I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 686

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Episode 686: Deepening Faith (3)

Catherine arrived in front of Galaharad Fortress.

A place that should be noisy due to war was eerily quiet.

It had to be natural.

Those who arrived here were all defeated as they were unable to break through the tall tree in front of the fortress.

The defeated people were caught in the roots that pierced the ground and swayed like a haze.

From a distance, they looked like hanged people hanging by their roots.

It was a scene that looked serious at first glance, but surprisingly, there were no deaths.

The people caught by the roots were not dead but asleep.

Their faces looked so peaceful under the soft light from the leaves of the trees.

The peaceful scene that did not fit the battlefield was so foreign that it actually gave me goosebumps.

‘Well, what about that tree…? … .’

Regardless of whether Line thought that or not, there was no change in the expressions of the priests, including Catherine.

No, at least Catherine showed her emotions.

The expression on her face was interest.

“It’s a huge tree. “I already knew that the elf druids were involved, but I had no idea they would use a pseudo-world tree.”

Catherine saw right away the tree’s identity.

It is not a world tree, but a tree equivalent to it.

That huge tree itself was like a biological weapon.

“It’s just a little soft. “It doesn’t kill you.”

However, given that it only put people to sleep without killing them, it was easy to guess the personality of the person who handled that tree.

“No, rather than killing them, I think it would be the right choice to make them incapacitated and keep them as hostages, since we can buy more time, right?”

The tree where Catherine was found recognized the presence of the intruder and began to emit stronger light.

Wriggling roots, like giant earthworms, rushed towards Catherine from the ground.

As the roots approached, the ground rose up. It was a sight that would send a chill down the spine of anyone with a fairly strong heart.

However, Catherine was full of composure even after seeing that.

Five roots protruding from the ground wrapped around Catherine like whips, trying to capture her.

Catherine’s delicate figure was quickly obscured by the appearance of her roots.



Golden light flowed out and the roots tore apart as if exploding, scattering in all directions.

The scattered roots were engulfed in bright yellow flames and disappeared without leaving even ashes behind.

Even if it is not as good as the real thing, it is a tree that originated from the World Tree.

Sedina, who was hiding in a faraway place, widened her eyes at the fact that such a tree had burned down without leaving any ash behind.

‘What is that…? … .’

The saint was much stronger than she thought.

‘Is this the power of a saint?’

But that didn’t mean I could back out of here.

‘Rather, I can’t send you to where the teacher is!’

After resonating with the tree, Sedina raised the power she had until now to its maximum.

The light flowing from the tree became stronger, and a light green spear shot out at the saint through a gap in the thick branches.

The number was so large that the eye could not fathom it, and it felt like hail was pouring down.

Catherine put her right hand forward and lightly snapped her fingers.


Along with the cheerful sound, waves of intense divine power resonated through the sound.


A wave of divine power engulfed the light green spear.

The moment the attack that the crusaders failed to counter hit the wave, it melted in the air like cotton candy soaked in water.

That wasn’t all.

The wave reached the tree.

Yellow flames began to spread across the sturdy brown surface.


Sedina was inwardly shocked.

The strong branches and stem were not damaged, but the previous wave caused all the leaves to oxidize and disappear.

The thin tree struggled and flailing its roots, but the roots exploded with a roar before they could reach Catherine’s body.

Julia was equally surprised.

The sight of magic, which I thought had no rival, collapsing so vainly, was somehow disconnected from reality.

This was especially true because the target was only one woman.

‘You mean it doesn’t matter what happens to the people you capture?!’

They didn’t hold hostages for nothing.

There was no reason to kill it, but more than that, it was to prevent enemies from attacking recklessly and at the same time instill a sense of intimidation.

However, Catherine used the sacred law without any worries, as if she was not bothered by such things at all.

The reason was immediately apparent.

Catherine’s divine power surprisingly had no effect on the people taken hostage, and only burned the wood.

Julia bit her lip and strongly breathed dream energy into the tree.

The light green energy rising from the tree pushed away the yellow flames, but it was quite difficult.

“Julia! “Buy me some time!”




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Sedina seemed to have some sort of method, so Julia did as she asked and fought Catherine’s divine power as best as she could.

However, the yellow flames that I was trying to push away began to fluctuate even more violently and devour the dream energy.

‘It’s too strong!’

Even though they were supported by the power of the World Tree, they were being pushed back.

Beyond the compatibility of strength, the difference in basic weight classes was said to be enormous.

‘No matter how much she is a saint, isn’t this really too much?!’

It’s not a person, but something that almost looks like a person.

However, since she had been asked to do so by Sedina, Julia could not back down from this.

Squeezing out all of her remaining mana, she amplified her dream energy to the maximum and confronted the divine power.

How long did it take to hold on so narrowly?

“Thank you for sticking with me.”

Sedina finally finished all preparations.

At the same time, something strange was happening on the coast.

Shoot ahhh.

The waves hitting the sandy beach gradually stopped, and soon the sea water began to recede at an incredible speed.

“Uh, huh?”

The soldiers anchored on the coast and preparing to advance were puzzled by the unusual phenomenon.

I’m sorry.

A battleship anchored on the shore tilted sideways and collided with or became entangled with nearby ships.

As the sea water receded, the ocean currents were affected and confusion occurred between battleships.

“What! what’s the matter!”

“The sea, the sea is receding!”

“what?! “What bullshit is that!”

“That is… … .”

The soldier who was reporting discovered something beyond the slowly receding sea.


He took the binoculars out of his pocket and looked toward the lowered sea level.

Something dark stood out there.

‘Isn’t it a reef?’

What was supposed to be submerged in the sea was revealed as the water level lowered, but it was different from a typical reef.

First of all, it was very big and long. I wondered if it would look like this if the roots of a tree were enlarged very large.

“Crazy, what is that…” … .”

Even as the soldier was terrified, the roots of the World Tree continued to suck in the surrounding seawater.

The speed and amount were so great that the sea level along the coast suddenly dropped significantly.

The large amount of seawater thus absorbed moved underground through the roots and reached the trees in front of Galaharad Fortress.

Catherine smiled as she saw the bulging and bulging base of the tree.


As soon as those words were finished, a huge amount of sea water was released from the tree and rushed towards Catherine.

Water overflowed like a tidal wave, as if a dam that had contained water for a long time had been torn down.

The sea water mixed with the ground turned into muddy water, creating a tsunami over 3 meters high.

At the same time, there was chaos on the coast.

The roots of the World Tree on the beach suddenly sucked in a large amount of seawater, causing a receding phenomenon in the void created, and a large amount of seawater from the distant sea flooded into the beach again to replace the empty space.

“Mo, everyone get ready! “A tsunami is coming!”

“Get up to the high ground! hurry!”

Due to the tsunami rushing in from the rear, the soldiers on the coast panicked and ran away, while the soldiers on the battleship rushed inside the ship.


A tidal wave surged in, pushing all the battleships on the coast to the island.

Battleship and battleship collided with each other, and loud noises rang out one after another.

The tsunami that tangled all the warships together swept away the sandy beach and swallowed up the entire coast.

The steam golems waiting at the rear were all flooded by the tsunami, and the same went for the armored vehicles.

Whether something like that happened on the shore or not, Sedina focused only on Catherine.

The moment when a huge tsunami mixed with dirty dirt was about to reach Catherine.

“I guess I’ll have to get more serious.”

The words she muttered were conveyed to Sedina through the World Tree.

Are you going seriously? What does that mean? Does that mean you weren’t serious just a little while ago?

Sedina’s doubts changed the moment she saw the golden light shining beyond the muddy water.

Catherine raised her hands.

A halo appeared above her head, and a huge divine power surged and enveloped her body.


The tidal wave that seemed to sweep away everything was unable to pierce the divine power and split into left and right sides.

It didn’t stop there, but the energy of divine power condensed into a small and powerful one, and continued to shoot sharply forged golden blades towards the tree discharging seawater.

A golden slash moving along the ground like a shark’s fin rushed against the seawater.

It happened so quickly that Sedina could not react.

The slash cut the tsunami in half and split the trees beyond it vertically like firewood.

The huge tree tilted and fell left and right, and the water that had been flowing out stopped.

In a scene that quickly turned into mud, Catherine slowly walked forward.

The moment her steps touched, all the moisture in the soggy ground evaporated and turned into solid ground.

Catherine walked slowly over it.

Sedina trembled.

‘Oh, no. ‘I can’t stop it at all.’

It was such an overwhelming sight that I was so choked up that I couldn’t speak.

Next to her, Julia vigorously shook her shoulder and shouted something, but she couldn’t hear anything because it was as if she was submerged in water.

Failed. Only that thought of her remained in Sedina’s mind and he continued to torment her.

Finally, Catherine passed the trail of trees and reached the castle gate.

The outer castle gate, which was supposed to be tightly closed, opened of its own accord as soon as Catherine approached.

The most dangerous saint had finally arrived in a place where no one was allowed to enter.

“No, you have to stop it.”

The moment Sedina mumbled like she was lost, someone grabbed her by the back and yanked her.

Sedina’s mind, which had been dragged helplessly, returned to reality, and she was able to see.

Golden spears flew into the spot where he and Julia were hiding and struck the tree.

“What are you doing!”

Ambella Burke shouted from behind, grabbed Sedina, and retreated.

“Wake! How dare you turn a blind eye on the battlefield! Do you really want to die! “Think about your position!”

“Good, godmother.”

“Are you saying that we failed to protect just one entrance? Throw away the thought of surviving with such half-hearted thoughts! This is natural in war! “What matters is what choice you make next!”

Sedina’s pupils trembled greatly at Ambella’s words.

She was right.

The outer wall had only just been breached. There was still a chance for them.


Julia warned as she looked at the newly flying spear of light.

“Tsk. “They’re also trying to stubbornly stop us no matter what.”

Ambella struck down all the spears of light with her great sword.

“Sedina! “You prepare for the next operation!”

“What about you, godmother?”

“I’m going to stop that thing here!”

The person Ambella was talking about was a priest who was approaching Sedina and was aware of its location.


“let’s go. Sedina. “We have to do our job.”

Sedina was about to say something, but when she saw Julia holding her hand and talking, she bit her lip and nodded.

Ambella chuckled after seeing that Sedina and Julia had withdrawn.

“But you still have a good friend.”

She looked at the priest, who was now close enough to be seen with the naked eye, and took the mask from her waist and put it on.

It was a mask made by processing the bark of the World Tree, and it was the same item worn by Vierano.

It was prepared because he did not want his identity to be discovered.

It was already a public fact that the elf kingdom had stepped forward, but it was completely different that a specific elf named Ambella Berk was singled out there.

All I could do was close my eyes and say goodbye, but in this situation, that was enough.

At least it was to create a reason to withdraw.

‘You can have that cause if you survive here.’

Ambella held a great sword and stared at the priest floating in the air, flapping his golden wings.

“You missed the rat.”

When the priest realized that he had lost Sedina, he tried to chase after her, but Ambella would not allow it.

“I’m sorry, but you have to come out here and play.”

“You are trying to resist in vain. “Unlike other sisters, I have no mercy toward heretics.”

The priest created countless spears of light around him.

Just looking at the number, it was close to a thousand.

At that time, Ambella muttered to herself, “What a monster of a bitch.”

Intense light began to emanate from Galaharad Fortress.

It was originally a castle that shed soft light, but the amount of light was on a completely different level than before.

The priest was taken aback by the unusual appearance of the castle.

Ambella, seeing that, cried out inwardly.

‘We finally succeeded!’


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