I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 685

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Episode 685: Deepening Faith (2)

Catherine, who was walking ahead, stopped for a moment.

At the moment when the priests were puzzled by the sudden stop even though no enemy had appeared, Catherine stared ahead and muttered.

“Salesin, you sneaky bastard. “You didn’t just brainwash me, you did something like this?”

Catherine could sense what was happening to the Knights of Nightcrawler, even though the distance was still quite far away.

Because she was a saint, she noticed that an alien divine power had been activated.

I knew that he had brainwashed some, or even many, people, but I never thought he would go as far as to carry out a behind-the-scenes operation like this.

But Catherine had no power to stop it.

Although she does not blindly follow the Emperor’s orders, her reality is that she cannot counter his actions.

Above all, if I were to step out here, there was a high possibility that time would be drawn out here.

Maybe Salesin wanted her to step forward.

“I guess I can only hope that the Demon King’s army will hold out well.”

A saintess is supporting the devil’s army.

There was truly no irony.

I laughed at that, but it didn’t make any sense.

Because this world was full of irony to begin with.


“hmm? Oh sorry. “I have something to think about for a moment.”

As Catherine said that, she stared into space for a moment and then slightly curled the corners of her mouth.

“There are more crows here than I thought.”

In her field of vision, she saw the crow that had been staring at her just a moment ago take off and go somewhere.

* * *


Hans, in the guise of a wolf knight, violently swung his greatsword.

It seemed like he was swinging at random, but the trajectories drawn by the animal’s instincts were all fatal.

A normal person would rush to avoid or run away, but Hans’ opponent was someone who went far beyond the normal category.

Tarian, the leader of the Holy Knights, faced all of Hans’ attacks head on.

Even though he was several times the difference in weight class, he blocked or avoided all of Hans’ attacks with his strong divine power, strengthened body, and the skills he had trained.

It was a fierce battle with no one backing down, but neither side backed down.

However, it was Hans who felt impatient here.

As a person who had to multiply the Cryptids and keep pouring them out, it was not a good thing to be tied down by Tarian now.

Hans’ role was not to fight one-on-one against this specific strongman, but to block a large army.

Cryptids continued to be created in the shadow wells that had been created, but their numbers had significantly decreased compared to the beginning.

It was a good thing that a cryptid created by mixing the elements of a wolf spirit beast and a deer spirit beast had been sent ahead of time.

‘However, even with that, it’s difficult to completely prevent it.’

Hans could feel it.

The wolf spirit beast and deer spirit beast he had created merged into one fused Cryptid, but its life was slowly fading away.

The reason why the guy who could push back any decent army was defeated was because a strong enough person appeared on the other side.

Moreover, since Hans was able to check the situation of the war in real time through the animals, he also knew that the saints and priests had come forward.

More than anything, what made Hans impatient were the miscellaneous soldiers supporting him behind Tarian.

It wasn’t enough for wizards, priests, and paladins to hear the noise, but it wasn’t enough for them to get involved in the fight between Hans and Tarian.

However, the problem was that their momentum suddenly changed a little while ago.

Priests and paladins are okay.

However, the reaction of the wizards who followed along was unusual.

Their eyes lost focus, and a pure white ring appeared above their heads.

The moment Hans saw that figure, he felt the hairs inside his armor stand on end.

That thing was a little dangerous, the beast’s instinct was warning me.

A warning that if you leave them like that, you will lose this fight.

Hans did not pay attention to the warning.

If something that could be called intuition said so, it was safe to assume that it would actually come true.

At that time, a wizard stepped forward.

Unlike other wizards with pure white rings on their heads, he was the only one with an expression on his face.

“this. Director Tarian. “It looks like you’re having a hard time dealing with heresy.”

A wizard who speaks to Tarian as if someone else had written it.

But no one around him did anything to stop him. Even Tarian himself.

“Is it Cardinal Sartolome? Arriving without any news. “He shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Isn’t this how you are giving it now?”


Hans was startled by Tarian’s words.

The next person after the success of the Holy Kingdom of Bretus is, of course, a saint.

However, the saint did not exert influence second only to the emperor.

Rather, it was the cardinal who had the most influence.

‘Cardinal Sartolome Vierantino. I know the name because I heard it. He was one of the few bishop-level cardinals.

I heard that he also headed to the continent after receiving orders from the Holy Emperor, but I never thought he would appear like this, borrowing someone else’s body.

It seemed like he was probably manipulating people from a distance and conveying his words on their behalf, but that couldn’t be ignored.

Anyway, the opponent was the Cardinals.

Even if some of that power was suppressed, it was enough to affect the fight against Tarian.

“The fight is taking longer than expected. Originally, it would have already been time to breach the fortress. “The Holy Emperor will be disappointed.”



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“The resistance from the Demon King’s army is stronger than I thought.”

“Hmm. “It sure looks like that.”

“Are you here to tell me that?”

“It can’t be. Of course I’m here to help. “If the fight continues, I don’t know what the devil will do.”

“is it. i get it. “Let’s finish it quickly.”

Hans, who heard the conversation, made the first move.

I know how to leave it like that!

Hans jumped over Tarian and immediately aimed at Cardinal Sartolome.

To be exact, the magician that the cardinal is controlling.

The moment I followed my instinct and tried to eliminate him first, Tarian came forward.

“Are you turning a blind eye to this fight with me?”

A golden spear flew out and aimed at Hans’ back.

Hans had no choice but to throw his body to the side because it was so powerful that he trusted his strong body to attack him.

While Tarian was holding on to Hans, Cardinal Sartolome used the Holy Act.

“Designate a sanctuary.”

A golden air current arose around Sartolome and spread out in concentric circles, like water drops falling on a still surface of water.

The ground where the concentric circles passed glowed a soft yellow color, washing away the shadow Hans had created.

Keying! Kang!

The cryptids coming out of the black well were swept into the sanctuary and disappeared into ashes with a scream.

Hans was also influenced by the sanctuary.

‘My body is heavy!’

It was a body that could move more agilely than the wind, but it felt as if a rock the size of a house was pressing down on it.

Just standing still made my skin tingle and my eyes hurt.

‘Shit. ‘What on earth is this?’

When Hans was inwardly embarrassed, the paladins and priests stared at him in astonishment.

“Unbelievable. Even though his power is limited, he is still intact even in the sanctuary.”

“Most cryptids would not be able to withstand and would be reduced to ashes, but I guess it was the devil’s army’s hard work.”

Normally, the moment a sanctuary was designated, many cryptids would not be able to survive and would have to disappear.

But Hans was only a human who used that power.

I was still feeling the effects, but it wasn’t enough to cause me to collapse.

Actually, Sartolome didn’t think anything of it.

In the first place, I did not think that Sanctuary would cause Hans to fall, and the effect of Sanctuary was not limited to that alone.


Tarian made a pleasant sound and unleashed his holy power.

The divine power flowing from the weapon in his hand became noticeably stronger.

The power he had spent was quickly replenishing, and multiple blessings piled up in his body.

The highest sacred law [designation of sanctuary]

This skill, which covers the surrounding area with divine power, inflicts all kinds of pain and debuffs on enemies and blesses allies.

That alone was enough to turn the situation around.

In particular, divine power was almost like a natural enemy to Hans, who was able to control the power of Gévaudan’s monster.

Hans was able to fight against Tarian because Cravat gave him a great sword with an ancient curse.

However, the cardinal stepped forward and the situation turned around again.

‘It’s dangerous like this. After I leave here, I have to prepare somewhere else… … .’

“Are you trying to run away now?”

Tarian realized what Hans was trying to do and immediately rushed at him.

Hans hurriedly retreated, but Tarian pursued him persistently.

Perhaps because of the power of the sanctuary, the speed was faster than before.

Hans decided that he would be caught if he continued like this, so he stepped into the air.


Waiting for Hans, who jumped into the empty air like a stepping stone, was a cardinal who had already taken control of the sky.

“Where are you trying to run away?”

The cardinal created a sphere of light in his palm and threw it into the air.

The sphere of light trembled greatly, and then countless lasers spewed out from there and swept the surrounding area.

Hans, who was floating in the air, had to move to avoid it, and Tarian, aiming for an opening where his movement was limited, flapped his wings of light and rushed at Hans.

“I’m not sending it.”

Tarian swung his flaming golden sword as if splitting firewood.

Hans hurriedly raised his great sword to the side to block it, but was unable to stop it from falling to the ground.

The moment Hans fell to the ground and was about to step away, a golden wall rose up in front of him and blocked his path.

Of course, the golden wall surrounding the area was created by Cardinal Sartolome.

‘You can’t run away.’

Hans realized.

He can’t run away, he has to end here.

And even that the end is his own defeat.

Even if we struggled as hard as we could, we could not guarantee victory.

The opponent’s power was too strong to overturn the victory or defeat with will or grit. The lack of compatibility also played a role.

‘ha ha ha. I never thought this would be my end.’

I didn’t know this would happen.

It was something I had been determined to do from the moment I decided to start fighting.

Wasn’t it he who decided to do it even though he had already been warned enough?

‘okay. Even if I go, I take at least one person with me.’

Tarian seemed to have read Hans’ will and let out a sigh.

“They say a cornered animal is the most dangerous. It’s true.”

The spirit radiating from Hans’ body was different from before.

If before, it felt like he was just letting loose his rampaging wildness, now he had a firm resolve.

Not a blind sword that was wielded carelessly, but a sharp blade that was properly polished.

If he made a mistake, there was a high possibility that his head would be cut off.

“You can’t let down your guard just because you have the advantage.”

Tarian was planning to end the fight after thoroughly pushing Hans into a corner.

The moment Hans concludes that it is safe after scraping the opponent’s last hand to the bottom will be Hans’ last.

“Okay then, shall we finish this soon?”

Sartolome, floating in the air, floated divine power on the palm of his hand.

The divine power that was a sphere was thrown into the air again.

Hans trembled.

It’s that technology again. An extensive sacred law in which countless divine powers pour down like a shower from within the sphere.

The sphere shook violently.

It was a harbinger of the rain of destruction.

But the destruction was limited only to Hans.

The moment when the sphere is about to explode.

A black arrow flew out and pierced the center of the sphere.

The black arrow engulfed the sphere from the center, and soon the two energies canceled each other out and disappeared in the air.


Cardinal Sartolome widened his eyes.

How could the advanced holy law [Rain of Blessing] be destroyed so easily?

Moreover, what surprised him was that it was none other than the curse of black magic that broke the sacred law.

“Who are you?”

Sartolome’s voice calmed down.

Although I borrowed the body of a wizard, I could tell that he was very proud.

“It seems like the religious denomination has become outdated. Are you cowardly fighting two-on-one?”

The person who appeared was a warlock covered in black robes, with crow wings spread behind his back.

Underneath the hood was a goat bone mask, so the face was not visible.

But Hans recognized him right away.

Kravat, a warlock of the ancient curse school.

He personally stepped forward in the fight against the church to help Hans.

“Warlock? “How dare a warlock attack me?”

Sartolome’s voice trembled with anger at the fact that the opponent was a warlock.

Anyway, Cravat checked Hans’ condition first.

“It looks like you arrived in time.”

[Is it okay?]

Hans opened his mouth.

The paladins and priests reacted with surprise to the fact that he spoke human language.

I thought it was an irrational beast, but I never thought it would know how to speak properly.

However, Tarian, who had fought in person, did not show any reaction, as if he had guessed that would be the case.

Rather, I was wary of the newly appeared cravat.

Although weakened, he is a warlock who blocked the cardinal’s holy magic.

He was by no means an ordinary person.

[The moment you join the fight, you have gone down an irreversible path.]

“I couldn’t turn it back anyway.”

[I could have left after providing adequate support, but why?]


Cravat stared at Sartolome through his mask.

“It’s annoying to see so many people attacking so cowardly.”


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