I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 684

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Episode 684: Deepening Faith (1)

Terina’s expression hardened.

It was clearly a sword swung in the same posture and with the same strength.

He must have done so because he did it and Alex followed suit as if facing a mirror.

But the results were not the same.

‘I was pushed aside?’

Alex is a man and she is a woman, so did this happen because of the difference in physical conditions?

It wasn’t so.

Knights, regardless of gender, are people who have physical abilities that surpass those of criminals.

Among them, the master level knight, even Terina, who used this heavy and large Zweihender, was much stronger than the others.

On the other hand, Alex was more inclined towards technique than strength.

In a head-to-head match between the two, Terryna should have had the upper hand.

It definitely should have been that way.

‘Push me away with my sword skills?’

Terina felt a strange feeling that could not be expressed in words.

‘Captain Luther.’

Why does that time suddenly come to mind?

The day Luthus gathered together himself, Fascius, Johann, and Reinhardt to spar.

At that time, Luthers was looking at the other leaders with a dissatisfied look in his eyes.

In the end, he seemed to be a little satisfied and withdrew, but inside of him there were inevitable compromises and concessions.

Why on earth did that happen?

Terina recalled the information that Luthus had previously stopped by Lederbelk.

Leatherbelk. Royal Street. Oliver Twist. And even Alex, who works under him.

“I see.”

That day, Luthus just watched.

The seed of talent that never existed before.

“It was you.”

Terina seemed to know what Luthus was thinking when he saw Alex that day.

He must have thought a lot the moment he saw the seed that he didn’t know what would grow up to be.

Should we trample on it like this?

Or should I help raise it?

‘An unexalted genius whose circumstances inevitably make him antagonize the empire. It is inevitable that he will become a threat to the empire in the future, but at the same time, you will be curious to see how far his talent will go as a knight.’

And it seemed like I knew what Luthus had chosen.

A man named Luther Wardot does not make decisions according to his own thoughts.

Instead, he throws a topic at the other person.

And watch.

To determine whether or not he is truly qualified.

So now.

Not only is Alex alive and well, but he is even using the Tempest used by Luthus.

It meant that he had passed the ordeal given by Luthus and was in his favor.

‘In the end, a monster was born.’

But there wasn’t just one monster like this.

Opposite of the first inspection city.

At a considerable distance from here, in the corner of her vision, she caught an aura like a stream of blue water and at the same time an aura like a cold chill.

Johan Okeas and Reinhard Kimbell.

Two people were fighting with all their might.

However, the fact that the fight continues without a winner means that their opponents are not easy.

But I had no time to worry about them now.

Because she couldn’t just show off her sword skills right in front of her eyes, Alex, who showed stronger power than her, approached her like fire at her feet.

“You don’t look good. “Is that how the world should protect its country?”

Alex frowned as he looked at Terina’s hardened expression.

Terina tried to control her emotions as best as she could, but it wasn’t easy.

Even Terryna, who kept her cool and analyzed rationally even in the midst of a terrible incident, found it difficult to maintain her composure.

It had to be that way.

The fact that he was pushed out meant that Alex had the upper hand in terms of technological perfection.

The swordsmanship he had practiced and refined over a long period of time.

It wasn’t enough for the person in front of me to copy it perfectly in just one day, so I used it even better.

This was a huge psychological blow.

In particular, because Terina was a master-level knight, the impact was even greater.

Because I put in more effort than others to get to this point, and because my talent was outstanding, I didn’t have to face many walls like this.

Maybe it was me before I met Luthus Wardot.

Here, his spirit may have broken down and he may have lost the will to fight.

“noisy. “The devil’s servant.”

What’s the point of perfecting swordsmanship?

That doesn’t mean that what we need to do changes.

“I am going to defeat you and stop the devil. “That’s it.”


“What do you mean?”



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“If you really wanted to take me down, you shouldn’t have just stopped me like this and used all means at your disposal.”

Alex’s eyes shone sharply.

He saw through the truth that Terina had been secretly harboring and hiding.

“The guy over there who uses swordsmanship in the second city of inspection is the same. They’re trying to be flashy on purpose, but they’re not actually trying to end the game properly. “It’s like he’s trying to show off that he’s fighting.”

“… … .”

“They say that the people fighting in the war have the same number of stories, but it seems a little different there. What on earth are you planning? No, rather… … “It looks like you haven’t been brainwashed?”

Terina didn’t necessarily answer that question, but keeping her mouth shut was a sufficient answer for Alex.

“Right. “In the first place, this fight was not carried out solely with the intention of success.”

Terina wasn’t a complete enemy, to be honest.

But that didn’t mean they were allies.

It is said that defeating it here is not enough to change the situation itself.

Alex was worried.

Anyway, it was not good for this side to drag on the sluggish fight like this.

While Terry or Hana is holding on, other enemies will cross the first checkpoint city and arrive at the citadel.

‘It looks like the youngest is working hard to block it with his friend.’

It probably won’t be able to withstand the volume offensive for long.

We need to retire as many guys here as possible to make things a little easier.

‘Then we have no choice but to finish it quickly.’

When Alex made his decision, a grim murderous feeling bloomed from his body.

Alex’s sword, Copy Cat, was wrapped in gray aura and absorbed Terina’s Giant Killer.

Terina tried to hold on, but withstanding the force was not as easy as it sounds.

“what! “You really use swordsmanship without changing its form?”

“There’s no reason to only use your swordsmanship with this sword in the first place, right?”

The Giant Killer was simply the optimal form for performing Terina’s swordsmanship, but that did not mean she could not use other swordsmanship as well.

Tempest, played as Giant Killer, was exactly that.

If the existing Tempest was a very precise and sophisticated airflow, the one unfolding with the Giant Killer was a very crude storm.

Although the details were lacking, the power was certain.

Terina, who couldn’t control her body properly, was proof of that.

A huge force of gravity appeared around Alex and began to suck in everything around him.

“Don’t complain too much. Isn’t this what fighting each other is all about? And you don’t have to worry. “I will send your subordinates off on good terms as well.”

Terina tried to hold on by pinning the Giant Killer to the ground, but was unable to completely stop him from being gradually pulled towards Alex.


If I continued like this, I couldn’t avoid being sucked into that vortex.

‘If I, the only breakwater, is attacked, the entire Nightcrawler Knights will collapse.’

No matter how fierce the joint attack is, the current Alex will be able to be wiped out as easily as flipping the palm of your hand.

‘It would be better to explode the auror here and increase the distance.’

If you use your aurors excessively, you will suffer internal injuries, but in the current situation, you had to accept that.

The moment when Terina pulls out the Giant Killer.


A pillar of light fell from the sky.

The pillar of light made of high-density divine power was aimed precisely at the center of the vortex, the top of Alex’s head.

Alex stopped attacking Terina and went to intercept the Pillar of Light.

A waterspout with a gray aura collided with the pillar, scattering light powder in all directions.

“Divine power?”

“Who on earth?”

The Night Crawler Knights, who could not even dare to intervene in this fight, looked around at the sudden appearance of an uninvited guest.

This is not because they suddenly appeared from somewhere and came to help, but because they were hiding in this place from the beginning.

The presence of an uninvited guest was even more surprising.

“you you? “What happened?”

“Cayenne. “You, the light in your body.”

“Eh, Eliza! “Since when did you get divine power?”

This is because it was the Knights of Night Crawler who were emitting dazzling divine power.


Terina was embarrassed.

It wasn’t all, and compared to the total number of knights, there were only 10 of them.

But the fact that it was there was important.

A knight who deals with Aurors, and an agent of the Security Bureau who has been active in Nightcrawler for a very long time, uses divine power.

‘no way?’

An uneasy thought passed through Terina’s mind.

“Hmm. As expected, the leader showed his true colors because he was in crisis. “I guess you’ve been watching the situation from the beginning.”

Alex muttered as if he had expected this to happen.

Terina bit her lip. She had thought that there might have been brainwashed people within the Security Bureau, but this was completely unexpected.

‘It’s not just brainwashing the mind, but also giving it the power of divine power?’

No, it wasn’t Buyeo. It was a little different from that.

The members who were currently using the holy method had blurry eyes and could not see even a ray of reason.

“Is this something you control remotely and use as your own limbs? “It’s kind of like a puppet.”

“Can you tell?”

“Because I can see it.”

Alex’s eyes, which had already opened properly, were seeing a faint thread connecting beyond that divine power.

“The religious order is also terrible. I can’t believe they’re using that Nightcrawler as a chess piece like this. Oh, judging by their reaction, you didn’t know?”

“… … .”

“I guess I was aware of it. “I had no idea it would end up like this.”

Alex, who gave the correct answer, laughed once and swung his sword sharply at Terina.

Terina reflexively blocked the attack and her body flew backwards.

She immediately got into position and landed and realized that Alex’s attack was different from usual.

‘Did you throw me away on purpose?’

Meanwhile, 10 Night Crawler knights came out as if to surround Alex.

These are knights who wield golden divine power over black uniforms.

Above their heads, a shining ring powerfully declared its presence.

“I never expected it would turn out like this from the beginning. “I didn’t even want this.”

Alex muttered to himself as if he was lamenting.

He slowly scanned the images of the brainwashed knights.

After Alex’s gaze reached the last knight, it was fixed as if time had stopped.

“… … “Enya.”

his former lover.

In the end, we had no choice but to break up, but the person he loved still remained in a corner of his heart.

She was now staring at herself with an expressionless face.

While creating a ring of light above the head and divine power around the body.

The sword was pointed at Alex.

There were a total of 10 swords, including Enya.

They are all swords imbued with divine power.

Alex’s eyes sank and bitterness filled him.

“Maybe we couldn’t avoid fighting from the beginning.”

There may have been a way to resolve the matter amicably through dialogue.

But even if it was there, Alex didn’t choose it.

Because now he had another precious colleague.

I was so caught up in old memories that I couldn’t betray my current colleagues.

Did you think you wouldn’t meet Enya on this battlefield?

‘Not like that.’

I thought that the Nightcrawler Knights would definitely have participated in this crusade.

Since the Empire was stepping forward, there was no way the knights under it wouldn’t step forward.

However, even though I knew that, I was secretly greedy inside.

I would rather not encounter her on this battlefield.

The battlefield is wide, and fights take place everywhere.

So, if they fight in different places without having to face each other.

Still, I thought we would never end up not seeing each other.

“It’s all my greed. “It’s all my greed.”

Alex returned the copy cat to its original form and took a stance.

His eyes were shining colder than before.

“Now that you’ve shown your true colors like this, you’ll have to do your best.”

The knights being brainwashed by that strong spirit stopped and trembled.

It was because the body’s instinct was to feel fear and react reflexively.

“Otherwise we will all die.”


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