I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 687

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Episode 687: The desire to achieve (1)

The entire Galaharad Fortress shook greatly.

The light emanating from the Holy Stone fortress became more intense, and it could be seen with the naked eye even from a great distance.

“Is this finally step 1?”

Ludger muttered as he looked at the faint ancient divine language engraved on the relic.

With the power of Relic, Galaharad Fortress itself began to operate as a device.

This was nothing short of very good news.

According to the plan, it is only step 1.

There were many mountains to overcome, but the fact that I had taken that first step was important in itself.

Because the first button was sewn properly, there was a high possibility that the next process itself would proceed without failure.

“I guess I can’t like it too much. “If I advertise like this and say, ‘What am I doing?’, I think the crusaders will look away.”


Although stage 1 was successful, it wasn’t all good things.

It was a self-evident fact that the Holy Crusaders, who witnessed the abnormal phenomenon that occurred at Galaharad Fortress, would further accelerate their offensive.

“And you just felt it?”

“okay. In the end, the main gate of the outer castle was breached.”

“What are you going to do? “There is still a lot of time left to move on to the next step.”

“I need to stop it, but I can’t move right away. “I need you to step up here.”

“ha. “I can’t help it.”

Surna shook her head.

“It was better before when I had you as my subordinate. Since I became a business partner, I started working for him right away. Well, I guess I should do it anyway. “If only to achieve each other’s goals.”

Surna left the altar with a sword at his waist.

Ludger watched Surna like that and then turned his attention to Relic again.

More time was still needed.

* * *

As Ludger and Surna expected, everyone saw clearly.

“The citadel is starting to glow!”

“Is the Demon King trying to do something? “Any other abnormalities?”

“Not yet.”

“I guess that’s nothing more than a precursor phenomenon.”

“What would you like to do?”

“Move as fast as possible. “What about the unit formation?”

“Well, with the tsunami coming in, it is said that it is no longer difficult to land on the current battleship. “The troops on land are safe thanks to the wizards and priests, but most of the armor and steam golems are flooded.”

“So, does that mean that for now we should only compete with the troops that have landed? “I can’t help it.”

The soldiers advanced.

They were able to proceed unimpeded thanks to Catherine removing the thorn vines and sleeping flowers as she passed.

advancing army.

Superhumans fighting everywhere.

And even the saint who opened the gate and arrived inside.

Catherine was about to head inside the outer castle but stopped.

It was because of the people who suddenly appeared around her.

“What are these people who have not shown themselves until now doing here?”

What appeared were three men and women.

Two men and one woman.

The three men, who were at least 50 years old, were all wearing fancy priestly clothes.

That clearly showed their position.

Cardinals of the Order of Lumensis.

Catherine already knew that they had come to Bretus.

I read that only some brainwashed people are being controlled remotely.

It was impossible to control the person who was brainwashed by giving them some divine power if the distance was too far.

So I knew that they were secretly moving somewhere on this island, but I had no idea that they would already show up.

“Is it because I disposed of that annoying tree?”

Catherine hit the nail on the head.

The cardinals were unable to approach the outer castle due to the tree guarding the gate and were only watching.

Meanwhile, Catherine had taken care of splitting the tree to open the road, so he thought it was time to show up.

“Ho Ho. Don’t be like that. “Isn’t it good to help each other?”

The first to speak was an old woman in her 60s.

The woman with a benevolent smile was Aldre Lilly, the only woman among the cardinals of the Holy Kingdom.

“okay. “I don’t understand why they are criticizing us like that when we are offering to help them like this.”

The next person to speak was Cardinal Joseph Powell.

A man in his 50s with his arms crossed and a solemn face, he had a stocky physique and angular face reminiscent of a paladin.

In fact, the muscles exposed on his crossed arms proved that he had not wasted his physical training.

“now. Everyone, please stop. “What kind of shame would it be if we fought among ourselves when we should be working together to defeat the Demon King?”

The last person to speak was an elderly gentleman wearing glasses and neatly dressed.

Among the cardinals, Sehar Galnia was the oldest.

Catherine stared at the cardinals in silence.

Although they were smiling and treating themselves on the outside, their inner feelings were completely different.

In the first place, as a saint, she was bound to have a bad relationship with the cardinals.



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Cardinals have been building up their political position for a very long time to get to that position.

It wasn’t just about being good at it; it also required innate divine power and talent.

But Catherine was different.

In the first place, she was a test subject without even a last name or genealogy.

After an experiment to put the fragments of a saint into her body, she was the one with the highest level of fitness, so she was only given the title of saint.

The cardinals did not treat Catherine as a true saint.

She is ultimately a replica created using the power of a saint.

Although it has great power for an imitation, it does not change the fact that in the end it has no origin.

Is there anyone who would show sincere respect for someone they normally didn’t pay attention to, who suddenly gained power and took on a position equal to or greater than their own?

Moreover, even though Catherine became a saint, she recruited test subjects children in similar situations to herself and appointed them to the position of priest.

Although the priests failed to become saints, they still achieved some success and had great power.

Catherine argued that it would be a waste of manpower to leave them like this, and reorganized the position of priests of a long-gone religious order and hired them.

The failed experiment rose to a position equal to that of a cardinal.

That was the reason why the cardinals’ eyes were not kind when they looked at Catherine.

They were wary of Catherine.

It was thought that she was trying to solidify her position within the holy kingdom by deliberately offering up the position of priest.

“You must have used a lot of strength, but you are resting a little. “We will take care of the rest.”

Cardinal Joseph struck first.

Although the words were polite, the expression on his face was not, as if he was threatening to use force if he did not rest.

“you’re right. “We also need to check the condition of the warriors caught in that tree.”

“Isn’t it okay for you, the cardinals, to do it, not me?”

“I think it would be much more appropriate for us to be looked after by a saint who possesses more divine power and holy laws than us.”

Catherine frowned at Sehar’s words.

Those who normally keep her in check somehow humble themselves at times like this and treat her like a saint.

I guess they’re doing that to get rid of the troublesome work.

Catherine was about to say something, but soon gave up on retorting.

“I will do that. You just have to be careful. “There must be a danger lurking inside that cannot be compared to what is outside.”

At those words, the cardinals outwardly said they understood, but inwardly they snorted.

Rather than worrying that they, who were cardinals, would be attacked by the devil’s minions, they thought that they were intentionally scaring them.

“You don’t have to worry. “We also brought some sacred relics, even if they were insufficient.”

The cardinals rushed into the castle.

Catherine thought about following in now, but decided against it.

The thought of having to fight with them if I followed them already gave me a headache.

The priority was to take care of the sisters and Rine who were left behind.

‘At least it looks like Adne is the one dealing with the elf who was handling the wood.’

Above all, there was another reason why Catherine wanted to remain in this position.

“Why don’t you show yourself now? “I already know that you are hiding here.”

“Oh, really. In times like this, can’t we just turn a blind eye and move on?”

The empty space rumbled, and Helia appeared there.

She playfully twirled the umbrella in her hand and smiled.

“Is it really those eyes? This is truly a cowardly level. “No matter how much effort I put into hiding myself, they still perceive everything as a glimpse into the future.”

Helia said something, but Catherine did not answer.

Rather, she even prepared to fight against Helia.

“I thought he was a more communicative person than the cardinals who went before him, but what kind of attitude is it that you take the first step?”

“The intention is to deliberately divert my attention with words and ambush me. “Did you think I didn’t know?”

Helia pouted her lips.

“ah. Did you even foresee that? “I really hate it.”

Helia lightly traced the umbrella she had lifted from left to right.

The empty space split along the path of the umbrella and started spewing out vicious monsters from inside.

Monsters more vicious than beasts and more terrifying than cryptids.

It was a life form created with the power of Helia.

“Do you know what this is?”

“These are monsters from the distant past.”

“okay. “Then you know very well how vicious and dangerous this is.”

The priests who were watching the situation from afar tried to help.

“Sister Catherine!”

“You all step aside.”

Catherine imbued her voice with divine power and conveyed it to her distant sisters.

“You could actually get caught up. So stay back.”


“You do not have to worry. “It won’t take long anyway.”

At those words, the priests said they understood and stepped back.

“Do you think your love for your younger brother is extreme? “He’s not even my real younger brother.”

“Just because you’re not related by blood doesn’t mean you’re not family. “You don’t even know that?”

“How do I know that? It was a bit more cheeky than that. It won’t take long anyway. Or is that also the future seen through those proud eyes?”

“That’s not right.”

Catherine chuckled and denied Helia’s words.

“I thought I could easily subdue you, even without looking into the future.”

“… … aha. “It’s really annoying.”

Helia curled her lips.

“Then, shall we take a look at the skills of the saint that the church is so proud of?”

At Helia’s command, ancient monsters rushed towards Catherine.

* * *

The three cardinals who entered the castle were worried in front of the divided road.

“Shouldn’t we go straight to Naejeong?”

“Is there a need for the three of us to move together?”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

The cardinals were worried here.

Will they spread out and move separately, or will they move together?

It was right that they should join forces since they had entered the castle where the Demon King was, but the cardinals had different thoughts.

They tended to work together to keep the saintess in check, but that didn’t mean they were on good terms with each other.

The cardinals knew each other so well that they knew they were not people to trust and have their backs.

“Then let’s move separately.”

The three people came to a tentative conclusion.

They were proud of their own strength, so even if they faced a demon, they were confident that they would win.

A bitter voice was directed at the three cardinals.

“In times like these, even if we join forces, it’s not enough, so we start thinking about splitting our forces. “I may say it’s stupid, but shouldn’t there be a degree?”

The cardinals turned their heads in the direction from which the voice came.

Ceiling with colorful paintings.

There was a man hanging there like a bat.


“That too is the Great Devil.”

Surna responded with a grin, falling from the ceiling and landing lightly.

“I thought people of the level of a cardinal would still have a good head, but seeing how they’re trying to compete here, I guess that was a bad decision.”

“Great devil Surna. “How dare you show up where we are?”

Joseph bared his teeth and growled.

“You could have targeted the moment we dispersed and defeated each other individually, but is there a reason you showed up?”

Surna shrugged her shoulders in response to Sehar’s question.

“Well, actually, for me, it’s easier to just fight each other individually. “Besides, you could have attacked me a little while ago without even saying anything.”

“But why?”

“It’s frustrating to just watch. “It’s absurd to think that the world has been ruled by these guys for so long.”


“So I’m going to show you.”

Surna pulled out the sword from her belt and stared at the cardinals with a cold gaze.

“I’ll show you what real fear is.”


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