I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 683

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Episode 683: Mad Scientist (2)

The moment Victor saw Bella Luna’s smile, he felt goosebumps running down his spine.

‘You got goosebumps? ‘Is this me?’

Victor didn’t want to believe that. So he tried to grab Bella Luna with his clumsy hands.

But his hand couldn’t hold Bella Luna.

It was like a wandering hand that had lost its way, wandering in the empty air.

“Mo, isn’t your body listening?”

It wasn’t just the hand.

My legs lost strength and I fell to my knees, and a strong feeling of helplessness lingered throughout my body.

The intense vitality emanating from the body strengthened by the experiment was extinguished in an instant like a candle in the wind.

The swollen muscles shriveled like a deflated balloon, and the heightened visibility lowered and became even smaller than before.

The aftereffects of over-strengthening the body and failing to do so were in full effect.

Victor, who was very skeletal, stared at the empty syringe in Bella Luna’s hand.

“What on earth did you do?”

“Hehehe. For me. I was confident that you would strengthen your body in the end and reveal its power. So I secretly approached Arpa while he was watching and prepared this.”

“Well, that can’t be possible. My body was strengthened with cells from the World Tree. The end of all life. The pinnacle of evolution. There is no way that power could be taken away just by being injected with an injection solution… … .”

Victor stopped speaking and then closed his mouth.

Bella Luna, who saw the goggles removed eyes shaking violently, nodded, saying that she thought that was right.

“that’s right. “That’s it.”

“You neutralized the power of the World Tree. That’s possible, after all… … .”

“It’s the power of the same World Tree. To be precise, I benefited from the elves who knew how to control the power of the World Tree.”

“Oh, Hyohyo. I heard that Bentmin was hit, but I never thought it was you. “This is a really good hit for me.”

Victor’s eyes turned in that order, starting with Bella Luna, then Sheridan, who drank the recovery potion to collect himself, and then Arfa, who was looking down at him.

“I can’t believe the person who defeated me is a union that doesn’t even have a proper human being. No, maybe this is the perfect combination for my final moments.”

Victor lowered his head in resignation.

Then he suddenly raised his head and took out a detonator from his belt.

“But it would be unfair if I went alone like this! “Let’s all go together!”


Victor pressed the detonator button.

Now, this laboratory and all passages leading to the entrance will explode and be engulfed in flames, and everyone will be crushed to death under the rubble… … .


Click. Click.

Victor kept pressing the button, but no explosion occurred.


“I knew it would be like this.”

Sheridan grinned and took out a new magnetic cube from his belt and showed it to him.

“This will send an intense electromagnetic pulse to the surrounding area, so the detonator will be of no use.”

“Well, that is! “Wasn’t it consumed by self-destruction a little while ago?!”

Sheridan widened his eyes.

“Eh? “I didn’t say there was only one?”

“That can’t be possible!”

Sheridan smiled, revealing his pure white teeth.

“Besides, a mad scientist like you is going to make one last effort to blow himself up before he goes.”

“Well, that elf is like that, and so are you! How on earth do you know that?”

“No, what is it… … .”

As Sheridan scratched his head shyly, Belaruna answered on his behalf.

“We would have acted the same way in that situation.”

“… … .”

Victor pursed his lips at the very unexpected answer.

Who would have imagined that he would destroy all his defenses because he truly understood him?

“Well, that’s it. “It’s a shame.”

Sheridan used a magnetic cube to scrape together scrap metal from around the area and create powered armor again.

Clap! Clap duck! Chi-ik!

The Powered Armor made a harsh maneuvering sound and raised its huge right fist.

“Oh, no. I need to know the truth of this world… … .”



* * *


The impact of the explosion sent spray and debris scattered in all directions.

“Is this situation too serious?”

Johan Okeas stepped back and ran his thumb over the blood flowing from his lip.

“The water is obviously up to their waists, but even though they are beastmen, they are running wild even more. “Aren’t they actually a fishman tribe?”

“When are you going to change your pathetic sense of humor like that?”

Reinhard scolded Johan, but did not particularly deny it out loud.

Even though the field was filled with water, which could be said to be the weak point of the Beastmen, Pantos was running wild like a fish out of water.

“Two masters aren’t enough. “What kind of monster is this?”

I didn’t think I would win easily just because I was fighting alone, but I also didn’t think I would be pushed back.



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I couldn’t help but feel how arrogant that thought was.

Pantos rushed towards the two master-level knights again.

At that moment, a bitter cold surge came from somewhere and blocked Pantos’ path.

If it had been ordinary cold air, it would have gone right through, but Pantos paused for a moment.

“Is this an Auror?”

What was scattered like ice crystals were auras.

Rather than processing the auror’s form to imitate a blizzard like Reinhardt, the aura actually contains the cold energy of ice.

“Captain. Are you okay?”

Cold Steel’s vice-captain, Veronica Deville, arrived at the scene.

Pantos, who saw a dashing female knight with a long black ponytail, realized that the cold aura from before was hers.

“I heard that among the knights with a unique constitution, there is one who wields attribute auras. It seems like he is that type.”

Veronica, who heard Pantos’ muttering, stared at him.

Veronica’s straight eyes trembled slightly the moment she saw Pantos.

“Captain. “Were you fighting a monster like that?”

“Uh, okay. “I thought I was going to die thanks to you.”

Veronica wasn’t the only one who came to the scene.

“Oh oh! Doria! My beautiful lieutenant! “You’re finally here!”

Stella Siren’s vice-captain, Doria Imiron.

When John saw her, he trembled and was overjoyed.

“joy. “You’re still alive.”

Doria stared at John with a cold gaze through her rimless glasses.

At that reaction, Yohan widened his eyes as if he was hurt.

“No, why?! Why do you hate me so much! Look, Miss Veronica has a lot of respect for her leader! “This isn’t fair!”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know the reason?”

Doria responded coldly, but examined John’s body with a strange gaze.

There were residual scars all over his shirtless body.

‘Even though two master-level knights worked together, we lost. Even the body of that idiot leader, who is good at evading, has scars.’

The condition wasn’t very good.

The proof is that Yohan, who normally would have tried to hug her the moment he saw her, only responded with words.

The water around us was already starting to have waves.

Even though I used Gladius Arts to its maximum, I was told that I was behind.

This is proof that the beastmen carrying the anchor and harpoon are strong.

“I will help.”

The two leaders did not stop Doria and Veronica.

It was because they faced the reality that they alone were no match for Pantos.

“Ordinary members are left behind. “It will only be a hindrance.”

“Because we lack a lot of organization like Nightcrawler.”

Pantos, seeing the two new members, opened his mouth.

“Is the chat over?”

He was saying it as if he had waited for him on purpose, but no one knew that he was sincere and not bragging.

“Now it goes right.”

Pantos put strength on his thighs and pushed off the ground with the soles of his feet.

The water, which had been submerged up to the waist, was pushed outward, revealing the bottom, and then pushed back toward empty space.

But Pantos was no longer there.


“I know!”

Veronica pulled out the auror from her sword and swung it widely like a fan.

The wide-spreading pure white aura turned into cold crystals and froze the surroundings.

It was the same with the waves created by Johan Okeas.

Although it was not possible to freeze everything at once, some of the turbulent waves turned into ice and scattered sharp fragments around.

The harsh cold of the sea was added to the scenery.

However, Pantos broke through the waves of cold with his bare body.

I tried to minimize the damage by wrapping myself in spirit, but I was unable to completely block the waves of cold energy imbued with the auras of John and Veronica.

Cuts appeared all over Pantos’ skin and red blood flowed.

But Pantos showed no signs of slowing down.

“Feel so good!”

Rather, a smile full of joy appeared on his face.

“It was a perfect car just for the waves, but they made it just right!”

The four people who saw that scene felt eerie.

Pantos was truly enjoying this situation.

For Pantos, even this life-threatening field that Veronica and Johan had created together was nothing more than a minor obstacle.

The more intense it is, the more intense it is.

The harsher it is, the harsher it is.

Because there are ordeals that try to grab your ankles, block your path, and weigh down your shoulders.

By overcoming and overcoming them all, I was able to take a further step forward.

That’s why Pantos felt grateful for this moment.

He was just grateful to Ludger, who led him here.

We have endured a long, long period of patience for this fight.

Shoot ahhh.

The rough waves brought back memories of Pantos.

Northern sea.

I vividly remember the time when I held a harpoon and captured a whale in a place with endless waves and snowstorms and ice cubes floating around.

Memories of that day.

The latent wildness tempered in a harsh environment.

At this moment, I was completely awakened.

“more! More to come! “You are still not enough!”

* * *


The Gladius Arts copycat changed into the form of a great sword and swept around.

With a single cut of a knife, the building and the ground split apart as if cutting a radish, creating a fault.

Due to its power, the Night Crawler Knights were forced to lift the siege and retreat.

Only Terry and Ryan Howl were bearing the brunt.

‘Damn it. Even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes and dealing with it in person, I still can’t believe it.’

Terina was inwardly shocked.

Alex’s swordsmanship was clearly his own.

Not only did it imitate the shape of the sword, but it also copied the swordsmanship that this person used.

Not only did he imitate the shape, but he also learned all the tricks behind the sword technique itself.

It was as if Terina was fighting looking into a mirror.

It didn’t feel very good.

‘The only way is to finish it all at once using another sword technique that hasn’t been shown yet, but even that isn’t easy.’

I tried to exploit Alex’s weaknesses by bringing out the sword techniques I had already hidden, but failed more than three times.

And those three failures meant that Alex learned new sword skills three times.

The more we fight, the more our things are taken away.

How can someone take the swordsmanship that others have practiced for more than 10 years and use it in practice with only a few sword strikes?

‘How could someone with such talent remain unknown until now?!’

Terina thought that Alex’s talent was something like that, but she was mistaken.

It is true that Alex had outstanding skills during his time as a cadet, but he was not at the level where he could perfectly copy others’ techniques like he does now.

The reason he became like this was because of the lack of the knight’s unique arcane swordsmanship.

Most knights possess arcane swordsmanship and were usually taught it by meeting a powerful knight family or a great teacher.

But Alex, a commoner, was never given that opportunity.

Most semi-knights who did not become full knights were commoners, and this was why they turned to illegal work to make money.

Because limits were set from birth.

So Alex wanted to try.

I believed that if I put in effort, one day I would see the light and I would definitely be rewarded.

However, when he was completely stripped of his cadet status.

And while I was wandering around, fighting here and there, I came to this realization.

In this damn reality, you have to give up all expectations.

Then I met Ludger, and I was able to hold a sword again.

At that time, Alex made a promise.

If I don’t have vision swordsmanship, I will create one by stealing someone else’s.

That’s how I got here.

The path that Alex walked was not something that can be considered simply through effort.

A little more desperate.

Or it was something more desperate.

Natural talent, tenacity, environment, and mental elements of the goal all come together in one place.

At this point, Alex was finally able to fully blossom into a full-fledged talent.

There has never been anything like this on this continent before, and there never will be anything like it again in the future.

With the way of the sword fully mastered.


Two swords of the same shape collided.

The competition that had previously been of equal strength gradually cracked.

Alex stayed in his seat.

Terina had taken a step back.


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