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and adjusted his white and gold-toned robes.

“Cardinal. Are you okay? What on earth happened… … .”

“Director Tarian is dead.”

The priests were shocked by the shocking truth.

The leader of the Tarian Paladins is dead?

There was no way he would lie in this situation. That said, it was really true.

Sartolome was with him and he was attacked. Was the enemy that strong?

“But you don’t have to worry. That monster had just fallen because it had used up all its strength. However, he is not completely dead yet. “We must kill that monster now.”

Sartolome decided that if Hans came to his senses again, it would be very dangerous.

Even more than that, he felt unable to forgive Ethan, who had caused him such pain.

I had to kill him right away. A lot of our strength has been used up, so it would be okay if we lead the priests here.

However, Sartolome’s goal was never achieved.


Before he knew it, Cravat had approached him behind him and stabbed his heart with a dagger imbued with a curse.


“Choo, Cardinal!”

It happened so suddenly that no one could react properly.

Sartolome squeezed out the remaining divine power and pushed Kravat’s body away.

The fact that he did not panic and responded calmly even in this situation showed that he did not become a cardinal for nothing.

Sartolome sought to regenerate his wounds by surrounding his heart with divine power.

But the moment he unleashed his divine power, he felt something strange.

‘Holy power doesn’t work.’

Sartolome’s gaze turned to Cravat.

He took off his bone mask, which had been shattered by impact, and threw it on the floor.

“Uh, how come here?”

“They are people who borrow someone else’s body, but I didn’t think they would completely fall for something like that.”

Even though Cravat entered the enemy camp alone, his expression was full of composure.

Sartolome was only preoccupied with Hans, and belatedly remembered that Cravat had cursed Hans and then disappeared from the scene.


The moment I came to my senses, I should have been alert to my surroundings instead of worrying about Hans.

It was a mistake I made because it was the first time I had experienced something like this since I became a cardinal.

And in this temple, that one mistake led directly to death.

Sartolome vomited blood.

His heart was stabbed and he was blocking it with divine power, but the life force continued to drain from his body due to the power of the cursed dagger.

“Uh, how can a warlock or something like that have divine power…?” … .”

“The curse I use is not ordinary. “The power alone is outstanding.”

Cravat waved the dagger in his hand.

When a young boy said such words so casually, the priests got a strange goosebump.

“Cough! “What are they doing!”

Sartolome gave orders to the priests, forgetting the usual politeness.

The priests belatedly came to their senses and used holy magic against Cravat.

What happened was that the Sartolomeji priests were fine.

And Cravat is also exhausted from the battle and has lost a lot of his stamina.

The senior priests gathered here were enough to deal with him.

“If the person who placed the curse dies, this curse will be lifted!”

“I know very well. that’s right. “When I die, the curse will be lifted.”

Caw. Caw.

The priests paused for a moment while trying to activate the holy law.

Since when have crows been wandering around them?



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A chill ran down my spine as I looked at the black eyes of the crows staring at me.

No matter how you looked at it, it was not a normal crow.

“If I die.”

Crows descended on the earth, surrounding the priests.

The moment it landed on the ground and folded its wings, the crow grew in size and took on the appearance of people wearing black robes.

It was also a much larger number than themselves.

The priests who were besieging Kravat were in turn surrounded by warlocks.

“Let’s finish now.”

The curse prepared by the warlocks of the ancient curse school was activated.

Although they were high-ranking priests, there was no way they could withstand the power of the curse that even the cardinal could not resist.

As the black fog spread, the priests’ eyes opened and they fell down from their seats.

Fortunately for them, at least they died without much pain.

Of course, to Sartolome, who had to witness the scene with his own eyes, it only seemed like a terrible hell descending on this world.

A body dying as the curse erodes.

Rather, because I used divine power to survive, the pain in my heart lasted longer.

Although it was a consequential statement, Sartolome should have died when his heart was stabbed by Cravat.

If that were the case, at least I would have gone without much pain.

However, the survival instinct for life could not be neglected even by that great cardinal, and in the end, he paid the price for his arrogance.


Even Sartolome collapsed helplessly.

He collapsed and was not breathing and his heart was not beating.

It’s finally over.

“Ha, my.”

However, Cravat’s expression was not good.

It was because of the image of Galaharad Castle rising up there.

“There is no such thing as this.”

It seems like he’s trying to respond to Cravat’s mutterings.


A wolf howled in the distance.

It’s Hans. I thought I fainted because I used up all my strength, but I guess that’s not the case.

Cravat couldn’t help but look towards the source of the sound and widen his eyes.

Something black was rising.

“I didn’t expect this.”

Hans lost all his strength and collapsed.

Losing one’s mind means that the ‘reason’ that suppresses one’s ‘wild nature’ has been turned off.

like that.

The monster of Gevodang, which Hans had suppressed and controlled, awakened again and roared at the sky filled with dark clouds.

Countless shadows spread out, and waves of black wolves rose again.




Tarian and Sartolome’s actions to suppress the Cryptid ironically led to even more terrible results.

A place where the best decision made right now can lead to the worst outcome.

That was the chaotic madness that war presented.

* * *

The crusaders who were just looking up vaguely at the rising citadel were soon faced with a spreading black tsunami.

“Wow, it’s Cryptid!”

“damn! Everyone in defensive formation!”

They had to immediately throw away any thoughts of what to do next and start worrying about survival right away.

The wolves that make up the Black Wave, the Cryptids, did not distinguish between Fierce and Fierce.

Before, Hans’s reason was in control and he could at least distinguish between allies, but it was different now that Hans had lost his mind and the monster of Gévaudan had taken over his body.

The waves swept over the battlefield quickly, and the aftermath was not small at all.


The priest sisters Ariel and Lucia, who were fighting against the endless flood damage, hardened as they felt a strange energy coming from behind.

It was the same for Sedina, who was fighting against the two people.

Black wolves were rushing in from afar.

Counting numbers was meaningless.

Wow! Wow!



Wolves with red eyes full of madness and drooling ran towards Ariel and Lucia.

The two unleashed divine power and pushed away the wolves.

The wolf didn’t just target Ariel and Lucia.

They bit down on any trees that blocked their path, and even targeted Sedina beyond.

“Senior Hans?”

Sedina saw the runaway wolf Cryptid and felt something had happened to Hans.

Sedina’s head rolled tightly.

Something happened to Hans, and he is now almost on a rampage.

So should we go rescue Hans now?

Then, Rine’s presence still bothered me.

If he can stop Hans, then who can stop Rine?

Sedina’s thoughts did not last long.

Before she knew it, the cryptids that had bitten the tree had gotten close to her.

Wood clatter.

Vines sprouted through the ground, tied up the cryptid, and squeezed it out with pressure.

The wolf’s body went limp and melted like mud.

More wolves filled the empty space, revealing their murderous intent towards Sedina.

Sedina bit her lip.

For now, stopping those wolves was the priority.

* * *

“This, this… … .”

Priest Camilla.

She didn’t understand what was going on.

It was dizzying to suddenly jump through space and arrive at a safe place thanks to Line, but the black waves rushing in from afar even engulfed the crusaders.

The situation was truly heading towards catastrophe and chaos.

From Camilla’s gaze, she could see her sisters’ divine power exploding from afar.

Monsters were targeting the sisters.


Camilla was worried. Her role is to take care of Line safely.

I couldn’t leave my seat until my eldest sister and saint, Catherine, came.

But at the same time, I was worried about my other two sisters.

It’s not that I don’t know the power of being in the position of a priest, but if endless black waves come crashing in from all directions like that, no matter how much a priest he is, he won’t be able to hold out for long.

At the very least, you can only survive if you have Camilla, who is good at protective techniques.

Did he notice Camilla’s agony?

Line was the first to open her mouth.

“You can go.”

“… … .”

Camilla didn’t say anything to Line.

The reason she saw through his anxious state, the reason she said those words to him out of consideration for him, and the fact that he was relieved by those words without even realizing it.

All of the elements were so mixed up that I couldn’t react.

“I was asked by my eldest sister to protect you.”

In the end, it was Catherine’s last words that came out.

“Was that a request to protect the other sisters even while abandoning them?”

“… … .”

“I’m OK. You just saw it. “I can escape safely in any situation.”

okay. I definitely saw it.

The magical power that transcends space.

Camilla seemed to know why her eldest sister brought Liné here and cared about her.

Liné possessed an extraordinary ability that no one else had.

But even though I knew that, I couldn’t help but feel hesitation.

“Make a choice you won’t regret.”

Line’s words were the final blow.

Camilla stared at Line through the tiara and then turned her head to where her sisters were.

“thank you. And, I’m sorry for not being able to protect you until the end.”

With those words, Camilla headed towards where her sisters were.

Line was left alone, but she didn’t think she had done anything reckless.

‘I also have to avoid it at all costs.’

Looking at the speed at which those monster wolves were spreading, it didn’t seem like it would take long for them to reach where he was.

Moreover, in the distance, I could clearly see the castle rising in the sky.

‘There’s Heathcliff… … .’

The castle was continuously increasing its altitude.

The moment the castle touches the dark clouds that fill the sky.


The clouds tore apart, creating a large hole in the sky.

The sky that had been hidden beyond was revealed.

It was the night sky.

I didn’t know how much time had passed because the dark clouds were full, but night had already arrived.

The open sky was filled with starlight.

The softly rising moonlight illuminated Galaharad Fortress, dyeing it bluish.

Rine suddenly thought that she had seen this scene before.

“This… … .”

There were still differences in the details.

This was definitely the sight I saw in my dream.


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