I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 69

◈ Episode 69 Magical Synesthesia (2)


Flora rubbed her forehead and slowly opened her eyes.


I passed out after seeing something, but in the middle it felt like I was dreaming of something.

Longing and affectionate.

This feeling of being hugged by the warmth that warms your body.

It was like being in the arms of a mother who had passed away.

Belatedly, Flora realized that she was lying on the sofa.



Flora, who slowly raised her upper body, discovered belatedly that the coat covering her body had flowed down.

A black frock coat with golden thread.

The familiar garments could not be recognized without being recognized.

“This, this… … .”

“Are you awake?”

He involuntarily turned his head towards the place where the voice came from.

What he saw there was Ludger Celisi sitting at his work desk reading a thesis.

Instead of his usual coat, he wore a white shirt and a black vest underneath.

Her long bangs were pulled back slightly, revealing her forehead. Beneath it was a graceful nose, as if a sculptor had agonized over it.

His usual sharp gaze was diluted thanks to the rimless glasses worn on his face, rather highlighting his intelligent feeling.

That alone made his mood quite different from usual.

“I, that… … what the hell… … ?”

Flora couldn’t remember why she fainted or the situation right before that.

At that question, Rudger raised his head slightly and stared at her.

“You don’t remember?”

“yes? Do you remember?”

“I showed you a magic trick.”

Flora was then able to recall what Rudger was talking about.

okay. Rudger had shown her something of herself, and Flora fainted at the intensity of her first sensation.

“Oh, that’s right! Sir, what is that… … !”

Flora tried to ask that question as she got up from the sofa, but her legs gave out from the shock of fainting, and she collapsed back on the sofa.

“Stay still. It looks like you haven’t easily escaped the shock of fainting yet.”

“I passed out, how much time has passed?”

“It wasn’t much. About 30 minutes.”

“30 minutes or so… … .”

Are you glad you still have a lot left until class?

No, this is not it.

Flora shook her head and stared at Rudger as if she were about to eat it.

“What the hell was that magic formula!”

“What do you mean?”

“The one you showed me right before I passed out!”

“ah. You mean that?”

Rudgar answered in a nonchalant voice that it was not a big deal.

“I’ve seen it before, so it’s just something I just came up with. It’s called <Klein Bottle>.”

“Klein disease? Did such magic ever exist?”

“It is not a practical magic in the first place. It is more experimental than that.”

“Is that something experimental?”

Flora trembled in disbelief.

Other people would have thought it was an unusual shape.

The more you know about magic, the more the Klein bottle looks different.

That’s innovation.

What else should I say other than innovation to raise the magic technique that was basically limited to three dimensions to a higher level?

Even looking at it with my own eyes, I doubt whether it is right.

Even Flora’s acceptance was much greater.


However, Rudger cut it off as if it was not a big deal.

“This is an experiment. About mana, and to what extent the magic that can be created through it can be realized.”

“That great thing is just an experiment? What is the teacher… … .”

What kind of magic are you trying to create?

Flora couldn’t bear to ask that.

Because she couldn’t fathom the magic Ludger was trying to create.


Rudgar stroked Flora’s sensitive chin.

The reason he made the shape of the Klein bottle with the technique was because of his still-unrevealed desire for mana.

Does mana exist purely materially?

If so, does Mana receive full physical effects?

It wasn’t.

From the magic manifested as a spell, mana was already something that transcended the laws of physics.

Magic is the embodiment of mystery. Its underlying magical power, namely mana, is the source of its mystery.

‘The unknown itself that has not yet been revealed.’

If you have mana, you can jump through space.

Some of the people he remembered made more than that possible.

It was this Klein disease-type technique that made that hypothesis prove.

A form that can be implemented in 4 dimensions beyond 3 dimensions.

A structure that extends the Möbius strip made of planes beyond that.

A Klein bottle is on the outside and the outside is on the inside.

It was literally close to an endlessly circulating form.

‘Here, one hypothesis is satisfied. Mana simply transcends space and can interfere with dimensions beyond that.’

However, this Klein bottle technique serves only to prove the hypothesis.

It was because there was not enough research yet to apply it to other magic.

“Anyway, I’m glad you woke up again.”

“yes yes?”

Come to think of it, Flora fainted in the lab, but when she came to her senses, it was the faculty office.

“Did the teacher bring me here?”

“Because we can’t leave a fainted student alone in the lab.”


Hey, how did you move it?

Flora thought of Ludger, who naturally fainted and lifted her up like a princess.

Her face instantly turned red.

“That, like that… … !”

“Flora Lumos. Are your eyes and nose okay?”


why all of a sudden

Before Flora could ask it back, Rudger struck first.

“Well, don’t you accept magic with a different sense?”

“… … !”

Flora was horrified.

Ludger noticed his secret and peculiar constitution that no one noticed until now.

“Wait, how… … .”

“Because I saw it.”

“Did you see it?”

“Your pupils dilate greatly every time you see my magic. I found out there that you are not looking at the magic spell itself, but the secondary phenomena that result from that spell.”

“… … .”

Did I?

Flora couldn’t believe that Rudger had noticed such a reaction she didn’t know.

Did you see your pupils dilate?

What do you mean by observation?

“And whenever I saw a new spell, my fingertips trembled. A reflex action experienced when experiencing momentary pleasure. It’s a reaction closer to joy than surprise.”

“… … !”

“Especially, it is good to fix the habit of twitching the bridge of the nose. Apparently, it seems that you can take in magic with your sense of smell, but it wouldn’t be nice if you twitched your nostrils like that… … .”


Flora couldn’t stand it and screamed.

Rudger put on a look of sincere ignorance.

“Why are you screaming?”

“Lee, a nose, a nostril for a lady! What kind of rudeness is that!”

“I was talking about your habits. Still, I noticed it. Be careful not to get caught by others.”

“oh my god. really worst… … .”

Flora muttered as if she was fed up with Rudger.

Rudger sighed, got up from his seat, and slowly approached Flora.

“Everyone, don’t come closer! transformation!”

“I don’t know what the misunderstanding was.”

Rudgar snatched Flora’s frock coat from himself.


After shaking off the frock coat in the air a few times, Rudger hung it neatly on the hanger.

“Looking at him screaming so vigorously, his body seems to have recovered properly. Let’s go out and see.”


“Can’t you hear me telling you to get out?”

what. Are you really done with this?

Flora asked Rudger, still looking suspiciously.

“Are not you curious?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s my peculiar constitution.”

“You mean accepting magic itself with a different sense?”

“… … that’s right.”

What are you hiding already? Flora nodded honestly.

synesthesia of magical powers.

Flora was born with two of the five senses.

Any other wizard would have turned a blind eye to this incredible constitution.

So Flora asked in a worried voice.

“at all.”

But Ludger was different.

He answered in a firm voice.


“I am not interested in you being that type. If so, that would be it.”

“Well, what… … .”

“However, it would be better not to tell others about your constitution. Magicians become very dangerous when they discover something they don’t know.”

Flora read something in Ludger’s attitude.

Because he seemed to know about the synesthesia of this magical power he possessed.

“In a serious case, someone might kidnap you and use you as a test subject.”

“… … .”


At Ludger’s heartfelt warning, Flora swallowed.

At the same time, she couldn’t help but think about it.

‘Why are you so calm? Have you ever met someone with a similar constitution besides me?’

It seemed so.

Otherwise, you can’t show that way of speaking or acting as if you know a lot.

“Sir, do you know anyone else besides me? A person with a constitution similar to mine.”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer.

Instead, he just raised his hand and pointed to the door to the teachers’ room.

I meant to go out.

Flora furrowed her eyebrows at the action, but didn’t argue.

It was only for a moment, but Ludger’s face was somewhat sad.

So she couldn’t bear to ask and had no choice but to leave the teacher’s office.

‘Teacher knew. You met someone other than me.’

If so, who the heck is that?

More than that, how did Rudger know that his constitution was dangerous if exposed?

And the subtle expression he showed at the end was a substitute.

‘Maybe they knew each other.’

Then Rudger’s actions made sense.

He had an acquaintance with a constitution similar to his own, and that acquaintance was harmed.

If so, who was that person? man? female?

If it was a woman, what kind of relationship did the two of them have?


Flora shook her head.

It seemed that if I paid more attention here, it would only make my mind more complicated.

‘okay. Let’s just skip today.’

The moment she thought so, Flora suddenly had that thought.

‘By the way, haven’t I received another award for the shop yet?’

Rudger only showed him the Klein disease technique, but he gave nothing else.

Because it was the problem that she passed out in the first place.

Flora looked at the door to the teachers’ room again.

‘If I go back now and ask for a prize.’

would that be a bit like that?

‘Mr. Lee. I’m stupid too. Why did I forget the most important thing because I was preoccupied with other things!’

Flora felt like tearing her hair out.

But time that has already passed cannot be returned.

She had no choice but to step back, this time leaving her regrets behind.

Just then, someone from afar approached us with wobbly steps.

No, towards Ludger’s office to be precise.

“what. you?”


Walking cautiously with an old book in her arms was a girl with gray hair, a rare color.

Did you say your name was Rene?

‘I remember.’

Although Flo is not very interested in other people, she remembers a few unusual children in the same class as her.

Line was one of them.

Did you say that you had a conflict with an aristocratic student at the beginning of the semester?

However, she is a commoner girl who gets along with the 3rd princess to the point where it is colorless.

In addition, her appearance is so beautiful that it stands out, so even if you don’t want to know about it, you can’t help but remember it.

“Uh, you… … .”

Line also recognized Flora and stopped.

Flora Lumos, how could I not know her?

If you had to choose the most famous person in Seorn’s second year, wouldn’t she be her?

The daughter of the Duke of Lumos, with a beautiful appearance and natural talent for magic.

A senior who has no attributes like himself and has his own firm path, unlike non-attribute magical powers whose origins are difficult to understand.

But why is that person in front of Ludger’s office?

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two stared at each other without speaking.

It’s true that they take Ludger’s class together, but other than that, there’s almost no point of contact.

However, Flora couldn’t help but doubt why Linen had come to Ludger’s office, especially seeing the book she cherished.

Linen was also wondering why a arrogant senior like Flora was standing in front of Ludger’s office.

It was Flora who moved first in that subtle and uncomfortable silence.


She passed Line as if she wasn’t interested.

While staring at Flora’s back, Rene remembered what purpose she had come to the teachers’ office.

‘Oh right. book!’

After reading all the books on non-attribute magic, he came to return it to his owner, Ludgar.

Thinking so, Line swallowed her saliva as she stood in front of the door to the teachers’ office.

It was the moment when I was about to knock after taking a deep breath.

“Come in. The door is open.”

Rudgar’s voice came from inside.

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